small acts of kindness this Christmas

Sometimes, not always, I really get to listen to a sermon at church and take it on board. I am always trying to listen but there are 6 little people to look after and sometimes my thoughts drift away or I can’t hear the priest properly or I’m sitting outside with someone or I’m giving the death stare to one of my little ones or I’ve just tuned out and can’t get back into it. But the last few weeks I’ve taken a few things away that have meant something to me. And one of them that I have really put into practice is small acts of kindness. And the priest  said it about 6 or more times during his sermon which is probably why I actually remembered it.

The priest told us that in order to be a good person we don’t need to do these grand big acts of charity (of course they are great and wonderful and we need people to do this) but we need to be doing small acts most of the time. And not for reward or recognition but just for the act in itself. And while we’re thinking about charity he told us that we can’t just say ‘oh the poor people, yes it’s terrible’ and then get on with our own life and think that talking about something is doing it. We actually need to do something about it. In our own small way.

And so I’ve been doing these small things that I wouldn’t usually do because I’m a bit busy or preoccupied with kids and it makes you think of more things you can do. One example was when  I was in the feeding room at the shops this week. It was noisy and busy in the shopping centre and it was nice and quiet to feed my little man.  A lady came in looking a bit flustered. I asked had she lost something (she didn’t have a baby) and she said she needed a powerpoint to charge her phone. We had a bit of chit chat about what a pain it is when your phone runs out and she charged her phone and I kept feeding and we were silent. I heard her make a call to a dr about tests and referrals and then she had some phone trouble and it cut out on her. I was packing up the pram and getting ready to leave the shops. Part of me was saying just offer her your phone and stay back a little and the other part of me was saying she might say no and I don’t know her so just go home. Anyway I  said ‘would you like to use my phone to make your call’. Cut a long story short she had smashed her phone and then couldn’t use it to make the call, so I offered again a couple of times but she said thank you but she’d be fine. She didn’t use my phone in the end but I could tell that she was taken aback that a stranger in the baby feeding room was offering her mobile phone to use.

Ironically I dropped my phone on the cement 2 days later and now have a smashed iPhone…..maybe it was a sign!

Christmas is definitely a time where we think of family, gifts and the perfect Christmas day meal. But this Christmas why not try some small acts of kindness for people outside your little circle of family and friends.Doesn’t have to be big, keep it small and do more of them. Maybe it’s taking a card from the giving tree, donating some food or a hamper at church, collecting up coins for your favourite charity, letting someone else have that car park you were waiting for, helping someone do their Christmas shopping, organising a delivery of groceries for someone who isn’t online, letting someone go before you at the supermarket even when you’re busy, taking over some of your delicious Christmas baking to that neighbour you don’t know, taking something delicious to the local police station/fire station/RFS/hospital or local charity with volunteers, stickers and colouring books to the children’s ward at the hospital, take some wool and knitting supplies to the ladies auxiliary or volunteers at the nearest hospital (Westmead Kids have a volunteers shop near the entrance and love your donations of wool!!), drop off some nappies to a new mum or some groceries to a family doing it tough this Christmas. I’m now looking for opportunities to make a small act because I know it will make me a better person, set a good example for the little ones and also stop me from only thinking about my own little world this Christmas.

What is something you can do this Christmas?

and I’m going to start sharing some of my favourite Christmas songs with you


  1. Love that song. We always do operation Christmas child with our kids. It’s a really great way to get them to be thinking about others. They each put together a shoebox full of little gifts for a child the same age and gender as themselves. We go shopping and they choose the gifts (within parameters). They feel really proud when they complete it.

  2. A beautiful post and timely reminder to people that being kind costs nothing. People have a tedancy to look the other way for fear of being embarrassed when if they really could just help a stranger and they would really reap the rewards. Just a feel good moment can set your day straight. Taking a slice of cake to an elderly neighbour is still a welcome gesture. We actually built a gate between our home and our elderly neighbour’s home years ago and the children loved to take goodies to our dear old Reg & Eileen.

    And if anyone sees a Mummy of 6 struggling with prams or parcels maybe lend a hand!

  3. Patty McDonald says:

    Corrie, I’ve read your blog for years. (The only way I can remember is you only had your oldest and the twins .) When my three boys were young, they are in their late 20s and early 30s now, I always did the small acts of giving and tried to teach them to do the same. I still believe that it’s the small things we do for others that really matter… could be an angel. My youngest son worked all night Wed., and came home around 7am Thurs.(our Thanksgiving day). He had stopped to get gas and a man asked him where is the bus depot. My son checked on his phone, told the guy, and the mans response was he was just out of jail and was dropped at the gas station and was given a bus ticket home issued by the state. My son asked if he was hungry and the man said yes. They walked to the nearest restaurant and he let the man order all he wanted on the menu, he paid for it, and let the man eat in peace. I was so blessed…I’m sure that is the nicest thing to happen to this guy in a long time and.maybe for a long time to come. Also, Jesus said you do this for the least of them you do it for Me. I’m so proud of my son. He remembered what we taught him when he was young. Blessings to you. Patty Mc

    • I have to say your comment lifted my heart this morning and brought a little tear. I’m sure your sons kind gesture will feature in this man’s life forever. You have obviously done a great job raising your family. Blessings to you all.

  4. Karen Muller says:

    Saw this this morning it is beautiful, will need the tissues and it is about those random acts of kindness. We should be trying to do them all the time.

  5. Corrie, have been a fan of Casting Crowns for a long time.
    I listen to this song all year and another favourite is ‘East to West’ from the album
    ‘The Altar and the Door’.
    Yes, people can be quite surprised these days when a stranger offers to help, but I find we do have many opportunities to do just that.
    It’s great that, even on a Sunday, you take the time to share your thoughts with us.

  6. Wonderful post and it’s got me thinking…to think beyond myself and to think of others selflessly in this self obsessed world!

  7. This has been on my mind a lot lately, again reminding ourselves that we don’t have to move the earth to be kind. I love taking photos so I’ve recently put my hand up to take photos of three families that wouldn’t afford a photoshoot. The family I shot last weekend had 4 teenage children and she hadn’t gotten a photo of them together for 8 years. Something simple, but something meaningful for her. Small but important. I think about this alot, not only for the act of kindness itself but in the hope it rubs off on my children also.

  8. Oh I love this idea Corrie! I’m going to try to stop and chat to more people… I tend to rush off because I have too much stuff to do!

  9. Lovely post and so true especially this time of year when we are all thinking of gifts and things for ourselves and family. I definately believe small acts of charity make a big difference, especially if everyone is doing it.

  10. Hi Corrie,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. I’m all about simple Acts of Kindness and if more people felt like this, the world would definitely be a better place.
    I try to go to mass regularly and as a mum of 4 I can totally relate to the fact that I too rarely hear the sermon. However in a book I read a while ago, the author said something like this..”when we go to mass we are giving to God – but when we have that moment of clarity and hear the priest’s sermon, God is giving to us”. It was written much more eloquently than this (I am not a writer as you can see! lol). It always seems to get me through!
    All the very best for a beautiful Christmas to you and your family. God bless xx

  11. I always find spending some time in a nursing home…so many elderly people in need of a hug and a chat, always come away in tears sometimes sadness and sometimes joy but often a mixture of both.

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