5 months

I love how I had this great idea that I’d do monthly photos of my sweet little baby and I think I did birth, 1st month and now 5th month. Oh well. Life is busy, everyone is at home while we are on holidays and this little guy is teething and growing at record speed. I know I have big babies but he really is putting on the pounds. And his thighs. Cutest things ever.

I took this while he was napping on my lap one night. Just with my phone but it is really one of my favourite pics of our sweet little baby boy. And I hope you appreciate the banana bread mixture on my dress from our earlier baking session. He’ll probably be walking the next time I put an update on the blog.


  1. Christine says:

    Adorable, Corrie! Look forward to the next photo whenever that may be ☺️
    Hope you are enjoying the holidays with the children.

  2. Corrie he’s absolutely beautiful. I had 3 big bubs too our first being 4.6kg (10lb 2oz) .
    With little Lawson being number 6 I think you are doing a tremendous job with his updates. I haven’t finished our number 3’s baby book and she’s almost 4!
    As I sit here typing this I’m in my kitchen apron, we’ve had a big baking day here today, one of the kidlets wanted biscuits, the other Jelly cakes and I wanted to test a new cake recipe. Needless to say I very much appreciate the banana bread mixture on your dress.
    Have a beautiful week. Xx

  3. He’s so scrummy! Lately I keep thinking how nice it would be to have a tiny baby again and photos like this just encourage me!

  4. Oh my goodness he is just so gorgeous

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