pretty flowers and family life

Honestly these days I don’t have much to say. I sit down at the computer and I’ve got nothing. Nothing. I mean there is plenty going on. And I’m dealing with some late night antics from 2 of my little ones that is taking me right back to life with 3 under 3. My 2 and 4 year old are partners in crime and we’re talking drawing on the walls, running away from me at the shops, dropping things in the toilet, being quiet for just a bit too long, unravelling the whole toilet roll and sneaking out the cat door and coming back in…and going out…and coming back in. And they laugh at each other so much. So life is busy and my diary is filling up with so many school events. And while the house is chaotic the garden is so beautiful and green right now. This is our first spring/summer in the house and I know it’s going to be beautiful. Oh the gardenias! As soon as you walk out the front door you get a good whiff of these beautiful big flowers….and out the back door too. and thanks to retro daddy for fertilising everything for me.

And flowers are such a great way to practise your camera skills….they don’t move like little people

And something not in the garden but still in pots are my all time favourite flower, yep you guessed it. Hydrangeas. Love them

And then for a total contrast in colours when I was picking up milk and bread I spotted peonies at woolies that had to come home with me. I’ve never bought them before and what a beautiful welcome when you opened the front door.

And the next morning they were much paler and made a lovely backdrop as I headed out to a high tea. And then before I knew it  the petals were all falling off and that was that. End of my $20 flowers. I think they lasted friday to tuesday at the most.

Anyway that’s all from me. Sharing pictures of pretty flowers is much more exciting than laundry piles, a broken dishwasher (good thing I’ve got years of practice hand washing dishes) and what I’m having for dinner tonight.


  1. Oh goodness Corrie, I don’t know how you do it! I’ve been in the trenches of sleep deprivation with just one baby, which really isn’t so bad, it’s keeping on top of the washing the dishes the commitments etc… Thankfully we’re getting on top of the sleep issues for our little miss, but I completely agree that little newborn babies are so much easier! Sounds like Emerson and Elodie are double trouble! I love those peonies, but yes alas they don’t last long, like all beautiful things I guess. Your gardenias have convinced me that we definitely need to plant some, and my hydrangeas are blooming too, my favourite as well. I know what you mean about sitting down and not having a clue what to write anymore, I have a lot going on but no inspiration and my brain feels like mush most days! Ahhh these are the golden years they say…

  2. Peonies are my favourite flower and I used to grow some back in NZ but haven’t in OLD knowing they like cooler conditions. It’s one of many things I miss from home! I hope the little antics of younger people will soon sort out for you and your dishwasher fixed soon with Christmas approaching although even though we have one it astounds me how much handwashing I still do!!!

  3. Corrie, don’t despair about not being able to think of something to write about! Who could blame you. It’s a huge job you have caring for your family. I really admire you for getting any information out to us! You are an inspiration to all the mums with young children. I do like seeing the lovely photos of your garden! And Lawson is just adorable. Hope he is feeling better.

  4. Tracey Pailthorpe says:

    Stop ignoring people’s comments!! You haven’t even bothered to pick out a winner for your competition. How on earth are you suppose to earn followers? You are a great example of a blogger, well done.

    • my son was rushed to hospital yesterday in an ambulance and that’s where I was yesterday and night. Your comment from yesterday wasn’t published because I didn’t even look at my blog. Thank you for your understanding, I can tell you are a nice person

    • Julie chambers says:

      Not sure why you follow as I don’t think you are the sort of person who appreciates corrie or is it just the chance to win a freebie

    • Oh my goodness Tracey, you truly need to get a grip. I can’t believe you just wrote that, what an ambarassment to the Pailthorpe family.
      There is more to life than a competition. I think it would a great idea if you unsubscribed to this blog, Corrie certainly doesn’t need you to make up numbers, she has a full and beautiful life.
      As you were.

  5. lyn lindsay says:

    Corrie, the Peonies are gorgeous but I think the good old common rose is always good value from Woolworths…thanks for your blog always enjoy the read and I am happy to read whatever you have to say, it’s your life and I am sure if I had a blog I too would be just writing about life as it happens for me.

  6. I think that’s called public harassment and bullying Tracey Pailthorpe is your intention to shame and humiliate Corrie? Why not send her an email or contact The Remarkables, if she hasn’t answered, probably not very high on her list of priorities right now, how very presumptuous of her to not attend immediately to your needs. I guess that comes from being a parent to 6 children…everybody has to learn to wait and take their turn. So an email to her or her agents might be much more professional don’t you think? Oh, but you will have your own following applauding your guts and gumption in an attempt to take somebody down? Do you have any ethics? Or are you just being the cats meow?!? Hmmm thought so…..

  7. Enjoy your family and feel no pressure to be anything more on the blog that what you wish = if nothing comes, thats all good; there is ample time for more and different and whatever you mine are all at school I look back and think, what I did was enough, back then, full time mum…loved that chapter, and still love being a full time mum to a 7 and 8 year old!

  8. Well Corrie for somebody who has ‘nothing to post’ you came up with a perfectly interesting post complete with lovely photos. And even if you don’t post for a while, I enjoy reading some of your older posts, I like that section at the bottom with random posts to click on. I hope whoever was unwell the other night has fully recovered, that sounds very scary and stressful. Life’s hard with a young baby, certainly the lack of sleep makes it difficult to do any more than what is necessary, and you do so much more. I think you’re amazing.

  9. Hide your potatoes from the troublesome twosome, I once caught my eldest two (now 9 and 6) as toddlers flushing potatoes down the toilet!

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