busy, busy

I know I’ve been really quiet on here but there has been so much going on. I’ve been making some fabulous lists before the baptism on Sunday. I love lists and ticking things off. I also love time plans, oh I love to do a time plan for the night before and big day and divide up what needs to be done and put down essential things like have shower, get ready, start sandwiches. Do you do time plans? I mean why not write down everything that has to be done around the house……….and then leave it until the day before. That sort of thing. But I think we are on track. I did the costco shop this morning for a few things….

Got out some glass bowls and crystal for the lolly buffet….first time I’m doing one but excited and also grateful that when my mother in law downsized that we got some crystal and glassware that I didn’t think I’d use but is now absolutely perfect. Also glad for those blue mason jars that I had absolutely had to have and have been living in  my pantry since easter.

Done the party store for a few blue and white decorations and plates and things.

The candle arrived in time despite my last minute order and also a sweet little bracelet that I had made up for lawson with a little medal of Saints Peter and Paul on it. What an etsy find to find a lovely lady in Australia making these gorgeous bracelets and rosary beads. Just because you’re the 6th doesn’t mean you can’t have a few little new things.

everyone’s outfits are out,  the dress is out and last minute sandals and shorts were purchased for children who keep growing on me.

Tonight I’ll be getting stuck into the housework so I can tick them off the list and get ready for Sunday. And I promise to be back with a few happy snaps of little lawson’s big day………


  1. That bracelet is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see the pics from the big day x

  2. Thanks for the tip about the jewellery lady. I’m sure you’ll all have a lovely baptism day, blessings for Emerson and congratulations to mum and dad!

  3. Oh my goodness as soon as I pressed post I know I meant Lawson – blessings for him as well!!!!!

  4. I can definitely relate to the writing of time plans, I have multiple lists up around my house describing different routines and schedules for our busy mornings and evenings! I’d feel totally out of control otherwise! (We have baby twins plus two others under school age).
    Best of luck for the big day on Sunday!

  5. anne seery says:

    Hoping the day is wonderful, Corrie……..Many blessings for dear little Lawson ♥

  6. Love the blue and white and that crystal will look gorgeous as a lolly buffet. I keep mental lists and then a tick list onto countdown. Having worked in events I appreciate the beauty of time lines and also help if others want to know what they can do to help…although my main man prefers to NOT see my lists anymore lol :)

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