a kina for keira

It’s been a while between knitting projects and a year between cardigans for my big girl but here we are. One kina for my big girl keira.

She absolutely loves it, picked the colour herself and I know this will be worn to death just like the last one I made her was until she outgrew it.

I’ll confess to you, baby knits are so much faster but this really is an easy knit you’ve just got to sit down and commit to lots of stocking stitch. Easy to do when you have a little baby who needs to be fed and you can feed the baby and knit. Trust me when I say that it’s the only reason I’ve finished this with a baby in tow. And it’s all in how you prop the pillows and feed and knit.

The button is a little Cath Kidston fabric covered one from the stash which is perfect.

Ravelry details are here

Pattern is Kina available here

Yarn is Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury 8 ply in Aquarium

And thank you daylight savings. I took all of these photos (with my new favourite lens the 25mm 1.8) after a stinking hot 42 degrees hot day. We went out at 7pm to take these photos while we were waiting for our dinner. Now to think about my next project!


  1. It is gorgeous, so is your model :) I love the colour. Maybe one day I will get brave & try it. At the moment I should probably work on finishing the crocheted little blanket that I started making for my daughter to snuggle on the lounge with on cold nights. We have had two winters since I started & I just keep putting off finishing it. Fingers crossed it will be ready to go for our next winter :)

  2. One talented lady! I wish I could knit. My Mum tried to teach my back in the day but I just couldn’t get a hang of it. There was a little bit lost in translation from the right-hander to the left-hander too. That button is so cute!

  3. She looks wonderful in it. That must be the trend color for 8 year olds. My one is all over it at the moment lol

  4. Extremely gorgeous! I still want to knit one of these, I’m thinking to do one in cotton for my oldest girl who is wool sensitive, so misses out on the knits a bit. Love the colour, the style and the photos :)

  5. Just looking up the pattern it calls for 5ply/ sports weight – not sure what ply to use? It would be for a size 10 -12.

    • Yep so knit with bendigo 8 ply cotton and do the pattern true to size using 3.75mm needles as the cotton is a bit fine. If you want to use wool 8 ply then do the size under the one you want but knit to the length of the size she is. So I followed the size 6 pattern and knit to the length of the 8 to make it a size 8 with 8 ply luxury and 4mm needles. Let me know what yarn you will use and I’ll work it out for you if you like

  6. The colour is absolutely gorgeous.

  7. This is lovely and such a gorgeous colour. You are the multitasking queen!

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