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Congratulations to Jade the winner! Thank you everyone for entering

These are my little twinnies, about to finish their first year of school and also huger than huge LEGO fans. In fact we’re all LEGO fans in this house. I have memories of creating my own castles and fortresses with my big LEGO set which had a little drawbridge. But my twinnies usually need a bit of help to put together a LEGO set once we’ve opened the box or the sets that they really want are age 8+ and need some help from their big sister or someone else.

LEGO Juniors is new and bridging the gap between LEGO DUPLO and larger LEGO sets with these great colourful tubs and super easy to read instruction booklets. Designed for children aged 4-7, the pictures in the instructions are bigger and simplified and these two put the castle together in no time. With no help. That’s a great sense of achievement for these two. And instead of opening the box to find 6 or so bags of LEGO to work through there were 3 which kept things simple enough for them but still a challenge that they wanted to finish. And LEGO Juniors is great for little fingers, putting everything together and pulling it apart as well as creative play as you make up stories and play with what you’ve created.

Plus LEGO is all about imagination and creating your own……….once you’ve followed the instructions in the book you can go on to create your own wonderful creations. Like putting a head on top of a flag pole. That sort of thing. There are no rules when it comes to LEGO…oh no wait yes there are. Rule number 1 you pack it away or some will end up in the vacuum. Rule number 2 don’t walk barefoot on a piece unless you want a painful encounter. I think they are the 2 Lego rules in our house.

Christmas and birthdays are most definitely our favourite time to buy LEGO. You can add to existing collections and you can never go wrong with LEGO. The LEGO Juniors kits can also be used to add to your existing or future LEGO sets which is great news in this house as I’ve lost track of how much we actually have. And still want. I get regular updates on who wants the Shopping Mall from the girls and which Lego Harry Potter my big guy wants for Christmas.

And to share the love I have one of these LEGO Juniors sets to give away as well as a $120 gift card for you to spend on LEGO this Christmas. You don’t have to tell me how great that’s going to be as we get closer to Christmas time……I want to win for my little ones.

To enter is super simple, just tell me who you’ll be giving this great LEGO prize to and why?

Giveaway is open to Australian residents, entries close 18th November 2014 and full terms of my giveaways can be found here 


  1. I’d buy some Lego Juniors for my four year old son. He’s my eldest and is a sensitive little soul. I think Lego Juniors would give him the down time he needs and it would be a lovely bonding activity for he and I to share as I miss our quality time together since his little brother came along. Fingers crossed, what a great giveaway!

  2. My four year old son has recently discovered Lego and adores the batman range. He has also asked Santa for a Lego helicopter so this would be a great gift to give him. I love the little fantasy world he creates for himself when playing Lego. You find little Lego men tucked into hidey places all over his room as he makes up stories and plays. I love Lego! Great give away :)

  3. We have just discovered Lego in our house and Miss 5 is a champion at following the instructions already! I definitely want to get her some more sets. My son is a bit younger so would benefit from the Lego Junior.

  4. My 6 year old son is Lego obsessed. Morning to night it’s Lego all the time. His idea of a perfect weekend is staying at home, so he can build more Lego.
    He begs me to take him to Big W so he can read the backs of the boxes of the the larger Lego sets. He doesn’t beg me to buy them though. He uses them as inspiration to create his own scenes at home with his existing Lego.
    The Lego magazine is well read and worn, taken in the car for reading while travelling. Lego is definitely on all birthday and Christmas wish lists for this boy!

  5. What a great giveaway! The lego in this house would be for our three boys. They are all MASSIVE lego fans and it is by far their favourite toy to play with and the one they spend hours playing together with. Our eldest is 8 and loves the Star Wars lego and is always eyeing off the latest ships to build, our next is 6.5 and he loves any of the city things and is always showing me the next part of his city he would like….currently the town square! And our youngest is 4 and he loves any lego that his big brothers lovesas he just loves them and wants to be just like them! For Christmas we’re building them a massive lego table top that sits in a trundle bed for them all to build their city together (think lego movie style is what they imagine!) and so I’m in the business of collecting enough lego bases right now! Long winded comment…..thanks for the chance to win!

    • Retro mum this would be my 2 1/2yr olds very own first lego set. We have just returned from holiday to poppys house where he first experienced lego, 3hr play mind u, and was sad to see it go. With his birthday and xmas in December this would be heaven.

  6. my brave little 7 year old has just had three crowns and 6 teeth removed :( I would love the lego for her, what a champ she is. Coeliac disease is restricting enough without it impacting on your teeth enamel. She loves lego and I am sure would love these

  7. Michelle Luck says:

    My almost-5 year old big girl Isabella drools over the Lego sets every time we go to Target or KMart. We went with wooden blocks when she was younger – a good decision I feel – but she’s ready for that more advanced building that her little sister can’t just knock over at will. Would love this!

  8. Christine R says:

    I’d love a Lego Christmas for my daughter who is 6. She is now at the imaginative stage where she is happy to have a go at making her own Lego scenes without the instructions which is a BIG deal! The Lego Friends High School is already on her Santa list.

  9. Both my girls love lego – and I have to say it’s a toy that I am oh so happy with. It’s great for their coordination, creativity, thinking…. it goes on and on. They would love some extras so they could build more elaborate castles please!!!

  10. What a wonderful giveaway! Lego is scattered from one end of Mr 5s room to the other, it is even scattered through his bed! I intervene and move it before night time as that would hurt to roll onto wouldn’t it?! OUCH! We recently purchased a little cousin, Mr 2 some lego for his birthday – My Mr 5 was ripping into the box with Mr 2 to show him how to make what was on the box. So sweet to watch. Mr 2 apparently woke up the next morning and said “I love my lego!” I would give the lego to Mr 2 to pay it forward and would use the voucher for my Mr5 for Christmas.
    thank you for the chance to enter.

  11. Baby number 2 is due on the 30th Decemeber, so this will make a great present from baby to my daughter. Plus lego will keep her occupied for will I feed the new baby!!!

  12. Elisha Deegan says:

    This would go to my 5 year old daughter. But lets be honest it would be foe her and my husband and I. Who can resist a tub of Lego? As soon as she opens Lego mum and dad want to build too!

  13. My 5 year old son is Lego obsessed! There are so many cool sets to choose from, City, Chima, Superheros or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I just can’t choose one for him! I’d love to be able to buy him bit from each set, he’d love waking up to that on Christmas morning too!

  14. I will give them to my 2 sons, they both love lego however the little one has only 2 sets so far so he needs some help to boost along his collection.

  15. Claire Mckay says:

    I have great memories as a child of tipping our huge tub of Lego on the ground and playing for hours on end. I love Lego as the possibilities are endless. Lego allows my daughter’s imagination complete freedom she can be anything she wants to be with the little creations she makes.

  16. Liz barber says:

    I need the Lego to satiate daddy! My little boy is 7months and will certainly be a Lego fan but daddy can’t wait til he is old enough so they can play together! So I’ll need some Star Wars for the grown up and duplo for bub :)

  17. My daughter who starts school next year would love some easy build Lego for Christmas.

  18. Oh how wonderful! I would love to win this for my littlest one who is having a go at ‘big boy’ Lego and making some wonderful creations however has troubles with the pieces being that little bit too fiddly for him, and the duplo is just too big for him now. These seem perfect for his little fingers. Thank you so much for the opportunity RetroMummy xx

  19. I am expecting my fourth baby just before Xmas, so some new Lego would be perfect for my older three (5, 3 and 2), especially when I am on the couch breastfeeding the new bub! So far we only have duplo so I imagine Lego junior would be very popular and exciting!

  20. Tanya Bromley says:

    my 7 year old daughter Ambriahl would love this. This year she has really gotten into the creative imaginative play

  21. I would use this amazing prize for my 4 and 6 year olds. We have stacks of duplo but have found the smaller lego to be a bit challenging instruction wise as well. These look like they are the perfection transistor lego!!!

  22. I’ll be giving it to my daughter as were both loving the ‘girls’ range Lego has

  23. Romanie Ashton says:

    I’d like to win this for my 5 year old son who isllego obsessed. He is currently saving up his pocket money to buy the juniors set (which at his current rate will take quite some time) so winning this would make his year!
    I really enjoy your Facebook page too.

  24. Ok I have a good one here today…
    This is going to be FUN just to write and even if we don’t win!
    It would be for my niece and daughter

    You see only 3 weeks ago my nephew Marcus ( grade 4) won the Victorian Lego championships ( no joke) against all these big boys and even the most intelligent Chinese children who construct Lego- things all day.
    Marcus is a lovely quiet and humble little lad ever. And I’m just SO proud of him. I’ll try to send you a photo
    Of the moment he won ( proudest aunty ever).

    Anyway, little miss maison mouse ( my daughter) saw him win the title of Lego -meister and since then is Soooooo eager to do a bit of Lego- ing herself.

    However as I don’t get out much ( unless via ambulance transfer and that’s definitely *not* a good look going into a kids store in an ambulance stretcher) I didn’t realise that They even had such cute pinkety-Lego in the stores.

    Honestly. So if my crumpet had the opportunity she would not only be incredibly delighted to play with it herself but also share it with Marcus’s sister Michaela ( the sister of the Lego
    Meister) and the girls might feel
    That they too could build something special ) with the help from
    The little Lego- Meistersinger himself.
    I don’t usually think I deserve to win competitions as there are usually way more worthy people out there but this one would be for the girls and Marcus so that he could teach the girls how to build. And let’s face it all little girls could do with a bit of building experience
    We need a team of babie- builders and not just non- the builders out there so that woman feel that they don’t need to reply on men to build homes, they can as well.

  25. If I won this lovely prize I would buy a teenage mutant ninja set for my two boys to share as I’ve already bought my big girls Lego for Christmas! I would also give the junior set to my 3 year old as he loves the 8 plus Lego but can’t really use it (the big kids help him). As a bit of an off topic comment: Corrie your twins have grown so much this year and Finn is a miniature of his dad :)

  26. Melissa Antolovic says:

    I was just looking at these sets on the weekend. My daughter is only a bit over two but we can not keep her away from her big brothers lego. She loves making things (under supervision of course) with his firestation lego bits and pulling his trucks apart and putting them back together again (maybe not quite right)

  27. With 6 kiddies who all love Lego a voucher would be invaluable this Christmas! The Lego junior set would be perfect for my 5yo daughter.

  28. My nearly 3-year-old would love this. It’s her birthday 2 days before Christmas, so I’m always looking for double the fun at this time of year for her.

  29. Courtney Smith says:

    I would share this prize between my almost 3 year old son, and his two cousins (4 and 7). They will all love creating lego sets together when we catch up over Christmas! My son is an avid Lego builder at the moment. He loves creating his own towers and cars from his Lego sets. It is fantastic for his little imagination.

  30. My big girl starts kinder next year (sob) and I think Lego would an excellent quiet after school activity for when she is all tuckered out from a busy day at school.

  31. Melissa Curtin says:

    I think I would give it to my 6yr old daughters best friends sister (got that?). I get the feeling she will love it and perhaps her mum would keep it as a bribe for the holidays to make sure she behaves herself and not turns into a terror haha

  32. LEGO LOVE x I would use this to buy my 3 kiddies (9, 8 and 3) Lego for christmas. We all love Lego in our house and I’m even especially careful not to vacuum up any Lego men heads that get scattered around the house!! The big kids are loving the Lego movie sets and my little miss loves Lego friends (just quietly so does mum) and number three he just loves anything that he can put together then pull apart again… He is great at deconstructing any Lego creation! X

  33. I know so many kids who would love this prize, my daughter’s frien in her kindy. The Lego set would be perfect for the kindergarten..all the kids will play. It is new kindergarten and they do not have enough new toys. sorry for my English I am Polish.

  34. My little man will get this set as his first lego. His uncle actually had his lego featured in the recent Lego movie, we are a bit mad about lego in this family! I remember building free form as a child, maybe his uncle will teach him how to animate it too!

  35. I would give it to our almost 4 year old daughter. She loves building castles and ice palaces with her duplo and wooden blocks but is getting a bit frustrated with the big blocks and constantly requesting little Lego like at kinder.

  36. Should I be receiving $150 worth of Lego the recipients of this bounty would be not one child, but several children whom I teach. I have long been interested in the use of Lego and particularly Lego therapy for children with autism.Lego fascinates many children on the spectrum, and their obsession with these colourful pieces of plastic can be used to build skills in communication and collaboration for both girls and boys. More information on using Lego with children with autism spectrum disorders can be found here:

  37. What an amazing prize. I would give it to my nearly 3 year old who is constantly wrecking my older children’s lego creations. We have started calling him Wreck it Ralph!!! My older children (7 & 5) love him but not when it comes to lego. They get so sad & have taken to locking themselves in my daughters room when they build things so he can’t destroy it.
    Thanks for the chance

  38. I would give it to my kids! I used to spend hours playing with Lego as a kid and want them to do the same :)

  39. Pauline Howatson says:

    We have three kiddies (10,8 & 3). Our gorgeous/mischievous 3yo loves playing with his big brothers Lego but ends up breaking everything up. The time has come for him to have his own stash of Lego to enjoy without having it taken away by a big brother when things get challenging! xx

  40. I would give some to my 4 year old daughter. She lives in a house of boys and Star Wars lego. Even though she does like Star Wars I know she would love, love, love some of the princess and castle themed junior lego.
    With such a great prize I think I’d have enough left over to share the love with our nieces and nephews too. We will be having Christmas together in the heat of the country so it always good to have something for the kids to play with in the a/c after lunch when it is just too hot to go outside.

  41. I would give it to my newly six year old girl who loves to make things!! Thanks

  42. Allison Bossii says:

    I would really love to give some new lego to my 6 yo daughter for Christmas. She adores playing with her lego, especially when Dad joins in. We have a gate on her room so little brother can’t come in & disturb her creations. She’s picked out 3 sets for Santa to bring but Santa can only afford one! My girl is crazy for lego!

  43. My 4yo daughter will receive this- hopefully it’s pink enough to deter her brothers and let her get some Lego play!!

  44. Jane Gaddes says:

    Such a wonderful prize!!! I would love to say I would give this to my grandson but since we both love playing with Lego, making our own fantasy world, spending hours together creating our own little Grandma and Grandson world that no one else can intrude,my special time helping building his mind…….I think the Lego will stay at Grandma’s house so we can continue hours of imagination play, being free and fun. That is what Lego is all about, and grandparents too :)

  45. caitlin jordan says:

    I would give the Lego to the kids Though they may have to fight me for it.

  46. My niece who is 5 and my nephew who is 7. They are both huge Lego fans and just like you said with your twinnies, the regular packs are a little too complicated for them sometimes. Would love to spoil th this Christmas.

  47. I would give it to my 7 year old grand daughter who is a lego fanatic…she has nearly all the ‘Friends” collection and spends hours building them…mostly unassisted, except when you say how clever she is, then she suddenly needs Nanny’s help haha

    She would absolutely love this and I’d love spending time with her, helping her spend the gift card…..the Lego Juniors set I would give to her baby sister, to start her Lego collection off….she’s not one yet, but has a built in wardrobe that it can sit in, till she’s old enough to transition from Duplo to Lego.

    Thanks for the chance to spoil the kiddos with some yummy Lego goodliness!


  48. With three kids in the house the lego will go to them – probably delivered by Santa!!

  49. My youngest two boys. Aged 6 and 5. They are massive fans. The eldest has a Lego book from Big W and he pours over it every day and makes a list of his favourites

  50. Catherine Lewis says:

    This would be great for my kids! My daughter would love that Plus Lego pack and then most of the money would go towards more Duplo Lego for my younger two kids! I might also put some of the money towards presents for my nieces and nephews. They all love lego! Thanks for putting together such a great prize in time for Christmas!!

  51. I will give this to my second daughter who is 5. She has had a rough year, recently being diagnosed with anxiety and depression. We are not medicating but trying different avenues and one of her favourite past times is lego building. It gives her imagination a positive focus and allows her to drift of into a world that is safe and just for her! I love Lego!

  52. Oh lego is so loved in this house too. If I was lucky enough to win the prize would be shared between my 3 kiddos. My twins especially love lego & still need help putting their sets together but the junior range would be perfect.

  53. I’d be using it for my two boys 6 and 4. They have only just discovered lego and thus only have a small set each so far. Looking forward to building on the collection!

  54. Cristina Hoon says:

    I would give the lego to my 4 year old daughter for Christmas. She is a big lego fan and has asked Santa for some lego this year! Progressing up from lego duplo would be great!

  55. i would use it for my seven year old who is a HUGE lego fan. He spends all his time creating, building, rebuilding and playing with his lego creations. He loves nothing better than playing with his lego and is often his first stop in the morning and when getting home from school. Thanks for this opportunity.

  56. Sophia Sahbi says:

    For my nieces Pippa 5 and Addison 4 who love Lego and are the ultimate dress up Princesses!

  57. Hi Corrie if i was lucky enough to win,i have 7 grandies who all love lego so this gift voucher will not be hard to spend at all,i have my fingers crossed,thankyou for a chance.xx

  58. My 3 year old son. His dad and I were both Lego obsessed as children and he he has just inherited his dad’s 40 year old set and taken to it surprisingly well. He loves it and it is our go to for quiet down time. He would be so excited to have some of his own

  59. I would put this straight under the KMART giving tree for Christmas. There will be so many kids who would relish a gift like this for Christmas :-)

  60. Both my girls, miss 18 months and 4..we don’t own any lego yet… And the first one I would buy is the totally awesome advent calendar! Ready for Christmas.

  61. My 3 year old daughter is not allowed to touch her big brothers lego (his words! ) so having her own set would keep everyone happy!!!

  62. Miriam Honner says:

    I will give it to my 4 little boys to keep them happy, occupied and….quiet!!! :)

  63. My eldest son, he has recently discovered Lego and we find it great for one on one time and quiet time so fantastic for the long waits we have been having while his little brother is back and forth from hospital and doctors visits.

  64. I would gift this to my daughter and husband. My daughter is 3 and they have recently been spending time together on the weekend doing Lego masterpieces. Its the sweetest and most adorable thing. I love that they are building special memories together and I know they will both love some new lego.

  65. My sons have been obsessed with their lego for years and still are at 9 and 11. Its now time to introduce my niece to this wonderful creation :)

  66. I have Mr 10, in the middle Little Miss 6 and Mr 3. Mr 10 & 3 have lego and Little Miss 6 LOVES to join in the fun. They all watch the Lego Movie at least once a week. I would love to see nothing more than Little Miss 6 sitting there with her brothers playing with her own Lego.

  67. I would buy some for my Curious Miss. She just turned three. Little Boy turned five last week and received a whole lot of Lego for his birthday so she is looking forward to having her turn. She would love these! Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  68. Leila Matthews says:

    I’d love to give as a combined present to my 3 youngest children who all love Lego!

  69. Any and all my children and granddaughters love Lego but the person who would receive this is Steve (husband of 36 years) who would buy some of the awesome architecture Lego.

  70. Amy Mcneill says:

    Will be giving it to my middle son, unfortunately with autism and being a little too young he is at that stage (6) where he is ‘SOO over’ duplo but too young to be trusted with lego yet so these are perfect for his age range!!

  71. Oh how cute and awesome that it comes in a Pink tub! My 5 yr old daughter would love this. It would be hard for her to keep from her 3yr old brother but it would be a great Christmas present for all my kids to share.

  72. Carol Zwickey says:

    Sweet – these will be shared with my niece she’s 5 and has two older brothers into the Star Wars sets, she LOVEs pink and we could share some time playing and creating with this wonderful set! Thank you for the chance!

  73. I will be giving it to my boys. They will play with it even though it is pink!

  74. I have to say I would love to win this for my grandson Thomas! Thomas loves building and mimics everything he hears and sees! He got the megablocks last year and just loves them……I believe he is ready for the duplo blocks this year! Thank you for the wonderful give-away <3

  75. I would buy some sets for my 3 girls (10, 7,3) to play together. LEGO is one activity they can all do together and doesn’t seems to cause fights! I love listening to their imaginative play as they create fantastic new LEGO worlds!

  76. cherry glass says:

    My little Georgie and his granddad spend many happy contented hours playing with Lego. Its a great toy for bonding because everyone loves it, the whole family can get involved.

  77. I would selfishly give this to my daughter. While I would love to say that I would be charitable and give it to some one who may not have much, truthfully I would keep this and watch my daughters joy at finding Lego under our tree.
    Thanks for the chance to win this great prize!!

  78. My 5-year-old LOVES Lego! And he is happy to play with the ‘girl’ lego too. As he says ‘Lego is for everyone not just boys or girls.’

  79. Carla Mason says:

    I would love the Lego Junior set to give to one of my girlfriend’s little girls!! And my 5 year old adores Lego – the hours of creativity and imagination that comes with Lego is priceless – especially on these hot Brisbane summer days!!!

  80. Charlotte E says:

    I would love to win this set for Little Miss 4 (going on 13) and use the voucher to buy her a Star Wars set too (yes she loves princess and sci-fi). She absolutely loves Lego but only has the one set from last Christmas and deserves a new one for being such an amazing big sister to her new brother (Master 5 months). Plus not only is it great to do together for Mother-Daughter bonding time but she also gets engrossed in it playing on her own, which frees me up to get all the household jobs done during limited baby nap times. I’m sure you can relate Corrie :-)

  81. Amanda Hargrave says:

    As a single mother of three amazing boys, one of our most favourite things to do together is empty the Lego box in the lounge room and spend hours creating together. As a mother with mental illness and living on the disability pension, my finances are extremely limited. I would love to be able to give my boys the first item on all their Christmas lists – Lego!

  82. Oh I would love to give it to my daughter. She has (after 7 years of solid saving every bit of birthday money) finally got enough to buy the Lego Friends Riding School and it is now unavailable or horribly expensive! This would enable me to help her out with that dream and also have a little extra to put under the tree :). Thank-you so much for the opportunity Corrie!

  83. Kristie Matt says:

    I’ll be giving the lego to my second youngest daughter – out of seven children she has yet to own her own bits of lego fun……well except the baby but she’d probably eat it 😉
    Lego is great for fine motor skills and expanding childrens creative thinking as well as giving them something to play with that has endless possibilities!

  84. I’d give it to my middle child, Katherine, who often feels like a middle child! All our Lego is boy Lego from her brother. She’d love some pink, girly Lego of her own.

  85. This would go straight to my number 3 girl Erin. The older 2 love their Lego friends but it’s a little bit tricky for Erin. Her younger sister still loves to play with the Duplo but it’s getting a bit basic for Erin. This junior range fills the missing spot, it’s just perfect for her!

  86. claire evans says:

    my daughter wants girl Lego so she can invite my sons super hero and star wars lego to a tea party with star wars. that’s what she put on her Christmas list.

  87. My two year old daugther in the hope it will keep that busy little mind of hers occupied once her baby brother/sister arrive in January!

  88. I would give this Lego to my two gorgeous girls who are 4 & 6. I’m so happy to see this Lego juniors range as they are a little past the duplo but do still struggle with some of the instructions with the older Lego. I just love watching (& joining!) my girls playing Lego. I love they way they happily work together to construct the designs & seeing their proud little faces showing off what they’ve made. Lego is such a wonderful toy!

  89. Ashlee Byrne says:

    With 7 nieces and nephews this would be the perfect Christmas gifts for them all .

  90. If give this set to my neice, who is always tricky to buy for! But this has her name all over it!!

  91. I would keep it at my house for my 6 grandbabies, so that I can play with them with something that will encourage creativity, imagination and help with their motor skills, and just so I can have the pleasure of doing something with them, and hopefully make some lovely memories for them when they are grown and have babies themselves xo 😀

  92. If I was lucky enough to win this, I would give it to my sister in law for her four daughters. They are aged between 3 and 9, and this would be a very welcome addition under their Christmas tree.

  93. I would buy Lego junior for my son Charlie! He is completing his first year of school & has coped brilliantly becoming a big brother 10 weeks ago. He would be over the moon about this as he is Lego mad!! Thank you!

  94. Dannielle Reichel says:

    Both my creative boys LOVE Lego. They will sit for hours making, breaking and recreating magic with their lego bricks.
    They are both superhero crazy (3 & 5) so the juniors would be absolutely perfect for them and would just make their day. My littlest loves princesses and pink. He is sitting on my lap begging for princess lego as I type =D

  95. Hello,

    It’s very kind of you to do this give away!

    I was going to write about how much I love the way Lego brings my 2 kids together to play, but I read the other comments and after reading the one from ‘cec says’ I would like to put my entry in for her and her daughter! :)

  96. My 4 year old daughter has just discovered Lego and I’m so excited about it! She’s my oldest, so we are just starting our collection.

  97. Ande Cummings says:

    Finally we are getting onto the Lego band wagon after having to put it off because of babies and knowing my girls are sure to leave it on the floor. This Christmas is all about Lego for my three girls, their Dad might be a little excited too. Lucky I have a Dyson I can suck up the Lego and hopefully retrieve it again. Please help us start our collection.

  98. Hmm.. the LEGO set might be a little little for my missy but there is always the possibility of making a bigger castle with her other bricks. And the voucher… I’d be using it on athe City Advent calendar and putting the balance towards the shopping mall or (if there’s no expiry) the Big Bang Theory range when it comes out! Miss A is a mega Sheldon fan!

  99. My daughters! They would love this. They are too big for duplo, but not quite ready for Lego. Lego junior seems perfect.

  100. I would love to give the juniors set to my daughter who is always trying to take off with her big brother’s bits. Then I’d use the voucher to buy more bulk packs to add to their collection.
    Great prize!

  101. I would be giving the junior lego to my almost five year old son as he has autism and I think the simpler instructions would be easier for him to understand ! We love lego here too !

  102. Charmaine Campbell says:

    I have a 4 year old nephew who loves to play Lego when he comes over, but my big boy gets upset when his precious pieces get destroyed. So I’d give this to my nephew for Christmas, he would love it, and is not one of those boys that will care about it being pink. He also loves to wear dress ups including traditionally girls dress ups such as Cinderella and The little mermaid, and insists on the high heels too!

  103. Therese Jeffery says:

    I’d give it to my lego obsessed three year old.

  104. I can hear the massive cheers and squeals of delight from my three children. Ranging from 3 to 10 they are the perfect age to be fully engrossed with Lego. Our son especially would benefit to help him fine tune his fine motor skills. And such a fun activity, he wouldn’t even realise it was part of his OT programme. And our girls, what magnificent castles and princess playgrounds they could create. I’m so excited I’d like to squeal with delight too.

  105. Ever since my 7yo grand-daughter found her Mum’s Lego tucked away at our place she cannot get enough of it. She has a very creative mind but that doesn’t stop her roping Poppy (me) into her projects. We have bought her some but it gets very expensive with us on pensions now. Would love to give my Princess a massive surprise with this.

  106. My twins will be 4 in January and for so long they’ve watched their older brother and sister receive Lego sets as gifts and have looked on longingly as they construct their new sets. Time for my twins to join the Lego club!

  107. We love lego too! I would gift a junior set to the kids waiting area at the children’s hospital ( we spend a bit of time there) as an alternative to watching TV or trying to find the meerkats! Cheers Bron

  108. My niece who is also my Goddaughter. Be nice for her to have her ‘own’ Lego that her older brothers aren’t allowed to touch….they’re so mean to her never sharing ‘their boys’ lego.

  109. What an awesome giveaway – I think you might get a ton of entries!

    The Lego Junior set is perfect for my four year old daughter – she’s ready for something beyond Duplo!

  110. Lauren Roney says:

    My husband and I often reminisce about our childhoods playing Lego with our brothers and sisters and now we have a daughter of our own I would love to start that tradition with her. This Lego set would be the perfect set to start our family Lego collection and many happy hours of family fun. Id love to give it to my husband and daughter xxx

    Merry Christmas to your beautiful brood

  111. Teresa Monsigneur says:

    We LOVE Lego at our house, too… My little Master 3 is almost past his Duplo days and is much more interested in Lego now. This would be perfect for him!

  112. Belinda Dunn says:

    My just 4 year old daughter! My other children have loved growing up with Lego and she would love to graduate from Duplo to ‘big girl’ Lego like her siblings!

  113. My youngest boy has aspergers and has recently discovered his older brothers Lego stash, I’d love to give him the Lego juniors range as he’s yet to own Lego of his own. This is the first toy he has been seriously “into” since he was a baby. Fingers crossed an thankyou for the opportunity to enter.

  114. To my 5 year old niece who has autism and doesn’t speak due to a verbal delay, but she is amazing at building all sorts of things with LEGO. The imagination really comes out through her building skills and she always looks so proud of herself :)

  115. Two bigger and two smaller Grandaughters…all love Lego. This would be so good for the smaller two who can’t quite manage the bigger girls sets = less squabbles and more quiet time!! Thank you for the opportunity. x

  116. I have got three grandchildren to choose from. Either of them would be very happy. :)

  117. My three beautiful children. Every time one of them has a birthday everyone says what do they like?, I say the same thing every year, LEGO. My husband and I bought the Megafactories dvd which shows how LEGO is made at the factory and they were amazed!!!. No other toy in history has the educational and value for money factor as LEGO. There is nothing better than to watch your children sit and play, use their imagination and look at their achievements, even if you do have to say “What is it?” :) We love LEGO :)

  118. My 3 year old boy just loves his duplo. Particularly the farm house, trucks and fire engines! He plays sleeping with his cars in the farm house! He’s not quite ready for the juniors lego so I’d save it for him for his birthday next year and use the gift voucher to buy more duplo for him for Christmas this year.

  119. My two boys absolutely love their lego…..They spend hours using their imagination and higher order thinking skills to create wonderful vehicles and buildings. No matter how much lego we are given, we never seem to have enough. We love to sit with them as they build their lego and discuss how we could modify it or build it differently. It’s great for their little minds!

  120. Nicole kent says:

    For little miss 5 this present will be
    But it won’t be under the Christmas tree
    Her birthday’s just before Santa gets here
    A double celebration at the end of the year!

  121. My littlest, number 4, as she is just at the stage of wanting to build from the manuals but finds it a little tricky. Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. We will be adding to our 5 year old son’s lego collection this year, regardless of if we win or not! His designs are amazing (to me!) and I’m encouraging him to aim to get a job with Lego in Denmark when he’s old enough. Thanks for giving away such an awesome prize.

  123. I’d love to win this for my nearly 5y old son. He is our eldest and a huge Lego fan. Unfortunately we don’t have much so he gets frustrated when trying to build a house or the like. We are also expecting our third child in January so this prize would be the perfect mother/son or father/son bonding time while the family adjusts to the new addition.

  124. I’d love to give this present to my 5 years old daughter. She has a natural inclination to build things and always collects scraps of paper, fabric or whatever she finds useful around the house to create something. So I think she would be extremely excited and proud of being able to build a Lego set by herself.

  125. Lego, the timeless toy!!! It was my favourite toy to play with growing up too, TBH.

    If I were to win this Lego prize, I would give the set to my daughter, and use the remaining amount to buy gifts to put under the Kmart wishing tree for those children that need a special Christmas present, and who need it more than we do.

  126. Fran Graham says:

    It would be going to my darling little 5 year old. She loves Lego (as does her father 😉 ) I still have all my lego from when I was a little girl! Its such a timeless toy.

  127. Would love this for my DD who will be 6 next month. She loves building and creating but has yet to have her own Lego Set. I was looking at the Lego Friends series but this looks even better. As a starting point anyways : ) A great classic. Plus it would be nice to have some pink LEGO in amongst the Thomas Lego and Duplo my son has LOL.

  128. Alina Griffiths says:

    My 4yo girl would love this. She is always building with her brother’s Lego.

  129. L~oads of fun-times
    E~njoyment all year round
    G~reat for teaching my twin boys to share
    O~ddly enough – without a sound!

  130. Belinda Kwan says:

    How fantastic! Perfect for little Miss about to turn 6. I struggle a little, with her birthday and Christmas in the one month, to find appropriate and not too expensive presents that I know she will play with.

  131. The Juniors set would go to a small child. Master 9 has been doing the complicated sets since he was five. He would get a share of the voucher. His cousin, a year older would have the other part of the voucher. She loves the Star War sets and it is quiet play for her when she needs a rest. The leukaemia puts a limit on physical activity.

  132. Rebecca Stamp says:

    I would give this Lego to both my kids to share. I have a Mr 4 & Miss 5. I just love the things they create together. It is so lovely watching them work together on a project and Lego is one of the only things they do collaborate on. Of course we are huge Lego fans here (isn’t everyone?!) and we have just started to move on from the Duplo. I have also got my kids the Lego advent calendars this year. Of course I had to get one each so we could have the City and the Friends one. Such a great idea rather than more chocolate. I was stoked when I found out about them.!

    As for the voucher, I’m not sure I would spend it on the kids! I have my eye on some lego for myself. I would love to put it towards the Lego Architecture Studio!

  133. I would love to win this for my almost 5 year old daughter. We are expecting baby #3 in a few weeks and it would be brilliant if she and her little sister had something new and challenging to keep them busy while I am thrown back into the world of living with a newborn:)

  134. Although I do love to play with my kids, I’m ashamed to admit that sometimes it can get a little bit boring (Can anyone say Groundhog Day?!) But I love playing with creative toys like lego, playdoh, colouring in etc… so I would buy lego for my four year old as he is the perfect age for juniors.

  135. To both my little girls, 6 and 4 years. They are massive LEGO fans. It’s also the only thing that Daddy likes to play with them so that adds to the appeal as well!

  136. What a fantastic giveaway!
    We have an almost 4 year old who doesn’t’ own any Lego of her own as yet and some entertaining alternatives would be great! There’s only so many vehicles you can make and decorate with a cardboard box (today it was a plane!), it’s really not that desperate but I know she would thoroughly enjoy a Lego collection of her very own.
    Thanks for the opportunity Corrie.

  137. Kirsty De Roach says:

    We have 2 boys 6 and 3 as well as a Daddy who are all Lego mad. Now we are expecting a set of twins in the New Year. So if we won the prize it would certainly be used for Xmas lego gifts which we could pass on through the 4 children ( maybe we’ll even end up needing some pink lego!!)

  138. Elise Harling says:

    I would give this to my son. He’s 7 and he soo loves Lego. Unfortunatley having no siblings, he finds much inclusion and creativity from Lego, it’s a great activity for him to play by himself and also with both parents. He tells us when he is 18, he will be a grown up and is going to Denmark so he can build Lego!

  139. Kathryn hosking says:

    I’d give these to my son, Mr 4. He got his first set for his birthday in June, and he LOVES making all sorts of creations. Yesterday it was a “hover-scooter”. Lego is the one thing that captures his attention for hours, so it’d be great to expand his little collection and his little imagination!

  140. I would give this set to my daughter. I want her to have the awesome memories of playing with Lego as I do. Plus it might just be something that she has in common with a special someone one day, just like with my husband!

  141. My four year old niece is a Lego fanatic. She loves to build things and wants to be a builder when she grows up. You go girl!!

  142. Marion de Rooy says:

    I would give the Lego junior to my grandbabies. I have 4 of them and they all love their duplo but are now ready to move up a level.

  143. I would give these great lego present to a fantastic family who are struggling to cope and need a bit of Christmas help. Thanks

  144. Andrea Grigg says:

    My beautiful little boy would love it!! I love it because it isn’t electronic!

  145. Denise Algie says:

    I would give this to my daughter. She absolutely loves to create and builds things and imaginary play. I loved Lego as a child and I would love to share the fun with my daughter.

  146. Sandra Mendel says:

    definitely for my 4 and 3/4 yr son. He is a Lego master and has already written a list to Santa with what Lego pieces he wants next

  147. Kirsty Jellings says:

    My son as he is a huge Lego fan & is so creative with it.

  148. Amy Foureur says:

    I will be giving this cute set to my niece because she’s a big fan of it. (That’s her latest catch phrase!)

  149. I would give this prize if I were to win to my daughter’s nieces who just love Lego and get so much enjoyment from building and playing with it.

  150. My god-daughter, her brother has a Lego set but refuses to let her play with it. She would be overjoyed to receive a Lego set of her very own.

  151. This would be great for my 3 children to share – they are 6, 3 & 2 – they all love Lego & duplo. The budget is particularly tight this year and we would never be able to gift this much to them – this would help us so much and be thoroughly loved and played with! Fingers crossed!

  152. Dawn Burgess says:

    I would give the lego to my great niece . I loved lego for forever, i have given it to my children, all my nieces and nephews and am now giving it to the next generation. I especially love the girl focused lego. I love it when i have to play lego with her, its like a time machine transporting me back to childhood or bringing back memories of my childrens childhood. Lego is for every age.

  153. Dimity Arnold says:

    I’d gift the LEGO to my almost 4 year old twins, their B’day is just before Christmas! :)

  154. My 4 year old is nuts about Lego – a new found love following gifts for his 4th birthday, so he would dearly love some more Lego for Christmas. As would any or all of my 2 nephews & 7 nieces or our other 2 little tikes.

  155. Leisa Furlong says:

    Even though I will probably regret the win when I am picking Lego sized pieces out of the carpet, my two rugrats would benefit from some shared Lego play time.

  156. My sweet miss 4 would love a Lego junior set for xmas. A little lego to call her own amongst all the big brother lego kits she is constantly told not to touch xx

  157. I would give this to my second son. It is his birthday next week and he will turn 5. This would be so perfect as the regular Lego is too hard for him to do by himself. (It’s not that bad though as mum gets to play with Lego too).

  158. I would give it to my darling nephew Lochlan. He is one of 8 kids, (his brothers are babies) and surrounded by girls. Being from such a big family he doesn’t often get Lego of his own. He would think it was the most amazing opportunity ever!

  159. I will be giving it to my son as he is obsessed with building and playing Lego Expecially with his dad !
    It helps a lot with his cognitive ability as he is a bit behind the other kids :))

    Yay for Lego !!

  160. I’ll give it to my daughter’s non-profit childcare. All the kids will love it as they don’t have many indoor toys to play with.

  161. Sarah Boyle says:

    I would give it to my 2.5 year old and 6 year old girls, who love using their imaginations when playing and creating. Similar to Abby above, they would be able to have a Lego set to call their own, and not be tempted to touch their older brother’s intricate creations! Thank you!

  162. My little miss who is 5 and loves Lego and castle and princesses and I am sure her 7 year old brother would also like it. We recently sent some of his Lego over to a little boy in Jakarta so that he could experience the joy of Lego.

  163. My mr 4 loves his Duplo Lego
    and I love how he creates and imagines a fantastic little Lego world.
    He would love to try some of the smaller ‘big boy’ blocks

  164. Hi,
    I would give the Lego junior to my second youngest son. It is something he would be able to put together by himself and enjoy. The rest of the prize would go to a Lego set for my 3
    older boys (inc my nephew that lives with us too) Baby boy isn’t old enough to enjoy Lego just yet… He has a tribe of brothers to show him when he’s ready. Lego is definitely one of the everlasting childhood toys.
    Thank you.

  165. This would be perfect for my 4 1/2 year old. His two older sisters have lots of their own Lego, and he desperately wants a set that is his very own, and that he can do “All by my self-ses.”

  166. My daughter, who’s nearly 7 would adore this, and her nearly three year old brother too – he has asked Santa for ‘big kid Lego’!! Lego always ends up as a family activity in our house, hubby and I are returned to our childhood memories of Lego, too!

  167. our son Samuel as he is loving LOVING Lego right now and starting to rebuild and read instructions (with my help). I really want to get him a train but it’s a horrid price!

  168. Andrea Bellina says:

    It’s for my 3 year old nephew. He’s obsessed with Lego and we hide in his room to play with his Lego police and fire truck together. He has Lego buzz from toy story which his mum doesn’t let him touch bc it can fall apart but I let him sneak a hold

  169. My two girls LOVE LOVE LOVE Lego, so I would be buying for them. They love Lego because it is fun…but I love Lego so much more. The development of their fine motor skills is the first reason, then we add problem solving when they try to figure out why something doesn’t work the way they think it should work, and the planning that needs to go into a new design. The maths skills they get from working with different size and shaped blocks, and even the physics and engineering that comes into play when building things that move. The hours of imaginative play when they connect all their sets and create mega structures. These are just some of the reasons why I love Lego and regardless of whether I win or not, my girls will be getting Lego this Christmas. Thank you Lego!

  170. Kathryn Phillips says:

    I would have to give it to my 4yr old son as he is loving all Lego at the moment and desperately wants to amongst his dad’s Lego collection

  171. My daughter. It would be her first Lego set, and it would be hours of fun for her, and for mummy and daddy!

  172. My youngest (and last) girl Daisy. Makes us laugh everyday. Keeps us on our toes! She watches the older two build with Lego and would love her own special set! Thanks

  173. My four year would love Lego junior!! She has just discovered Lego friends and though she really wants to be able to do it on her own, she gets easily frustrated and often abandons it before she has finished it. I think it would be so good for her be able to follow the instructions and complete the design ‘all by herself!!’

  174. this exact set may be hiding up the top of my cupboard in a suitcase as of 4 days ago waiting to be wrapped! How great are the juniors! Our 5 year old with disabilities has enough determination to be a big kid that duplo doesn’t cut it for him and poor enough fine motor that a lot of the other lego doesn’t work for him by himself (so lucky mum and dad like it also right!) Everyone in this house loves lego big and small so this would be a little tough. My phones camera roll is full of shots of lego sets the kids have loved in previous shopping trips tho to help me decide (just incase I buy them something as a surprise and I get the wrong one apparently!) were having extra kids on Christmas morning this year with some interstate nephews so I think I would get something as a nice group activity for Christmas Day – the Simpsons house for everyone or the Star Wars mini fighters maybe? Each could get one and we shoot little lasers at each other during the day – Lego and Star Wars is one of my favourite combinations ever and only the best aunties give Lego right?

  175. Lego is definitely a favourite in my home. If I won this I would give it to my middle child who loves Lego and has to watch his older brother follow the instructions. This junior Lego would be perfect :)

  176. Oh we do love Lego in our household !! Mr 4 has watched his sister get right into Lego and would love a challenge for himself. I do love how much of a confidence booster it is for our little ones to achieve the creations themselves. Go Lego for building up & encouraging our future leaders & designers!!

  177. I’m an early childhood education graduate and would love to win this to start off my resources collection. I’d be giving it to many kids for years to come. Coming from being a student means you don’t have much money to spend on this kind of stuff when you first start out!

  178. My hubbie’s brother & SIL were unable to have children of their own & have been growing their family via fostering (permanent guardianship). Last Christmas they were so fortunate to receive the best gift ever…..a little girl, a sister for their little boy. This ball of energy is now 4 four years old & is starting to really be aware that she is part of our big family & that big families mean lots of gifts for little people at Christmas. I can just picture her having lots of fun with this lego & of course her big brother (7 years old) would be giving lots of help & advice with assembly. Wouldn’t I be the favourite Aunty to come forth with this pressie !! :)

  179. I would love to be able to give this to my almost 4 year old son. With two younger siblings, he can get quite frustrated having to share everything all the time, and Lego is one special thing that he can do completely by himself, away from the other two. He absolutely loves building things with our duplo but this often gets broken (on purpose!!!) by his 2 year old brother…

  180. Under the school’s wishing tree, there is always someone relying on me.
    I don’t know their name, nor their face but I know there will be smiles at their place.

  181. This would go to my little lady. Cos she loves creating

  182. Wow Corrie, what a lovely gift especially at Christmas time! How will you ever choose from all the lovely stories above. I thought the nursing home where my mum is, as when our grandchildren visit regularly, almost every day now as Great Nanny Norma is slipping away, and it is hard to keep them entertained, You will love this little story ” we were there visiting on Monday with family. My little granddaughters who are 2 and 3 were singing a lovely song fo rGreat Nanny Norma. The nurses asked if they would go into the lounge room and sing for the other residents. Which they did with great joy. Towards the end of the song Elodie (2 yr old ) suddenly stopped singing and held her bottom and said in a loud voice ” I need to do a poo!!” The residents just loved the girls and the singing. ( but I would have to check with the nursing home if it would be ok to gift it to them for all visitors to use ) take care kind regards – Nanny Carol xxxx

  183. Mary-Anne Boustany says:

    My kids were surprised to know I played with Lego when I was a child. They are always asking me if it was different or what was my favourite thing to build and if my mum was always telling me to “keep all the Lego in one box” like I am always always telling them! It’s great to bond over Lego and I would buy more Lego to keep growing their collection; maybe we could even share it with their kids one day.

  184. My daughter’s best friend’s Mum is due to have her 4th baby any day now. Her husband was made redundant on Friday without warning. Her 3 girls (7-4) love Lego and I would love to give my good friends a pick me up after such a huge blow at such a time.

  185. Amie Taylor says:

    Hi Corrie, what a great prize. My mother in law was only asking me what I was going to get Sam for Christmas yesterday. She said why don’t you get him some Lego. I was like good idea. (He doesn’t actually own any Lego. Just duplo blocks) he is 6 in January so I think it will be a great time to start a Lego collection for him. Thanks.

  186. I’d love to win this for my little girl Poppy (turning 4 just before Christmas). She’s desperate to play with her big brother’s Lego but finds the instructions and teeny tiny pieces too tricky whilst Duplo is HEAPS too easy. She’s had a tough time this year with our family being apart whilst our son was in hospital for 7 weeks with a broken leg – just a few weeks after your poor big girl’s accident, Corrie :( – she was so brave and good during that messed up time, so a little bit of spoiling would be lovely!!

  187. I’ll give this to my eldest daughter – lover of princesses and lego = perfect combo!

  188. I would give this to my sons, and wow it would help with Santa shopping! Due to unforeseen circumstances we have no income and no real way to purchase our five children Christmas presents. The Santa sacks will look a bit skinny and starved this year, so this prise would definitely help to make a merrier Christmas …. Hohoho, merry Christmas

  189. I would give this to my six and 4 year old so that they can share the excitement of creating something together without mums help.

  190. My three and half year old Theodore has an imagination that continues to boggle me and he loves to build with his Duplo, so much so, we’re running out of bricks to build with! I know it’s early, but I think he would love to move up to Legos and the Lego Junior packs are a great starting point. Thanks for hosting another awesome giveaway!

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  191. This would go to my 4 year old daughter, she’s the baby of the house with 3 older brothers to keep up with! I love that they have made this for that in between age!

  192. What a fabulous giveaway so close to Christmas Corrie!
    We have a 16 year old boy & of course we kept all his old Lego sets but they are still too big for his soon-to-be 4 year old brother & he has just outgrown his own Lego Duplo so this would be amazing for us & we would use it get Lego from the big brother to the little brother :) Brotherly love is awesome as l am sure you are experiencing with your 3 boys!!

  193. Thanks for the giveaway! I would be giving it to my 5 year old daughter. While I know there is a little controversy around “Lego Friends”, I love it and so does my daughter. If she is able to follow the instructions and make it herself, all the better!!! It might even give me the chance to sit down for a minute and have a cup of tea :)

  194. Samantha Gonzalez says:

    My five year old, because lego is one of the few things that keeps her attention for more than five minutes!

  195. Margaret Whipps says:

    If I were to win this great lego prize I would give it to my cousins who are aged 4 & 5. They would love to work on it together and eventually share it with their sister who is 3.

  196. I would love to give this to my little niece. She has a few learning difficulties and Lego is great for using her imagination, interacting with other children. great giveaway thank you.

  197. I’ll be giving it to my Mr almost 4 who is a huge Lego fan and a huge fan of all things pink. But with a big brother there is not a single piece of pink Lego in the house. Nor a single set of Lego a 4-year-old can build.

  198. Caroline Kelly says:

    Things have been tough the last few years with some of our friends – the family moves around due to work commitments, two young children and limited resources due to one parent’s being unable to work due to injury for a approximately eighteen months. Obviously, budgeting is hard and with Christmas around the corner, I would love some LEGO to help the family spend time together and give the children something to foster their creativity and imagination.

  199. If I had the opportunity, I’d give this to my almost 4 year old daughter this Christmas.
    We’re expecting a little baby boy at the beginning of the new year and as you’d know, Lego is something that can keep little ones entertained for hours.
    It would help me as it’s a quiet toy she can play with while I run around the house or take care of a newborn but it will also be a great toy to have when we spend special quality together :)


  201. Definitely my daughter – disinterested in the Duplo, yet still finds the more grown up ‘Friends’ lego a bit too difficult to stay interested for an extended period of time. It would be great to fill that gap – and give Mummy a break from construction of the grown up Lego!!

  202. Twin nephews, this might help them to stop arguing!! Lego lets the imagination run wild, I can see lots of castles, dragons and moats .

  203. Maureen pilcher says:

    I would love this for my grandchildren who simply adore any LEGO..including the bags we have kept since my children were creating 35 years ago!!!
    It never ever goes out of fashion!

  204. I would give this lego prize to my sons daycare mum and I would spend the $120 voucher on my 3 year old son who is obsessed with lego at the moment. It would make a great gift for him to open on christmas morning.

  205. I would give this gorgeous Lego set to my daughter and spend the voucher buying more Lego for my son and daughter. My son received the Lego Juniors fire station for his last birthday and he absolutely loves it. My daughter loves to watch and tries to help. I know she can’t wait to get some of her own! I am currently 4 days over due with baby number 3 so some new Lego will be perfect to help keep them busy while I am feeding the new baby.

  206. A friend’s little 4 yr old girl is likely to lose their pet dog before Christmas this year. The lego won’t make up for it, but will be a lovely surprise. Easy to build will be perfect for her. My nephews and my own boys love their Lego too and the $120 can be split amongst them. Lots of enjoyment for all!

  207. Emma Halliday says:

    I would give to my twin girls to start their leggings collection. (And my journey of stepping on Lego pieces

  208. KeepCateBusy (Cate) says:

    I would give this to my 5yo as Lego is a great way to get her doing an activity with her 10yo sister (who has some challenges).

  209. What a wonderful prize. I would give this to my husband!! We have 13 grandchildren (oldest is just 11) and 7 of them are 7 and under. We have the old Lego which our own children played with as well as a few Duplo pieces. I find the older children are keen to work unaided, and Grandpa doesn’t always have the patience with the ‘babies’, so this may help bridge the gap and let him share his ‘new toys’ with the 4-7 year old grandkids. Congratulations, you are doing a wonderful job. Kind Regards.

  210. i would give it to my daughters and niece there age is btween 2-5 and it’s the only toy the actually play toghter without winning fighting or who is the best. I know it’s a pain to have more just because Lego hurts a lot when you stand on it but what would you do for 15 min of peace and giggles and cup of coffee for me

  211. jody buhagiar says:

    To give Lego to my brother, exciting
    he loves it so much, fun and inviting!
    His imagination runs wild and free,
    Hours of building and playing, you see.
    what an awesome prize,
    he would be so surprised!!!!!!

  212. It would be shared around in our house. Pink junior set to miss 4, GV would be shared on other lego sets for mr 3 & 5.

    We are lego mad in this house lol

  213. My MIss 4 (actually it’ll be Miss 5 in a couple of weeks!) is just discovering Lego, but being child number 6, most of her Lego is inherited from her brothers and sisters (and even her uncle, my little brother), so she would love to have something new to add to the collection that was just hers.

  214. This would definitely be a great gift for my daughter Lulu, she has a lot of self doubt as the only girl in the family with two wild brothers. This lego has her name all over it.

  215. Grace Koay says:

    I would give this Lego junior set to my little Miss 4. The men in this household, little ones and big, are Lego obsessed but not just any Lego, Star Wars, Chima, Harry Potter and everything boys Lego. There’s not a speck of pink in ANY of the sets. I think my girly girl deserves her own Lego and it’ll be the most PINK Lego she’ll ever own! Thank you, fantastic giveaway! :-)

  216. Working with children, I have seen Lego open up great possibilities. They form friends, share, create, use imaginitive play. The list is endless. I would donate it to my class :)

  217. Some for my daughter Annika who is is a big Lego fan, and would love a new set to keep her entertained on the upcoming holidays. Using the voucher I’d also buy a set for the kids at Bear Cottage Manly. I think it’s important my daughter realises how lucky she is and starts learning the importance of giving to others – especially at Christmas.

  218. Our house is over run with boys toys and some boys lego I would love to add some super cute girls Lego to the mix 😉

  219. Melissa Brownfield says:

    My four & five year old have just began to enjoy lego, they play for hours together, peacefully, which is amazing in itself 😉
    At the moment, they are playing with their older brothers sets and Lego Juniors would be fantastic for them.

  220. Dianne Whittle says:

    I have a dear friend with a gorgeous little 4 year old who would love this Lego from Santa. They have been doing it tough for the last year or so, so it would be lovely if I could do something nice for them and win them a little Lego Christmas cheer.

  221. Oh my giddy aunt!!!!! I have a big boy who has always been a lego fan and recently my 5 year old girl has become obsessed with “girl lego”” as she calls it. I love how lego can just consume their imaginative play and extend their concentration levels…..all things wonderful for their development but also wonderful for us that they play happily without needing us to amuse them.

  222. Your post is so inspiring (love those real life photos – the upside down girl had me nearly fall off my chair with laughter!) that I don’t suppose it would be okay to give it to myself? And then I would share with my kids of course. But I would be the Lego boss. I wish that I still had the Lego from my childhood, but my youngest brother got to keep it all!! I love that Lego spans all age brackets; my nearly 5 year old can sit with his three siblings and each child is as enthusiastic about what they are building as the next. Love it! I can’t wait for school holidays – we always have at least one Lego morning!

  223. Amanda Stevens says:

    I would give it to, my friends daughters. Their family has gone thru a lot over the years, including their first born being delivered still born. But thru it all my friend is the most loving and caring friend, mother and wife. xx

  224. I would love this set for my two middle daughters (aged 5&3) as their big sister is possessive of her set, and the littlest girl is still only 16mths, so they need something for them!!!

  225. If I won the Lego prize it would be going to my class. They get a bit bored on rainy weather and my faux lego just doesn’t cut it!

  226. Tracey Mayhew says:

    My little boy would be the lucky LEGO man to win this prize. As we don’t have any nanas and poppys left here on earth for him we always buy him a little pressie from all of them so he will know who they are and that they still love him – just from the stars. To win a lego spending pack would be a magical treat – four packs – one from each – and lego lasts forever – just like family does xx

  227. If I won the prize I’d be spending the money on my son as he loves lego. Even though he is 3 he loves his Lego motorbike and lego fire engine. :-)

  228. For my little knight and princess

  229. Kasey Evans says:

    My youngest daughter who’s 5 as she always trys to take her elestest sisters legos and insists she wants her own not to share with her sister!

  230. Nichy Nott says:

    We love Lego. I would have to spoil my big girl frankie for Christmas as she has just received her first duplo recently & loves it!!! Hours of fun.

  231. Corrallee Joy says:

    I would be giving this amazing prize to my two year old brother! Already he loves blocks and building cars for his toys, this would just be an awesome gift for him!!!

  232. I would give them to Miss Ruby we are travelling Australia and Lego keeps all the kids happy 😉

  233. I would give this to my son who is turning 6 2days before Christmas, lego has been on his wishlist since he got his first set last birthday, I think it would be great for him to have some lego that he dosent need help assembling as my hands are pretty full now with his new baby sister

  234. I remember as a child that my three older brothers and I could all connect and bond with each other, regardless of age difference, over creating magnificent objects with Lego. I want the same for my two children and their cousins and friends, of which I would dedicate this prize to.

  235. Hi Retro mummy I would like to win this Lego for my daughters aged 4 and almost 6 as they have both just discovered Lego and have been asking for it. I keep saying no as most sets are ages 6+ or even 8+ and I want to say yes Lego that is suited to their ages and abilities. I loved playing with my brothers set when I was younger and I hope my girls can have the same joy I did with Lego

  236. What a fabulous opportunity! My youngest son would be the delighted recipient of the Lego. We bought him a starter set last Christmas and most of the pieces have been commandeered by his older siblings…

  237. Andrea Easton says:

    I would give this lego to my 5year daughter and my 2year old and 3year old as they have just started to get into lego and we don’t have much so will be great to add to their collection :) and to have a product that they can all manage together would be fantastic :)

  238. Kerry Mellink says:

    I have just introduced Lego Juniors to my youngest son who is 3.5yrs. His older brothers are so into Lego and he is now not interested in Duplicate so I thought Lego Huniors would be a great way for him to be iinvolved. He loves it so he’ll be the one to get the prize!

  239. Tammy Crew says:

    I would be sharing this Lego Bonanza between our two youngest who enjoy Lego immensely. Lego is actually on the Christmas list! But I love Lego because like yourself I try & squeeze in a row or two of knitting in here & their. And with Lego, well, it’s just a home run!!!. Lol : )

  240. Hey Retro Mummy,
    I will be giving this to my two sons for Christmas as we are expecting a new baby sister any day now and I think they boys deserve to be spoilt a little as their new sister will be getting a lot of attention this Christmas!

  241. Christina Janson says:

    If I won I would be giving it to my daughter. She loves Lego but due to being on a tight budget we can’t afford to get Lego. She would love it something crazy. It would be a great as a downtime moment for her to. :)

  242. I’d be giving this to my little girl for Christmas. Tipping out the tub of duplo on our loungeroom floor is the only way I can keep her occupied long enough to have a five minute shower each day! Perhaps more duplo/Lego would equal more shower time?!

  243. I would give this prize to my gorgeous little niece as I don’t have any children myself. Thanks

  244. Amanda Dalrymple says:

    The Lego will be for my sons, William (8) and Jack (5). They are the reason for the smile that is on my face daily and I know I am the reason for theirs! It would be nice to all be happy this Chirstmas Season!

  245. Hi, I’d be giving it to my 5yr old daughter. She has tried Lego before but found it difficult (due to a genetic condition she spent over half of her current life in hospital so she’s a little delayed in her motor skills and gets frustrated and gives up). But this looks promising and very educational

  246. Emma Lampard says:

    I’d start a Lego collection for my little boy! It’s in his genes to love it, my 30 year old brother still does and my 33 year old husband is so excited to share Lego with our son!

  247. I’d love to use the voucher and the Lego junior kit for my son who is 5. When he was 4 he fell out of a 2nd storey window onto a concrete path below and thanks to God’s grace came away with nothing more severe than a badly broken collar bone. The way we kept him still and occupied for 6 weeks while his bone was healing was to introduce him to Lego… He instantly became a major fan and is getting so adept at reading the instructions and creating the pieces. He also loves to design his own creations. We may have a future architect on our hands thanks to Lego!

  248. If I were to win I would gift this Lego to my daughter. She loves to build with her blocks and love to pack and unpack little toys into bags so the Lego would be perfect. It would be great to have some Lego to occupy her as I recently have birth to her little brother (one day after your Lawson was born!) and always read that you pull out the Lego to keep the little ones busy. I could feed baby brother whilst sitting on the floor with her and her building materials!

  249. I would use the LEGO voucher for my son, who is 7. He loves LEGO, it is the one toy he will play with happily and without interrupting mum and dad.
    We desperately wants a LEGO train for Christmas, but he won’t be that lucky unless I win this competition.

  250. Corrie what a wonderful prize! I certainly don’t envy you in having to choose a winner!
    If I were the lucky one I would love to splurge on some of the little people in my life. My two nieces love lego – it’s amazing seeing the creations they make and then to see the way they create stories to go along with what the lego people are doing.
    I have two godsons too, both lego lovers, one recently entered an original lego creation into a country show and was so disappointed he didn’t win. it would be lovely to give them both some new lego for Christmas
    What a joy it would be to spoil these precious children for no other reason than because I love them and they give me so much joy!

  251. I have just handed my lego collection from when i was little onto my 5 year old, it would be lovely to add some new stuff to it! Its been awesome for helping him with his fine motor skills and we have been having such a fun time building things together!

  252. My nieces in New Zealand. I would only have to pay for postage :) We have enough.

  253. KatherineB says:

    Our darling daughter would LOVE some of her own LEGO. She has 2 BIG brothers who are 13 & 15 who understandably don’t want to share their LEGO creations with a 4 year old. She would be in heaven! Thank you.
    Get (their)


  254. My 4 yr old hasn’t really gotten into the lego craze yet as he finds them a bit difficult and I end up heving to build it so this junior range sounds perfect! Would be a great help for the fine motor skills and for following instructions on his own (although I’d be more than happy to help build :-)) Thanks for the opportunity for this wonderful giveaway.

  255. Mr 7 has only recently shown intrest in Lego due to poor fine motor skills, he loved his bigger blocks but is now ready for the smaller pieces, he would love this prize educational & fun win win I’d say :)

  256. Susanna Walker says:

    I would be donating it to the school to go in the annual Salvation Army Christmas Hamper for children less fortunate than my three kids:)

  257. I’d be introducing the 4 3/4 year old in my family to the wonderful, endless possibilities of Lego (Christmas and then birthday aren’t too far apart, so some for each occasion).

  258. Lego Junior would be perfect for my youngest. She has just turned 4 and spent her time at home today raiding her older brother’s Lego City collection and her older sister’s Lego Friend’s collection. Time for her own collection I think :)

  259. I’ll give the Lego to my youngest child HELENA, as being the smallest of three her toy box is filled with hand me down toys and not much especially given to her.

    • Actually I’ll retract my reasoning and say instead that I’ll donate the prize. I’m a bit embarrassed with my first thought of my youngest “missing out” with hand me down toys. It’s a sign that we have more than enough in our lives already. Good luck with the comp retro mummy!

  260. I would gift them to my two daughters. Bonding is an issue with these two with an 8yr age gap. Maybe some good old Lego could help them along. Who doesn’t love Lego regardless of age?

  261. With a master 4.5yrs and little miss ‘turning 3 tomorrow’ this Lego would be an awesome Xmas present to assist in their learning of patience (they certainly didn’t inherit any from me

  262. I would give this Lego set to my toddler who has recently become very interested in constructing and making different Lego creations. He has also started using his imagination when playing, which is so much fun and I think he would enjoy doing it with us and with his friends.

  263. I would get some Lego for my 6 & 7yo boys to share!!

  264. I wold give it to my daughter as she loves Lego and anything princess is high on the list, so she would love the set pictured.

  265. I would love to surprise my 4 year old for Christmas with the Juniors set, he is obsessed with Lego and only has his Duplo set which he is outgrowing and can now pass on to his sister. With a one year old in the house I am not quite ready for the tiny bits in the regular lego, Lego Juniors sounds perfect!

  266. Robin Campbell says:

    I would get it for my four year old daughter who has just discovered Lego and is always in trouble by her older brother for getting into his Lego.

  267. Helen Buttigieg says:

    My 3 boys would love Lego , they are 2 , 4, and 7 .. it will give them house of fun !

  268. Helen Buttigieg says:

    My 3 boys would love Lego , they are 2 , 4, and 7 .. it will give them hours of fun !

  269. Raelene Pugh says:

    Wow! I thought I would never get to the end of that comments list! Well here I am and I would be tempted to give this to my soon to be 6 year old gal as a birthday present as she LOVES lego -but actually I would give this to me 3.5 year old Chloe, as she hasn’t shown the same passion for building as her sister and this just might be the very thing that will light her fire!

  270. We love Lego in our house too. Miss 4.5 regularly plays with her lego duplo. We love seeing her creativity blossom and shine through her play. We would to surprise her on Christmas morning with some “big girl Lego” as she describes it each time we see the ever growing range at our local shops.

  271. Kylie Weinmann says:

    We love Duplo but my eldest is nearly 4, Santa would bring him some Lego juniors as he’s so ready for a challenge!

  272. We are lego obsessed at our place, Mr7 has been planning all year which sets he wants for his birthday in December and Miss 3.5 just wants big kid lego.
    Thank you for offering the giveaway.

  273. Miss 6, my daughter would be the recipient

  274. Amanda McKenna says:

    my mr almost 4 as he loves building lego with Daddy and miss 8 months loves watching them and ‘helping’!!!

  275. I will give this great LEGO prize to my niece who loves pink LEGOS especially the JUNIORS -easy to build range. This allows her to read the instructions herself and then build it all by herself without asking for help from anyone. The end result is a confident ,super happy and busy girl . I just want to add more LEGO sets in her collection.

  276. Allison Kingham says:

    Id give it to my Paige Ann-rose,
    who is four, and LOVES to create with Lego,
    sh’d be OVER THE MOON have some in pink n purple,
    …..that her big brother wouldn’t spoil.
    Tho I know she would share,
    .. well….. eventually
    then there’d be LEGO mayhem –
    creating play and fun!
    just as it meant to be. :)

  277. I have four gorgeous granddaughters (between the ages of 2 and 7 years) who would absolutely love this new junior lego….they play lego all day long at home (the very big lego and try and have a go with their older brother’s little lego (which really is very difficult for them).
    I would so love to have some junior lego for them to play with when they come to visit grandma.

  278. Natalienat says:

    What a fantastic giveaway!!
    My Miss 5 year old looooves Lego, but like your twinnies, she struggles a bit with the “big kids Lego”. This set would be just perfect for her little fingers and big imagination

  279. I have 4 boys, the older 2 are 11 and 8 and have moved through the Lego ‘ranks’ to Star Wars varieties, so I don’t have them in mind for this gift! My 3rd sweet son is 7, and has ADHD, so he has a number of struggles in his little world. Finding activities that he engages with are important not just for him, but give the rest of us a short break from keeping our eyes on what he is up to! He would love this, and it would give him an opportunity to build with my youngest son, who is nearly 3. They are starting to play together more, and I’m doing all I can to provide activities that will work for both of them. If you’ve read all the way to here, thank you, and may you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas. Xx

  280. Natalie Heymans says:

    even though the age range for LEGO Juniors is 4+ I would love this for my 3yo son. He has Duplo but is enthralled by the bigger LEGO projects such as helicopters. I would also love to get the LEGO advent calendar for him and my niece and nephew, it’s super cute!

  281. Fiona Hudgson says:

    I would love to give this to my daughter! She is living in the shadow of her brothers city sets- which most people think of as a gift for him… But she tends to not given any except what we buy her, hence she has serious lego envy!

  282. Sue-Ellen Moore says:

    I would give it to my 3rd child, Claire. She loves Lego. It’s great for their co-ordination and simply she enjoys it so much. Thanks

  283. This would be wonderful for my children who are 7,5,4 and 1. One of the only ways i manage to get some housework done is by bringing out the lego for our children. It keeps them happy and occupied for a couple of hours. I love seeing their creations when they have finished playing.

  284. I’d give this to my two middle daughters. They’re often eying their brother’s stash and while they’re happy making princess and the occasional weapon from his Ninjago/ Chima set, I’m sure they’d love this one. With the cash, I’d like to get some Spongebob lego. My kids recently saw the show and I think it’d be a good gender neutral set with some interesting pieces for them to create their own masterpieces! Thanks for the giveaway.

  285. We are still on Duplos with my two here (4 year old girl and almost 3 year old boy) because I think Legos are still a bit them but these Lego Juniors sound like a great compromise. They’d be for both of them. My little man is younger but he’s already pretty good at building things so he’d love those too :)

  286. My 4 year old son. He is loving the Batman lego at the moment and I have already purchased some for him for Christmas. I would love to get him some more as it’s something that is really holding his attention at the moment.

  287. I would give the Lego to my own twinnies who are about to finish their first year of school too

  288. Natalie Foster says:

    I would love to win one of these Lego junior boxes for my beautiful daughter Piper who is four. She would dearly love a brother or sister for Christmas but that doesn’t seem to be happening so maybe some Lego to play with mama might be a good substitute :)

  289. Rachael Lorenz says:

    I know a little pterodactyl (dinosaur) girl, who loves to make things from Lego at her friends houses, and who always plans ahead ideas what she will make based on her imagination merged with the Lego series of DVD’s. If I won this wonderful competition I would give these beautiful fun legos to my little daughter. I can’t imagine the amazing creations they will inspire her to build.

  290. Catherine clowes says:

    My daughter had just started playing with Lego but currently the only Lego we have is an old set of Star Wars Lego which I brought for hubby way back when we were teens. My daughter and hubby play with this set ever night when he gets home from work – building and rebuilding space ships. I think my daughter would just love the castle kit you’ve for up for grabs – and how cool would it look surrounded by space ships?!

  291. Love the junior range perfect for my little 4 yo. Great to see some girly options after all the years of boys designs ( still love the NASA play set lol)!

  292. My lil man who is almost four. Hes starting to develope a liking for lego and building things and this prize would allow him to have his first lego set amd let his imagination run wild with what to build next.

  293. Regan Koczorowski says:

    Not sure who would enjoy this the most my 5 year old or her father! I know which one I would put my money on….but hey sure they would build it together and that’s the best thing for a mother to see. Daddy daughter time in my house it is a rare occasion due to hubby job.

  294. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. I would be gifting it to my daughter as she is in the perfect age group (5). She just got her first lego set on her birthday so this would be great to add to the collection!

  295. Anna Thompson says:

    I have two creative and imaginative girls (5 and 7) who adore building and exploring with Lego. Anything that exercises their minds and fine motor skills is an absolute winner! Plus I can play too……… :)

  296. I’d love to give this to my niece, who loves building lego. And I may just sneak in a little Harry Potter lego for my own collection!

  297. Amy Moorhead says:

    i would love to give this to my daughter Holly! she’s only 3 weeks old, but you’re never too young to love Lego I think (or to brainwash your kid into loving Lego from an early age, lol!). I would love for my daughter to grow up having hours of imaginative fun, creating stories and adventures with her Lego like I did as a child. And what a great first Christmas present too!! (Obviously she will have to grow a little more before she can really play with them)

  298. Ashley Burke says:

    I would give this prize to my new preschool I have just started working at. The 4/5 year old children love building with the duplo everyday and the smaller lego pieces in the juniors set would be wonderful to spark imagination and creativity, develop fine motor and manipulative skills as well as problem solving and mathematical thinking skills! Imagine how excited the 20 four to five year olds would be with this prize!

  299. I’d give this to my daughter, although I’m pretty sure my husband would love it just as much. Might be a nice activity they can do together :)

  300. Yay I would give this amazing prize to my little girls, they are ready for a new challenge and will be happy to hand the Duplo over to their Baby Brother.

  301. chanoa paget says:

    oh man! we have 4 kids who have lego high on the christmas wish list!! This would be a family set but also the gift voucher will mean they may actually get Lego for christmas this year! I’m not quite sure we could don4 sets this year so this would certainly make it doable!

  302. SANDY HORSFALL says:


  303. I would love it for my 3 year old son. He loves building things and is always trying to steal his older sisters Lego. Great Comp!

  304. Hi Carrie – I’m not one to usually enter competitions but the child in me saw the word lego and was sold. I completely agree with you Lego Juniors is a brilliant new range filling the much needed gap between big lego and duplo. My son turns 5 on 21 December and is slowly getting used to waiting all year to receive both birthday spoils and Christmas fun. This year we have the added anticipation and excitement that baby #3 will be joining us in the world anytime from December 15! And whilst I am trying to be completely organised I still have to organise a small gift from the new baby to older siblings as well as a Christmas gift for my big boy. My poor Master soon to be 5 will most likely miss out on his own special birthday this year (depending on baby’s arrival and if mamma is back from hospital in time to celebrate), so this would be a much loved special gift for my big boy which will keep him happy and entertained whilst mamma is stuck near a couch over the upcoming summer holidays. Best wishes to your beautiful family for the upcoming Christmas season! Definitely my favourite time of the year and soon we will have 2 Christmas babies to mark a double celebration.

  305. Catherine vormister says:

    Would live to give this to a local charity for a child to get a present for Christmas that they wouldn’t normally get.

  306. I would definitely spend this money on my beautiful girl Daisy. I would spend the money on her as she is about to start big school next year. She will be going to a school where she doesn’t know anyone as we have recently moved. We have chosen to send her to our local catholic school but it is still out of our area where we live. We recently moved into our own house which is amazing but we had to move one week after my husband had to go to Sydney for 6 months for a work rotation. We only get to see him on the weekends and even then maybe for only 24 hrs. Daisy understands this but I would love to get her some LEGO so that when her dad comes home on the weekends they have some special Dad and daughter time playing with LEGO, ( her dad is a big time LEGO fan and just want hers to play with him. IF the LEGO was princess themed it would be even more enticing for Daisy!
    Thanks for the awesome chance to win!

  307. My twin great nieces, fabulous fun for them both and for the older members of the family, we all love Lego!!!

  308. I’ll be spending it on buying lego toy sets for the kids who requested for ‘something’ lego at a children’s home. Every year at work, we pick a number of kids from the list provided by the home and we each buy at least one present for at least one child. With this $150, I’m sure I’ll be able to make a lot of underprivileged kids very happy!

  309. My son and nephews (2, 4 & 6) are all big lego fans so I would spoil them for Christmas!

  310. Renee Ballantyne says:

    My niece as she would get hours of fun out of this

  311. My girls aged 3 and 6 would love Lego for Christmas!

  312. My 4 year old son. I’d been thinking about getting some Lego for his upcoming 5th birthday but didn’t think he was quite ready but Lego Juniors is great. I think he would really enjoy it and it’s fantastic way to transition from Duplo to Lego.

  313. My 4 year old granddaughter Izabelle as she loves playing with LEGO at my house and it’s time for her to have her own to play with! :)

  314. Teena Lewis says:

    My daughters both love lego and they love that their dad spends heaps of time playing with them and encouraging them to build wonderful things!

  315. My little girl, 3 and little boy, 2, are just starting to get into blocks. My little man loves to build trains and drive it all over the house! This would be the best prize to win this close to xmas!!

  316. Oh if I were lucky enough to win I’d give this to my girl twinies who are also close to finishing kindergarten. They love lego and I’ve noticed they’ve really come along in interpreting the instructions the past couple of month. The voucher would be put towards a lego mindstorms kit for my 9 year old son who has a massive talent for programming. The extended family are all putting in for a combined birthday and christmas present as it’s such a massive investment. Something to look forward to with Finn in a couple of years! Though I’m hoping my girls get into it too.

  317. Wow! This would be absolutely loved by my 3 kids! Well all in good time by my 6 month old but my 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son love the lego / duplo they have and spend quality time together playing with it. Their imagination runs wild as they build and create stories to go with it. Lego Jnr sounds perfect as we don’t feel it’s safe to move onto the small lego with the baby about to get moving around the house. Daddy loves spending quality lego time with the kids too!
    Thanks Corrie!

  318. To be honest, its not like my 3 children need more lego, they have quite a lot of duplo, and my 5 year has started playing with Friends lego. Nor are we short of a dollar to actually buy it on special occasions.

    While discussing XMAS lists with my 5 year old on Sunday, I started explained why their is usually a Christmas tree out the front of many department stores around the December period. She finished my sentence for me, explaining to me, that many families don’t have money for presents at Christmas. We both agreed it must be very sad for these kids to wake up to nothing. That’s who I would like to give this Lego to. Someone less fortunate than our family. Someone who may have never yet had the opportunity and joy of building a Lego set. Donate it to the Salvation army from us. thanks .

  319. Charlotte S says:

    What an amazing prize! I’ve never met a child who won’t get into Lego if given the chance :)

    I would LOVE to win this as the little boy I look after is Lego M-A-D and is so amazingly quick at it that he can put a small set together in no time flat… that gift card would be perfect to buy him a bigger set that might take at least half a day !!! I think I would take him to choose a big set for Christmas and then he could put the LEGO Juniors set under the wishing tree at Kmart or Target, as giving is the biggest part of the season and I think it’s important to remind small people of this!

    Thanks for the chance, what a wonderful gift this will be for someone!

  320. Michelle V says:

    L ittlest daughter
    E veryone tends to (unintentionally) forget about
    G ets this prize with
    O ut a doubt!!

  321. Katrina Corbett says:

    That would be my daughter. She LOVES Lego and is constantly laying with her Brothers. This can sometimes cause arguments so having her “own” Lego would help keep the peace at our house.

  322. Julia Mason says:

    I will be giving this to my gorgeous little Daughter as I love her to bits, cause she’s my whole Sky!

  323. My little miss 5 would love this awesome gift! She adores her big brother and loves to ‘help’ with his treasured Lego, but it is just that little bit too hard for her. Lego juniors would be the perfect bridge and Master 7 would be more than happy to assist with big brother duties and play with her! :-) Thanks for the chance to enter! xx

  324. I would give it to my 3 and a half year old who fancies himself as quite the master builder. He can spend ages working on his creations and has the best imagination. He loves mini figures and everything Lego related – except packing it up !!!

  325. I would give this Lego to my son. He loves building with Lego and has quite involved dramatic play scenarios taking place. It’s great – it’s helping his motor skills, cooperation skills (in building with friends and family), imagination, problem solving and critical thinking skills. And it’s fun!

    He’s always short of female Lego mini-figures, so the Lego Juniors set shown in your article would be perfect!

  326. I would buy lego for my 4yo who is obsessed! We even have to watch lego video clips!

  327. dea peardon says:

    Hi retro mum this would make an amazing gift for my 6 year old twin boys and little girl she is their little shadow follows and copies them at everything!

  328. roslynclaire says:

    My 7 year old son would love some lego. He has duplo from when he was little but lego is so expensive that we haven’t upgraded. I want to see his imagination burst with new and fresh creations. Thank You xx

  329. i would give it to my 6 year old daughter, who loves all things lego. it’s amazing what imaginative things she can build with it. aswell as follow the instructions on the set’s.

  330. vicki edwards says:

    My niece who loves Lego (she loves playing with my son’s) but doesn’t have any yet

  331. I would give this to my 4 year old son who is completely obsessed with Lego. He turns 5 a week after Christmas and is having a Lego themed party. This would be the perfect surprise for Christmas/Birthday.

  332. I gather this closed on 18 Nov (even though it only appeared on my feed today), which is sad because I’d love to have entered for my 5yo. He’s just transitioned from Duplo and he loves to try to build the sets himself – this set would give him such a sense of accomplishment to finish. Might have to keep an eye out for it in the shops.

  333. Amy Briggenshaw says:

    I would give it to my little sister. She loves Lego just like I did when I was young.

  334. Mikka price says:

    My son chilli, he is Lego man crazy and owns over 20 but it’s never
    Enough when do you
    Ever have enough Lego.

  335. Jodie Koeleman says:

    My 4 year old twin boys would absolutely love their own Lego. They’re currently using their father’s 25 year old ‘retro’ bits and pieces. And whilst Lego really do stand the test of time and imagination, a set to call their own would be fantastic!

  336. i wold give this gift to my only child my baby boy who is seven he has earnt a gift like this by dealing with his dads change of becoming disabled and it is somthing they can do toghether as my husband can no longer do outside stuff like cricket or kick a ball

  337. Cassandra Liplyn says:

    I would give it to my 4 yr old son, who is in love with lego and just started really playing and using his imagination

  338. Margaret Harwin says:

    I would give this to my grand daughters to start their love of Lego like we all have in this house.

  339. Janna Cleverdon says:

    I’ll be giving it to my 5yr old daughter! She loves lego but also struggles with the older ones that her 8yr old sister gets! This would be perfect for her!!! We love lego here too!!

  340. Kersha pope says:

    I would give it to my 5 yr old son. He loves his Lego and can get very creative. He calls the intructions recipes :-). Lego juniors will be perfect for him because he does need help with the bigger projects which is sometimes hard with a newborn and 3 yr old unless daddy is home.

  341. I would love this for jason currie he is 7years old and his birthday is in January too he just loves leggo but his mum is not well and cant afford to buy him any as they dont have that kind of money and he never complains

  342. Mellony Burke says:

    I would buy my 3yr old and 7yr old some lego juniors. They both absolutely love playing lego. It is one activity that they do together where they dont fight. They both love the construction, fire and superhero lego. It is such a great activity for them to do and they have so much fun using their imaginations building different things all the time

  343. Jessica Wood says:

    I’ll be giving this to my five year old son Zak, who lives and breathes lego and is the quiet and creative type. He has sat for hours on end building since he was 3! Even his advent calendar is lego!

  344. I loved LEGO as a child, I spent many hours building the sets, breaking them down again and then mixing them with other sets to build something completely new! I would love to get some LEGO for my daughter and give her the gift or creativity!!

  345. I think we will share it,
    The kidlets and I.
    They can have it on Mondays,
    And the rest it is mine!

  346. I would love to win this amazing prize to give to my little four year old. He has just discovered the enjoyment of Lego & it is something that we share together. It makes for a fun bonding time when his little brother is in bed. He has started his own Lego corner in our back room & I love standing in the door listening to him as he talks away to his Legomen. What an amazing prize, I’m sure whoever wins will cherish this pack as much as we all have with the Lego from our childhoods!

  347. Stephanie says:

    I would love to win this wonderful Lego prize for my daughter. She absolutely loves block building with her Dad and this would make another excellent tool for some special Daddy Daughter bonding time. :)

  348. Ruth Marsh says:

    Both my boys love Lego but Mister 3 is obsessed with any Lego and it is always spread all over the floor in his room and makes it way into the living room! I am sure he would share with his brother (5) as they share most things and play together.
    Batman, Spider-Man and Star Wars are the favourites at the moment.

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