another flower sugar giveaway


I’ve been checking my driveway throughout the day for this delivery and wasn’t it worth the wait. The latest Flower Sugar range in some of my favourite colours (sorry green fans, I seem to have been a bit carried away with reds, pinks and blue). I’m popping packs of these into my store now but thought a giveaway was well overdue.

I’ll giveaway a fat quarter pack of these beauties – one of every one pictured – to one lucky reader. Just tell me your all time favourite colour and why. Giveaway is open to my readers all over the world, one entry per person and entries close 7th February 2015. Good luck!

I have to tell you that the pink bolt in the front middle is killing me! I had just unwrapped the plastic off all of these bolts, the kids were going crazy, clean laundry piled all over the table was gently shoved out of the way for a photo, I was trying to get a photo in good light before the sun went down and cook dinner! Multitasking and didn’t check my photos closely enough to see that the pink bolt is the wrong way around! Please excuse me…………you probably didn’t even notice but I did!  


  1. just a stunning range yet again, you just can’t go wrong with Flower Sugar!! My all time favourite colour it aqua, I just never get sick of it, it goes with everything and always looks fresh and current, and makes me happy!

  2. My favourite colour at the moment would have to be teal/turquoise. These fabrics make my heart sing :)

  3. oh, I love these fabrics. Perfect eye candy for a Friday morning. I know it’s cliched, but I just love pink. I can’t get away from it …. And that’s ok, with two little pink-loving girls, I’m just riding the pink wave for as long as it will last.

  4. Christine says:

    My all time favourite colour is Grey! Such a soothing and calm colour, and also very classy! We are renovating a 100 year old transitional villa at the moment and the interior will be painted in greys with white trim. Cant wait!

  5. Karen Thurn says:

    Red is my favorite color and I try to use some in each room in my house and in each quilt I make.

  6. My all time favourite colour would have to be aqua at the moment. Normally love all colours, however, aqua is my go to colour when I’m starting a new quilt.

  7. Such a beautiful range!!! I do love all the flowers! My favourite colour at the moment is yellow but I always always go back to red! Thanks for the chance corrie!

  8. Looking back over the years I have had fads of different colours but I often come back to blue. Right now I’m loving aqua and teal tones
    Flower sugar is one of my faves!

  9. Katie larkins says:

    My all time favourite colour is purple but I have to say that the teal fabric with the large roses looks absolutely amazing

  10. Oh Blue, always always blue! It reminds me of home (Sydney) and calms me. My house is full of blue everything, but I love it! And it works so well with other colour I bring into the mix, especially pink!

  11. Belinda Wallis says:

    My favourite colour is pink! So bright and vibrant and fun and of course very girlie!

  12. Rachael Harris says:

    What beautiful fabrics Corrie. My favourite colour is blue. There are so many variations. I love navy, sky blue, aqua…all blues :)

  13. Fave color has to be green. No idea why it just seems to go well with everything.

  14. i don’t have an absolute favourite colour. As my daughter says: I like the rainbow! At the moment I’m loving the blue/aqua and red combination. I think it’s in little bits in almost every room of my house! It’s funny, as I was typing the first sentence, my 4th child just asked me what my favourite colour was. Coincidence!

  15. Such deliciousness, my all time favourite colour is pink, from my earliest memories mum had to make me pink clothes, I have always been the pink girl, bright, happy, feel good, look good, pink. Thanks Corrie

  16. Christine says:

    OMG the new range is stunning, such eye candy I love all of them but my favourite would have to be the pinks, it must be the girl in me :)

  17. My favourite colour is red – it was assigned to me as a child and has stuck throughout my life. I love the pinks too, but the reds always catch my eye first and are so very impressive in this range.

  18. Heather Miller says:

    I love this range. My all time favourite colour is red. When I was a small girl MANY years ago I had a new dress which was red and had a small Mickey Mouse print on it. I loved that dress as and it wasn’t a hand me down from my sisters.

  19. Ange Moore says:

    I’ve always loved blue and I particularly love navy blue! And green is starting to grow on me too!

    Gorgeous fabrics – lovely combination of colours and flowers.

  20. Kathryn hosking says:

    Depends on the circumstances – Aqua/teal tones so pretty and refreshing, yellow is such a lovely pop, but I just love greys and whites – they’re so classy, neutral and they never go out of style. Everything looks clean, and you can’t beat that. (I’m going for colour family, rather than colour!)

  21. My favourite colour is and has always been red. It suits boys and girls, all hair colours (even redheads), it symbolises love and warmth, and can be used to show power and strength. It has been a classic and will never go out of fashion. It also mixes with with just about any other colour, I personally love fabric mixes of red & aqua, red & navy and red & pink. I love red!

  22. Judith Hogan says:

    Red is my favourite colour. With white it is spectacular, and also goes well with all colours of the rainbow. As a quilter, I love a red and white quilt, it always looks so fresh and bright. Thanks Corrie, for this very generous giveaway. Any colour of Flower Sugar is my favourite.

  23. Stacey Kirsch says:

    oh my gosh I’ve never seen these before but I’m in love with the Aqua, so very pretty.

  24. Thouraya Battye says:

    I love the red and how it works with the pink….it reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake!

  25. Cathy Atkinson says:

    Yep its aqua here for me too I can see so many little outfits and quilts and bags to make out of these beauties.

  26. JenniferDamiani says:

    Green, green, green. But I didnt realise that green was my favourite colour until I was in my forties! But love Flower Sugar colours you have picked, they will go lovely with a bit of green!

  27. My all time favorite color is teal I can’t get enough of it 😉 I’ve even gone crazy with making earrings I have about 5 pairs of teal earrings in different shapes or flowers.

  28. My all-time favourite colour is pink. Pink in all it’s variations, from soft baby pink right through to deepest cerise pink. The best thing about pink is that it goes so well with all the neutrals – navy, black, grey, brown and beige.Yes, it’s definitely pink for me.

  29. Mia Dickson says:

    is it possible to have lots of all time favourite colours… Depending on mood!! Pinks, teals, blues, greens, burnt oranges and yellows- just to name a few!!

  30. You can’t tell by looking at the clothes I make for my daughters, but my all time favourite colour is orange. It always makes me happy and it goes with so many other colours!

  31. Michele Timms says:

    I love many colours but it seems that I am drawn to blues!!

  32. Liz Thompson says:

    Candy pink is my favourite colour-so bright and happy

  33. Dianne Whittle says:

    I am a huge fan of pink too. It’s really funny that I love pink now because I am not a frilly, pink kind of girl, in fact I’ve always hated pink – too girly, too feminine. I loved maroons and navy and tan. Now I can’t get enough of the pretty colours and pink is my favourite.

  34. Pink is my favourite and now I love putting pink and red together.Thanks for sharing these lovely fabrics.I can see no house work with these beauties around.

  35. Red has been my favourite colour since childhood, not sure why I was drawn to red.

  36. Aqua is such a handy colour as it looks great and matches with just about anything giving me wide scope to work with

  37. Kristie Matt says:

    My all time fav color is a fresh spring green…happy, light and full of life!

  38. Love blue – all shades.

  39. Franca Veitch says:

    What gorgeous fabrics!! Beautiful colours , could have done with some greens though hehehe

  40. I like red because it is full of life. And you are right, no one would have noticed until you said something and it still looks good. The fabrics are beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway and chance to win.

  41. Love this fabric range! My favourite colour of all time is yellow. It’s such a happy and sunshiny colour!

  42. I love turquoise or “twerky” as my daughter calls it or any shade of aqua mint, robins egg blue as it always looks so happy with pretty warm tones like pink coral and raspberry.

  43. What a lovely giveaway :) The deliveries must be such a fun part of your fabric store (for you and the kids!). My favourite colour is blue – always has been! But I do love playing with fabrics in lots of different colours :)

  44. Iam a RED girl!!!
    Even my car is red…..
    Love the fabrics and thanks for sharing some with us….

  45. What an absolutely scrumptious range! I just love Flower Sugar! My all time favourite colour? Blue. It’s cool and refreshing and when it comes to fabric it goes with just about everything!!

  46. My all time favourite colour is pink. or green. or teal 😉 just kidding. How does one decide. Especially with pink & green, there are so many beautiful shades to choose from. But teal has captured my heart at the moment :)

  47. Kimberly Miller says:

    I love red! It is such a happy color! ❤️You can do so much with the wonderful color!

  48. Green has so many lovely memories attached to it for me. As a kid, my Dad had the loveliest green Toyota Corona. I can still smell that car in my mind. The happiest days of my childhood were spent in the bright green canopy of our elm tree. I walked down the aisle to my smiling husband in the green wedding dress that I spent so long making. So green is my favourite colour. By far.

  49. Ruthena Clement says:

    Blue, all shades of blue, has to be my all time favourite, but I love colour and all colours have their time and place. Blue and yellow – so summery, blue and white – cool, blue and green – gorgeous, blue and pink – pretty. Such pretty fabrics Corrie and another lovely giveaway.

  50. I always teased my mom for having pink as her favortie color, and guess what it’s mine too. Thanks for the chance tto win some fabric:)

  51. Eve Capper says:

    Pink because it is so joyful and universal. It looks great for boys or girls and it goes with so many other dynamic colours.

  52. Tracey Eaton says:

    I’m an orange girl at heart – but loving aqua at the moment – which is a bonus for my daughter as it is her favourite colour. These fabrics are just gorgeous Corrie, and thanks so much for another lovely giveaway :)

  53. This is a no brainer, my favourite color is PINK. It is my first choice every single time. Whether it’s clothing,accessories, linen or homewares the colour is always PINK. It really doesnt matter whether it’s pale PINK, hot PINK or anything in between so long as it’s PINK.

  54. My favourite colour is blue. It has been for a long time, not sure why but probably stems from when I was a kid and a tomboy and didn’t want have anything to do with anything girly. Definitely more girly now but blue is still my favourite colour.

  55. Linda Brown says:

    My favorite color is blue…..not just blue but all shades of blue….I like it because I live on the east coast and the City I live in has 22 lakes…..and blue always reminds me of water…..

  56. Sarah quigley says:

    Aqua – reminds me of beautiful beaches filled with fun, peace and tranquilty

  57. This line is soooo pretty! Love love love!

  58. I love blue-it reminds me of the ocean and the sky!
    Love those fabrics-reminds me of tablecloths my mom used to have.

  59. Kathy Davis says:

    Blue has always been my favorite. Ever since I was little and ate off of my grandmother’s blue and white plates, I have been hooked. I sew with lots of blues and whites. I collect blue and white pottery from our vacation spots and I have a lot of blue and white in my decorating.

  60. Cheryl Hayes says:

    i love white! So fresh and brightens any quilt project!

  61. Those fabrics are divine!!!

    My favourite colour is yellow! The colour of sunshine and happiness! a pop of yellow in a room instantly brightens it up!


  62. Pink! Definitely pink for me – in a home with 3 boys: 1 man (hubby), 1 man-boyn(teenage son) & 1 little boy, pink is in scarce supply & l would love this to make ME a lap quilt for my armchair!!! There would be no doubting who it would belong to!!!

  63. Nicole pace says:

    I love colour in general but I am just adoring this combo! It just pops! I would so love this pack. I would use every scrap! Love the florals – so pretty and fresh!

  64. Hi Corrie, I wild lover to enter your fantastic give away! My favourite colour ever is defenitely pink. I love items because it’s just so girly! All the best from the Netherlands! Wendy

  65. Oh Corrie, these fabrics are such eye candy! Pink is my favorite….sometimes I think another color may be, but I always find I come back to pink.

  66. Only one colour, mine would have to be red all shades, add some blue and head to purple or yellow and go to orange.
    I love the colours of the new range of fabric, very girly

  67. Pink, pink, always pink! Or sometimes blue. And maybe yellow. Purple isn’t bad either. Actually, my favourite colour is RAINBOW! 😀

  68. Pink is my all time favourite colour because the first flower I was ever given was a fuschia pink gerberer – by my grandad when I was 5! I have since had a very girlie girl who loves it too. You should see our washing line :). Thankyou for being so generous and allowing us the opportunity to win these gorgeous fabrics.

  69. I really love a nice buttery yellow! This collection is so lovely- I just love vintage style prints! Thanks!

  70. I love aqua, its goes with every colour and great for boy or girl. The fabrics look beautiful

  71. I can just imagine your excitement when you unwrapped these beauties! And you are right – didn’t notice the pink bolt! :) My all time favorite color is purple. I love its richness in darker shades and its softness in lighter shades. Thanks for your generous giveaway!

  72. I love light, soft pink, and always have. I think I like it because it’s the color of roses on tea cups, and it’s soft and feminine, and sweet. It makes me feel happy and calm and like ME!

  73. natalia brigden says:

    My favourite colours would have to be yellow,grey and sometimes a splash of pick. Fresh, fun and bright!

  74. Kate Dixon says:

    Blue, I love all shades of Blues not to mention Blues music!

  75. my favourite colour has to be pink. I love that it can be delicate, vibrant, strong and deep. I love that it can adapt to suit so many other shades, even those that may not at first seem as if they belong together.

  76. My favourite colour is aqua. I love the modern style rainbow quilts with all bright solid colours but aqua is the loveliest.

  77. definitely Seafoam green, in all its shades! Such a light, pretty colour, I especially love it matched with greys and pinks :) In fact, I am about to paint my living room feature wall in seam foam and am making a range of grey and pink cushions… some of these fabrics would match beautifully!

  78. My favourite colour is Orange – I just love it and always gravitate to it. I even had an orange wedding dress!

  79. Melissa C says:

    Ooh, those fabrics are just gorgeous! My favourite colour is blue and I’m making a grandmas garden hexagon quilt at the moment that these fabrics would look beautiful in. I will have a look in your store now :)

  80. Julia {Squeeze Cuddles} says:

    I have lots of ‘favourite’ colours

  81. My favourite colour is and always has been, predictably, pink. I’m just a pink girl, totally cliched, Barbie-loving, pig-tail-wearing, girly-girl, pink girl. Tis the way it is! Although the past 2 years or so mint has been highly featured in clothes, homewares, especially preparing for our baby of unknown gender to arrive. Eleanor wears a lot of mint, as all the pink can get a bit much, I’m all for her wearing pink (not one of the mums shying away from it) but pink top/pink/leggins/pink cardigan/pink headband/pink socks is INTENSE! So we like lots of mint, grey, white, pastel purples feature heavily too.

    You’re too funny with your bolt of fabric! No I didn’t notice until you said…but now can’t stop looking at it and it’s annoying me too!

  82. My favourite colour is blue as it is calming. It reminds me of clear blue skies, sometimes with fluffy clouds. It also reminds me of the ocean, which can be so many varying shades of blue. A clear blue, calm ocean is such a beautiful thing to see. Blue is also my toddlers favourite colour. Right now we are going through a phase where everything must be blue, as blue is the best!

  83. I have lots of ‘favourite colours’ – purple, turquoise, red, grey. I do love yellow, especially the tiny piece of yellow flower sugar I have left in my stash. Love the new flower sugar collection

  84. Such pretty fabrics! Thank you for the giveaway! My favourite colour is blue. It reminds me of summer days, looking at the big blue sky, swimming in the ocean and I never get tired of it!

  85. Leah McClelland says:

    I really love pink , but I’m
    Also loving aqua too , love it for house accessories !! Some cushions would be lovely in these fabrics!!

  86. Aqua – when my late Pop visited me at work for lunch he always dressed in his best shirt which was aqua. Since its been the colour theme for my wedding, my accent colour in my lounge & bedroom I just love it! X

  87. Rachel Kriss-Newell says:

    I’m a yellow girl. It’s just a stunning colour and makes me feel really happy when I’m wearing it. It’s one of those colours that I think you need confidence to wear and I know I don’t always do it justice. Although I always get complimented when I wear it. I wish I could wear whole outfits of yellow but tend to accessorise instead or just wear a splash of yellow.

  88. Green, in every single shade there is (except for lime!), for no reason of any substance other than it makes me feel good and I naturally gravitate towards it, always have, always will :)

  89. Sandy Norman says:

    Wow.. I love a give away. My favourite colour is red. Why I just don’t know. I just love the colour red.

  90. Dannielle says:

    My favourite colour is pink, in any shade. I just LOVE it.
    To me it is cheerful, happy, energetic, fun, pretty and playful. As a mum to boys I don’t get to see much with pinks but when I can I’m in heaven. :)

  91. Bria Plozza says:

    All time favourite colour is yellow because it makes me smile and goes great with almost every other colour!

  92. Mel Usher says:

    Gorgeousness :) my all time favourite colour is grey because whenever I mix it with other colours it seems to turn ‘good’ colours into great colours!

  93. Hi Corrie, the pinks looks lovely and would be great for the tissue holders that I’m planning to make as prizes for a cancer charity morning tea in May!

  94. Ah let me think …..Pink, Its my signature colour !

  95. I love all the flower sugars!!! My favourite colour is yellow, but in this range I love love love the pink

  96. My all time favourite colour is orange, it’s the colour that makes me the most happy. My family don’t share my passion for orange so they would love me to win some of the flower sugar fabrics.

  97. I’m an aqua fan for no other reason than I think it’s pretty.

  98. Dawn Jones says:

    Turquoise is my favorite, I’m not sure why other than it can go well with modern contemporary or retro and classic looks (if that makes sense). Have a wonderful day!

  99. My all time fave colour – especially when it comes to lecien – is aqua. Fresh, summery, pretty and light for my baby girl especially paired with red, pink or white. Or smart, classy and oh so handsome paired with yellow and grey for my 3 boys. All round tops colour!

  100. Danielle Wright says:

    Beautiful fabrics!
    I adore the teal-ish aqua colours. they would look fantastic created into something beautiful for our vintage caravan whose name is Esme.

  101. Brodie donegan says:

    Love the colours! So pretty! Would make lovely library bags for school 😉

  102. Just gorgeous fabrics Corrie, red is my all time favourite, always has been, I don’t have a reason why, I am just attracted to everything red.

  103. Sarah Boyle says:

    My favourite colours have always been red and green! I love them on their own in any shade or together! these colours just really work for me. Thank you for the the lovely fabric giveaway! Bless you!

  104. Oh they are gorgeous!
    Red is my favourite colour

  105. My all time favorite color is Pink. Always has been Always will be. To quote my favorite Lady “I believe in Pink” ( well to quote the beginning 😉 )
    Is there actually other colors 😉 lol

  106. I don’t like to play favourites with colour, but purple always pips the others at the post. Regal purple. Love it :-)

  107. My all-time favorite colour is red. To me it says two of my favorite qualities in a person, Strong & Happy!!!!!

  108. My favourite colour is green. Why? I think because of the many shades of green in nature. The lovely feeling you get when you are travelling and see the lush green country side.

  109. Kerry Worrall says:

    My fav colour is Aqua…. Fresh bight and unisex!

  110. Lol, I didn’t notice 😉 My favorite color changes daily but I have been really digging blues with corals.

  111. My favorite color is yellow, the sunflower color. However you can’t quilt with tat so I use blues and greens to quilt, much easier.

  112. My all time favourite colour is purple, has been for as long as I can remember. I love all sorts of different shades of it. Apparently, according to a very insistent & very rude lady at a playgroup many years ago, it makes my complexion, lips & fingernails look even bluer (heart problem) but, as I told her, I don’t care. I love it & wear it anyway.

  113. I love the turquoise with dots, its a color that we miss in our cloudy sky in Paris :-)
    Thanks to share, Sophie

  114. Red. I love red in winter it makes me feel good when it’s cold & miserable.

  115. My favourite colour is purple, i have liked it since i was a child, many moons ago. Its such a rich colour and there are so many shades from the beautiful lilac to a dark aubergine. I love its versatility you could decorate a bedroom in purple and not repeat the same shade. You can use it in a quilt for a girl and it will be pretty or add it to a boys and make it masculine.

  116. Debra Crowhurst says:

    Oh my goodness where would you start picking a favourite….
    If I had to be totally honest it would be a very vintage old green not mint and not too pastel like a milk paint green and why because of my Nanas old china and milk jugs that were so treasured by her and used on Sundays for scones and jam for visitors and play teas with myself and cousins.
    Those memories have lasted over 50 years and ones I love to recall.

  117. My favorite color is a soft sage green. So calming and restful in a busy house and beautiful when teamed with pinks

  118. Red is my favourite because it makes me feel happy. It makes such a statement in our quilting, goes with so many colours and can be used for every occasion. Who could bear Christmas without red! And dilute wonderful red with white & you get pink – yum!

  119. I love purple. It goes beautifully with blue and green, my other favourites. The flower sugar range is gorgeous.

  120. So very very pretty!

    i love pinks and aqua and mint when shopping for my little Miss, but for me I adore Navy. Always smart, always right, a classic, can’t.go.wrong. Definitely my favourite colour.

  121. I love Aqua! It goes with so many other colours. I love aqua with red, aqua with pink, aqua with yellow etc etc. Plus when I make baby quilts it’s so easy to interchange between colours for girls or boys :)

  122. Karen Muller says:

    I love purple, have always loved it, though don’t use it in things I make . These fabrics are beautiful.

  123. Deirdre J says:

    Just love the Teal, with red, pinks and most colours will go with it. Just beautiful collection, Flower Sugar.

  124. My all time favourite colour is turquoise. It goes with everything from pink to brown!

  125. I love blue – the colour of the sky and happiness!

  126. Love your colour combos here! My fave colour is blue – as a water lover I find blue very calming, reminding me of holidays, warm weather, blue skies but most of all the eyes of my mother and daughter

  127. i like all colours of the rainbow and these gorgeous fabrics would look good in a quilt for my nieces up coming 21st birthday in April.

  128. My favourite colour is ‘duck egg blue’ it is a colour that I have always seen as beautiful and makes me calm and happy. I have a lot of white in my home but it seems to come alive with some duck egg blue piece, to set it off. Would love the fabrics for a new quilting I’m making for my baby girls room. :) love Ali xx

  129. Emma Lampard says:

    My favourite colour is blue, because it’s the colour of summer, the ocean and my baby boy’s eyes. I wear it almost everyday day!

  130. I’ve always loved blue and I never knew why. My Parents didn’t have a lot of money when we were younger and I’m the only girl in the family. She said to me a few weeks ago “it’s probably because I dressed you in your cousins hand-me-downs for most of your life”. I’m expecting my first child in August and mum has promised to never dress her grandchild in hand-me-downs. (Btw, I love second hand clothes)

  131. Veronica Meischke says:

    My all time favourite in material is a deep green, I am always attracted to a deep green, reminds me of living in the country, it is calming to me, gives me a sense of peace, and it reminds me of Christmas and family.
    Love the array of colours you have here, I could certainly use it in a lap quilt :-)

  132. My favourite colour is green. Specifically emerald green, as I love the way the colour looks with my daughter’s light auburn hair. Everyday she asks me what my favourite colour is and my answer never changes but she has a new favourite everyday!

    These are beautiful fabrics :)

  133. I’m an aqua girl. Especially paired with red. And it is even better if you throw in red spots 😉 My bike is aqua. My craft room is red and aqua. I am slowly taking over our entire house with little red and aqua accents. I love that it fits so well with old worldy/vintage and florals.

  134. Mis colores favoritos son los de la paleta del verde, preferentemente oscuros porque van muy bien con los colores cálidos y los fríos

  135. I’ve always loved red :) Very cute fabrics :)

  136. My favourite colour is purple, it makes me happy! Lately I LOVE purple and teal together.

  137. All shades of pink and turquoise! Pink paints the life in shades of pink, the color of youth (anti-age :)). A turquoise – the color of the sea, travel and leisure.

  138. Nancy Lynn Hilderbrand says:


  139. purple… and would you believe it is my Mum’s favourite and was our beloved Nanna’s as well, and now my own little daughter gravitates to purple all on her own !! That does make me happy :)

  140. Well….I’m a green girl, apple green, Pastel baby green, avocado green and aqua/tealy green….. I love them all. So maybe if I won your prize pack- I would experiment and find a new fav colour

  141. lol I think I said on FB same,but that wonderful blue,pale or green blue is everywhere,nearly bought some new bed wear just because of it

  142. Odunayo Pearl says:

    I love PURPLE. What can go wrong with purple…? It symbolises royalty to me and Brightens up ones outlook.

  143. Tamara Monks says:

    Pink! It’s so girly and beautiful, reminds me of my beautiful little girl who is the reason behind my love of craft and creating.

  144. oh my what a fantastic prize! thank you so much! I love any lovely bright colour; blues in particular because they make me feel quite calm!

  145. Susan Leach says:

    I love orange, happy and bright and a reminder of sunshine. My daughters had an orange uniform at primary school and are anti-orange.

  146. Those are very pretty fabrics. My favourite colour is actually blue but my husband keeps thinking it’s pink for some reason… thankfully I like pink too!

  147. Well my favourite colour to wear is red.. Maybe because I’m a bit firey and people frequently say it suits me but I am currently obsessed with aqua/turquoise and have highlights of it all through my house. It just brightens everything! Stunning fabrics!

  148. Shaaron Currie says:

    Oh such beautiful fabrics. My all time favourite colour would have to be pink for as long as I can remember I have been wearing this colour,

  149. Lisa Marie says:

    I love Aqua because it’s beautiful with so many other colors.

  150. Jacki White says:

    Definitely BLUE in any and all shades!! Its such a versatile colour! Thank you so much for the opportunity. Id love to make a quilt from these lovelies!

  151. White is nice, crisp & can put many colours with it! But they are all drool worthy :)

  152. Yvonne Benson says:

    flower sugar never fails to disappoint me but extra loving the Colors in this new range and love the wedding ring print! My fav is pink! So many variations to suit everyone. I just love pink in shabby chic times at the moment. Pink can be so soft, warming, girlie, bright, happy, and cheerful all at the same time. I especially love it in florals atm. :)

  153. Blue. Blue has alway been my favour colour

  154. “Oh my goodness, can I buy all of these with my piggy bank money?” is what my 5 year old said when she saw these. What gorgeous fabrics. I love them all. And I love red. Always have. Always will. It’s passionate, vibrant & warm.

  155. Aqua. Even as a child my favourite colours were blue and green so aqua is the perfect colour because it’s a mixture of them both :)

  156. Glenne Lenske says:

    i love blue, I’ve always leaned toward cool colours and there’s a fresh, clean blue for every occasion. Blue is the colour of peace and serenity, which I’m always looking for, and occasionally find

  157. Pink is my favourite particularly bright pink, neon and magenta. I think it stems from childhood, I always craved a pink princess bedroom but we were never stable enough for me to have one.

  158. These colors are gorgeous. My favourite all time color just has to be orange. It just takes me back to being a child. When I was a child I used to draw everything in orange. It reminded me of my Gorgeous Chrissy Doll. So to this day, orange is my color of playful happiness.

  159. Yellow, it is the color of the sun. Beautiful!

  160. Would love a chance to sew with these!

  161. Red had always madee happy, even when I was little!

  162. Red has always made me happy, even when I was little!

  163. I have three favorite colors. When my kids ask, it is blue. When I’m feeling more sophisticated, it is grey, because I find it mysterious and deep. But my favorite color that I’ve ever seen is a pinkish purple color that Asprey of London used as their wrapping paper sometime in the late 1980s/early 1990s. My dad was given a wool stadium blanket as a gift from there and though I couldn’t have cared less about the fancy itchy blanket, I kept the wrapping paper next to my bed for over a year. I’ve been looking for that color ever since…

  164. I don’t think there is a colour I don’t like but Teal is my favorite. Not sure why but it seems that it shows up in my sewing projects more than any other. Makes me feel good.

  165. Hi. This is a lovely collection of colors! Thanks for the chance to win. My all-time favorite color is navy. It goes with everything and is so sophisticated.

  166. Sonja McLane says:

    Pink because it’s the color that represents breast cancer awareness. Love the variety of color in these fabrics!!!!

  167. Teal- I love, love, love jewel tones and teal speaks to me the most. It’s so soothing, like the ocean or sea glass

  168. Quilting Tangent says:

    Orange/yellow makes me happy, it is like summer sunshine.

  169. J. Reeves says:

    My favorite color is purple, I have always loved the color, it is so pretty.

  170. PINK! It makes me happy, and I’m such a “girly girl” :)

  171. I would say right now is pink, because is the colour of the hat that my little daughter is wearing on the incubator.

    Thanks for this giveaway

  172. Beautiful fabrics. Please, enter me!!

  173. Alina Griffiths says:

    Aqua because it reminds me of the ocean.

  174. My favourite colour is sunshine yellow, because just looking at it makes me happy!

  175. My favourite colour is purple – I love the richness and think it looks opulent and luxurious. But a close second is anything blue especially teal/aqua/turquoise – reminds me of the sea, and skies and summer. (is it bad that the fabrics in the photos for this post made me squeal?)

  176. I love many colors but, maybe, my favorite is blue…

  177. Allison CB says:

    I love orange – just something about brightness and sunshine-iness! (if that is a word), its warm and happy!

  178. Love the double wedding ring in both colorways. Thank you for the giveaway.

  179. Heather S says:

    My favorite color is red, it’s just so invigorating!

  180. ohhhh, im so smitten with all those florals….

  181. I always say my favourite colour is purple, but I love blues, teals, and aqua.

  182. Laura Flanagan says:

    Red… always red:) Just love the red, teal and white combination at the moment in almost everything I make for my home:) Happy colours xx

  183. Anne Marie says:

    Beautiful fabric!! I love green. I am thinking it is because of my Irish ancestry – have loved green all my life.

  184. My favourite colour is pink. Just as well – I have a 6 year old who is pink crazy!

  185. My all time fav color is blue, though the shade and hue change with my mood. the blues in this fabric are gorgeous!

  186. LOVING the new range and itching to order some yardage to make dresses for my daughters and nieces so that they can be matchy on our family holiday. All time fave colour is Aqua. Everyone looks great in it!

  187. My all time favourite colour is grey. My wardrobe consists of lots of grey tops. I would love to work on a quilt for my girls. Thanks Corrie.

  188. Hard to choose just one but I really love coral pinks. And I love the colours in these fabrics. These would be perfect to make a quilt for my 19 month old, who will go into a bed when our baby number 4 arrives.

  189. Flower Sugar is one of my all time faves, I’ve lost count of how many sunhats I’ve made in it! My fave colour of all is aqua/turquoise blue, it seems calming and vibrant all at the same time to me, reminding me of perfect summer skies.

  190. My favorite color is navy blue. I like it because it goes with so many other colors!

  191. I love yellow. It’s a little piece of sunshine. Lovely when put with greys and teals or mixed up with pink and orange. It just makes me smile :)

  192. Pink is a colour that always makes me feel happy – I like the lighter shades of pink most of all. It makes me feel a sense of calm and inspires my creativity. This is particularly great in my office/craft room and I have pink accessories all over. I create my best sewing and crafts in my happy space!!

  193. Mellzy Matheson says:

    Blue is my favourite colour, it reminds me of a sunny day

  194. pink, turquoise/teal,purple, lime green, so many its so hard.

  195. My favourite colour is teal/turqoise/aqua and it makes me think of sea and summer!

  196. I haven’t always liked blue but now I’m in love with the blue of my granddaughter’s eyes

  197. Yellow! Its the colour of sunshine…

  198. Pamela Gilfoyle says:

    i love Aqua, reminds me of the sea and is always so fresh and be achy feeling I have it as an accent colour in my lounge . I love all the flower sugar ranges . Thanks for the opportunity

  199. Must say, blue, different shades of it – some are for home, some are for clothes, for little details and embellishments… but at the end of the day, it is always in my life.

  200. Blue is my favourite colour. For my younger years I didnt like it as my sister and I got similar gifts, hers in pink, mine in blue. I got to my teens I realised that I loved blue and even now I have to be careful when buying fabric that I dont buy all blues.

  201. Amber Campbell says:

    I have become a fan of pink since my daughter was born four years ago. I can’t say that I was much of a fan of pink before, but now it seems to be all pink all the time!

  202. Hi Corrie

    My favourite colour is blue and I don’t really know why – perhaps it is a calming colour for me! I try to experiment with different colours and these fabrics would be lovely to play with

    Thanks for the Giveaway


  203. My all time fav colour is green(!!), it reminds me of nature, and I think it goes with everything! I do love red and brown too, but for me, it’s green! (And even after your explanation, I still have no idea what is wrong with the pink bolt in the front!! Haha).

  204. Christine Poole says:

    I just love aqua!! Such a versatile colour and mixes in well with so many other colours too. Just love this collection of fabric too!

  205. Melissa L. says:

    These are beautiful! One of my favorite colors is green. I am not sure why. I guess just the right shades just look so pretty! Thanks for the giveaway! msmissy02 at gmail dot com

  206. No – I didn’t notice that the pink bolt was the wrong way around. But I did notice that it is a beautiful print! I don’t really have a favourite colour, though I really like orange at the moment. As a child I liked blue. I love the colours in the Flower Sugar range.

  207. Cyndy Knapp says:

    My favorite color is pink. I like all shades of pink. It is a very “happy” color to me.

  208. My favourite colour would have to be purple, it is my black. I wear it as often as I can. Not the shiney lavendar granny mauve but aubergine/eggplant purple. Dark and sultry. A redheads best friend, next to chocolate brown of course (yawn)…

    These are a freshing palette of colours, one I can see teaming up quite nicely with stark white (thinking Kona snow) or even a steely grey, a blue based grey…

  209. Jessica P. says:

    My favorite color is pink. The reason I like it is because it is a color that looks good with my skin tone.

  210. Michelle Y says:

    For the past few years I’ve been loving all shades of pink as I’ve gone very vintage in my tastes. The pinky colours just scream ‘vintage’ to me plus they look good with all those other soft, pastel vintagey colours.

  211. Awesome prize :) I love yellow, in every shade.

  212. At the moment I am loving duck-egg blue and think that these gorgeous summer days and summer skies are inspiring me (not to mention that one day I would love something from Tiffany in a duck-egg blue box lol)…. I think I have been reading too many holiday romance novels about glamorous women living in Manhattan :)

  213. OH! I just started a year long art project and these fabrics are in my chosen colour palette!!!!!! Fave colour must be blue of ourselves – from creamy dreamy greeny aqua to the true blue of loyalty every conceivable tint or shade of blue whispers magic possibilities…

  214. My favourite colour is orange. Since I was a little girl I’ve loved orange. Its bright and cheerful and unique. I haven’t met many other orange fans! Especially sunset orange that’s the best :)

  215. For me there’s no doubt, my favorite is pink.
    It stems from my childhood. At least that’s what I think.
    One girl with five brothers, I wanted to be;
    A girlie girl, it was all up to me.
    Pink roses on my quilt, pink rosebuds on my wall,
    And now with my own girls, pink still covers all!!!

  216. Deb Davison says:

    Ohh I love red in numerous hues, always makes me smile. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.

  217. Currently…and for a long while..’sea-greens’ have been my fave..
    Thanks for the chance to win these.

  218. Such pretty fabric! I love the roses especially. Blue is my favorite color – especially navy – so classic and goes with so many other colors! have a happy weekend!

  219. Red! It makes a bold statement. I can remember being a little girl and my mom refusing to wear bright reds. She said only bad girls wore red…I must be bad cause I love red!

  220. My favourite colour is orange! I adore orange! Why do I love it? Lots of reasons but the main one is I that love autumn and I love how the leaves on the trees turn orange which to me is just magical because it of course means changing of seasons. Winter wardrobe comes out. Slow cooker comes out oh and hot cross buns (with lots of butter!!)! So it’s a colour that signifies change. Now my little daughter and I love crushing those orange leaves at the end of autumn! :)

  221. Give me purple any day closely followed by a touch of pink.thanks for the chance. Cheers Lyn

  222. Blue is my favourite color because the sky is blue and I love to look at the sky. Thanks!

  223. My favorite color is teal because I love to combine different shades of teal with cream.

  224. Pink, I’m a girl, what’s not to love

  225. Chartreuse that lovely yellows green that just makes my heart sing. I am a colour girl and really love nice fresh colours. Thanks for the chance to enter Corrie

  226. JoAnn Dickerson says:

    My favorite color has to be green. Any shade or hue. Love it because it reminds me of calm.

  227. Blue, always blue. Mind you, I seem to always wear black. So maybe its black?

  228. Blue of any shade is my favourite colour. It reminds me of the sky or sea and makes me feel fre and happy

  229. My absolute favourite colour is purple, but I still haven’t met a colour I didn’t like at least a little bit! Colour combos tho is a different story…I love aqua, white and red or black, grey and white and my last combo atm is purple, lime green and grey or aqua.


    • Amie Taylor says:

      Aargh my comment posted and I hadn’t finished. Was saying how lucky I am to have 3 girls to dress up in pink!!!

  230. Amie Taylor says:

    Hi Corrie, my all time favourite colour is Pink. I love it and u have 3 girls so h

  231. I love blue because it is so peaceful!

  232. I can’t get enough of Flower Sugar. Such perfect colors, every time!

    My all time favorite color is yellow. I can’t wear it, but I love to decorate with it. My dream car is a yellow VW bug. It’s just my happy color. Sunshine and daisies and tulips and lemons. So many of my favorite things are yellow.

  233. My all time favorite color is green but I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been very attracted to the aqua and the bright, clear blues.

  234. Shannan H. says:

    My favourite colour is pink; to me it’s pretty & feminine

  235. I would absolutely love the pink. With three daughters anything pink is an absolute hit. I have lost my sewing mojo of late and would love it revive it with such beautiful prints.

  236. Red as it is so vibrant and loud, the opposite of me as I am shy and reserved, thats why I like it so much.

  237. Tracey Gregory says:

    My name is Tracey and I have a fabric fetish! These fabrics are MAGIC! Loving these fresh, flowery colours, but I am partial to the reds, so bright and uplifting!

  238. I love red. I have a tan complexion, so red really looks good…. Clothes and lipsticks… Plus it stands for strength and life …. Puts me in a great mood !

  239. Katie Hoag says:

    My favorite color would have to be lilac! It’s soft and pretty and it reminds me of springtime and growing up on my family’s farm.

  240. I have always loved blue colour, but now I am changing to green. I think they are very relaxing.

  241. I love red! I don’t really know why. there are just certain shades of red that capture my attention. Poppy Red from my pencil crayon set when i was 8. and charcoal grey.

  242. Pink, pink and more pink! I love pink , my sewing room is even pink! Pink looks great with most colors. Love your blog and reading about your sweet family.

  243. Linda Webster says:

    My favourite colour has always been green. I know it’s not a very popular colour as a favourite but to me it seems so peaceful.

  244. I love RED! It’s so warm and inviting…just like a big hug!

  245. GREEN! I love green in every shade! It’s so fresh and inviting! Thanks so much, this fabric is so absolutely gorgeous, would be thrilled to sew with it!

  246. purple is my fav, but oh my! these are pretty fabrics!

  247. John Hutchens says:

    my favorite color is orange, it is cheerful and warm

  248. I love yellow, it helps me feel feel like myself ( radiate) a happy home is all about good vibes and to think positive thoughts.

  249. Although I tend to sew in darker or more neutral colors, my favorite color is pink. Not really sure why,,, it’s just my favorite color to look at!

  250. My favorite color really does change by the day, but if I had to pick one, I’d probably go with green. I have green eyes and so whenever I wear green, it really brings out my eyes :).

  251. Racheal M says:

    The shades of greenish-blue that are slightly more green than blue are my favourite at the moment but it changes regularly which can make things interesting when I am quilting.

    • Racheal M says:

      Forgot the why part. This colour is relaxing to me and appeals to my peaceful side which is needed in my chaotic life. Thanks for the competition 😀

  252. My favorite color is blue…..but RED is it for luck! Thanks for the chance!

  253. Green…. I was once told green is very calming when feeling homesick. I don’t know if only applies to Irish people but I do have a special place in my heart for all things green :)

  254. I love the pinks. They are all beautiful!

  255. The Aqua color is so awesome, but they are all beautiful. Thank you.

  256. Charmaine says:

    My favourite colour depends on my mood :) pink, orange, green, yellow, aqua but you can always mix them up with my favourites of grey or cream/white. Everything goes with those colours :)

  257. Red or green would have to be my favourite colours. Green because it is peaceful and red because it makes me happy!

  258. Stacey Shailer says:

    Green, because it’s the colour of bounty to me – money, grass to feed our cattle, a vegie garden bursting with produce :)

  259. Charlotte says:

    My favorite color is blue. Takes my to the wide open sky or the vast ocean.

  260. I love blue…the summer sky blue :)

  261. Now I wouldn’t ever have noticed that the pink fabric was positioned wrong! No one’s perfect! My favorite color is purple. I’m not sure why, but my bridesmaids all wore shades of purple back in 1983, my classroom as a teacher was always decorated in purple, my laundry room and sewing room is purple and everyone knows it’s my signature color. I just love it!

  262. Nicole Hanham says:

    “Pink” is my favourite colour because it can be soft and subtle, classic and elegant, or vivacious and cheeky….so it caters for my different moods!

  263. Vanessa Dwyer says:

    Wedgewood blue would have to be my favourite colour, it brings back childhood memories of the little dishes I wasn’t allowed to touch as a kid!

  264. Jennifer Chai says:

    Such lovely fabrics! I love blue. Such a soothing color to me.

  265. I love blue and aqua. I find them to be so soothing and relaxing, I just can’t stay away from them! I would love this giveaway! I know just what I’m going to do with it.

  266. My favourite colours are any shades of greens and blue, so calming, peaceful, resplendent colours of rainforest, gardens, oceans and water. My home is an eclectic mix of all colours, which I love, but my soul sings in green and blue. I visited a shopping centre recently while on holidays, and took my children to use ‘the facilities’, we walked in and it was tiled floor to ceiling in bright tiny tiles of greens! The kids and I were laughing and loving the green oasis!

  267. Blue! And those teal/turquoise colours just make my heart sing!

  268. My favourite colour, hmmm let me think,
    Without a doubt it has to be pink.
    From a wet puppy’s nose to a pink diamond ring,
    Here are a few of my favourite pink things.
    A brightly lit sunset with fuchsia pink skies,
    Strawberry ice-cream and hot cherry pie.
    Flamingos, fairy floss and pink lemonade,
    Dainty pink ribbons in a hair braid.
    But my most favourite thing, a quilt, in a soft shade of blush,
    For my loved one to snuggle and dream under. Hush……

  269. I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! These are incredibly dreamy! I especially love the teal with pink roses and think any and all of these would be beautiful additions to the dresses I am making for my little girls for Easter. Thank you for the chance to win!

  270. Oh my! I am saving up for this! Thank you.

  271. Renee Ballantyne says:

    blue as it is the colour of the sky and ocean

  272. Nicole Hazledine says:

    My all time favourite colour is pink, any shade is fine. Being a twin, we were bought up with pink for girls and blue for boys I’ve never stopped loving pink and luckily my daughter LOVES it too.

  273. Bee Bowdlert says:

    With a family of girls it’s always pink, pink and more pink around here, I however love the Aqua in your fat pack, it would make such a pretty little quilt, I can already picture the finished quilt. 😛

  274. Teal is becoming my favorite color. The color includes the grass and the sky. You can’t get much better than that!

  275. Nancy Lanier says:

    My personal favorite is all shades of blue, but I use all colors in the quilts I make, and end up falling in love with them all.

  276. My favorite color is violet.

  277. Who wins Retromummy!?!?

  278. I’m dying to know who wins. I’ve been checking everyday to find out.

  279. I’ve been checking too!

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