mystery solved

I know it’s been quiet on the blog….it’s been a crazy week of making and bagging up rocky road, making and finishing 2 quilts as teachers gifts and presentation nights and concerts. Phew. Now that we’re on school holidays I’ve done a big grocery shop, started to clean the house and also started to feel excited about some nice long holidays at home. It was also a good day because I  solved a big mystery.

The little ones are used to fabric deliveries! In fact they’ve been coming in big boxes since before the twins were born and it’s never been a problem. I take the fabric out of the box, put it away and the kids play in the box. After Lawson was born a delivery came in a smallish box. I took out one of each fabric to photograph and then put the box in my craft room. I didn’t take the fabric out. Big mistake. Big. I sold one pack of the fabric and that was fine and when the next order came I couldn’t find the fabric anywhere. I looked everywhere. I even checked the garage. I checked every box, under the couches, all the usual places, under the little boy’s bed who I knew had done it (he loves fabric).  I contacted the supplier to order more and had to explain what happened.

And last night when I was taking out shoes from under the edge of my bed I saw that a few things were behind them… I lay  down on my tummy to see what was under the bed….surprise surprise………..3 layer cakes of fabric that had gone walkies!!!!! Mystery solved. Now I know where to look the next time something goes missing……………he had actually crawled under and placed them right in the middle. Cheeky.


  1. Too funny Corrie, can I plead he’s been to my house? No one here to blame but some of my fabric’s gone wa likes too……………… Love how you keep your sense of humour. Enjoy the holidays.

  2. ah bless. I lost my cat the other day and found her under the bed in the storage area. amazing what beds can hide 😉

  3. LOL I’m sure those little ones get up to lots of sneaky and cheeky adventures together

  4. Wow. Luckier teachers. Can I be a teacher?
    Honestly, that’s so very kind of you to be a mum
    Of such a large family and handmake
    Your gifts. Think of what your teaching your children. Lovely!
    Very inspiring indeed

  5. The matress that we have prevents me from moving our bed to vaccum underneath it, it is SO heavy. When we dismantled it to move last week I was shocked and in horror as to what lay beneath! We could have made a fur coat from the dog hair and dust bunnies, built a tissue snowman (I had a run of really bad flu’s a while back, now I know where all the used tissues went) and there was a box that the contents will make a nice bookcase or fabric storage shelves…
    In our new house, we have LOADS of storage, keeping under the bed clear for dreams to circle properly, hopefully leaving me with a much less cluttered mind 😉

  6. I love little mysteries like that – particularly when they’re solved! We don’t finish school for another 2 weeks. Yesterday we wrote down all the teachers, etc that we wanted to give gifts to and ended up with 36 between all four of my kids. 36!! I’ll take some inspiration from you – if you can do it with 6 littlies, I can do it with only four!

  7. The little ones are so gorgeous you wonder what they are thinking in their little minds when they hide something .You have to smile when these things are discovered.

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