easy + fun rudolph biscuits for Christmas

With the school holidays here and all the little ones now finished preschool and school we have some time on our hands. We try to keep the tv watching to a minimum, try being the key word here but with everything that has been going on we definitely had the news and main stations off all day and night yesterday. So we got a few ingredients together and had a go at these rudolph biscuits. I’ve seen them done before in a magazine somewhere and thought they looked cute. But then I saw a big platter of them made for the preschool concert and the kids were mesmerised by them especially my little guy.

So we had a go at them with milk arrowroots and they are lots of fun, make a huge mess and are worth the effort. Here we go.

What you’ll need

1 packet of milk arrowroots

1 bag big marshmallows (we’re just using the white ones so you can enjoy the pink ones)

red m&m’s or smarties

200g block milk cooking chocolate

bag of pretzels

bag of mini dots or a black icing pen

How to make

Gather everything together and have a few bowls and plates for the kids to sort out the white marshmallows, red m&ms and break pretzels in half. This is lots of fun and a great thing for the kids to do. Go and make a cup of coffee or tea……you’ll need it!

Half the marshmallows and place on a plate/bowl. Now we did start using mini marshmallows for the eyes but it was getting so messy that we stuck to the choc dots and they looked so much better. You can do little marshmallows cut in half for the eyes with a dot of black or chocolate icing in the centre.

Now melt the chocolate in a bowl. I do mine for about 2 1/2 minutes on medium in the microwave, stirring a few times.

Dip the underside of the milk arrowroot into the chocolate so that you cover the entire side. Let the excess chocolate drip off.

Now lay on a plate that you’ll use for working on and not presentation/serving. Place the pretzel ears on as reindeer antlers.

2 dots or mini marshmallow halves as eyes, a big marshmallow half as the nose and then dip one side of the m&m or smartie in the chocolate and press onto the marshmallow for the rudolph nose.

Transfer to a plate for serving and then repeat. I found it easy to do the first two and then pass it over to the kids….this is where they stop eating the pretzels and marshmallows and get stuck in.

Once you’ve made them all up just pop them in the fridge until you need them.

Then enjoy! Great for playdates or keeping the kids busy!

and here is the aftermath!



  1. these do look fantastic! we had a lady do a plate of them for our playgroup Christmas party, she used nutella instead of chocolate, strawberry & cream lollies for the nose and two tiny teddys for the ears

  2. Too cute Corrie! Our kidlets will love these. Might just have to get Zadada onto it next week (he’s in hols I’m not

  3. My girls would love making these! I have all the ingredients in the cupboard to make them too! :)

  4. I am still feeling exhausted after our big move so have been looking for a nice quick and easy craft/bake idea – this will be perfect for later this week, thanks Corrie :)

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