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Well you might already be back into making lunchboxes as you read this or perhaps like me you have a couple of days before you get back into making lunchboxes. I have conducted my own ‘lunchbox and drink bottle’ audit to see how we were going with everything, look at what needed replacing and organise the cupboard so that everything didn’t fall out on you when you opened it. Good news is that we have plenty of lunchboxes already.

Now I have been asked a few times for a blog post on lunchboxes so I look forward to sharing a few tips with you although I do have to admit that I’m not one to have fancy lunchbox fillings. I think some of these lunchboxes would also suit the office or a day out for busy mums as well!

Let’s start with your growing boy or girl or husband who needs 2 sandwiches in their lunchbox! We’ve got ham and cheese on a soy and linseed loaf (Bakers Life Bakehouse Soy & Linseed $2.69 a loaf), some fruit and some sultanas. When it comes to the sesame snaps ($1.49 for a 3 pack from ALDI) please check your school’s allergy policy first as they contain sesame. If not allowed then save them for an after school or after sports snack or for the adults in the family. I love them as a sweet treat with a cup of coffee or peppermint tea.

For the gluten free, vegetarian or super health conscious member of the family we’ve got some spinach and roasted sweet potato salad. You could have some feta on top too. Just peel and cube a few sweet potatoes, drizzle on some olive oil, salt and pepper and some smoked paprika and roast in a 180 degrees oven for about 1/2 hour. Delicious. Just keep them in a bowl covered in the fridge until you need them. Add some cherry tomatoes, fruit and a squeezy yoghurt (Brooklea Yogurt Squishy $1.29 for 150g) but leave out if the lunchbox needs to be dairy free). Some rice crackers or cakes would also be great in this one.

And then for the fussiest member of the family. I have one and he hasn’t hit school yet but he has mastered the art of turning up his nose at most things. But he will eat everything in this lunchbox. Take a wholemeal wrap or a tortilla, spread on some  mayo, some ham, roll up, slice and place into the lunchbox with some rice crackers. Some cherries, an apple and a cheese dip and crackers pack because that never comes home. I find hiding a packet of those in the pantry helps for those lazy or running late mornings when you need something.


look for lunchboxes with lots of compartments and some large enough for packets/crackers etc

check that your precious little one can open the lunchbox themselves before school starts. If not practice or find a new lunchbox

lots of fruit and some raw vegetables. If your lunchbox is looking a bit bland or beige then you haven’t got enough fruit in there

always keep an extra loaf of bread in your freezer so you never get caught short of bread 

 wraps, tortillas and turkish bread are an easy way to make something different in the lunchbox

get creative with your cookie cutters for those fussy eaters 

 the next time you’re making cookies, freeze half your dough in a roll and then slice and bake the night before for something delicious in the kids lunchboxes.

get the kids involved in baking some morning tea treats like jam drops

 grapes, blueberries, cherries and strawberries aren’t the cheapest fruits but don’t be put off buying them because compared to a packet of biscuits they are much better for you and the kids love them. 

frozen blueberries and raspberries are an easy way to add some colour to your next batch of muffins

buy an extra bag of grapes and pop them in your freezer to make them last and for a great cold snack in lunchboxes

don’t forget to always follow the school’s allergy policy especially with nuts, eggs and dairy

always keep some dried fruit and hide a packet of muesli bars or biscuits in your pantry for when you are running low on lunchbox supplies and can’t get to the shops

don’t pack too much especially for your littlest of eaters. Too much food can leave them sitting eating while their friends are playing or overwhelm a little one just starting out at school.

cans of tuna and a jar of mayo will also come in handy when you think you have nothing for lunch. Pop on a sandwich or with some crackers for a tasty lunch. 

All of the food for this post came from ALDI and mums know that they can find the best prices for groceries at ALDI. Keep an eye out for the Baker’s Loaf Bakehouse Bread which is $2.69 a loaf and comes in 5 varieties – white, wholemeal, multigrain, light rye and soy & linseed. All of which are free from artificial colours and preservatives. We are always well stocked with bread as we need it for breakfast and lunches and a sandwich is always in our lunchbox for the big kids. ALDI also have a back to school catalogue here with some great specials.

And I’m going back for these great sunscreen rolls which have a clip for the school bag! perfect for my kids who can all put their own sunscreen on and great before heading out to playtime. And I don’t think they can lose this one. Genius. How did I not know about this…………$3.99 from ALDI too. Head instore to see the limited edition back to school Special Buys range, only available while stocks last.

What’s your top lunchbox tip? Especially for our fresh faced kindy mums this year…………………….


  1. Corrie your post today is both excellent and timely. As a teacher I see many lunch boxes that are full of food but no nutrition. Your children will really enjoy opening their lunch boxes and will love the tasty and nutritious food provided for them. Cheers

  2. Dont’ be alarmed if your little one (kindy/prep) comes home with an almost full lunch box for the first week or so. They will be (especially boys) too busy playing to worry about things like eat!

    And for those year 3/4 girls who know where the lunch box treats are and have a little more freedom and are encouraged to ‘pack their bags’, if your lunch box stash of ‘easy wrap items’ is disappearing at an alarming rate, chances are she’s taking one in for each of her friends! This one has been learned the hard way by a group of 4 mums at our last school, all too busy to pay too much attention but needing to hit the shops with alarming and annoying regularity to restock!

  3. My niece got them recently and they got a spray which stayed in for 10mins then washed out, that was it! I remember the shampoo from my school days. You had to leave it in for hours with a bag on your head and re apply for a few days. Gosh times have changed.

  4. I’m sure you probably mentioned it but I try and aim for at least 1 veg, 1 fruit, 1 protein, 1 carb and a dairy serve where possible. I learned the hard way last year to pack a wrapped or portable snack for recess as my daughter didn’t have the pocket space or anywhere to put her containers, so they’d get lost or not eaten! Usually she keeps a baked good or a ziplock bag of nibbles for recess which can be eaten on the run, so to speak!

    And lucky last depending on where your child’s lunchbox is stored in the classroom, you may need to stock up on some small freezer blocks to keep it all cool.

  5. Great post! I sat down with my son today, who is starting grade 2 next week, and we wrote a big list of all the stuff he likes, and from that list we made a lunchbox plan for the week. He takes a lunch item – normally a roll or sandwich, although this year we have added wraps, scrolls and mini pizzas to the list thanks to our new thermomix. Then he chose 3 fruit or veg items, and 1 ‘sweet’ – either a muffin or home baked biscuits, or a yoghurt. He is also allowed 1 ‘treat’ item a week – so a container of chips or a small chocolate. He’s going to have fun picking which day he gets to do that – start of the week or hang out to the end! I think this might encourage him to eat more seeing as it’s his input, and also help with the lunch rut we got into at the end of last year – I ran out of ideas and he kept requesting vegemite sandwiches :)

    • don’t worry my kids love ham sandwiches! and once I put an empty sandwich just 2 pieces of buttered bread in the lunchbox and I heard all about that from the kids!

  6. Great lunchbox ideas, we have a few allergies in our house and do lots of pre-baking of sweet treats & zucchini slice is a big fave as well.
    Just a little word of warning on the sunscreen, we tried keeping the sunscreen clipped on the outside of the bag last year & a little schoolmate decided it would be fun to squeeze it all over my son’s bag. Not a pretty clean up, so now it’s just attached to an inside pocket in his bag to avoid inquisitive fingers!

  7. Great tips! I’m envious of the roll on sunscreen; that is the best way of ensuring that sunscreen is put on properly (and what a great price!).

  8. Corrie you excel with theses poats making the obvious seem doable it’s hard to get ideas that aren’t new or fancy but just work! Well done – I must try again the wrap rolling I’m useless! Have a great year of school life!

    • haha wraps save my life sometimes for dinner because the kids love them so much and it’s so easy to do a few on a plate and feed everyone:)

  9. Great ideas. I have a 12 year old going into year 7 and he can still be fussy at school. Thanks for sharing

  10. I’m loving this post, so many great ideas and that sunscreen clip is brilliant – what a novel idea!
    How long does it take you to put all those lunches together?

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