my favourite Christmas photo

Remember your baby’s first or second  Christmas. Oh yes you do. All those presents for one little baby. All the excitement that you were a little family and you had to open everything for the baby and were so happy and excited, Meanwhile baby is happy to play with the wrapping and boxes. As the years go by the kids understand Christmas and are more excited about those presents and you are getting day by day updates to the Christmas list. But it can be tough for little ones especially those who have special needs who have no idea why they are going to another lunch or being asked to sit next to Santa and say cheese or why all these people are here at my house sitting around the tree. Last year Christmas just came and went for our little miss. She loved the presents and toys but hid from visitors and there wasn’t any understanding of what was going on.

But this year with a year of preschool under her belt and lots of Christmas craft, songs and activities we are seeing this growing awareness that something special is happening. And so I’ve decided that even if our annual santa photo is a fizzer that at least I have this photo of my cute little miss the year she discovered Christmas.



  1. What a precious photo, Corrie! You have captured the moment perfectly!
    No need for words, the look says it all. She’s a dear little girl.

  2. Vintage Mummy says:

    So very beautiful Corrie xx

  3. That’s beautiful.

  4. Just beautiful! You have really captured the wonder and awe of Christmas.

  5. That is such a gorgeous photo. How wonderful you were able to capture such a special moment.

  6. Beverley Priest says:

    Beautiful photo Corrie of such a gorgeous little poppet, brought a tear to my eye reading your story…God bless xx

  7. What a precious moment. Just gorgeous.

  8. LOVE… That is all… Just LOVE. :)

  9. What a beautiful photograph. The great thing with our special little ones is that each Christmas we can see how far they’ve come. I never thought my twins would be excited about Christmas, understand what it was about and play with toys properly. Every moment and new achievement is treasured all the more. Blessings to your special little girl this Christmas.

  10. A very magic moment!

  11. awwwww bless it’s the small things that are taken for granted and often go unnoticed that make our hearts melt and our souls sing when in comes to the special little people in our lives x

  12. they are doing limited time slots of silent Santa photos at rouse hill shopping centre for people with special needs children. A friend took her kids there and it was the first time their miss 13 was able to be in a Santa photo and she was smiling from ear to ear.

  13. That is a beautiful picture Corrie! She’s such a precious girl. I hope that she can get swept along in her sibling’s excitement as well and just enjoy some special family time xx

  14. That is the sweetest thing I’ve read all day. May your celebrations be filled with many more happy memories of your little family (that’s what’s really important!).

  15. What a truly beautiful photo! She has a light in her eyes that reflects the pure joy this holiday brings. Thank you Little Miss E for reminding us all.

  16. Such a special memory. Brought tears to my eyes.

  17. What a beautiful photo of Miss E xx

  18. It’s just perfect Corrie.

  19. Perfect!!! Love it.

  20. Susan Leach says:

    Awesome memory. Your photo has captured the moment perfectly

  21. The best post and photo on blog land to date….thank you. Merry Christmas to that amazing little miss.

  22. What a precious photo! I think you have captured the wonder, awe and delight in your sweet little miss that all of us should feel at Christmas time.

    • What a precious moment and you captured it so beautifully! I will always cherish the moment my child noticed Christmas it melts your heart. Love your blog Corrie.

  23. That girl of yours is so precious and that photo is just lovely.

  24. Just so lovely, love your blog. Have a beautiful christmas Corrie x

  25. Not sure how I replied to one of your readers opps sorry! Technology I’m not the best at it !My comment is above! :-)

  26. A precious moment! Captured perfectly. Wishing your family a wonderful Christmas

  27. Just beautiful xo

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