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I don’t have much to write about as everything was just going along normally until I heard about the siege yesterday morning. And I followed it all day, and night, then woke up about 3ish to check my phone and woke up again so heavy hearted to watch the morning tv before any of the kids woke up. It’s just so heartbreaking and for Sydneysiders it’s just so close to home. I used to work in Martin Place, always so busy but always so safe. We all have friends and family working in the city. Never could we have imagined that this could happen. And who hasn’t been to the Lindt cafe. We were there a week ago when I did the post about our day out. Who could have imagined the horror that could have happened.

And then you see the faces of the innocent  people who lost their lives and their bravery. You just know that they lost their lives because they weren’t going to leave others behind. So selfless. You hear about their loved ones and the children (I can’t stop thinking about the impact on them). The people who escaped and the sheer terror that they have endured. It just makes everything in my little world seem so trivial. We have the news, computer and radio all off today to protect the little ones. If we find it hard to understand as adults then it’s even harder for little children and my thoughts again turn to the three young children who lost their mother too soon.

So I’ll be saying some prayers tonight, reading the Archbishop’s homily again and holding all those people affected in my heart as I go to sleep. And I know I’m not alone.


  1. Beautiful words. sad day indeed.

  2. Thank you, Corrie for sharing the Archbishops homily with us. That means a lot to me and, I am sure, many of us who follow your blog. May God bless you and your family.

  3. My condolences for the families. I truly understandand this sad feeling, we lived here the horrible terrorists bomb trains in Madrid march 11 2004… and its very painful ro see people suffering this kind of nonsense acts. Courage. Best wishes from Spain

  4. Just sad and so devastating for everyone. V x

  5. Very sad & scary for all involved. It just isn’t something you would ever have expected to happen here. I was watching the news early yesterday when my daughter walked into the room. It was her 12th birthday & she started the day seeing some of the news before I noticed her. What made it scarier for her was that about a week before she had been in the Lindt cafe with my husband buying me some chocolates on their way to see me in the hospital near Martin place & she recognised the area when she saw it. My thoughts & prayers are with all those touched by this tragedy

  6. Julie Grill says:

    I am feeling exactly the same Corrie and finding it difficult to get on with Christmas shopping, cooking etc. Can’t stop thinking about the two beautiful young people, who lost their lives and their families left behind to grieve, especially the three little children now left without their precious mother. Thank you so much for attaching the Archbishop’s homily, which I have just printed for my husband and myself to read. The one positive is looking at all those beautiful flowers and realising how much the people of Australia do care and that ‘mateship’ is still alive and well. Take care and best wishes for a lovely Christmas with your beautiful family.

  7. It’s exactly what you said…just so sad! I too was compelled to watch & follow it all unfold. My closest & dearest friend in the world was in lockdown in Martin Place & had only just been to the Lindt cafe 21mins before. Last night as 38 yr old Mother, I made treats for my kids to to take to school for their class parties today & wrapped gifts. The whole time thinking of another 38yr old woman who’s life had been so tragically taken. Her poor children now live without her…Such incredible sadness.

  8. Corrie,
    I wanted to check in on you. Hold your family and faith close.

  9. Both my husband and myself were extremely affected by this very sad incident. Our heart’s broken for those whom we don’t know but whose lives have been affected for ever…..

  10. Very sad and as a mother my heart aches for those three little ones who lost their mother. What a selfless act by the manager and gone too soon as well.

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