The most thoughtful gift you’ve received as a new mum + a giveaway

Brought to you by Virgin Money


Well it’s been nearly 4 months since the latest addition to our family arrived. And I still can’t believe it! Babies really are the best.

And today I’m asking you what is the most thoughtful gift you’ve received when you had a baby. Or perhaps that you’ve given! Yep that’s what I’m asking today. I’ve received so many lovely gifts over the years I wouldn’t know where to begin. And before anyone tells me that the baby is the best gift, yes! Babies are the best gift. That’s a given. That’s why we have 6 and I’ll be working on number 7. So let’s get that out of the way. Babies are the best gift and people love to give you presents when you have a baby because people love babies. Look at that soft little newborn hair………

And so  I’m going to share a funny story…….when we had our first baby I was totally surprised with a georg jensen necklace and pendant. It was perfect and I still wear it now. We had just bought our first house so it was definitely not expected. The twins came along and I came home to a cream Kitchen Aid which I love! And the colour is perfect. Fourth baby and I got a nappy bag. Yep a nappy bag but it was a fancy one and is still going strong and been used for 3 babies so was a good investment. I’ve also taught the kids not to drag it on the ground like a school bag when we walk out to the car.

Fifth baby and the present was the baby. Yep that’s what retro daddy told everyone. No present for the 5th because the baby really is the gift. And then we totally surprised everyone with a 6th baby! So I bought myself a pram as the present. That’s right. Bought it myself, found the best price online and have a lovely red and black little pram and sheepskin liner because just because you’re the 6th baby doesn’t mean you can’t have a new pram.

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This special offer is the first of its kind in Australia and I have to say that when you have a baby you do start to run through the ‘what ifs’ if something were to happen to you. The coverage is free, no obligation, you just need to complete 5 prequalifying questions. Further details can be seen at the bottom of this post and here. The offer ends 31 December 2014 so don’t miss out. You can read FAQs on the policy here.


Now for a fun giveaway this Christmas, I have 2 TV’s to giveaway on the blog. All you need to do is let me know in 25 words or less what was the most thoughtful gift you received as a new parent. 

{Full terms of my giveaways can be found here, entries close this Friday 31st December 2014, the prize is a 16 inch Kogan LED TV with personal recording so that you can record shows, 12 month warranty, valued at $100. Two winners will be chosen}


Further details on the New Parent Life Cover

Free cover of $50,000 for Australian residents with dependent newborns up to 12-months of age at time of application

Free coverage provided without obligation
The policy is available for one parent per eligible child
Coverage is approved upon applicants successfully completing five prequalifying questions.
Coverage exclusion for pre-existing medical conditions, suicide, HIV related illness, genetic illness, dangerous occupations & pastime, criminal activities and drug and alcohol related illness
Coverage expires 12-months after approval



  1. My most thoughtful gift I got when I was pregnant with my first it was also my 21st birthday. My parents bought me a dryer. Which has very much helped out with all my babies

  2. The most thoughtful gift I received as a new mum was a freezer full of meals from my friends! It got us through the early weeks with healthy nourishing meals so we didn’t have to worry about big shopping trips or cooking. All we wanted to do was soak up our new baby and figure out the whole parenting gig! <3

  3. When my first baby was born a friend had her name embroidered on a gorgeous towel. Almost eleven years later she still uses it and we both love it.

  4. The most thoughtful gift that I received was my very first dishwasher from my parents. Very useful!!

  5. The most thoughtful gift when our son was born was some meals and groceries. Nothing major but gee whiz it sure helped.

  6. The most thoughtful gift I received for each of my three children was my mother coming to stay with me for the first month of the babies lives. What a godsend as I had all sorts of trouble breastfeeding and my babies all lost lots of weight ( and there wasn’t much sleep!)

  7. The most thoughtful gift I received for my children are collectable coin with the baby’s Chinese zodiac sign, that will also appreciate in value. The generous person is my late FIL’s friend from university (now in his 80s). My FIL passed away even before I met my husband, and I have never met this family friend as he lives in a different city. It touches me deeply, that after all these years his love and friendship to family carry on long after my FIL’s passing. I love old fashioned values.

  8. A dishwasher !! My husband was in the Navy and had to leave shortly after the baby was born for 4 months … we were so blessed that he could take leave and be there for the arrival :) I may have told him I wouldn’t let anyone out till I had a dishwasher in my kitchen …!! Now we are civilians and our beautiful house doesn’t have the fittings for that very dishwasher so it sits in the garage and waits while we save up for our dream kitchen – with a lovely spot for it !!

  9. Our Stokke nursery furniture from mum. The crib was narrow enough to be wheeled from room to room and the change table was really tall!

  10. That is a great offer from Virgin Money! Especially for mums who don’t want to use their super to pay for Life Insurance. The most thoughtful gift I received as a mum…well 3 months before I had Esther I got my eternity ring, then after Magdalene was born I invested into a il tuttu nappy bag and with Phoebe…nothing in particular because she was born 2 days after my 30th but maybe we can change that this Christmas? :)

  11. My most thoughtful gift was my Mum flying over from Ireland for the first 6 weeks after we had our little girl. I will be forever thankful for the support.

  12. I literally signed up for the virgin cover yesterday. Its such a great idea.

  13. After our 3rd baby’s birth, families from church delivered meals on a daily basis for two weeks. Never having support before, this was heaven-sent!!

  14. We have been very blessed with lovely gifts when all four of our children were born. Many of which have been so practical like my Phil and Ted double pram which is still going strong (and looking remarkably good!) after 7 years from my wonderful parents in law. I think my favourite gift however, was from two sweet girlfriends. They bought me some gorgeous nursing sleep ware, a travel pack of lovely cleansers etc, a pretty shower cap and took me for a pedicure. Ahhh, pampering is so rare for us busy mummies and this gift was just heavenly. I felt so pretty in the hospital in my gorgeous pyjamas. Now my favourite gift to give is something special for the new Mummy…pretty pj’s and slippers, maybe a new cosmetic bag for hospital or a new book or a couple of her favourite magazines. For bubs I like to give a special wrap- a pretty muslin for summer or a stretchy knit for winter. Ahhh, my youngest sweetie pie is about to hit 9months and he is our last little one. I just love babies and all the ‘specialness’ that surrounds their arrival!

  15. Michelle Luck says:

    My most thoughtful gift was when mum and friends brought around food – both premade meals for the freezer and plates of biscuits and slice so I had something to put out for visitors and to snack on during those late night feeds. Not much actually made it for visitors; I admit I ate most of them, but that’s okay when you’ve got milk to produce to feed your babies, right?

  16. Katy bryant says:

    Most definitely the gift of time – child minding for my other littles so I could have time with my new bub!

  17. Most thoughtful gift? A notebook containing the phone numbers of all the wonderful women present at my baby shower. So I could call on them any time I needed advice or a helping hand x

  18. The most thoughtful gift my husband and I received when our first daughter was born was my parents paying to have the phone connected to our house. We lived in a rural area and we did not have a phone, we would go for a drive each weekend to the phone box at the service station out on the highway and phone them. Having a phone at the house made life so much easier and they could contact us whenever they wanted. It was lovely.

  19. Gifts for older siblings… A pencil case filled with fun stationary and paper which kept them entertained when they were visiting me at the hospital!

  20. My Mum made a special blanket that has our wedding date and each of the 3 boys names and birth dates embroidered on it.

  21. The best gift I ever got was meals and a pamper session for after baby no4 was born which was just what I needed.

  22. My husband gave me a “Maternity” ring as a gift after the birth of our first child.
    very thoughtful of my husband

  23. Natasha Andrews says:

    A friend dropped off a meal and then stayed to do a load of washing and my ironing! The most thoughtful new mum gift ever!

  24. Kristie Matt says:

    Seven kids later and my most important gift was my husbands time and love through the birth of each and the days after.

  25. A friend bought a beautiful basket of fresh fruit to me in hospital. It was a perfect alternative to chocolate gifts, because as much as I love chocolate, straight after giving birth I wanted nutrients and was feeling very frumpy!

  26. the most thoughtful gift following the birth of my second little boy was a meal train set up by one of my good friends which included all the ladies from mothers group.
    Everybody thought it was a great way for them to be able to help and we of course loved all the meals! Also, when the person dropped off a meal they were able to have newborn cuddles!

  27. Loved seeing the pics of Lawson freshly born! Best gift ever was for my second born who unfortunately got very sick as a 2 week old. When I brought him home 3 weeks later a friend had brought us an angel baby monitor which has an alarm that goes off if bubs stops breathing. This one gift gave me the peace of mind I needed to get some much needed sleep. I will never be more grateful for any other gift! Merry Christmas to you and your glorious Family xox

  28. trinette Faulder says:

    My darling daughter was born on Christmas eve, and the most thoughtful present , as a new mum was the teddy bear, handmade by the volunteers at the hospital, , delivered into her hospital bassinet on the early hours of christmas morning. It was such a kind and lovely gesture. And that teddy bear has pride of place in her room. Its the simplest things thay can often bring the most joy…and I cried when I saw that someone had taken the time to make such a beautiful gesture .

  29. Kelly Boulton says:

    The most thoughtful gift I received was when I had to have a emergency c-section with my second and my husband could’nt take time off work mum took her long service leave to help me look after him andy activity 20 month old.

  30. Katie MacKenzie says:

    The absolutely best gift I got was after my 2nd was born! A lovely friend brought a box of ‘new’ second hand toys as a gift for my 2 year old. He was thrilled and it kept him occupied for hours while I got the baby feeding and sleeping well!

  31. The gift of time, friends came and showed me how to bathe baby, took my foster son out and made sure I was ok

  32. My friend gave me an exosaucer for my child to play in. It enabled me ten glorious minutes of uninterrupted shower time – utter bliss.

  33. Rachel Kriss-Newell says:

    Hubby presented me with a laminated certificate ‘To the most unbelievable mother. I hereby declare to cook every meal for the next 12 months’.

  34. The most thoughtful gift I received was 3months ago when I had my 3rd baby. I had a 3rd degree tear and my dear friend brought me a packet of flush able toilet wipes haha. They were amazing after having surgery to fix my tear. She also brought me lots of snacks to eat during my stay in hospital. She is such a thoughtful friend.

  35. Nappies. Boring as they are, we went through them so quickly that every box was a blessing!

  36. Janna Cleverdon says:

    The most thoughtful for each of our 4 was the food. To not cook for a few nights is just such a treat! Especially with baby number 4.

  37. A washing basket full of goodies for bub, some wine for my partner and some bath bombs etc for myself.

  38. My most thoughtful gift when I had the twins was “time”. My mum reorganised her schedule and work so she could come & help me 2 days a week. Such a priceless gift but one filled with love. So glad she did this for 2 years & then dropped back to one day a week which will unfortunately stop in the new year as the twins are off to school.

  39. Stacey ryrie says:

    The most thoughtful gifts I received when I had my first baby was when one if my closest friends came to my house and cleaned the whole thing top to bottom! And then left a freshly baked shepherds pie in the fridge. Where I live is rather isolated so to be on the safe side I travelled over 800kms to a hospital to have my baby (and I did that with all three babies). So as you can imagine after travelling 800kms in one day with a newborn was hard work. To come home and see my house had been cleaned and food in the fridge AMAZING!
    Another moment that touches my heart is the time that 2 of my other closest friends spent sitting with me while I cried and cried after experiencing difficulties with breastfeeding my premmie newborn. Those moments meant the world to me & it is a gift I can’t thank them enough for.
    So a thankyou to 3 of my nearest and dearest xx

  40. Sandra Fowler says:

    Exquisite liquid hand soap, you wash them constantly. I wouldn’t haven’t spent that much myself! Still love its smell… reminds me of my babies

  41. Brooke Smith says:

    My most thoughtful gift was from my Mum with my 3rd baby. She lives 3.5 hours away and she paid a cleaner to come after we got home :-)

  42. Melissa Curtin says:

    The most thoughtful gift is just someone to come over and hold the baby while you go a finally have a shower!

  43. I was given a whole nights sleep. My mother showed up at 7pm and instructed me to go to bed. It was priceless

  44. Kristine Henderson. says:

    A clothes dryer as ours had broken not long before our lad was born

  45. Nicole alsop says:

    When we were given our foster twins we received a gift basket full of stuff to wash our new babies and some meals & hugs.

  46. Tracey Cook says:

    When my first child was born my mother in law bought me a gorgeous little pendant necklace. I thought that was the most lovely gift.

  47. With our first of four daughters our parents bought some of the big things for us, the pram and the car seat. It was such a help financially. Although my favourite gidt like you Corrie was the one’s I bought myself, with each child I splurged on a new nappy bag. It felt like something for me and yet was for the baby too.

  48. I received a beautiful little kit that included lovely paper, ink and frames to make hand and foot prints of the baby. These graced the wall of my daughter’s baby room for such a long time, and have now been added to her “sentimental box” so she can keep them to show her children one day! Love a sentimental gift!!

  49. Home baked choc chip cookies were still the most thoughtful gift I received. No one ever tells you how famished you get breastfeeding at 3am!

  50. Michelle Payne says:

    My mum gave me her time, wisdom and support. So valuable to me.

  51. When I had my twins my mother & mother-in-law came to stay (alternating times) so that I always had support. Also the chocolate coated strawberries my sister-in-law gave me. While in hospital its lovely to have something special.

  52. A cleaning voucher/gift card! This was invaluable because one of the toughest things about being a new mum is dealing with all the day to day home responsibilities during your babymoon – you need and want to focus on your baby but the housework is constantly staring you in the face which can make you feel down or stressed.

  53. Mary Preston says:

    My sister gave me some “vouchers” for baby sitting, laundry, meals, grocery shopping and shower time. I laughed at the last one, but believe me, I did cash it in.

  54. One of my closest friends had her first baby 9 months before I had my first. She gave me a breastfeeding pack she made up herself. It had lanolin, breast pads, museli bars, a packet of fun size Milky Way bars, a breastfeeding pillow and a massive 2litre drink bottle! All very useful and stuff I had no idea I’d need but most certainly did and was very grateful for!!

  55. I have had so many beautiful gifts with my 3 but I would have to say the most thoughtful was that a group of ladies got together and organised 2 weeks worth of homemade meals for my family. It was so generous and amazing.

  56. The most thoughtful gift I received was a big bag full of frozen meals, vegetarian for me, meat for dh and food for our 2 yr old. It was so appreciated.

  57. Think the best was have my sister & her kids fly in from top end of Australia & surprise me and there new little nephew & cousin in Victoria especially being a 1st time mum extra hands were helpful especially with my terrible sleep deprivation nearly flooded & burnt house down but my niece saved me both times will be great story at her 21st :)

  58. A month of dinners prepared by our church family – delicious food and a few minutes of welcome conversation each evening when the food was delivered.

    Ha! 25 words exactly!

  59. Emma Sparnon says:

    The most thoughtful I gift I recieved was a box of ural because no one thought to tell me that peeing would hurt worse than the childbirth so being given something that would make it not hurt was the lose thoughtful thing I could have been given.

  60. Karen Edwards says:

    The most thoughtful gift I received was my mum flying down and spending a week with us when our first baby was born. I had so idea what I was doing she was an angel x

  61. Rachel Zammit says:

    mine was a hallmark storybook that allows you to record your voice while reading the story to my daughter.
    If I went out she then had it to listen too like Iam still there.:-)

  62. My Aunty bought my son a crocheted baby shawl for him to be wrapped in when brought home. My nanna had passed away the previous year and was a very keen crocheter. My Aunty (not a crocheter) wanted my son to have a traditional shawl, one that my Nanna would have crocheted had she been alive. Buying the shawl was in memory of my Nanna.

  63. I already had 3 children so a hamper of kids school lunch snacks from Costco was a wonderful blessing!

  64. Our bookkeeper gave us an A4 page containing 6 x computer-printed babysitting vouchers. (She’s quite methodical in all that she does! LOL)
    Hubby & I went on a few baby-free outings at night and a couple of times she came for dinner then stayed for a few hours after we went to bed. The best gift we received and also the least expensive.

  65. For our first baby, born in 1956, we received diaper service from my parents, since, at that time, there were no disposable diapers. Now, when someone in the family has a new baby, I make, receiving blankets, burp pads, bibs, crib size quilt, larger quilt, taggie blankets and crocheted hats, and have a great time doing so.

  66. It doesn’t sound much but I received a beautiful bottle of hand wash and hand cream.
    The amount of times you seem to wash your hands with feeding and changing nappies was huge so I found this gift so helpful and obviously well thought out. Naturally by another mother.

  67. Jodie Mills says:

    A freezer stash of meals. There was simply no better present because bub will always be awake and want extra cuddles at meal times. They just seem to know!

  68. The most thoughtful gift was given to me by my sister, and it was a 2 hours spa voucher and she offered to babysit for 4 hours so I have time to get ready and get to and fro the place. Sisters, where would we be without them? x

  69. Kylie harris says:

    After the birth of my first daughter, my nana bought me an Angel statue which represented that we would always be watched over.

  70. Nicole kent says:

    It was a voucher for dinner for 2 for my hubby and I. What was special about it was that it came from my best friend and it came with the condition that we use it whenever we were super stressed, had no time for each other or just needed a break. It really was so thoughtful and what we needed. It was the best and most enjoyable dinner out we’ve had!!,

  71. When our twins were born, our 87 year old neighbour gave us beautiful knitted jackets and offered to come over and sit with our 3 year old while I fed the girls. With no family, her offer made me cry. We received many gifts but her offer of her time was the sweetest.

  72. A voucher for a valet service to spruce up the car so that our proud new Dad could drive us home from hospital in style.

  73. Kristy Waddell says:

    My husband brought me a kitchen aid as well- i used it just about everyday while on maternity leave and my daughters now niw baking. The gift that keeps on giving. However the best gift is a gift test is given. When friends have babies I always like to drop around a meal or two and something sweet for when their visitors pop in. And if there are siblings, a sibling kit with a golden book each and some home made play dough with cookie cutters. Always goes down a treat! There is nothing better than than a gifted meal around week 4 or 5… after the dust settles!!

  74. The most thoughtful gift I received was the gift of thoughtfulness. A quick text just to ask how I was doing meant so much!

  75. My most thoughtful gift was having my sister & mum stock my freezer full of delicious, nutritious meals when I came home with my newborn.

  76. Sarah fogarty says:

    My thoughtful father I law wrote us a sweet letter explaining how his wife has home help when they had 4 under aged 4. He was sympathetic that life was very busy and he really understood. This beautiful man then bought us an asko dishwasher to provide us with that “home help”. Amazing present from an old man with little money if his own. We miss him.

  77. Melissa Barber says:

    The most thoughtful gift, if you want to call it a gift, was a few hours sleep during the day while my sister came over and cleaned the house, cooked dinner and looked after bub. It was just what I needed after being sleep deprived, husband back at work and living on take away.

  78. Just had twins and my toddler had gastro. My bff dropped a box of wipes, antibacterial spray and a coffee and a cake. FOREVER FRIENDS!

  79. Danae Younger says:

    TLC from those who are dearest to me: home cooked meals, doing the washing, walking our dogs, changing nappies and letting me have some rest. Assuring me and supporting me when things seemed tough! Little acts of kindness were the sweetest thing!

  80. The gift of family. I was lucky to get some helping hands from my family and in those daunting early months they certainly come in handy!

  81. The most thoughtful gift I recieved was visitors,
    we were in isolation as it was suspected we had swine flu,
    in a tiny room not able to see the kids or my husband, with masks and plastic gowns!
    had a friend drop by and leave a letter and some flowers to tell me we weren’t forgotten!!

  82. I received an electric breastpump from a friend. It was the one present I truly needed and still use several years on! My first child wouldn’t latch after being in NICU after birth so that pump was the sole way she got my milk for the first 2 months. Thankfully she finally took to the breast but I still used it regularly. The BEST present!

  83. I’m a very, very emotional person and had had 6 miscarriages before the birth of my daughter. My best friend, on knowing how conflicted I was being so ecstatic about finally having a live birth when I had lost so many others,iin conjunction with my husband made a lovely album full of ultrasound pictures of my miscarried babies, and included in that album a photo of my live baby. It was just so thoughtful and so lovely because it made me feel that my lost children were part of our family still and sharing in the joy of our daughter’s birth. I tear up every time I think about it and will truly treasure it forever.

  84. Troy Simpson says:

    Relaxation tapes. *Chants ‘Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean.’*

  85. Jennifer B. says:

    From a mother more experienced than I… A WOOLWORTHS VOUCHER.
    It may not have been sexy but it was certainly the most treasured in those first few weeks when the last thing I wanted to do was face the supermarket crowds with a baby and an incision…

  86. Meals cooked for me and some housework done, and at the weekends a sleep in when daddy was home.

  87. Nappy service, was one less thing to worry about/ A great gift that saves you a fortune if you’ve opted to use disposables, and an even better gift of you’ve chosen to use cloth nappies for the time saved in washing them.

  88. Kate Savage says:

    My most thoughtful gift as a new mum came from my own mum, she put together a big box of items I would need when my son was born, and this definitely came in handy… As a first time (and teenage) mum I had very little clue what would be needed

  89. My best gift was actually one I had made myself! I made a crochet blanket while I was pregnant and I was so glad I did as bub came early. I loved that she was wrapped in a blanket that had my scent all over it while she was in the NICU :)

  90. Rebecca Baker says:

    A hamper of chocolate!
    Goshness! It got me thro the late nights, the crabby mornings, pooy nappys and cries <3 Best gift ever

  91. Lady Tiffany says:

    A cocoon…came in handy when out to dinner and even when my son went to sleep on the couch…he wouldnt roll off anywhere..

  92. With a prem baby in hospital for a couple weeks after birth, meals organised by church were a God-send at the time! Thanks!

  93. Kylie Herman says:

    The most thoughtful gift for us when we had our first baby was that of friendship. We were young, newly married, still at University and we had a special needs bub. People gave us many practical and very useful items but a few slightly older women with small children took me under their wing and taught me how to be a mum.

  94. Sharon Turner says:

    My best friend organised for everyone at my baby shower to write a page in a book of either advice, recipe or hot tips for being a new mum. Read it so many times and learnt so much.

  95. My most thoughtful gift being a new mum was having my mum fill my freezer with a weeks worth of dinners. It let me bond with my beautiful daughter and get into a routine. :)

    • im so sorry can I shorten it 😛

      My most thoughtful gift being a new mum was having my mum fill my freezer with a weeks worth of dinners.

  96. My most thoughtful gift was a combined gift from my husband’s workplace. Being first time parents we had no idea of the emotions, workload and exhaustion awaiting us, so the gift of a month’s nappy service and the first week of home cooked meals, delivered every day was just so thoughtful. This allowed the three of us time to get to know each other properly and for us to marvel at our gorgeous new daughter.

  97. It wouldawdfcvb n.

  98. the best gift I recived was a baby bath full of baby wash products and creams and nappies it was 9 months later I finished using them all so now I give that gift to all my friends who have babies

  99. When in hospital (for 8 days) with my second the nurses turned my room into a haven, lending me their TV and a bedside lamp.

  100. my friends gave me food, all in plastic containers and all freezable. The best present ever.

  101. Linda Hoadley says:

    When I had my third baby, a dear friend who lived interstate sent me a week’s worth of meals via a catering company. Amazing!

  102. My parents and sisters bought me a Phil and Teds pram when I had number 3…I think they thought I had my hands full!

  103. An apron style bath towel was a brilliant gift allowing bubs to be immediately cuddled from the bath and the parent to stay somewhat dry.

  104. Melanie Moran says:

    The night after I came home from hospital with our 3rd bubba, our neighbours delivered a hot Roast Chicken meal, served it and left!! Awesome!!

  105. Melanie Moran says:

    P.s. I had to do a double take at your first photo cuddling your bubba, I thought it was me!! I have an almost identical photo with my 3rd, same angle, same gowns on both of us, same forehead smiles. I still had my heart rate monitor on my finger though…and I have a couple less freckles :). Xo

  106. My most thoughtful gift was from my mum and Dad. A stork nappy service for a year. It was the best present ever. No washing to worry about, less stress all round!

  107. jody buhagiar says:

    My best friend gave me a little book she had made with vouchers to redeem!! Babysitting, date nights and a cleaning. I love her!!!!!

  108. Angelcare monitor.This monitor literally saved my baby’s life 3 times as he forgets to breathe!!! from his Godmother, a wonderful gift.

  109. When I had twins very sudden at 27 weeks, I hadn’t packed a bag so to have s friend express post me a bag with a journal, lip balm, mints and a coin purse filled with change – among a few other things. Was so nice to have some lovely things to make the hospital stay a little more comfortable.

  110. These words of wisdom:
    “The advice you get from others is based on what has worked for them. What works for them might not work for your family, but most of the time, they are just trying to help you. Accept their words graciously, with the knowledge that you can choose to take it or leave it.”

  111. The best gifts would have to be a box of fruit and veggies delivered for when you come home from hospital and a cleaner once a week for a month. Such practical gifts are the best that really make a difference for a new mummy! :-)

  112. Kristina S says:

    A gorgeous yellow hand knitted suit & matching bonnet from my mum. I was living overseas at the time and it was exactly what I need feeling a little homesick at such a special time in my life. My oldest is now 13 and I still have the outfit. I’m not ruling out a child number 3 just yet

  113. Friends brought dinner over – w/leftovers for the freezer, dishes washed. Better yet, they held our daughter while we ate without juggling our baby for the first time.

  114. The gift of sleep, my husband travelled with work and a lovely lady looked after our son so I could catch up on sleep :-).

  115. Andreea Nicolescu says:

    Peoples time..was the most thoughtful gift, being at home can get lonely, so their time for a coffee and tea and a chat were always welcomed

  116. Julia Mason says:

    Mum did some Babysitting and cleaning, she saw I had no idea what I was doing! Some sleep and advice really helped!

  117. A photograph of the sunrise on the day baby was born. An amazing way to remember that special day.


  119. Kelly Arndt says:

    First pregnancy, my Father-In-Law ‘delivered’ the early baby gift of a Queen bed! The bliss of changing from a Double, whilst heavily pregnant…!

  120. Amanda Marchant says:

    Most thoughtful gift after having my first was a hairdresser and foot massage voucherand a baby sitting voucher from the same person. Best hair dresser appointment ever with no kidlets with me.

  121. Charmaine Campbell says:

    I think the most thoughtful gift came from my husband, who asked me what household tasks I wanted him to take over now we had a baby. I replied with “feeding the dog before he goes to work and doing his own ironing”. 11 years on and the dog has since died, but he still does his own ironing (although not much other housework). Maybe
    I should have had a bigger list, lol!

  122. Rachael Mazurczak says:

    A dear friend arranged a basket of soft cheeses, smoked salmon, pate and oysters…along with a 1 hour voucher for an in-home cleaner…ALL SUCH BLISS!

  123. Crystal Donohue says:

    A mother pamper kit which includes such things as body lotions, bath bombs, perfume etc. We sometimes neglect to care for ourselves after bub’s birth!

  124. Three of my friends got together and made up a large parcel of every baby item that would be needed for the first year, nappies, powders, wipes, soaps, lotions etc. A ” Baby Book by William Sears, M.D. – Martha Sears, R.N. dubbed the “baby bible”. “GREAT HELP !!!
    To top all that they prepared casseroles and food for the family for the first week I came home. Best friends like that are hard to come by so I consider myself fortunate. My daughter and myself were so spoilt.

  125. Donna Dwyer says:

    A sheepskin rug to line a pram (also part of the gift). The rug lasted three babies, but 19 years later was still being used by our dog until he died of cancer. Not very often a new baby gift is still used when the baby is 19.

  126. Michelle Gray says:

    Burping cloths, a simple inexpensive gift which were well used every day.

  127. Laura Powers says:

    Frozen dinners! Not tech a ‘gift’ but they were the by far the best thing we got when I had our baby boy

  128. Shellie Reid says:

    Mmmmm! Definitely the present for the other sibling!

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