back to school: win 1 of 4 $100 BIG W gift cards

brought to you by BIG W

congratulations Susan H, Louise B, May L, Jessica O who have all won a $100 gift card. Thank you so much for entering!

I don’t know if I really want to talk about back to school shopping. I kind of would like to stay in this holiday at home little world that I’ve been living in for the past 7 weeks or so. It’s been wonderful. Not a lot of driving, no rushing out of the house or coming in with tired little people. But a little part of me is looking forward to sending everyone back to school and getting back into routine. So let’s talk back to school supplies. How are you going with the shopping? Are we done?

Please don’t tell me that you had it all done before Christmas or that you do it all in the sales. I am not one of those people. No wait. I was. Before we became a family of 8. I’m pretty sure when it was just 1 at school that I was pretty organised with shoes, uniforms and supplies. But since we’ve grown and become a family of  8 it turns out that I am definitely a late january shopper when it comes to back to school.

But that’s OK because BIG W gave me $100 and picked up the tab for our back to school supplies which was lovely and also handy because I was going to head to BIG W anyway. If you’re a regular reader then you know that I’m a fan of BIG W because it’s my one stop shop and always has been. And if you keep reading I have 4 x $100 BIG W gift cards to giveaway which will definitely help with the back to school expenses.

What’s on your list? School shoes, socks, shirts, pencils, lunchboxes, underwear, liquid paper, contact to cover books… name it you’ll find it at BIG W. And so with shopping list and 50 million kids piled into the car (OK, just 6 kids but it feels like more) we hit BIG W. Early. Like 9.30am after the pep talk in the car that we were only getting things on the list that related to school and that no one was to ask me for anyone else. Only the eldest 3 require the pep talk but it needs to be done.

Here was our shopping list!

1. White short sleeved shirts for my big boy. 

2. school socks for the girls because you can never have too many pairs of school socks and don’t forget socks for PE and any extra sports the kids play

3. Drink bottles and plenty of them. We decided to try some stainless steel ones that are free from BPAs and anything nasty. We got a 2 pack for $15 and I’ve got my eye on these which look great for me. We also got a Dora lunch box and drink bottle combo pack for the Dora fan in the house. 

4. underwear for my preschooler! If you’re sending someone off to childcare, preschool or kindergarten you’ll need some spare pairs in the bag for accidents. It was a tough choice between Dora and Disney Princesses and what a nice day when that’s the biggest decision of the day.

5. Colouring pencils, textas and crayons for pencil cases and homework. Make sure you get colouring and lead pencils for homework and not just what is on your school supplies list. These Staedtler Pencils are a great price at $5 for a pack of 24

6. Highlighters ($1), glue sticks ($2.88 for a 2 pack) and some smelly pens ($2) for my big girl. Those smelly pens are a girl thing. 

8. Erasers but I’m not sure how skull erasers made it in there, I must have been looking the other way when they got snuck in because I said yes to erasers but not to skull ones. $1 for a pack of 3 skull erasers.

9. $5 stationary packs for the homework table and a birthday party we were going to. 

10. And for me………….Sharpies which are perfect for labelling hats, lunchboxes, bags and whatever you need really. Always keep one in your kitchen drawer and they always have one in the uniform shop for the big business of selling sunhats because every child seems to lose a hat at some point during the year. Hot tip mums, buy more than 1 sunhat so that you have a spare one at home. Saves any early morning trips to the uniform shop to buy a hat. 4 pack of Sharpies was $10.

Oh and plastic to cover books with and not the sticky Contact  because I don’t have a Masters in book covering and am one of those mums that manages to get her own hair stuck in the plastic and loads of air bubbles. It’s just a big hot mess so I pass it on to my husband who is wonderful at book covering and took over from me with the twins books when they started kindergarten.

And look we had the store to ourselves…just kidding…we were early and in and out with everything on our list. A good idea is to check out BIG W’s online catalogue here before you leave home and the kids will enjoy helping with the lists. And something I didn’t know is that you can buy schoolwear from BIG W online here which definitely makes things easier because a trip to the shops can go pearshaped once we start trying things on. Definitely makes things easier.

And to win  1 of 4 x $100 Big W gift  cards just tell me what you will be buying if you win one of the $100 BIG W gift cards!

{Giveaway is open to Australian residents, entries close 28th January 2015 and full terms of my giveaways can be found here}

And this would be the behind the scenes photo as we got back to the car and just after all of the sushi was chucked out of the pram onto the ground and I was assured that the short ends (i.e. the rice) didn’t touch the ground. Just so you know that I did this shopping trip under normal mum conditions.


  1. Once upon a time there was a 3 and 4 year old who were to start their first day at kindergarten in less than a week. Every time their mother had been shopping for school supplies, she had gotten distracted by shoes and sparkly things and baby items for their newborn brother, so the boys had absolutely nothing yet for school :(!!! Then they won a $100 Big W voucher and their mum bought water bottles, lunch boxes, hats, and cot sheets for sleep time. And they were so excited to go to kindy with their new gear and they lived happily ever after :)

  2. With one of my kids starting primary school and another going back to high school, there is a lot to shop for, including pencil cases, pens, pencils, glue, calculators, books, folders, school shoes, sneakers, lunch boxes, drink bottles, you name it. And with bigw having the best deals and everything at the one shop, who could resist the temptation.

  3. With a new baby due any day I’ll most likely be buying baby (and toddler) things. But as a school teacher I always end up with stationery or art supplies too. I just can’t help it!

  4. My baby starts full time school this year and my oldest begins high school! And right on cue my washing machine dies, just another expense for the back to school budget! I will be buying lots of drink bottles and lunch boxes and maybe a few treats for the lunch tins during the highly emotional first week back! Oh who am I kidding, it is always only me who is highly emotional;)

  5. I’ve been hiding out at home hoping to avoid the big school shop…making pencil cases and ordering a few bits here and there!

    To be honest I would love to get my daughter a pair of solid good school shoes that will last as those cheap shoes get worn out so quickly!

    …and then I realised she probably needs new socks…and new undies and I should probably get out t the shops soon!

  6. School stuff! My big girl is in grade 1 & my twins start kinder & I haven’t got anything except name labels yet! I’m very distracted by a badly timed kitchen reno, so it looks like being a last minute dash to Big W! Thanks Corrie!

  7. Closed toe sandals and new runners for my girls! My big girl starts 4 year old kinder and my toddler is starting one day of childcare so I can get my business started.

  8. Michelle L says:

    Since moving we don’t have a local Big-W, but it’s a must on our trips to Hobart! I’m after a school hat and shorts/skorts in navy, a new lunch box/lunch bag, and always coloured pencils.

  9. Late shopper here as well. I need oens, pencils, books, a calculator, socks, jocks and shirts.

  10. Jessica O says:

    I’ll be buying supplies for my 3 year old autistic daughter so I can continue at home therapy with her, in particular I’ll be buying fine motor skill activities that she can do in the car to and from school drop offs for her older sisters – so that my baby can sleep beside her peacefully while she’s occupied!

  11. Oh so hard to decide! I think I would definetely stock up on the essentials like school stationery, contact, lunchboxes, drink bottles and school shoes. If there was any money to spare (I am a stationery addict, and my child will be too if I can help it!!) I’d probably splurge on some new children’s books which double as education and fun for those school night bedtimes :)

  12. If my high school son can find his stationery list, we would buy books, pens, glue sticks, sports shorts and enough socks to get us through the year (as we always seem to buy one’s that disappear after on or two wears!).

  13. Vanessa Plummer says:

    Hi Corrie,
    I think a big W voucher would help us to pick up a little bit of everything for school. Love the place! :)

  14. We would buy some new clothes for my 4 and 2 year old boys who are both in the same size clothing (!!!) and we would like to have a spare pair of clothes to actually leave in the preschooler’s bag. I would also grab some stationery supplies so I can do some preschool homeschooling since we only get one day here in the country.

  15. This year my big girl starts high school, my twins start full time school and my baby leaves the nest for kindy! All 8 in school *sob sob* I would spend my $100 on Dymo tape. There are literally hundreds of articles that will need labelling here

  16. I think we have just completed our shopping with our (hopefully) last purchase of the school shoes. Fingers crossed we are ready! I am not entering for this giveaway, I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the Movie giveaway that we won from you. We went as a family to see Big Hero 6 and loved it!! I think the kids were even more excited about going because it was a prize we had won (just quietly, I may have been too) Thank you again so much. It was a fabulous holiday treat :)

  17. Big W is my go-to one-stop-shop, too. As a bonus, it’s right next to the carpark (and woolworths) at my local shopping centre so it makes for an easy trip with kids. Stationery shopping was always my very favourite thing to do as a child and now, as a parent, I still love it. I adore Big W’s range of art and craft supplies, especially their Micador range of watercolours which make for the best birthday presents ($9.95!). If I win I would stock up on lead pencils and erasers (they always tend to go missing, especially at homework time), paints and paper for rainy days, underwear and socks to see us through the year and a few packs of travel tissues and wipes to keep in the car for spills and accidents. Thanks, Corrie! x

  18. Jenny Cavanough says:

    Tan coloured bras for my daughter as her uniform now has a white button up blouse. ( I know, not very exciting )

  19. Sandy Norman says:

    Wow… what a great giveaway.

    I still have not done the school supply shopping as yet!!!! Hopefully next week.

    My List: school shoes, drink bottle, exercise books, pencils, pens, a ruler, socks, and yes – underwear, block out, lunch box, lunch box snacks, hat and I am sure many other things.



  20. What I really need & would see if I could get from Big W is a printer. We don’t have one at home now, and with 3 kids with homework assignments to print, I really need to get one.

  21. shoes and more shoes. I think we got most of the items on the book list since this is really my first year with my boys in an Australian school with book list. (just moved to Australia) I had no clue what some of the items on the list are so I ordered online instead of trying to hunt things down. I think that saved my sanity not sure that it saved the pocketbook. Shoes are last on the list and now my oldest wants to play AFL so I am sure there are shoes for that too. Oh and extra drink bottles as they seem to leave them everywhere but in there bags. Thank you for a chance at a Big W card it will surely help out.

  22. Bree Vallance says:

    Socks and socks and drink bottles. With 4 children and white socks we need more! I can only scrub the stains of school yard fun out of white socks so many times and for 2015 we need new ones.

  23. SOCKS!!! I will buy all of the socks. My school age boys (6 & 7) have this amazing ability to lose socks. Last year my oldest came home from school with his shoes on sans socks… He has no idea where they went, and they were not in his bag. They just vanished. It seems I buy socks every term to counter for the MIA socks.

  24. Luckily the little ones at school don’t need much stationery. But both have their birthdays next month. So I would use the voucher to buy invitation, balloon & other party items. PLEASE

  25. We live in a farm 3 hours drive to our closest Big W so I will go nuts with the voucher!

  26. My husband is a teacher at a secondary school and he likes to supply his students with things like pencils, sharpeners, red pens and blue or black pens, highlighters, rubbers and rulers in a pack (to save from having the same student ask first for a pen, then a ruler, then a highlighter). He only loans them out but sometimes they never return. Some of the supplies come from his school but he also buys some supplies out of pocket. I’d love for him to have this gift card to buy a whole class set of extra supplies. It would probably be enough to buy extra supplies for his whole staff room.

  27. Charlotte E says:

    My eldest starts Kinder in a couple of weeks and wants all things ‘Frozen’ as part of her kit, cue Frozen bag, lunch box, drink bottle, underwear etc. I also start my final year (hooray) of my teaching degree so I will be on the look out for stationary (lots of it) and anything I can use as teaching aides for my last placement.

    My nearest Big W is over an hour away but I still make the trek there for supplies because they always have everything I need at the best prices.

  28. Sallyann Silver says:

    If I was lucky enough to win, I would buy $100 of white socks in various sizes! Lots and lots and lots of white socks. I have a washing basket full of odd socks, all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. Not sure that having plain white socks would help make it easier, but it’s worth a try.
    This year I have one studying TAFE, one in Year 12 (eeeeekkkkkk), one in Year 5 and my baby starting Year 1 and 10 different sporting activities between them.

  29. I’ll be stocking up on homework bits n pieces for our homework station. There might just be something in there for mummy’s planner addiction too :)

  30. Oh! I would love to win this! We are starting a new school this year so I would like to treat my kids to a little welcome pack each to wish them good luck on their first day – so I would buy supplies for that (bag, soft cute toy, lip balm, lollies, stickers & a kiss for their pocket from me )

  31. What won’t I be buying! lol. School shoes, pencils, glue, lunchboxes, drink bottles, textas, contact, erasers, sharpeners, backpacks, socks, undies, the list seems to be endless! With 3 kidlets all back to school the $100 would be the hugest help :) Bless Retro Daddy for the book covering – best back to school help ever!

  32. I have done the bulk of my BTS shopping already, but I’d be buying insulated bags for the lunchboxes, art supplies for home (disaster, we ran out of thick painting quality paper the other day!) and I’d check out their range of kids’ sneakers for sure.

    I’m with you on Big W, I’m a complete Big W tragic. I could get accidentally locked in overnight and be very happy!

    I love your reality photo at the end of the post. Makes me feel very normal – and quite unencumbered, relatively, with only four in tow 😉 .

  33. I would use the voucher to buy school shorts, and shoes for my little boy. Plus a stainless steel water bottle. I know at Big W you would still have change left so I’d head to the clothes section and buy some exercise clothes for me to wear as I’m going to walk more with only one child at home.

  34. The $100 voucher would be an awesome bonus to win for any family! If i was lucky enough to win, i would however, be putting it towards a different cause. There are many children who never get the opportunity to go to school in 3rd world countries if they dont have the basic equipment. I’m talking pencils and paper here. I am fortunate enough to be involved in a fantastic group of people who support Operation Christi=mas Child. Each year we all put together pencils, exercise books, textas, pens, erasers, hats etc and give them to those children. I wish all entrants the very best of luck in winning such a wonderful pack from Big W

  35. With my big 3 all at school this year & bub #6 due in 7 weeks I’m looking to get as much as I can from Big W – such good prices. I just wish we had one closer than 4 hours away. Will be looking to finish up all our school shopping when we travel for our next ob appt soon :)

  36. With most of my school shopping done, I would make a visit to Big W for any last minute supplies and to reorganise myself for the year ahead with better storage :)

  37. School stuff and shortie pjs because somehow they seem to disappear faster than my morning coffee! LOL

  38. Late shopping here too! Lunch boxes and drink bottles, hats (where on earth do all the hats GO??) and undies for my little man who always needs spares tucked in his bag for emergencies.

  39. My only child is starting preschool this year so I will be buying him a new backpack, lunchbox, undies and socks for his first year of big school!

  40. I would use it for two big school girls and my kinder girl who is excited beyond words. Oh and a box of tissues for me because that will be all of them out of the house:(

  41. Brooke Smith says:

    $100 at BIG W would be super helpful for school bags, lost lunch boxes, socks, monkey-bar knickers and the stationary obsession my three children may have just inherited from me! I have my second child starting big school this year – very exciting and very expensive haha! We love BIGW, thanks for the opportunity to help us save on back to school expenses

  42. We would get the usual school supplies but like you said Corrie, another set for at home for homework and craft/creative time. My kids drive me nuts with “borrowing” my stationary off my desk, things like scissors, post it notes, pens and calculator. I am currently studying at uni and need to be as organised as possible between this, part time work, kids and after school sports so it would be fab to have a gift voucher from Big W to set these kids up so they have no excuses as to why I found my calculator on the floor in the bathroom (apparently my mid primary kiddo wanted to “do the sums” while on the loo) ewww!!!

  43. Oh Corrie, do I have to make ANOTHER list? You know the oddities that end up on lists- contact (because the previous 20m was a severe underestimate), more label tape for the label maker, pegs (cause they’ve all disappeared AGAIN), shoe polish, more white socks because who knows where the new ones were hidden, drink bottle (new one got cracked first day back), activity books for preschooler who is SO BORED now that everyone is back at school, new bodysuits for the baby who grew over the holidays but no one noticed, and something for ME, just coz I deserve it!!

  44. While my babies are all adults my little granddaughters are starting prep in NSW and kindy in Victoria. Both there mums could use a Big W gift card to help get them the best value for the new school year. I have been a fan of Big W since Steve went to theological college 31 years ago and we has a 3 and 4 year old and very little money they were my go to shop for all our clothes and still is for me today

  45. Would love to win thanks :-) If I won I would be buying some of the Nude Food containers and snack containers ( I see they have a wrap container out now !!) and some Sistema drink bottles. Even with labeling they inevitably “disappear” and or wear over time . Some new smash Lunch bags would be great. I’ve been buying these brands for years and they seem to go the distance
    About 10 rolls of contact 😉 because how does it end up overlapping on itself and ends up in a big ball in the bin 😉
    Definitely some sticky tape ! because how is that kids can use half a roll of the stuff ! my stocks are depleted

  46. My big girl starts 4 year old preschool this year so we need a new lunch box and drink bottle for her. And definitely a hat. Or 3 as I imagine we will lose them in the morning rush!

  47. My little boy will be going to Kindy, so will need an assortment of things, such as drink bottle, lunch box, stationary etc. It will be so much fun to go with him to pick out his favourite items. We could also purchase some new books and craft supplies to do together while his baby sister is sleeping. Thanks so much, Corrie!

  48. Big W has been so great for our starting school shopping this year! I would get some more white socks, and those 2-packs of Navy Rio-shorty undies – great for under uniforms. No booklist requirements for our school, but we need to refresh some stocks of glue and bits and pieces at home. Always love Systema lunch boxes , and I might even get a sneaky Friends Lego set for the new school girl who turns 5 a week after her first day.

  49. How cool! We LOVE Big W in our family too and it is definitely where we are headed for all the personal items (girlie pencils, pencil cases, sport skirts, school bag). And I would definitely use the voucher on those but we also need new drink bottles (those stainless steel ones look brilliant) and I need to buy a lot more pencils for my compulsive pencil sharpener (who has competitions on who can write with the smallest pencil stub!) and glue sticks because I swear she eats them or something :)

  50. Nicola Mitchell says:

    My kids love to shop in big w as there is something for everyone and at great prices! We would spend $100 on lots of great back to school stuff plus some othe great craft supplies to keep kiddies busy after school!!

  51. What a great competition at this time of year! With 5 kids – 1 at uni, 1 starting high school and 3 in primary the $100 from Big W will get quite a work out. Shoes, socks, raincoats and lunchboxes will definitely be on the list and if it stretches a little further then kitting out the homework box with stationery supplies.

  52. I’d be buying back up socks (they always go missing), and lots of art supplies for my craft three.

  53. Ange Moore says:

    Three kids, two at school and one starting pre-kinder this year – a BIG W voucher would be used on the usual “new year” sock, jocks and singlets. It’d be great to replace our old lunchboxes – especially now I’ll need to pack three! And BIG W actually have great things for lunchboxes (like the small packets of popcorn and other treats) so grabbing a few bags of those to put in the pantry would also be on our list! Oh, and the sports skorts – my daughter prefers to wear these than shorts on her sports days.

  54. Love that last photo – so know that feeling and panicking whilst all of them congregate on the ‘road’!. I would love a big w voucher to stock up on uniforms as well. My guys seem to go through pants at a rate of knots and refuse to wear the patched version. Often I can get the leggings and shorts in the Maroon colour and get very excited. Never more than one of the one size though and find I trudge back another day and they are always gone. I perhaps need to look online now. Thank you for a fantastic chance.

  55. Katie larkins says:

    I definitely need school stationary supplies as well as some uniform basics as well. We live near launceston and the nearest Big W is a couple of hours away but we will be making the trip as it is my go to shop for school supplies and lots of other bits and pieces that we need for the kids and house as well. Thanks for the opportunity

  56. Im a teacher on leave and miss the good old back to school shop. I will be loading up on the stationery and all things that help with a creative mind. Over the holiday it has come to my attention that my little one can colour in so Im going to channel it. The old socks and jocks trick never go astray, and that even includes some for me and for hubby too.

  57. Regan Koczorowski says:

    I refuse to purchase expensive lunch boxes and drink bottles cause between school, after school care they never make it home. With $100 to spend I would have to say I would purchase various containers and drink bottles which would add up to $100 in a matter of seconds.

  58. Hi Corrie If I received the Big W voucher I would gift it to my neighbour. She has twins going into year 1, a 3 year old starting preschool and a brand new baby born yesterday. I know it would definitely come in handy and I might offer to go get her list for her because as we know shopping after a Caesar and with little ones in toes is NOT easy.

  59. Susan McGuire says:

    I would very much love to win one of the Big W shopping vouchers. Big W always have a fabulous variety of items for sale at great prices. This year we need to buy some new pencils, pens, plain paper, ruled paper pads, exercise books in different sizes, some cardboard for art projects, rolls of contact paper, lots more white socks, some bras (my girl is now 14 and in need of these), another drink bottle (the stainless steel one free of BPAs sounds perfect), and a new pair of school shoes. Thanks so much for making this offer. You are very generous. Have a fun and safe day xxoo

  60. Melissa Curtin says:

    I thought I was done and was giving the drink bottles a trial run and would you believe it…there is a hole at the bottom of one?!? So now I have to find the receipt to return it.

    I have not received the book list from school yet so I have all the contacting in front of me :) plus a preschooler starting their first year so I am sure I will be back to pickup things

  61. vicki scherer says:

    B is for blue hair ties to put up the hair
    I is for ice bricks to keep those healthy lunches cool
    G is for girls socks enough for the week
    W is for water bottles and wet weather stuff always prepared for whatever the weather

    Lots of other things we need, stationery, grey shorts, hats, shoes, highlighters, pencil cases, lunch boxes all available from our favourite store!

  62. Lauren Rendell says:

    As the mum of a school newbie it is only normal to expect that I am going to go overboard with back to school!
    He clearly needs 3 sets of everything, one for school, one for home and another to replace everything he loses at school!
    Add to that a bag, lunchbox and drink bottle that no doubt will be the wrong size, brand, colour once he sees what his friends have and I’ll be back to buy more!
    Please help…

  63. I think I need to go back on my own as we went with all 5 of us during the post Christmas sales when it was crazy busy and I now l need to go over what came home with us versus what was on the book lists for both Jai and Cheriese. This is all new to me as our schools in Adelaide provided all the stationary so I have never needed to go and buy it myself. There are so many items I know I missed, still trying to work out what ‘zip locked plastic sleeves’ are… and didn’t get anywhere near the lunch boxes and drink bottles so they are still on my list too :)

  64. Christine says:

    Uniform shirts and shorts for my son who is starting early learning. My daughters uniform is purchased from the school shop (expensive girls tunic!) but the boys can have any white shirt and short with the school badge sewn on…. and I see from your pic big W stock two packs of white shirts which is great. Also lunch box, drink bottle and new underwear….. I can’t believe my baby starts school in a week!!

  65. Gorgeous post Corrie. Love seeing the real stuff. I employed the services of my parents last year for book covering. After writing a post on FB about it one of my lovely readers told me about the book covers you can get from so this year I’m waiting to get the kids book sizes and then ordering the covers! A massive time saver.
    I hear you with the pep talk we have lots of those with our 2 big kids, I feel there eyes rolling at me through the back of my drivers seat but it does have to be done!
    And the hats, we are a 2 each family too same with sports socks!
    If I were to win one of your vouchers it would be used to purchase more drink bottles, you can never have too many, new undies for our preschooler, rulers (we seem to loose those like socks in the wash and definitely some more marking pens (love a good sharpie).
    All the best for your back to school week. I do wish we still had another 2 or 3 weeks left, I guess Easter will be here before we know it. Have a great day xx

  66. Back to school supplies for the kids and back to work supplies for me!

  67. With one heading to preschool this year and my eldest in year 1, I wl be looking for socks, shoes, lunch boxes and drink bottles plus a few pencils to keep them happy. All to keep them cool and well equipped for their big year ahead!!

  68. My eldest is starting preschool this year. We wouldn’t need much except a new lunchbox, drink bottle that won’t leak, school bag, sharpies and many many undies.

  69. With 4 school kids to buy for – our shopping list is VERY LONG! We have extensive book supplies & stationery lists and then there are the school shoes – two pairs per child, one formal and one for sports, uniforms, lunch boxes, drink bottles and new school bags to replace the worn out ones. Back to school costs are expensive for all families. Big W’s generosity will be very welcomed by any fortunate recipient. :)

  70. we don’t have a big W where we live, but travel to the closest one -about 900kms away- on a semi regular basis!! I love hunting for things for my 5 kids that are different from what’s available in our town. I can make $100 go a long way :)

  71. Well my daughter is 13 now so she goes to high school but I think it is much harder than primary school to get everything done in time. I think a stainless steel water bottle would be great, along with sport socks for lots of netball games at school and after school, and possibly new underwear and pens. Why do students always lose pens? I hope your all ready for your little ones to go back, just imagine how quiet it will be in your house Corrie.

  72. I’ll be needing two of everything so unorganised this year. Socks, undies, sports Skirt, library bag, paint shirt, pencils, ruler, book covers (hate contact) we don’t need school bags Santa saved us there. HELP!!

  73. Louise Baker says:

    I would love to win a voucher for my friend Christina to spend on her 3 children. It is her 57th birthday today and it is a double celebration as she has just had a clearance from the doctor for a serious health issue. She and her husband married later in life and decided they would spend their retirement fostering children. They have 3 children, 7, 6 and nearly 4 all at school this year, one with special needs. They are a wonderful, loving and inspiring family and I am sure Christina would love to spend this on her three treasures.

  74. Oh I love your keeping it real picture!!!! Phew, you all survived!!! Supermum!

    We’ve also got a large back to school list, with 3 not-so-little ones at school, and 1 wanting-to-go to school, I have to make sure he is included too! Our shopping list for back to school would definitely include drink bottles – with a spare, as my children are prone to losing them! As you said, mustn’t forget the good ol’ socks, lunch boxes, paper, tissues and a USB!
    My littlest guy gets a lunchbox and drink bottle too, for his trips to school when I help out in the big kids classrooms.

  75. Amazing you did all that shopping with the kids in tow. I have bought a few things that were on sale at Woolies but I still need to buy joggers for my Kindy girl. The older ones got hand me downs so that’s fine until they last. Uniforms were expensive this year so I would buy new ones for the two who have grown up. What else? Their school expects kids to come with baby wipes and tissues and paint smocks. It all adds up at the end of the day. Thanks Corrie.

  76. I work at a special school and love that I can still justify getting some back to school supplies – I’m after a drink bottle that is glass/aluminum that I can pop some essential oils into with my water, some cute stationary and markers, maybe even washi tape (if they sell it!) highlighters, post it notes, printer paper – all to help ease the transition from holiday mode to term 1.
    Looks like you had a successful outing!

  77. I will be buying lots of stationeries, socks and panties for my daughter. If I have some left over $$, I will buy lunch bag, lunch box and ice pack. And probably a bar of chocolate to relax with after all the shopping.

  78. Alicia Webster says:

    My husband just got unexpectedly fired on Monday, so I would buy food packs for our family of five. Some Big W’s don’t have very much food, but ours does. You can get big boxes of chip packets, big crates of juice poppers, and packages of cookies and crackers. i would use these to supplement my kids’ school lunches, since we don’t have any money coming in for the foreseeable future.

  79. With 4 going back to school at a new school we need drink bottles, lunch boxes and everything else!!

  80. Lorraine Lamb says:

    Backpacks! My boys need backpacks and being in Yr 6 and Yr 8 they need sturdy ones. @$48 each in Big W this voucher would be perfect and so very appreciated.

  81. Pens, pencils and papers!

  82. I love Big W but have been incredibly frustrated by not being able to find the school clothing that I needed (and was advertised!) at the 2 Big Ws closest to home so if I won I would be using this to buy green and white checked dresses for the littlest Miss who starts school Tuesday. My last baby, starting school..might need to also buy a jumbo box of tissues and some chocolate to get me through the first week LOL

  83. We need new drink bottles, navy blue tracksuit pants, pencils, pencil cases, lots of book for drawings, writing and some new books to read.

  84. Samantha Shilton says:

    i have my baby starting school this year and my eldest is in year 12. I would be buying shoes, socks, USBs and a scientific calculator. And if there is any money left I would get a label maker. Great prize retro mummy :)

  85. Jackie Rindfleish says:

    With 4 kids two at school and the other two both at preschool this year we would buy school bags , water bottles ,
    All stationary for the older two and contact for books paint smocks and socks it doesn’t matter how many we have the kids can never find any :-/ (kids look)

  86. I just finished buying all the back to school supplies today, so I’d buy hubby some greatly needed new work shorts and they’ve got some good ones in BIG W that I was checking out today.

  87. Jocks and socks for all. Kids have grown out of theirs, wife loves buying new underwear ‘just because’ and well apparently I’ve blown the backside out of mine!!

  88. Plants, I always look at them in Big W but never get around to buying any.
    Perhaps even a wading pool for the kids to cool down in when they get home from school, be a nice surprise for them and better than the buckets they’ve been using over the holidays/

  89. Phillip Cunningham says:

    A printer and spare printer ink as it’s going to get some heavy use this year.

  90. I need to do pep talks and I have a 9yr old and a 21 month old lol!
    I also love Big W and those fabulous staedtler pencils! My big girl needs the usual-white sock, sports knickers, those ‘special/fancy’ pencils, pens and erasers etc. I also need a stock pile of items at home for homework-rulers, pencils, textas, glue, sticky tape etc

  91. You survived the shopping trip!! The gift card would come in handy to buy lead pencils, erasers (they seem to disappear…often), lunch boxes, white shirts for our boys, drink bottles for all 3 kids, and white socks. Good luck for the first day back at school Corrie.

  92. Kristie Matt says:

    5 kids at school this year, two at home…….I’d buy:
    Socks (kids always need these), some extra school shorts so I have spares for winter, a coloring book for my toddler left at home, permanent markers for me and I think we could do with some new bedtime stories!!!!

  93. Kylie Harris says:

    every spare cent is being saved for two compulsory Ipads, so with this stationery, socks, jocks and shoes should keep away the blues

  94. I’ll have to get on the computer to answer this question… It’s pretty long lol

    MC xo

  95. Textas. It’s always Textas! My kids love drawing but when it comes to putting the lids back on them they seem to enter a brain fog and never do it. Buying Textas is therefore a regular occurrence.

  96. Jennifer B. says:

    Does the playground-encrusted washing EVER stop? Well, no…

    The supplies are done so it’s 10kg buckets of OMO POWDER for me!… One thing I then wouldn’t have to cart home for at least, roughly, one term!!!

  97. With 4 kids under 9, and the youngest starting this year I should have had everything done by now, but poor hubby ended up in surgery so I’ve been nursing him instead. Last minute run to Big W on Australia Day I think (school here in Qld starts on Tues 27th). Needing little shorties for under school dresses, socks, lunchboxes and bottles, and all the stationery you could imagine for 4 littlies in school including everything matching for the 7 year old twins! Thanks as always for informative posts Corrie :)

  98. We definitely need some Nude Food lunchboxes or something similar as our school as instigated a ‘no plastic wrap/aluminium foil/other rubbish’ policy and as my daughter in particular is very rule-abiding there’s no way I’d be allowed to send her with her ordinary lunchbox requiring wraps to keep her food fresh.

  99. My daughter grew like a weed last year so I need to buy more white skivvies and navy trackies, which luckily Big W has at a quarter of the price the uniform shop charges!

  100. My eldest starts kinder this year (sob sob), so yep school stuff is on my list! Socks, lunch boxes, drink bottles, stationary, you name it! Oh and maybe something little for mum (to help me cope with my little man growing up on me)!

  101. I would purchase some school supplies to send over to our church mission schools in the Solomon Islands. They have very little and need a lot of assistance.

  102. I would buy some more nappies because my little ones goes through them so quickly!

  103. Since I am starting teaching and my little one is starting school I’m predicting that we won’t stray far from the stationary section.

  104. Ebony Malcolm says:

    I would actually probably buy my 4 year old a special present as she is just about to start Kindy and something special for my 10 year old as he is now a big year 5 boy, it would be lovely to surprise them with a present just because :)

  105. You are so good to take them all out at once. I am struggling to take 2 out at the moment…. they are just ‘trouble’ together. I would buy printer inks with $100 at Big W. We finally convinced the school to provide the parents with the ‘supplies list’ prior to the end of school this year (first time ever), so I am pretty organised with the basics. But Mr 9.5 just LOVES to print ‘stuff’, so we are forever running out of ink. And it is so expensive!!

  106. I need to go back to teaching and kids are organised for a change, i need a new dymo label thingy, also i need pens, whiteboard markers, paper, folders, etc, for relief teaching plus chocolate and lollies as bribes for the children in my relief classes, stickers and small prizes as well/ That should be $100. Thanks for the chance.

  107. First thing I’d buy would definitely be a big day-a-page diary. We heavily encourage loads of extracurricular activities so I need a fool-proof way of remembering all the commitments!
    Then I’d head to the laundry aisle and invest in lots of washing powder and Preen to keep all their sports uniforms beautifully clean … for a few hours.
    Finally, I’d buy them all a book of their choice for “fun reading time” – by the end of school holidays they are usually ready for some new books.

    $100 sure goes a long way at Big W!

  108. Jude MIntyre says:

    I buy bits and bobs in Big W all through January as I pop in and out for all our family birthdays, 5 in January! So I’m good with stationery but we needs school socks, monkey bar knickers, hair ties, sandwich boxes, school bag…then I’ll have swimming lessons and camp fees! And I’m a teacher so I usually buy my class a pencil and a glow stick each. Ah, it never ends!

  109. Tracy Leverton says:

    With 3 children heading back to school and being a single mum a $100 gift card would go along way to help get there school supplies, lunch boxes, drink bottles and even the new socks and underwear needed.

  110. A new Iron, I do all of the ironing at home helping the wife and then a new ironing board, the best money could buy

  111. Samantha G says:

    I now have four of five kids at school, so my list includes more than thirty exercise books alone! Basically I’ll be buying the entire back to school section.

  112. kerri ballantyne says:

    I would buy socks for all 3 of my children, pens,hb pencils, pencil cases , school bags, sharpies, glue, white out , rulers, textas , pencilscoloured, shoes , shorts, and lots of assorted lunch box stuff , including snacks. Hoping I win , thanks Kerri.

  113. kerri ballantyne says:

    I would buy socks for all 3 of my children, pens,hb pencils, pencil cases , school bags, sharpies, glue, white out , rulers, textas , pencilscoloured, shoes , shorts, and lots of assorted lunch box stuff , including snacks. Hoping I win , thanks Kerri.

  114. well with two at high school and two now at uni, the stationary supplies list just seem to be getting longer every year. It seems folders and binder books are high on the list with whiteboards and planners a close second, boy oh boy these teens are expensive!!

  115. Kelly Rowe says:

    Stationary and socks. They are the two things that cost me a small fortune each school year. Losing pens and pencils I understand but socks… I must have spent hundreds of dollars on socks last year.

  116. Christine R says:

    Corrie, I headed straight to the catalogue and this is how I would spend $100:
    2pk Bostik glu stick $2.88, Marbig scissors .86, 3pk Staedtler erasers $2, Marbig sharpener $2, Papermate HB & 2B 5pk pencils $2, 3 x Marbig display books $7.50, Staedtler 24pk pencils $5, Faber Castell 20pk connector pens $4, wide brim hat $6, 2 x 2pk short sleeve shirts $16, Disney Frozen (of course!) shoes $30, Décor 10 piece lunch pack $16, Ditto plush pencil case $3 & a Sharpie $1.97.
    Grand Total $99.21.

  117. Katrina Tait says:

    We could really do with a new printer, the current one ignores the new ink and only enjoys printing things out in pink, which just won’t do!

  118. Love your shopping tips, Corrie. I’m certain that on the day Big W opened in my town, I was the first one in there. I sometimes think I’m still one of their most regular, reliable and biggest shoppers and some of the girls working there know me now! Oh dear. Just love a big shop there where I do an entire lap, stock up on anything getting low, update the present cupboard and maybe a treat or two. This week it’s new school socks for four girls, stationery for pencil cases, student diaries, toiletries for teenagers and black Stubbies skorts for school. All the best for back to school, everyone!

  119. School shoes and socks, my daughter’s school requires certain shoes and her foot keeps growing so I know I will need more again soon, it’s always so costly.

  120. My little girl starts preschool next week for the first time. She is so excited and has informed me that you have to wear dresses to preschool not shorts :)
    So I will be doing a trip to Big W to buy preschool dresses and bike shorts! Can’t believe she is big enough for preschool!
    I will also be sending my big boy back to uni this year, his second year of a science degree! And being a teacher I am back next week as well. Busy times ahead!
    Thank goodness I still have my little 2 year old man to keep me company when I’m not working!

  121. Ariel Riley says:

    Would love to rush into Big W and buy the kids a whole new wardrobe and accessories for school.

  122. Julia Mason says:

    We would be buying some awesome practical items like School Shorts, Skirts, socks and undies, and we’ll probably chuck in some glitter pens as well!

  123. My little girl is starting pre-primary this year, so if we are lucky enough to win, we will be buying some craft essentials for the fun after school play, seeing as we have already purchased our school list through the school supplier. Oh, and hair ties and clips…they always seem to vanish.

  124. OzKnitter says:

    Socks, undies, drink bottles, lunch boxes, lots of stationery and maybe a Lego MiniFigure or two for bribery purposes!

  125. I cant wait for my little man to start school. Little black shoes and polo shirts, i love it! But as he is a little older than Lawson i have a while to go lol

  126. My eldest is starting kindergarten (sob sob sob) this year, and my middle starting 3 year old preschool so I could definitely make short work of the voucher. All of the kinds of things you mentioned, plus lollies and chocolates for me (to help me through this emotional time plus the last 14 weeks of my Masters in EC Education) and my youngest turns 1 on the 29th of Jan so some special bits and pieces for him too. Oh and my darling husband could do with some new hi vis work shirts – gosh I love Big W, something for everyone!

  127. My Sun Michael go to school on Jan 30 I hope be good to win a school

  128. that’s an easy one school shoes and as I have already bought the kids school supplies from big w the remainder would go to “school” supplies for me as I return to the world of study :)

  129. Sooo i have some little people starting Year 2 & Kinder & my twins starting Pre-school this week and i may have not done a thing ??? Whoops! But i love Big W, know that i can rush in there & not have to worry about visiting any other shops …. I think i was organised one upon a time !

  130. Kristy Petersen says:

    I would buy school shoes, and all the book pack things like pencils, highlighters, workbooks etc for my 3 kids.
    Thanks for the opportunity :)

  131. I’ll buy a stack of hats, so as my precious boy throws them into the black hole of anything-not-nailed-down I’d always have a back up hat. Hopefully he’d eventually think the hats were magically returning and give up on throwing them out… And maybe wear them instead!

  132. jody buhagiar says:

    Big W is my go to shop. Lots of bargains and can get everything for back to school!

    List I need, Pens, pencils, glue, note books, ruler, erasers, lunch box, drink container, shoes, sucks and undies!! There is another list which i always find at Big W and its, everything!! Starting to panic for back to school!!

  133. Sharon Williams says:

    Gosh where to start! a dymo label maker is on top of my list, backpack water bottles and a couple spare hats! Color pencils crayons and some undies!

  134. A backpack, all the stationery to last all year and clothes and shoes too. This would be so helpful. thanks so very much

  135. If I won the $100 gift card I would be purchasing a Good novel and a foot spa!
    We purchase all our stationary through the school when we pay school fees but have forked out for more uniform again.
    I think a little reward after surviving the school holidays is in order :)

  136. My kid is 7 year old every year starting and we are waiting for back to school sale it’s really too good and very nice sale everything you buy in cheap price at one place when i saw the cute eraser and sharpner like bugs iam crazy like my son abd i want to buy this and this….it’s nice shopping with BigW

  137. I would be buying some shoes, socks, bag and lunch box items for my schooler. Not to dorget to mention stationary needs :)

    For my daycare almost kindy would be more jocks and some shorts/pants for accidents

    Wow didnt realise how much we actually need LOL

  138. My eldest babe is starting prep in 6 sleeps!! I am one anxious mumma and this post has helped immensely with thinking of what to buy, I didnt even think of supplies for the home, and a second school hat or maybe even a third is definitely a must! I would also grab and spare pair of school shoes, loads more socks and I love the hot air balloon stationary sets.

  139. Christina says:

    As a mum of six myself & even with preperation & a shopping list there are always those last minute things the school asks for once the kids head back. Plus that kid that always puts stains or holes in their cloths first week back. The one that scraps the hell out of their new school shoes. Or the missing lunchboxes & water bottles. Always happens & drives one crazy! So if we won a $100 gift card it would go on the last minute, unexpected shopping that always comes up. THANK YOU!

  140. 4/5s of our family will be at school this year! Two biggest and a new Preppie! Yeah! And a teacher mum returning to her own classroom after 5 years! We will need a trolley full of stationery, preg colour coordinated so I know who belongs to what! Thank you

  141. Brenda kapsley says:

    the scientific calculator that’s on the school list as well as birthday stuff as first day back to school is daughters birthday

  142. Not too much this year, just: 3 red shirts (size 8), 2 red shirts (size 4), 2 navy skorts (size 4), 7 pairs of white socks (suit 4 yo), 7 pairs of navy socks (suit 8 yo), 1 art smock, 1 red and white check school dress (size 4), 1 red and navy bomber jacket (size 10), 1 insulated lunchbox. Thankfully the school bags, shoes and stationary is already taken care of!

  143. I also adore big w for my everyday needs. I’m already pretty set for my big girl to start her schooling life. In saying this, there’s never enough knickers, pants, shorts, singlets, drink bottles, nude food containers and so on to get us by. Not to mention some knickers for my little one at child care. Thank you!

  144. School shoes and school clothes!

  145. AGHHH! School starts in 4 sleeps?
    What have I been doing for 6 weeks??
    Urmmm, polo shirts, shorts, socks, maybe some new shoes..
    I should probably check if the old ones still fit…
    Where are the kids anyway?

  146. For my lil miss preschooler, I’ll be buying cute lunch boxes, hair accessories, school bag, stickers and lots of undies.

  147. tizzerina says:

    With $100 I could get everything I need with a couple dollars spare :)
    My list would include;
    Mambo medium backpack, $30
    Olympic 4 pack notebooks, $3
    Ditto plush pencil case, $3
    Scissors, ruler, eraser, $4.86
    Highlighters pk 4 $4
    Book covers $5
    Epson ink jet printer, $48

    Back to school is easy with BIG W :)

  148. wow…$100 at Big W
    my list would include new shoes for both my 9 and 7 year olds, aswell as Socks and undies/knickers.Oh id love for them to have new pencils and pens, books and other stationary items aswell.
    To have $100 to spend on school supplies would be amazing

    With me a full time carer for my husband (Younger Onset Dementia) life can get a bit tough sometimes!

    Thanks for the consideration and running this amazing opportunity

  149. oh wow, where to start! Big w has always been my go to place! My son in high school’s list is fairly simple – a lunch box that is not embarrassing! As for my 8 year old princess I have a list a page long!! From smelly pens, to cupcake erasers, to boyleg knickers, a new pencil case and one can’t forget the new pink drink bottle! And that’s just the list of wants, the need to haves are all on my list!

  150. Tanya Clarke says:

    It will be my son’s first year of kindergarten this year. He starts early February. If I won a $100 Big W voucher, we’ll be spending it on a backpack, lunch box, drink bottle, hat and some undies (because we still aren’t toilet trained). :/

  151. big w is my go to place for everything. I run family day care, homeschool one child and send two to school. But I am a bit of a stationery and art supply nerd. So either of those or printer ink.

  152. Well I was hoping to be completely organized but like many mums, things come up… Like the face that I washed my 3 kids, yr 4 yr 3 and yr 1 this year, school clothes at the end of last year and put them up in a safe spot… Only problem is the safe spot is so good not even I can rmemeber where is it lol. So now I have to buy all brand new school clothes (and like you I refuse to shop anywhere other that big w) but my kids school has logos on their uniform so I have to buy them from the school shop, so at the moment I’ve had to buy them only the bare minimal in school supplies And not extras like they will definitely need for during the year and for their homework like I always do. I also want to get my 3yr old some of their (big w) cheap clothing for preschool.

  153. Marcia Coventry says:

    While we were picking up our school supplies our resident artist really, really wanted the entire range of Sharpie markers. Which is huge! She loves the Sharpie art on Pinterest. Her wish could come true!

  154. Melanie Moran says:

    I love the school socks Big W range with the size printed on the bottom. Helps me sort them easily and no sock arguments every single morning! My son is eyeing off a Mambo stainless steel drink bottle, and like you, I like them for no Nasties! My daughters will accept anything pink, purple and with unicorns or hearts on them! We also need the “Big W Choir Books as the KMart ones break”. (display folders) According to my eldest daughter, she “refuses another KMart one”, even though it is $1 cheaper, as the Accountant blood in her argues that it’s not a saving if she needs to replace them 3 times a year! How can I argue with that? Then that just leaves new back packs, which Big W have a huge stock of, and some Smash lunch box insulators that perfectly fit our Tupperware lunch boxes that I am determined will “last a lifetime”!! Finally, I’ll need a good book and a box of Lindt balls to relax with when they all finally go back to school!!!

  155. It seems my girls are in constant need of hair ties (where do they all go?). Socks for all 3 kids, who love to wear their pristine white socks around on the grass outside. I secretly want a Dymo labeller for myself. With my first child starting high school this year, everyone’s needs are a little different. We’re talking durable for the 6 year old boy, and stylish for the 12 year old girl, with the 10 year old feigning boredom. Love back to school shopping!

  156. Olivia Oh says:

    Texter stamps. Use to love them stamping little pictures when I was at school

  157. blakester says:

    I would buy my wife bath salts, chocolates, nailpolish, makeup, and some beautiful perfume!! I was away during school holidays and she did all the hard work! She deserves a pampering :)

  158. Great giveaway!

    I love Big W and I LOVE stationery……I have one starting Yr 1 and one starting Pre-School. I would buy stainless steel drink bottles (was eyeing off the ones you had bought), netball knickers (those monkey bars!), LOTS of stationery and extra glue sticks….glue sticks are a big hit in my house! I would also buy socks, more socks and rain jackets!! Oh I could go on…..but you get the idea. $100 would go a long way at Big W!

  159. Rosslyn Tadd says:

    As a single mother of three without a job this year is a tight one. My three ( 17, 15, 8) are starting new schools just as we move house, so I’m in a disaster. I’m wanting to buy stainless steel drink bottles for them all as our recycled one’s are stained by our dirty rain water.

  160. Kerrie Watts says:

    I have just stumbled across your site and wow you are just so generous offering these vouchers… Big W is good for pretty much all year round shopping with a large family. We are a family of 8, 5 of the 6 children are in school and it does get rather expensive even trying to do it the cheapest way in the sales.
    Socks, stationary school bags shoes sunscreen and all items on my 5 school aged children come in at just under $550.

  161. I love your real mum moment at the end of the post! Baby number 4 is due here in about 8 weeks. As well as a few back to school items that are not needed until my eldest is settled in her new class, I would be stocking up on newborn nappies and wipes.

  162. the kids so need new lunch boxes, cooler blocks and drink containers so this would be my first go to

  163. PETA coleman says:

    I would be stocking up on stationary for throughout the year you can never have enough lead pencils:)

  164. fiona arthur says:

    Id stock up on new water bottles and lunch boxes.they need socks and fingers crossed they would have the blue shorts we need!

  165. Toni Underwood says:

    $100 would go sooooo far in Big W…..and let’s be honest, how often can you say that? I would update our poor, well used drink bottles (to BPA free), finally let the girls have free rein on licensed lunch boxes and definitely throw in a spare hat or two so as to avoid being on a first name basis AGAIN with the uniform convenor at the kids school.

  166. $100 would go very quickly here. Moving and a new school means not only new uniforms but different coloured socks and hair ties.

  167. After 10 years I’m heading back to Uni!!! A printer is essential. So if I win I’ll be stocking up on ink!!

  168. Recently become single mum of 4 (one in high school and others in primary school), moved house and will be moving again into our own newly built house in a month, everything is still packed so I will be buying everything including bags shoes and all new uniforms due to starting new school. I dread the back to school shop due to the cost but love it when im there picking it all out and my little monkeys always sneak things in … im think a labeler would be great this year.. on top of this fridge broke and washing machine keeps flooding the laundry, working full time as a nurse means little time to go shopping but bigw is a awesome one stop shop for everything with great low prices!!!

  169. As a newly single Mum, $100 would buy my 2 at primary and my new high schooler school shoes! Love the range at BigW and having to get sports shoes and formal shoes this would help immensely.

  170. Larissa Davis says:

    I work in a secondary school, I’m always a being asked if I have a spare pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, blu tac, glue, stapler if you can think of it the students always need it. I always try and keep well stocked as I hate to see anyone miss out because they don’t have the right supplies. I make sure my own children have plenty of spares too.

  171. lara brown says:

    With our growing family we seem to go through stationery like no tomorrow A big W voucher would be welcomed..We are also in great need of a colour printer as my eldest is off to high school and i know he is going to need it for projects.

  172. With my eldest in year 12 and my youngest in year 10 it’s a very expensive year! I love the stainless steel drink bottles and definately need plenty of stationery, especially sticky notes, highlighters, paper and definately printer ink!

  173. I’d love a new kettle and toaster…..mine are a little worse for wear.

  174. Reading everyone else’s lists reminds me of how much I need to buy before school goes back for my kindy and preschooler. Whilst our school buys stationary out of the kids school fees both kids need shoes, drink bottles, lunch boxes, socks snd undies. My daughter also needs hair supplies as her hair has finally reached the length of needing to be tied up. With a broken washing machine to replace this week as well, this prize would be highly valued.

  175. I would buy a meal planner pad, storage containers, a whiteboard, a pin board, sharpies and drawing pins, a few inspirational new time efficient recipe books to ensure that I am as organised as possible with breakfasts lunches and dinners.

  176. Catherine says:

    Stationary never have enough and always run out.

  177. I like to win for my kids

  178. Casey pitman says:

    Family of 3 children this will definitely come in handy if I won the kids are always going through shoes like nothing so this will be a major necessity as well as other uniform requirements like socks and shirts and skirts I have most of the stationary requirements the Only thing I need to get is text books which need to be purchased through school.

  179. Stacey Shailer says:

    New shoes for my fast growing kids and their giant feet! And hopefully there is enough left over to treat myself to some new bed sheets, as my current set is rather worn and holey!

  180. I still need to get sun smart gear e.g. sunscreen, hats, rash shirts – fingers crossed for the win!

  181. Sarah Boyle says:

    Loved your ending that you shopped under normal mum conditions!
    I’d love to win this voucher and buy my two oldest (going into year 1 and 3) some new school shoes, and stationary for the homework table!

  182. Oh my little darlings start school again in exactly one week! I’ve loved the relaxed time at home these holidays and not really looking forward to the rushing about again! Thanks for the opportunity to win the Big W voucher Corrie, it’d definitely come in handy for my last minute dash to buy underwear, homework supplies such as pencils, erasers, exercise books, rulers, textas and also new drink bottles & cooler packs for the lunch boxes! Thanks again Corrie! X

  183. Crystal Donohue says:

    I would be able to get all of the cute essentials to keep me motivated starting college with different stationery to fill my new office space up! Item possibilities I could purchase are endless such as notebooks, erasers, binders, pens, highlighters, a pencil case and pencils to name a few required to complete my diploma in beauty therapy!

  184. Narelle Rock says:

    I would be purchasing the kids a couple of pairs of decent shoes to get them through the next year of school, a pair for summer and a pair for the winter months.

  185. Rachel Armstrong says:

    So much still to get and so little time! Shoes, runners, socks, pencils, textas, sharpeners, erasers, exercise books, hair elastics, glue sticks, tissues etc etc. Oh and refill labels for the Dymo label maker (that I bought last year at Big W). That little machine had been a Godsend!

  186. The school clothing is ready for my almost grade 3 daughter as is most of the stationery. Although the pencil sharpeners always seem to disappear. So if we were lucky enough to win a $100 Big W voucher, we’d better get a couple of those. And those stainless steel drink bottles look ideal. And soon her Dora bike helmet is going to be too small, so a new helmet too.

  187. Elizabeth says:

    There’s quite a lot on my Big W shopping list,
    and to be sure there’s nothing missed,
    here I’ll write the things the family require,
    (and also a couple of things I desire!):
    school supplies for the young ones,
    and snacks for school – ordered in tonnes.
    And I can’t forget my husband too,
    underwear and socks x 2.
    Lastly for me, some makeup and skincare,
    and perhaps something new to wear!

  188. Back to School is not only relevant for the kids but also me. I volunteer two days a week at my children’s small school were parent participation is minimal. I’ll be busy helping with reading, testing sight words and general aide in the class. With reading comes stickers – so I’d buy up big as the kids get a thrill from receiving them. And boxes of tissues, you can never have enough. The sniffing kids drive me barmy – so a huge supply of tissues are in order. I’d also gets tubes of Paw Paw cream. The kids often come to me with itchy mozzie bites or sore lips. A little paw paw cream always does the trick.

  189. Kasey Evans says:

    I’d be using it to stock up on supplies for next year as they have great bargins on at the moment as the money I save can go towards other necessities.

  190. Charmaine Campbell says:

    I have already completed my back to school shopping (hope I didn’t forget anything), but have big ideas for one of these vouchers. I need to buy myself a bicycle helmet and a bike, so I can get fit and ride it to school to pick the kids up ( I have walking issues with my feet and legs). Also some DVDs to watch while I catch up on 6 months of ironing are desperately needed so I don’t resort to watching Frozen by myself while the kids are at school!

  191. I thought I was so organised this year, but now that I’ve laid everything out I notice some glaring omissions – lunchboxes (chucked out smelly ripped old ones), staples (we have two perfectly good staplers that are currently useless), and socks (where did they all go?) So I know exactly what I’d be spending my $100 Big W voucher on.

  192. Lara (and Ava) Daebritz says:

    A friend (who is as big a bargain hunter as me) told me tpday that Big W have now reduced all their swimwear and summer nightwear so I’d stock up on these for Miss Eight for next summer. Also, I may just happen to accidentally pass by the chocolate aisle on the way to the checkout and one of those extra large Toblerones may just happen to fall into my trolley…

  193. With 3 boys starting back – one in year 11, one in year 9 and one in year 4 – school supplies are in hot demand! We spent 3 weeks in hospital after school break up & Christmas & New Year with, my going into year 9 boy – so we are definitely not organised! Haven’t even glanced at the book list yet!! Better get a move All things stationary, and lots of socks are on my list!

  194. I would get a pair of Emerson child leather shoes, a pair of Emerson Junior Infants tab joggers, some Stubbies cargo shorts, a spray jacket, a wide brim hat, a 2 pack of white short sleeve shirts, a Mambo small backpack, a Décor 10 piece lunch pack, Staedtler pencils (24 pack), Faber Castell Connector pens (20 pack), a Westcott ruler, a Marbig display book, Some Olympic exercise books, Stabilo highlighters (4 pack), Paper Mate pencils (5 pack), a Sharpie laundry marker, and some gluesticks.

  195. I would buy school socks as BigW is the only place that sells the ones my girls love to wear!!

  196. Leanne Westerling says:

    My nearly 7 year old has had a massive growth spurt, so on top of all the standard school supplies, I need to stock up on underwear, socks and new school shoes.

  197. Renee Ballantyne says:

    a desk and work station for my kids to sit and do their homework on

  198. WE are totally in love with Big W as we have moved closer to the bigger one here. I will be overhauling the old lunchboxes socks and stationery for my two girls who are now chugging along in primary at 8 and 10 respectively. Big W is fantastic for all the school needs as well as the needs for netball and swimming activities. I would love to win and restock up the girls necessities for the year .

  199. With an 11 and 13 year old in the house both having growth spurts new socks and underwear are on the cards. Also a couple of new lunch boxes would be nice :-)

  200. Michelle hardy says:

    New lunchboxes and socks are top of the list. Then lots of lovely stationary

  201. I would be buying some new shoes because no doubt they will need them within a couple of months!

  202. Jill Walton says:

    I have already bought the mountain of stationary from the school book lists so I will spend the $100 on a PS4 game & finally get my turn on the PlayStation when the kids are at school!

  203. bree witherspoon says:

    books, pens rulers and glue
    shoes socks and a drink bottle to
    back to school is a costly affair
    Retro mummy help me prepare

  204. Vanessa Dwyer says:

    I thought I was organised, but my daughter doesn’t know what supplies she needs for her new electives.
    I’m guessing I will be needing to buy music books, art supplies, and visual diaries, as art and music are the electives, but we won’t know until school is back on Friday.

  205. Patricia reynolds says:

    Defiantly the last minute school supplies and loads of contact to cover all 5 kids school books. And there might just be a quick dash down the chocolate isle. That may come in handy while covering them!

  206. Lisa Daulby says:

    I’m going to buy myself a book to read whilst being induced with baby number 5 due in a few weeks, and some pamper treats for myself for afterwards. I need some baby essentials too and some crafty bits for miss 9 oh and a large bar of chocolate before the big diet post baby :)

  207. Karla Oleinikoff says:

    With 3 kids in Primary and 1 in High School, I can never seem to get on top of all the lunch boxes, containers, water bottles and freezer blocks needed to keep 4 kids fed and hydrated for the 6 hours that they are at school. And socks! I have no idea how they go through so many pairs! A gift voucher would be heaven for this frazzled mum!

  208. After 6 weeks of school holidays, I was be buying FREEDOM to sit down and finish an entire cup of coffee!

  209. Hi Corrie,

    Big W is my go to store for so many things.

    If I won a voucher I would stock up on craft/art supplies for my children, buy more drink bottles (they often go missing), and school shoes because my children’s feet are growing fast at the moment and Big W school shoes wear just as well as Clarks I have found.


  210. With $100 at Big W I could buy lots of new undies for my toilet trained girl, just in time for kinder! And some sturdy shorts and shoes for her brother. And maybe a new dress for mummy

  211. School clothes tend to get lost around the house and sometimes we have bad washing weeks so I’d buy more school clothes and make sure we have at least four shirts, jumpers and bottoms each!

  212. Angela Johnson says:

    All manner of goodies would I buy…pens, pencils, books, notepads, rulers, erasers…Ohh what fun will be had shopping at Big W..

  213. Id shop up it will be a treat, socks and shoes and undies too a lunch box water bottle and backpack, a uniform to seal the deal. One special treat just for mum some paracetamol to get mum through schools first day

  214. Fashionista says:

    Ah Retromummy, my baby starts year 11 next week so she is pretty much self sufficient when it comes to school supplies but I don remember the list and negotiations for primary school! Miss16 had her school books back in November (ordered online and delivered to our door, I love the internet) because they needed them to start their year 11 course work. We did do an Officeworks raid for a couple of dozen A4 notebooks after she had researched online that they were the cheapest (told you I love the internet).

    All the very best for the start of your school year.

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