swimmers and stained glass windows at the abbey in annandale

Blogging can be lonely work. A little like parenting. You’re at home a lot of time and there can be hours and hours without any adult face to face conversation. Well that’s how it goes in our house. So when I get the chance to get out for the day I jump at it. Every year my agency The Remarkables get together near Christmas for some training, drinks and dinner. Last year we did dinner and I was hoping no one noticed that I was drinking mocktails because I had just found out I was pregnant. The year before I had a little baby but managed to get out for the night. And this year I had my little man with me and a bag that looked like I was staying for the week as well as my pram.

We were so lucky to be hosted in the most wonderful house called The Abbey  in Annandale. And as we were sitting in the front room it felt like we were on some english murder mystery, you know where the wife is being asked questions in her fancy drawing room by the local detective. That sort of thing.

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And we were lucky enough to hear about the history of the home from Michael the owner. And what a history.  When the previous owner divorced a wife he just put her in a wing of the house and  the next wife  moved in. So that in the end he had his 3 wives and 8 children all in the house together.  Imagine the frosty looks. I just found that fascinating. I’ve never been in a family home as grand or with as many interesting features and it was a very special experience. I was wishing I’d bought my proper camera with me to take lots of photos.

Hanging out together with the other bloggers is lots of fun and there are always old friends and new faces. And there were quite a few new faces. It was so wonderful to meet the lovely Bianca from Wholefood Simply who would have to be right up there with the sweetest bloggers with the hugest following ever and just a sweet lady. And the funny ladies from Paging Fun Mums who are best friends from the Sunshine Coast and hilarious! I’m sure they think I don’t pass out my baby very often as they were busting for baby hugs and I just didn’t want my little guy throwing up on people’s nice dresses! And Dani because I love talking mums who have a big brood too (4 under 9 for her). Although I always get a bit self conscious talking to the health and fitness bloggers.

We did a few sessions, learnt a few things, were treated to a fabulous fashion parade by the lovely Kate of Escargot and I had to wipe away the tears watching one of the little models stealing the show. Thank you to Paging Fun Mums for doing this quick little video.

The swimmers are to die for with ruffles galore and matching hair ties included when you buy some of the swimmers which I think is genius and my girly girls loved. I was lucky enough to come away with a goodie bag with swimmers for each of my little ones and I will do a little post on them as they are so gorgeous and the girls are busting to wear them. Expect a little photo shoot from me and I love the rashies and the fact there is a little hood for the littlest ones to protect little heads. Just perfect.

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In fact my little miss is wearing them now around the house because they look like a mini tutu. Kate lives on 200 acres in the country so I was fascinated to hear about her property and we bonded over her snake story. Thankfully no snakes here yet.

A big thank you to our wonderful hosts Ann & Michael who offered us their home and hospitality which was so wonderful and we were made to feel so welcome. Their fabulous son Nick who won over Lawson and was so great to talk to, the very lovely Kate and Craig from Escargot who were so generous with 6 pairs of swimmers and organising the day, my lovely agency The Remarkables for organising as so much work went into the day, the wonderful speakers and of course my lovely friends and fellow bloggers for the company and laughs throughout the day. And especially everyone who helped me with bag and baby carrying.

And I can’t believe I didn’t get a photo of my outfit, I really don’t get the chance to get dressed up very often so I’ll have to grab one later. I went to see a local lady who is a stylist and owns a clothing business she runs from home. Her prices are very reasonable for Australian made and she looks at your body shape and puts an outfit together. All she asks is that you visit her with the shoes you want to wear for the event and a well fitting bra.She put me in this dress which is stretchy with ruffles and looks a lot more expensive than it cost me ($90 because I know you’ll ask), the little white cardigan is country road from my wardrobe, Lady Chatterley’s Affair necklace and the yellow is not a pashmina but a muslin for the baby vomit that I usually wear. If you’d like the details of the shop do let me know as I came away with 2 dresses for under $100 each that fit beautifully, are australian made and suit my post baby shape.

Here I am with the lovely Jenni and Louise from Paging Fun Mums, Kate from Escargot and Kat from Organised Housewife. And in true ‘I don’t get out much’ style I only managed half a champagne that night but still woke up absolutely exhausted and losing my voice so it was clearly a great event!!!!

p.s if you’re after more photos of the beautiful home you can see them here, here and here

p.p.s I didn’t even get many photos on my iphone because I made the rookie mistake of trying to close the boot of the van with my phone in one hand…without a cover! When will I learn so I have one smashed iPhone on my hands as I’d just handed back the one on loan from Apple and was back using my own.


  1. Looks like a beautiful day with beautiful ladies, I bet it wasn’t easy getting away for the day but totally worth it!

  2. Well you look gorgeous and you do baby wearing so well.

  3. The Abbey looks beautiful. Look at that kitchen! Thanks for sharing. It looks like it was a great event and lovely that you all got to spend a Christmas party together.

  4. What a great day and beautiful photo of you all. I would love to know the name of the stylist please it sounds fabulous. and your dress is gorgeous. Many Thanks

  5. Love the old photos of the Abbey – I want to cook in that kitchen. Looks and sounds like a great day. xo

  6. Tracey Mayhew says:

    I think your fantastic managing to get out at all Corrie – may I ask how long it takes you to drive from your new house to school and shops each day? We also used to live in Sydney yet now living in the Gold Coast Hinterland I find it tricky to get out and about with one two year old – and we only have a thirty minute drive there abouts to shops etc. How do you do it??? I really miss being able to walk to a park etc yet living on acerage has lots of positives too. XX

  7. It was soooo lovely meeting you in person Corrie! We had a wonderful day and are so grateful that we get to work with amazingly talented people such as yourself! Can’t wait for the next event :) xx

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