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If you’ve ever bought or sold a home then you know what’s involved and right now it’s the busiest time of year for buying and selling. You have to get your house looking nice and clean, maybe a fresh coat of paint, get the clutter out to make your home look spacious and that no kids live there. Just kidding. No, but you know what I’m talking about. The show home look lasts about 10 minutes and selling houses for us has been stressful because of the cleaning that is involved before each inspection. It’s a whole new level of clean.

And when you buy a house it looks good, everything looks nice on the surface, you do your pest and building inspection and expect a few things but nothing major and you really hope for no termite damage.  You might have a few jobs that need doing but you buy the property, move in and if you’re like us you don’t get the jobs done until they really need to be done.

When we moved in here it had been years since the property had been treated for pests and termites. Living on a few acres surrounded by bush and with lots of wooden fencing everywhere means that this really should have been a priority for us.

And it’s probably something you need to do now too especially since summer is prime time for termites. And if you’re like me and have no idea what to look for then read this list of signs that termites could be at your house. I didn’t know this but we should all be having our house inspected for termites once a year. So the opportunity to have my house treated for termites and other household pests as well as the home of one of my readers for a year was too good to pass up. And if you’re like me and worried about chemicals (we don’t even keep fly spray at our house!) then don’t worry, Rentokil’s new termite solution is free from harmful chemicals so it’s safe to use with children and pets.

So up for grabs I have a one Year Round Protection Plan (valued at $695) from Rentokil for your home which means you can have an inspection, have your house treated for 35 common household pests (which thankfully include cockroaches and mice which are house guests at our place right now) and have 12 months protection. They will also offer advice on prevention too and you can call and have other service visits if necessary which is all included in the plan.

All you need to do to enter is share your funniest/creepiest/scariest pest story.

Mine happened just a month ago. We thought that we inherited cockroaches with this house and a few cute bunny rabbits. I had just come home from the hospital and planned on sleeping on the couch for a few weeks till baby settled in. So I’m feeding the baby, watching a bit of TV and it’s after midnight. I hear a little rustle and noise behind the toy tubs. Mmm too big for a cockroach. Hear it again. Then I see a small furry creature scuttle across the floor. It was a mouse! I raced upstairs to wake retro daddy and hid out there for a while.

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  1. We had an early traditional Christmas dinner ie Turkey, by evening everyone was feeling peckish. so I offered to make rounds of turkey sambos. As everyone was sitting around starting their little feast, my Mum asked me if the Turkey was all gone.
    So I went to kitchen and carried the plate with carcass to show show her, when out pops a little mouse (having his christmas dinner) . THis was followed by a shower of bread and turkey from our “not so hungry anymore”guests. MORTO

  2. When we were in our last home in Adelaide I was in our lounge room and noticed a mark on the wall near the skirting board. Looking at it closer it looked like sand and I noticed a little bug crawling around. My 8 year old son looking over my shoulder piped up, “that looks like a termite!” Immediately my heart sank and within a couple of hours we had the pest control company outand it was indeed termites. Luckily we had caught them early and there was only very minor cosmetic damage. Thank goodness for my son though, without his bug knowledge I may not have been onto it so quickly!

    As a total side note, the outlook from your home Corrie is stunning. A couple of those photos are Country Style worthy!

    • Oh wow! Lucky you got it quickly . I’m very nervous that we are going to find termites! It is lovely here but the septic system is playing up again and was overflowing on the weekend which isn’t too pleasant

  3. Just last week I was happily sleeping away. I heard something fall from my bedside table which was strange. I love to sleep though so decided to ignore it. Then I felt a presence of something – just as my husband leapt out of bed to turn on the light. There was a freaking possum and it’s baby on my bedside table. It had come through the space between two plantation shutter blades. Who would think it could fit through there. Some expletives were delivered by me. My husband was sort of pleading with me for an idea of how to get rid of it. Luckily shoo-ing it and angling the shutter down for it to climb through worked. Just to clarify, we live in the Inner suburbs of Sydney – nothing rural about us.

    • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh possums are best kept outside the house! we’ve always had possums in sydney but thankfully I can see them through the window! they love our rubbish bins! You have officially freaked me out!

  4. Not entering the contest because I live in Canada but have to share this story. We have a compost container picked up by the recycling/garbage crew every 2 weeks. I looked in to throw in some kitchen waste when I saw two eyes staring at me. A young racoon who had happily eaten his way to the bottom. So I decided to put the lid down and go to work – got home and he was still there – I planned to tie a rope to the container and attach it to the car – not wanting a bite. My daughter (much braver than me) calmly tipped over the container – opened the lid and jumped away. The racoon took off and never got stuck again.

  5. Are possums pests? We lived in a rural cottage for a few years, and (unfortunately) shared it with some possums. They lived in the roof, mostly, and sometimes we would hear them inside the walls. One Christmas eve, Maxx and I were sitting quietly, watching tv when an almighty crash came from the bathroom. When we went to investigate, we found the vent cover had fallen from the ceiling and a possum had surprisingly found himself in our bathroom. We ushered him outside with some towels.

  6. Last year on a breezy summer afternoon our pet pooch had pushed our screen door wide open, when i went to close it 5 minutes later I was greeted by a HUGE blue tongue lizard! My goodness I have never moved so fast in my life, the problem was the kids and I were too scared to touch him, so he happily wandered around the house while we stayed up on the couches and the kids were even on the kitchen bench until help arrived.
    Every year he turns up in the garden and every year we re release him to the creek. We found him in an old couch in the garage last week, I guess he really likes us, but I really wish he would find another lady to torment 😉

  7. Waking up in the middle of the night I soon realised it couldn’t be a burglar as whatever it was was making way too much noise. Hank our Mastiff had encounter a possum. It came off second best and I was left with cleaning up the remains YUCK!!!!

  8. When my parents Labrador was a puppy, she decided to climb up onto the shelf beneath the coffee table & do a pooh on Dad’s Melways lol
    Of all the places, at least she didn’t do it on the carpet!!

  9. Earlier this year, we bought our first house and the first thing I noticed was that the lemon tree in the front yard was COVERED in stink bugs! I decided we’d need to cut it down.

    I think on our second or third night in the house, I was in bed staring at the ceiling and could hear a crackling noise coming from the light. I thought maybe it was some electrical wiring we’d need to fix. It got louder and louder until I heard something drop onto the quilt. Cue mt screeeeeam! I jumped up, turned the light on to find a fistful of stink bugs had crawled through the ceiling, down through the light and had landed on the bed! The light and the screaming made them fly around and start spraying their horrible stink! Worst night ever!

    Needless to say, I slept in the spare room for about a week after that and we chopped that tree down the next weekend! Blech! So gross!!

  10. Our old dog really loved chocolate and could sniff it out a mile away. Sister in law was over for a visit, with a bag of those solid mini-Easter eggs in her handbag that she hadn’t zipped completely up. Anyway, time came for her to go home and when we went into the front room where she’d put her bag, there was a trail of coloured foil across the room where the dog had taken the eggs out one by one, nicely unwrapped them and eaten them. Funny at the time, as she’d so cleverly unwrapped them all and was so quiet and sneaky about it too. And she was ok after eating all that chockie too……doggies not being allowed to eat it and all.

  11. We had a possum fall down our chimney…goodbye lovely new curtains, carpet and sofas !

  12. Many years ago before I married it was Christmas Eve and I was alone in the house. A tiny mouse ran across lounge room floor and jumped into an enormous vase of Christmas bush which Mum had picked.

    Not as pleasant. we had a bush property and the bush mice liked being inside in the winter. We arrived one night late, in the dark. I opened the door and stepped inside as I turned the light on. I had trodden on something. Dead mouse.

  13. Oh man … living in Queensland, I have heaps of pest stories. Here is probably the funniest one … our first home was an old Queenslander, with the toilet housed on the landing just off the back stairs. Being slightly “outside” meant that it was freezing in winter and a little more prone to “things” getting in there. One day hubby was on the loo when he felt like he was being watched. He looked down to notice a little mouse had stuck its head under the door but then ran back out. Whilst waiting for the mouse to reappear he grabbed the toilet brush which happened to be rather heavy for a normal toilet brush. When the little mouse ran back in under the door, hubby was ready for it and donged the poor mouse fair on the head, killing it instantly, never once hopping up from the toilet. Poor mouse … death by toilet brush.

  14. My mum woke one night to a very contented purring cat on her chest looking very proud of itself. Unfortunately that wasn’t all that was lying across her chest, kitty was very proud because he had caught & brought home a nice big rat for his human muma. Who knew that cats & recently deceased rats could fly & mum set a land speed record running up the hallway too! Poor 21 year old me (yes this was a while ago) was left to provide forensics & disposal of the scene as well as calm mum & one very indignant cat. Last present he brought her!

  15. We moved into a new house last year while hubby was home on leave (he is deployed most of the year in an ongoing deployment) A week after moving, he deployed again. THEN I discovered MICE!!! They were in the roof, in the kitchen. I was TERRIFIED! So much so that when I saw a mouse at 10pm one night, while rolling out pastry, it became like a cartoon. I screamed at the top of my lungs, rolling pin in hand, standing on a kitchen chair until my four daughters came out and they screamed too, standing on kitchen chairs! Eventually I got the courage to run to my mobile and Skyped my husband in the Solomon Islands. Between loud bursts of laughter, he eventually convinced all of us to get down off the chairs and go to bed. Which we did, all in one room, all in one bed quivering until the morning came. Tis here that I mention that we have two cats… neither of whom are remotely interested in catching rodents :)

  16. One Christmas we were staying at my uncles place and we went to make up the beds for all the family before they arrived. While we were making up the room for my 95year old grandmother, we suddenly saw something scurry across the room….was that what I though it was…yes a mouse. A large mouse with 6 babies attached to her made a mad dash. On closer inspection we realised that the mouse had made a nest in the ensemble part of the bed! We made a quick move to rid the mouse and the nest and set the room up for grandma. We then had to keep it a secret so that she would sleep there. That night when we all said our good nights there were many giggles once our dear grandma went to bed.

  17. A few years ago now I was sitting in my mum’s lounge room watching TV with her when we heard a scratching noise. We ignored it at first but then heard it a couple more times.
    We turned the TV off to listen and it seemed to be coming from the AC unit. Deciding it must be cockroaches in the AC we went back to our show.
    Not long after we heard it again but the scratching was much louder, like little mouse loud!
    Now mum and I are petrified of mice so it took us a lot of talking each other up to investigate further.
    So we ended up turning the AC on so it would open and sure enough out comes a little furry friend. It dropped right out. Needless to say we ran screaming from the room.
    When my sister arrived home not long after, mum and I were still standing on her bed freaking out. My sis had to save the day and caught the little guy and put him outside where he belongs!

  18. I had been sewing in the extremely messy sewing room when I went out to check the mail (leaving the screen door open). When I went back to sewing, I heard a little rustling sound. Thought nothing of it at first. But then the noise became too frequent. Next thing I know a baby mouse ran across the room. The problem was, the room was so messy, I had no way of knowing where it ended up. I ran out the door screaming and closed the door behind me.

    Frantic calls to my husband (no help) and Mum (some good advice), and I came up with a plan! I had a large piece of cardboard, one of those super sticky ‘cupboard moth’ traps, some peanut butter and some sticky tape. The super sticky trap was taped down to the cardboard with the peanut butter dolloped in the middle.

    I went back to the room, quickly opened the door and laid down my trap and shut the door again. About 10 minutes later I checked and the little mouse was stuck to try middle of the trap! Now the icky part…. I just folded the big piece of cardboard over a few times and shoved it in the bin outside!

    I never let myself believe we had a mouse problem though…. I always tell myself it must have ran in while I was checking the mailbox!

  19. I never realised how much damage a mouse could do.
    We had an issue with mice over Christmas and then as winter set in and it got cold they vanished. But as the weather warmed up we had started hearing activity in the roof again. So out came the broom, ready to scare them away by hitting at the ceiling whilst I lay in bed.
    I thought they were just a nuisance but last Wednesday I discovered the extent of the havoc they cause.
    I got a phone call on the way back from the school run to say there had been a fire. I returned home to find it destroyed. The whole house had been flattened and our roof was sitting on the slab. Everything we own gone and the suggested cause is mice chewing through the plastic insulation around electrical wiring. Apparently they chew plastic to blunt their teeth as they grow so quickly.
    Our insurance company are being amazing but to think a tiny mouse caused so much damage is just incomprehensible.
    Pest control in the new house will be top of my list!

  20. My story is true and more sad then funny.
    After saving and working hard for many years we finally purchased a house that we wanted to make into a home. We took possession of the house on a very rainy day. In those days we only had the two children and we had gone around to look at our house and clean it before we moved in that weekend. The rain was coming down so hard and one of the drains outside was blocked and water was bubbling up everywhere so my husband went out to try and unclog the drain with a screwdriver. In the wet his hand slipped and the screwdriver went through a weatherboard. He called me out to look and we discovered termites. We were stunned as we had just had the house inspected for termites before the purchase. My husband was furious and came inside and punched a hole in the gyprock and started pulling it off to see the extent of the damage. It went on and on. My youngest daughter at the time because scared as she had never seen her Dad so angry and doing something as violent as punching holes in the wall.
    Long story short we lost half our house to termites. We lived in it for the first year with no front on the house. We just had tarps up and acro props holding up the roof. We are still struggling to rebuild but we are getting there very slowly.
    We have to laugh about it now even though it was heartbreaking at the time. The house did and has become our home.

  21. My husband, a couple of friends and I were in singapore for a holiday and we were staying at a rented apartment. Inside the apartment was a rubbish chute (located inside a cupboard in the kitchen). All the residents have one in their apartments, so they can chuck rubbish out without going outside. One weekend, the rubbish chute was due for fumigation, but us being holidayers, didn’t know this. Apparently a notice was put up, telling residents to seal the edges of the rubbish chute doors with tape. Of course we didn’t do this.
    We heard the fumigation process start that day, and after a few minutes, HUNDREDS of cockroaches, all different sizes came crawling out of OUR rubbish chute!!! Because it wasn’t taped up, they could squeeze through the gaps of the chute door to “escape”. And because they had all just been fumigated, they basically crawled into our apartment to die… It was the GROSSIEST and scariest thing I have ever experienced, seeing them wriggling and scurrying in their death throes. And then afterwards we had to clean up!!!! :(

  22. Well it all happened about 2 yrs ago, dear hubby and I had managed to move on all of our 4 grow kiddies bar the youngest who was still with us!! So one night her boyfriend was stopping over ( she was 20 yrs old ) and we had all gone to bed and been asleep for a couple of hours, when, suddenly our bedroom door flew open with a bang, there is my youngest in the doorway with her hair practically standing on end, “there is a bat in the lounge room” she announces with eyes like saucers, hubby and I blearily look up and say “what are you talking about”, ” Alex (said boyfriend) couldn’t sleep so had got up to watch tv and he sais there is a bat flying round!!”, ” don’t be ridiculous said I” what would a bat be doing in the lounge room??”, so I get out of bed followed by v sleepy and now grumpy hubby. We all traipse into the lounge room to find boyfriend with hair practically standing on end, sitting curled in a ball in the corner of the lounge chair, “there is a bat” he announces, so I look round and say, “Bat!!! I cant see any bat” I think you are overtired and imagining things” and proceed to peer up into the beams on the ceiling ( we have a high ceiling and beams) Well all of a sudden this small furry thing launches itself off the side of one of the beams ( where it was camouflaged against the brown, I might add) sneaky little bugger!! and proceeds to fly circuits round and round the lounge room, swooping and diving as it went, suffice to say boyfriend launched off the chair and flew out the front door, (luckily it was open) and I shrieked spun round and pushed youngest daughter back through the lounge room doorway (somehow managing to skewer her in the neck with my nails, as I went) leaving dear hubby to the dastardly devices of this unwanted flying furball, so there we were boyfriend peering in from the verandah, myself and youngest with eyes bulging, emitting alarmed squeeks peering through a crack in the other door, and hubby ducking with each pass. “throw me a towel at least for god sake”!! he shouts whilst evading another dive bomb attempt, so I found a towel and opened the door just enough to push the towel through, quickly ducking back out of range before the winged fiend could launch itself at me. Anyway after a few thumps and bumps and choice swear words from dear hubby, the little aerobatic intruder was finally apprehended ( much to the relief of all concerned, not least of all I suspect, the bat) so hubby slightly opens the towel to reveal this tiny little foxy face, (the whole bat was no bigger than a budgie) I swear it looked the size of a hawk when it was swooping round the room (obviously judgement is impaired, when woken in the middle of the night to the threat of imminent death at the hands, or should I say wings of a flying intruder). All ended well, the furry (and quite cute)little fella, was set free and after nerves and heart rates settled we all went back to bed, even said boyfriend :)

  23. When I was a young adult still living at home, I was sitting at my desk one evening when I leant back to stretch and noticed a huge huntsman on the ceiling directly above me. Of course I jumped up quickly and ran for my Dad, who removed the huntsman with a broom.

    A couple of days later I was in the bathroom when I looked up and saw another massive huntsman on the wall of the bathroom.
    “How are they all getting in??” I squealed at my dad.
    “Oh it’s the same one,” Dad replied. “I felt sorry for it so I moved it into another room.”
    What on earth was my dad thinking, feeling sorry for a huge hairy spider??

  24. I don’t like anything that fits into the creepy crawly category – but where we live in QLD we have our fair share of problems with mice, cockroaches and spiders. All in the big variety! The worst things always happen when you are at home alone. One night I was alone, busy working on Christmas decorations for an upcoming function I was involved in hosting. I had a wholesalers pack of tissue paper – big and heavy, about the weight of several reams of paper – to make tissue paper pom pom balls from and was busy working away at those while watching a movie. I glanced across the floor and saw the hugest huntsman ever coming across to me at quite a fast speed. I jumped up on the chair and screamed (not that screaming was going to do me much good of course). It kept right on coming and I’m petrified of spiders, so I jumped across to our long sofa without touching the ground, screaming again as I did. The spider stopped for a couple of seconds then turned around and started towards the direction I was now screaming from. Totally freaked out and trying to get away, I jumped onto furniture again and made my way to a sofa at the end of the room. I should have shut my mouth but screaming just seems to pop out naturally. The creepy spider stopped again and did an about face turn and headed towards me again. Do they follow sound or what? I was totally freaked out!!!! I didn’t know what I could do and I’m certainly not brave enough to kill it myself – I ended up making my way around the furniture to the heavy pack of tissue paper and took a really good aim and hoped I could land the thing on top of the spider. Thankfully it worked and stopped it. I could not take my eyes off that spot until my husband arrived home – because I didn’t want that spider escaping without me knowing. Husband to the rescue – the paper only stopped the spider – it started running as soon as hubby lifted it, but he was ready with a shoe and killed it. The whole experience still gives me nightmares!

  25. Karen Bright says:

    at our previous town house, we were doing work in the front and back garden, I say “we” I mean my husband and father in law.
    After a few days of cleaning floors of mud and footprints I came home from doing grocery shopping and after bringing in a few bags on my way back out I noticed something on the floor under the window.
    I do not like spiders but thought this was a baby huntsman and is never seen one so got down close to take a picture! Thankfully my husband came in and seen it and calmly told me to leave it alone as I moved away (after taking a picture of course) he told me it was a female funnel web spider!
    It didn’t really mean anything to me until I googled it

  26. My worst experience would have to be when a mouse ran up my back in the middle of the night ….hubby still thinks I was dreaming!!

  27. Way back in my 20s I’d moved to the cockroach-infested inner west of Sydney. My relatively new microwave stopped working so I dutifully took it to the service centre. They called me a few hours later to tell me they’d taken the back off and “it was alive”. The little rotters had *eaten* the wires. Talk about embarrassing!

  28. TO set the picture…staying with my Mum, Dad and Sister in their front room, huge storm, massive black out…getting ready for bed by torch light, I lay down and feel little soft tickly things on me, shine the torch and realise there are literally hundreds of teeny tiny spiders dangling on long whispy webs over my head, the more i shine the torch the more i see, by now squealing like the girl I am, the whole family is in the room with me, all racing around looking for spray, I scream “get the vacume cleaner quick they are going in my bed” my sister of course replies…there’s no electricity to turn it on, we all start laughing hysterically!!!

  29. I lived “on residence” in a set of old besablock flats while I was at uni. They were pretty grimy and gross from years of student living. One night I made some chocolate blancmange. I took a big spoonful, bit in and heard a crunch… Nothing before or since has ever tasted quite so bad as that half a cockroach – and I don’t think I’ve made blancmange since.

  30. I have a HUGE phobia of mice. I’ve even seen a hypnotist to help me control my fear. (Living in the country is not fun with this phobia!)
    Back when my eldest son (now in his 30’s) was about 3 years old we had just sat down to breakfast one morning and I was busily thinking about the day for daughter…bathing the new baby…meals …all the stuff mum’s think about.. My son interrupted my thinking with “Mummy, who’s mouse is that?” to which I absent mindedly replied “What mouse?” “That mouse over there!” my little Mr. innocently replies. I glance in the direction he’s pointing and to my horror there is a little furry field mouse sitting in the corner looking back at us. I’ve never moved so fast! Up on the table screaming and trembling…my poor little boy looking up at me bewildered! And that’s how my first born son “caught” his mum’s musophobia – fear of mice!

  31. My arachnophobic friend was cleaning the bathroom. She noticed a large spider on the cornice. Feeling very brave and clever at the same time, she got the brand new expensive vacuum cleaner purchased the day before, that came with an extension pole. She then attempted to suck up the spider. The spider not wanting to brave hurricane force winds, instead run onto the outside of the pipe and was heading towards her hand. In her phobia inspired panic she stuck the vacuum pipe into the toilet in an attempt to dislodge the eight legged intruder and flush him. The problem was the vacuum was still going which resulted in toilet water being sucked up and dispersed all over the bathroom floor. The final outcome: the spider disappeared and presumed alive, my friend survived despite the high risk of electrocution, but the new and expensive vacuum cleaner was declared dead. Moral to the story: get a regular pest service done.

  32. This happened when my little brother (who recently turned 30) was in kindergarten.
    He was a very curious boy and loved exploring, climbing. As the first boy after three girls, Dad was more than happy to encourage this. One weekend he was up in the roof with my Dad and they found the carcass of a rat. Andrew was very interested in it and they spent time talking about it, how it might have died, how long ago – all the things lots of little kids are interested in. They later came back down the ladder to join the rest of us.
    This would have been an unremarkable story, until two days later when Andrew got up in front of his kinder class and proudly pulled the carcass out of his bag for show and tell! I’m not quite sure how the teacher reacted, but there was certainly plenty of screaming from all present!
    Only last year my Mum bumped into his kinder teacher at the shops and she said to Mum ‘oh I still remember the day Andrew brought that rat to show and tell’ – hopefully she’s not traumatised, it’s one of our favourite family stories.

  33. Kylie ODerry says:

    Three good friends came to stay with me for the weekend, and were sleeping on mattresses in the spare room. Not long after we had all gone to bed, my husband and I heard screaming coming from the spare room. I was tired, and said to my husband “It’s probably just a cockroach”, but went to investigate anyway. Two of the three friends were standing outside the bedroom door, holding it closed while laughing hysterically. When I opened the door to see what was happening, my other friend was inside the built in cupboard trying to hide from a creature that was flying around the room. A tiny bat had flown in through the open window (no screens) and landed on her head while she was sleeping. The other two thought it would be funny to leave her in there with the bat!

  34. Caroline Kelly says:

    After years of legal wrangling over the replacement of my home’s windows and doors (and a gap underneath the replaced back door that was completed by a sub-contractor to the business that was engaged to undertake the work), my home had an invasion of mice – in the ceiling, the walls and underneath the floorboards. The mice were using some of the gaps that were left by the sub-contractor to get around the house and some had made their way into the gap between the ceiling and the roof. Some were using my home’s oven to defecate in. How do we know this? Traps were laid in the roof and near where they were getting around the house – apart from my watching them and their obvious trail of biological waste and destruction.

    What is more, at one point, there was no response from any representative of the company that was engaged to replace my home’s windows and doors for over two years and the company, at that time of the commencement of the work, did not have a licence for the fixing of aluminium doors despite being advised by the company’s managing director and co-owner that they did.

  35. I live in sunny Queensland. During the night I went to the “ladies” sitting there doing what I had to, I felt a “pat” on my buttock. After jumping 50 ft in the air turned round and it was a little green frog sitting there. I bravely rescued him and took him outside. No, I didn’t kiss him and he didn’t turn into my prince.

  36. Phillip Cunningham says:

    Driving down Carlisle Avenue in Mount Druitt which is a pretty busy road and I opened my sun visor and a large scary huntsman spider dropped onto the steering wheel and hid underneath the horn button. I pulled up in a side street and gingerly and delicately pried the horn button off and swooped the huntsman into the gutter. I didn’t kill him, I was just gad to be rid of him and then I drove away.

  37. Recently we had a possum in our wall
    possom was trying to get out, put his paw through wall,son removed possum placed him
    Replastered wall have had possoms in ceiling, now have cut trees down so no more possums thank goodness.

  38. Nicole White says:

    Running behind time and rushing outside to grab the washing off the line and quickly get dressed before my family arrived for Christmas lunch…I quickly pulled on a pair of knickers out of the washing basket when I felt a awful CRUNCH into my butt cheek!! Screaming and tearing them off as quick as I put them on, I realised a huge Huntsman spider had bitten me on the bottom!! Everyone roared laughing when my father said “Gee that’s terrible, is the poor spider alright?”

  39. Just this morning my son had his head buried deep in an empty cardboard box (it was actually a race car he was working on!). Daddy woke up, came down the hall and saw what he was doing and made scratchy noises on the outside. Nervously master 6 asked what the sound was and I yelled “a HUGE spider” and he’s never moved so fast. No emotional scars – he laughed it off with a cuddle from dad.

  40. It was just on dusk towards the end of August and it had been quite a warm day. I live in a very tiny, old cottage and walked from the laundry into the kitchen where I had to open a door and step in. I stepped on what felt like a rolled up bath towel and didn’t think anything of this as I do have a towel at the front door to stop draughts and nasties getting in. My husband was following me in and yelled out, “SNAKE!” I jumped in the air and ran further into the cottage. Fortunately the snake went the opposite direction to me! It was a python and it slithered into a bedroom and escaped the way it had entered. Needless to say I always check everytime I open any door before I step into a any room now.

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