trick or treat and win a $250 Spotlight voucher

Brought to you by the Allen’s team

congratulations Sarah Kennedy the winner! thank you everyone for entering!

Halloween, love it or hate it, is coming soon. I grew up only knowing about Halloween from american movies and no one ever trick or treated in our street. But over the years as my little ones have grown bigger (and begged to go out) we’ve taken part and seen it grow in popularity. Mind you we don’t go trick or treating but are happy to dish out the lollies from our front door.

here are a few tips for a happy halloween if you want to take part

– go together in groups and ALWAYS have an adult or two with the children

– if the house isn’t decorated don’t go a knockin’

– get the kids to decorate a bucket,basket or gift bag to collect their lollies. We’ve seen a few last minute grey shopping bags from the supermarket but you know you can do better and it’s a great activity for the kids.

– if you just want to do your own street pop a little note with a balloon attached and let neighbours know they can participate by putting the balloon out on their letterbox and if the balloon isn’t out then we won’t bother you. When we ran out of lollies we just bought the balloon in and it was so easy for kids to find the right house to go to.

– dress up!!!!!!!!!! raid the dress up tub or hit the $2 shop or make your own!!!!! There are lots of ideas on Pinterest just by typing in halloween costumes. You can even find costumes for little ones in prams and wheelchairs.

– remember your manners….we always give out extra lollies for the super polite trick or treaters

– have plenty of lollies (I always do a last minute lolly run) and wrapped lollies are the way to go. Allen’s mini bags of jelly beans are perfect with 9 delicious jelly beans in each mini bag.

You can find Allen’s mini bags of jelly beans at your nearest Coles and independent supermarket. So keep an eye out for them as they are our favourite jelly beans.

And as a special giveaway I have a $250 Spotlight gift card for one lucky reader. You could go crazy on halloween decorations or costumes or make your own or just shop up a storm for craft at your house. The lucky winner will also receive some delicious Allen’s mini bags of jelly beans! To enter just tell me what you’ll be buying from Spotlight if you win…………..

One entry per person, full terms of my giveaways are here, entries close 5pm Thursday 23rd October 2014.


  1. I would buy Fabric! To make my little guy a special quilt for his new bed!

  2. Kate Dixon says:

    Ive become obsessed with sewing for my 1 year old twinnies so it would have to be fabric!

  3. I’d buy Halloween fabric for bunting across the front verandah plus dress ups for the 3 kids who are desperate to go trick or treating!

  4. I would put it towards a sewing machine of my own! With 3 kids I would love to start sewing my own clothes… And be able to mend the clothes the kids wear thru!

  5. Great giveaway Corrie! I would put the money towards an overlocker so I can start making clothes for my kids again

  6. hi corrie, would love to by an overlocker and some fabric as I have taken up my interest in sewing again after lapsing for a few years…. Love spotlight for their fabric and patterns as well…

  7. Kathy Woods says:

    Definitely fabric for a couple of quilts. Have lots of ideas. Than you for the giveaway


  8. Great ideas for Halloween. If I won I would put it towards an over locker I have been saving for :)

  9. Rikki Mason says:

    Quilting fabric all the way! It would be lovely to start a new project. Happy Halloween:)

  10. I would buy fabric to make some project bags for my knitting!

  11. I could say fabric or yarn or crafts for my kids but since I am a craft-a-holic I really do have plenty of those but I would LOVE to new linen for the beds of my four little ones :)

    Thanks for the chance to win Corrie and Spotlight!

  12. Kaylee Healy says:

    This is a great competition and prize Corrie, with a Spotlight $250 card – WOW easy, I would buy batting, material and threads to make quilts and laundry bags for our Aussie Heroes…

  13. Amanda Talbert says:

    I would buy an over locker as I’ve always wanted one but can’t justify spending the money when I have a perfectly good seeing machine & it’s a luxury

    • Amanda Talbert says:

      For some reason my thank you for the competition didn’t show up – thank you for the comp & your fabulous blog – I look forward to your posts so much xx

  14. With $250, it would have to be a combo of things. Scrapbooking supplies for me, Halloween costumes for the kids (Elsa for miss 5 and ninja for master 10) and I’d try to get something for the hubster, but I’d just end up getting more scrapbooking supplies and art and craft gear for the kids.

  15. Caitlin Babos says:

    oh wow what a wonderful competition. Thank you Corrie

  16. I don’t like Halloween and try to not mention it so the kids will forget it, but I love spotlight, so I would use the voucher to buy more fabric. You can never have enough fabric

  17. Genevieve coulthart says:

    Fabric fabric and more fabric. I would love to make some summer dresses for my 9 year old but if it was up to the kids we would be well decorated for Halloween ! Living out on a farm we don’t have many neighbours so won’t be trick or treating :(

  18. My bestie has just taught my girls (7yrs and 5yrs) and I how to make Yoyos! They are so easy and fun and the girls have decorated clothes and the look great! So I’d like to buy our own set and some fabric!

  19. I would LOVE to buy a new mega sized cutting mat and maybe stock up on threads!

  20. Wow! Thanks for the chance. What to buy in spotlight – something in every isle I’d say. Thread, scrapbooking supplies, kids craft, fabric, wool, party supplies, cushion inserts, buttons – oh the list goes on.

  21. Woohoo yes please. I’d love a spotlight shopping spree!!!!

  22. Katie larkins says:

    Thanks for the opportunity

  23. I would buy an Elnapress to share with my mum – just the thing to press those Halloween costumes in the bottom of the dress up box!

  24. Definitely wool! I have a hoarder mentality when it comes to pretty wool haha.

  25. Spotlight have great Christmas craft, so I would use a voucher to get busy making cards and activities for the kids.

  26. I’d buy fabric (addicted), but I would also buy a lot of decorations, some to make myself. Then I would invite the neighbourhood and friends over to celebrate with all their kids.

  27. Marcia Coventry says:

    New quilt covers for both of my teens. They REALLY need to be replaced to bring more of their personalities into their rooms.

  28. I would buy fabric to start working on my (ever increasing) list of clothing to make for me and my kids and for gifts for Christmas

  29. Fabric, cake decorating supplies, glue, cotton thread, a few balloons and grab something that catches my eye!!

  30. Nothing to do with Halloween :)
    We have 2 of our kids getting married 6 weeks apart (March and April!) so I would be crafty decorating things from Spotlight and go crazy helping with wedding preparations!

  31. I have a fabric obsession! It won’t be hard to buy fabric to make clothes for my two little children, sister and myself! Or maybe cushions, curtains? And after consuming Allens lollies? Ha ha look out, I might have a sugar high and be a little faster than usual! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  32. I really want to start crochet…my grandmother taught me as a child and apart from the basics I have forgotten. She returns from being overseas for 12 months visiting family, in two weeks and I can’t wait to spend some quality time with her and be re-taught and include my 5yo daughter aswell.

  33. I would put it towards making a craft supplies box for my two little guys that both LOVE painting, play dough, kinetic sand, plaster, you name it!!!!

  34. I love spotlight! I am on a mission to mKe handmade Xmas presents for everyone this year so I would be using it up on fabric! Thanks for another great comp!

  35. What an awesome prize! I would buy a walking foot for my own and my mum’s sewing machines, some fabric and batting so we can make our first quilts together.

  36. Madelaine Cusack says:

    I would buy fabric and scrapbooking supplies :-)

  37. I would buy block out fabric to make curtains to keep the sun and heat out of my bubs room!

  38. Julie Taylor says:

    I have 7 gorgeous grandsons and 7 beautiful granddaughters to spoil. I could get a whole lot of fabulous fabric if I won and I’d make them each a new outfit for Christmas!

  39. Since having my daughter i am loving doing lots of sewing projects…so fabric …and also some wool to get going on some more knitting too :-)

  40. Mellzy Matheson says:

    Wool!! lots of wool to make pressies and outfits for next winter!

  41. Frances R says:

    I would go crazy with the spotlight voucher buying Christmas fabrics and crafty activites. I love making my own gifts/decorations and saw some great ideas in the last catalogue.
    Oh, and I totaly agree about wrapped lollies and chocolates for Halloween!

  42. i would have fun exploring the store and everything spotlight has to offer, guilt free :) and would definitely leave with something crafty!

  43. Kimberley knowledge says:

    ooooohhhh my gosh where do I start, I want to make matching Christmas stockings for the family as we don’t have s matching one for our newest addition who is 5 weeks old. I want to make santa sacks for my two boys as well. A table runner also! New buttons for my eldests school shirts as they magically keep disappearing & also some material to attach to organic teething rings that I purchased as a naming day gift. As well as stock up on new threads & needles for my poor sewing machine. I could keep going…. Hehe! Thank you!

  44. Wool, it’s always wool! There is a pattern book I’ve been eyeing off, so that and the wool to knit the project.

  45. Chris Anthony says:

    I would buy much needed curtains for my bedroom :)

  46. I would buy a beginners sewing machine! I’ve just started to learn with my mum. And I’d love to do some Christmas pillowcase dresses!
    Oh it would be Devine!!!!
    Thanks for the comp!

  47. Oh where would I start??? Curtains or blinds or fabric for quilts….such a dilemma :/

  48. Kirstin Hansch says:

    I would LOVE a spotlight voucher:) I would love to spend it on some fabric for me for a summer wardrobe. I have just finished my daughters costume

  49. Melanie Usher says:

    I would buy some Halloween decorations to finish off the scary walk we decided to set up this year (not sure if it will be fun, or if we’re just crazy!). And of course I would spend the rest on yet more fabric!

  50. Kathryn hosking says:

    I just inherited my Nana’s old sewing machine after she passed away last year. It is a lovely machine and I love using it because it reminds me of her in her sewing room when I was a kid. I’d use the giftcard to stock up on some beautiful fabrics and sew some clothes for my son and daughter and nieces and nephew.

  51. Ebony Malcolm says:

    I would definitely buy Halloween decorations to deck out the front of the house so the neighbourhood kids knew they could trick or treat here, my nearly 4 year old loves anything spooky and would love to hand out candy to all the trick or treaters

  52. I love to give handmade birthday and Christmas presents so I would be buying fabric and more fabric! And lots of goodies for my own 2 little babies :-)

  53. I’ve been getting inspiration from pinterest – while breastfeeding my son 😉 – I’ve not yet made a big quilt, so I would love to get a cutting mat and roller… My mum says they make quilting SO much quicker and easier!!

  54. Sharon Koller says:

    I would love to buy an overlocker. My husband and I have change the way we eat so the kilos are slowly dropping off, would love an overlocker to take our clothes in so they don’t look ridiculous on us. Being on one wage (stay at home mum) we can’t just run out and buy new clothes. Great prize :)

  55. Fabric. Lots and lots of lovely Christmas print fabric to begin making pretty, festive things for my home.

    Fabric is the lolly version for a quilter. Can you imagine how great it would be to go trick or treating and receiving FQs in your basket? Oh my!

    • Melanie Sim says:

      I would buy batting so that I could turn a bunch of quilt tops into quilts! I’ve been naughty and keep spending my hobby money on more fabric, instead of boring supplies to finish WIPs

  56. Julia McCutcheon says:

    I would put the money towards an overlocker…would love to own one!!

  57. Marg Humphrey says:

    As all my family and friends have received quilts from me, I would use the gift voucher to make quilts for charity. The latest charity my patchwork group is working for is the Luke Batty foundation, which helps women and children get away from domestic violence. Rosie Batty is doing a wonderful job in promoting this cause, after losing her son Luke, in the hands of his father. Thank you Corrie, for the chance to enter.

  58. I would add to my stash. Sewing for my 6 little people the options almost seem endless! Thanks for the chance Retro Mummy & thank you Spotlight!

  59. At spotlight I would buy ribbons and Mindy fabric so I could make more ‘taggies’ for all my friends bubs to play with!

  60. Tracey Richmond says:

    Curtains for my master bedroom

  61. I feel I practically live in the fabric department at my local spotlight so fabric and notions are what I’d buy!

  62. What a fun time I’d have at Spotlight spending the $250 voucher buyfabric, wool, cross stitch kits and some new sharp scissors.

  63. Your kiddies costumes look great. If I won I would spread it across lots of things. I need party supplies for an upcoming birthday, costumes for the kids (spotlight has such a great range) and of course a few craft supplies. Thanks for the opportunity!

  64. Tracey Morton says:

    I would buy some threads to use my embroidery machine and some pretty fabrics to make my 2 beautiful babies a special quilt for their beds.

  65. Toni Kirkpatrick says:

    i would buy more fabric for Dress a Girl around the World. We have already sent 58 dresses, always on the look out for fabric sales.

  66. Elizabeth Thompson says:

    I’d like to buy batting and backing fabric for many unfinished quilts!

  67. We are just hitting the Halloween age here. I’ve always resisted, but some of the school mums are organising a route for the kids with houses pre-arranged. I might have to relent! If I were lucky enough to win, I would actually put it towards an overlocker! Very selfish haha! I’ve sewn most of my own clothes for almost 20 years & have never gotten around to getting one! I was looking at them in Spotlight the other day & they have a really good range. Thanks for a great comp Corrie & I hope you are all safe & sound after that crazy storm!

  68. I’ll definitely be buying a Sizzix Big Shot and some dies to help with my scrapbooking and Project Life. Been wanting one for years now!

  69. I would love some new towels. Big soft and cuddly ones.

  70. I will be looking at blinds because we have finally finished our renos and we are needing window treatments

  71. I would start with some new bed linen for our beds, then I would move onto dishes, photo frames, candles ect, then look at the outside blinds.

  72. Definitely fabric!! Although my son is just starting to be at an age he would enjoy dressing up so maybe I should be doing a costume this year… :) Your kids look great in their costumes – very cute!

  73. Lynda Taylor says:

    If I should win I would buy a Big Shot. It’s one of those cutters that you roll paper and shapes through to get a perfect cutout. But this also does fabric so I have wanted one for a while. Perfect for applique and fabric flowers. and so much more.

  74. Love this post Corrie so cute and great tips, the balloon idea is a ripper!
    Our kids would love to be involved with trick or treating but because we live on a property we don’t exactly have neighbours close by, I’m planning a few little treats to surprise them, like an edible jelly hand with spiders on it (should get a good reaction I’d say!).
    Now as for the spotlight voucher I’d love some new bed linen for my bed so bright happy sheets and/or a new doona cover it would be.
    How good are Allen’s lollies, I know 3 little kidlets and one Zadada that would love the little packs and maybe one Zamama too 😉

  75. I would definitely go a little nuts in the fabric section! I do love their cake decorating supplies though so would have to slip a few of those in.

  76. I have been eying off all that beautiful Project Life stuff in spotlight. That’s what I would buy.

  77. Great competition :) Yesterday my daughter managed to undo her grobag, so I think she will be climbing out of her cot very soon. So I would buy bedding for a big girls bed, I have been quite excited about decorating a ‘big girls’ room and I know Spotlight has plenty of options. I have also been looking at pictures of felt play food so I’d like to buy felt too.

  78. Great giveaway Corrie, thanks! With baby #4 on the way, I’d love to buy fabric to make a new quilt and some tiny baby clothes. And some new Christmas decorations would be great too, the kids would love choosing their own :)

  79. Melissa Pope says:

    Mmmm I would have to say I would be buying a surprising amount of yarn!! Love me some crochet!! :)
    Also some cushion inserts – I need a few more cushions!!

  80. Lyn Rheynolds says:

    I would buy a whole set of new linen for my guest room as my daughter, husband and 2 grands have been living with us for the last 18 months and have been using my spare bed. As they are moving soon it would be nice when my friends come to visit if I could have new linen for them -(and maybe some for my bed if any money left over). Thank you.

  81. Helena Leung says:

    What WOULND’T I buy?! I love, love, LOVE Spotlight and drag my kids there every other weekend. (I treat them to a helium balloon!) Right now I’d buy some new embroidery scissors, invisible thread, some coloured ricrac and metres and metres of gorgeous fabric with bright summery prints, to make summer dresses for my girls and Christmas gifts for all my friends :) (This is the list I have on my fridge right now!)

  82. I have a sizable fabric stash (from Spotlight :)) that I’ve been accumulating over the years. I do alot of applique but they don’t require that much fabric so I’ve been wanting to use all the beautiful fabric to make quilts that each member of family can treasure, and I’d love to buy some good quality wool or cotton batting for them. I’d also like some pinking shears, some of those cute paper punches to decorate homemade cards and different shades of all the different colours of machine embroidery thread (I use gutterman sulky and it’s gorgeous but adds up in cost when you’re buying a few)

  83. Hmmm – I could so easily spend the voucher on myself, starting with a rotary blade sharpener! But seeing that money is tight atm and with Christmas on the way – I would use it to buy some Christmas presents and also some new bath sheets! I know this makes me sounds so boring – but practicality always wins out.

  84. Paula Johnston says:

    Hmmm, that’s hard. I love Spotlight and go there all the time. I have 4 more Halloween costumes to make so I’d get material for those and with what’s left over I’d buy some scrapbook paper, thread and maybe a couple of piping tips too!

  85. Jenny Cavanough says:

    I have just bought my daughters ( 8 and 14 yrs old ) a Brother sewing machine from spotlight for Christmas. They want me to teach them to sew. I would give them the gift card and let them go crazy with fabrics and patterns :)

  86. Sue Benson says:

    If I won I would use $250 to redecorate my bedroom for Summer with a beautiful bright, fresh, colourful quilt and pillows and throws. Much to my husbands disgust. ‘Not more pillows’

  87. What a great prize.
    I would put it towards some fabric to make some new things for baby #4 and also some new bedding for the rest of the kids :)

  88. I would buy all the things! Fabric, yarn, Christmas supplies, crafty goodnesses!! {that is a word btw} – this girl could do with a trip to Spotlight! Thanks for the chance! Keera x

  89. I’d buy fabric to make curtains as we really need new ones

  90. I would love to win this giveaway so I could materials to make my husband’s 81 year old grandmother a quilt just for her. Gran lost her son and grandson in a short space of time recently and I would love to make her something special to remember them by.

  91. TARA ANDERSEN says:

    Sewing thread in all different colours – I always seem to have way more fabric than thread. A dressmaking dummy, as I’m not one to follow patterns and I love the creative options that could come with having a dummy. Also, some pink wool or cotton to finish the crochet lap quilt I’m making for my girl :o)

  92. Sarah Taylor says:

    Ive just started sewing lessons after many many years of producing self-taught sewing items. My 1yr old has inspired me to do it properly at last, I love making her things. With no. 2 on the way, I need to get the practice in! My purchase would have to be fabric & thread! Ooh & some wool so I csn learn to knit aswell! Mum’s been trying to teach me for years! Lol

  93. A new light globe for my sewing machine… Because I haven’t had an excuse to go to spotlight in a while, didn’t want to go just for that (and it’s driving me nuts to have the light out!) Oh and fabric.. Because you can never have enough!

  94. I’ve just converted our office into a spare room for when my mum and dad come to stay (no more staying in hotels for them!) and I’d love to be able to decorate. Get a lovely quilt cover, some decent pillows, some art for the walls, bedside lamps etc. Just pretty the room up and make it welcoming for them.

  95. I just got a new seeing machine (brother of course) and have been dying to make a Totorro costume for my 3month old. It will be my first from scratch project without a pattern!

  96. Robyn Cater says:

    $250. To spend at Spotlight. Wow what would I bye. fabric fabric fabric and also wool wool wool. Thank you Corrie.

  97. Thank you. Winning sure would be a treat!
    I would buy a machine so I could give my lovely mother in law’s back to her. :)

  98. Emma Walker says:

    I would buy lots of glorious yarn and plenty of beautiful fabric to whip myself up some new summer dresses. I would make sure to buy my Mum some die cuts who loves to make cards for all occasions.

  99. I would buy art and craft materials for my 4 year old son…and fabric for me! And of course a helium balloon or two for him and his friends. :)

  100. Vanessa Plummer says:

    Wow, what a great giveaway and the perfect time of year for it! I think the possibilities are endless with a Spotlight voucher, and if I were lucky enough to win, I would use the voucher for Halloween and Christmas decorations and treats. Good luck everyone x:)

  101. $250.00 would buy so much from spotlight!. I would be getting some new cushions for the living room, some craft items for my girls, some beads for my crafting and definitely some Christmas home wares and then I would look at the linens!

  102. Hi Corrie ,wow if I was lucky enough to win I would have a ball ,I think a whole new wardrobe for me,lol.xx

  103. First of all, thank you for the opportunity to win a $250 Spotlight voucher xo Secondly, I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t buy at Spotlight!!! Having recently started my own crochet & craft business on a tight budget with very limited start up costs I would use the money very wisely. The voucher would be used towards buying wool, fabric, ribbon, buttons, crochet hooks……I could go on and on :)

  104. Michelle L says:

    I’d be twisting my hubby’s arm to put more money in with this voucher so I can buy a better sewing machine than the very basic $100 machine I have now. #livetosew #lovemesomespotlight

  105. Oh wow, what a generous prize! I would buy some lovely blue fabric to recover some Parker armchairs I was recently given. I’d love to be able to splurge on some really lovely fabric.
    Love Spotlight’s party range, I was just there yesterday buying some Halloween goodies and costumes, as we will be staying at a holiday park with friends on the 31st and dare say there will be plenty of kiddies trick or treating there!

  106. I would buy some Halloween decorations to decorate my house ( any reason to celebrate festive occasions! ) anything left over would add to my quilting stash!

  107. I would be up craft items as my daughter and her family with four little girls are staying with us over christmas while they do a big move from Townsville to Canberra

    Thank you for the chance, it would be so timely and appreciated :))

  108. Hayley Clarke says:

    I would love to make succulent wreaths for family,friends and Abby’s teacher for christmas presents this year.I’ve found a great website for making them! Thanks Corrie

  109. Susan Leach says:

    what a great prize, this has to be my favourite shop. Quilting supplies, party goodies and a new rug would be top of my list

  110. i will be buying yarn yarn and more yarn! And maybe a little something for my 5 kids.

  111. i can browse and browse and buy and buy for my three children who would love stuff from Spotlight. Linen for one.

  112. I am very much hoping for a sewing machine for Christmas. I have been doing a few classes and borrowing my sister in laws machine.. budgets very tight this year so a voucher would help Santa get me a nice little machine!

  113. tory Cooper says:

    I would put it towards my own sewing machine, my 8 year old daughter loves to hand sew and cross stitch and I would now love to teach her on a machine :)

  114. laurie-anne says:

    So many things in Spotlight it’s hard to name just one thing. I would start at one end and wander picking up whatever I wanted. That would be fun.

  115. Olivia Roach says:

    Christmas is on the way, Festive Fabric & ribbon for Santa Sacks is what’s on my wish list. My 4 little ones would love them :-)

  116. I’m in the midst of prettifying my daughter’s room so some girly pink quilts and curtains would make her a very happy bunny.

  117. I would buy a new quilt cover for my bed or a sewing machine as I have always wanted to be able to sew having 4 kids and my mum has just moved away and she was my sewer lol

  118. Lesley Phillips says:

    I would buy new linen.

  119. Love Halloween :)
    If I won I’d buy my girls matching bed linen, as we have just had a new baby so I put her big sisters in a shared bedroom, just like my sister and I growing up.

  120. Fabric of course. Especially for the Bonnie Hunter Quiltville mystery which starts soon. Although I am really enjoying a good knit lately too :-) I love that Spotlight has options, options, options!

  121. I would buy loads of fake peonies and roses to make my wedding bouquet, Spotlight has the best range! I couldn’t go past some Yankee Candle melts either.

  122. A Spotlight voucher would be fabulous… We are so desperate for some new linen for our bed, and a Spotlight voucher would be a decadent treat!!

  123. Amanda Casalanguida says:

    This year’s Halloween costume is based on Monkey Magic… need red fabric, and green fabric to whip up a Monkey costume, and a Sandy costume. And wigs, and broomsticks to make staffs, and sideburn material!

  124. Kaitlin Harvey says:

    I would be able to start all the sewing projects I’ve put on hold like my little mans quilt

  125. Debra Crowhurst says:

    My Spotlight trip would be for all the goodies I need for handmade pressies. .. its been a tight year as it has for so many. So its handmade Christmas here in Adelaide.

  126. I would take the plunge and buy fabrics and supplies to set up my own craft business. I have wanted to do it for ages, and since having my baby I am wanting to give it a go :)

  127. I’d absolutely love to win a $250 Spotlight voucher as our budget is quite tight and I’ve just started to learn how to make clothes for my children to save money and I’m really enjoying it!! I’d love to buy some beautiful fabrics and some craft supplies to help my two year old further develop his creativity and fine motor skills.

    Debbie Shalders

  128. Our family of 8 recently moved from overseas and we had to sell nearly everything we owned, so we have very little in the way of holiday decorations, things to make our house homey, etc. We also need some bedding. Some of the children are budding artists and seamstresses, so I would love to buy them some more art supplies, fabric, notions, etc. And a Yankee Candle for me.

  129. I would love to win…it would be a great excuse to add to my fabric stash!! :)

  130. Yarn, yarn, and probably more yarn lol

    Oh. Maybe some stuff for the kids as well. But definitely yarn!

  131. (Please think of the Sound of Music for this:-)
    Soft woollen yarn
    to knit up some mittens.
    Cute quilting fabric
    with puppies and kittens.
    With a gift voucher
    I won’t feel the sting.
    When buying a few
    of my favourite things!

  132. Therese Jeffery says:

    I would be buying curtain material to redo my bedroom curtains.

  133. Hmmm that’s a tough one so much to choose from, my birthday is Halloween so I might just spoil myself with some new bed linen and some fabric to start a few projects I’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

  134. Wow , where to start. A lot i mean A LOT of fabric need i say more

  135. Hello! I just came across your lovely weblog, hope it isn’t too cheeky to enter! :)

    I’m only new to sewing, sew (see what I did there?) I would buy some tools to help me learn. A rotary cutter and mat, beginner books, some sewing threads, some zippers so I can try sewing with them and perhaps a nice simple skirt pattern and some fabric to attempt my first pattern! I’m sure jelly beans would help to inspire some fantastic creations, too!

  136. My daughter and I are craftsoholics. So I’m sure we would have no problem spending $250 at Spotlight. We are new to Project Life so top of the list would be some goodies to set us up on our Project Life journey. Other things would include some quilting fabric and notions to teach my daughter how to quilt.

  137. $250 in Spotlight is a dream. I need to stock up on lots of the basics that run out without you realising – velcro, zippers, buttons, interfacing etc. And of course, some cute kids costumes would probably be on the cards too :)

  138. Oh, Spotlight! Many an hour has been spent wandering the aisles there. I’d stock up on good quality interfacing, bias tape, elastic and buttons, plus throw in done fabric and wool for good measure!

  139. Rachel Kriss-Newell says:

    My 7 year old daughter asked me the other day to teach her to knit and crochet. I am so excited that she has taken an interest in such a basic worthwhile craft as it worries me that this generation are surrounded by all things technological. So we would happily make a trip to the nearest Spotlight store, some 100 kms away and buy up a storm – knitting needles, patterns, crochet hooks, wool and of course some stickers or 3 for her scrapbooking projects. What a treat to have such a huge amount of funds to spend. I’m sure there would also be one or two extra random purchases of whatever took our fancy. I can only imagine her little eyes shining like Christmas lights with the thrill of it all.

  140. Kristy Hughes says:

    I would take a trolley around the whole store as I usually like to do and grab a few things from every department as I’m inspired by it all and can’t contain myself to one craft. I’d be sewing, crocheting & baking up a storm, all in time for Christmas!

  141. Oh, how wonderful! I have started crocheting some Christmas gifts for family, teachers & friends! I would spend the Spotlight voucher on wool!!

  142. laura sutcliffe says:

    I would buy a new sewing machine so I can get back to making my 3 kids clothes and toys. I miss sewing since my machine broke.

  143. I would build up my fabric stash! I picked up my first ever overlocker yesterday and am itching to start it up and make some new creations for my daughter. :)

  144. Fabric of course! I’m determined to be the fabric hoarder champion of the world :)

  145. Lauren Roney says:

    my shopping wishlist is so long, id love to buy some decorations for my newborn daughters room, some fabric for an upcycle project i am working on and some fun Halloween goodies to decorate and ghoul up our house…..

  146. Lara brown says:

    I have been eyeing up the Elna Elina 40, so it would be part payment for a sewing machine.

  147. I would buy ALL. THE. THINGS! Fabric for my new baby’s quilt, and probably some wool for a knitting project next ~ if I had any left over I’d need to put that towards an overlocker. I really want to start sewing with knits, but I don’t have a machine to do the seams, so that’s why an overlocker is definitely on the list! ♡

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  148. I’d be getting some curtain insulation to blackout the kids’ bedrooms over summer and warm in winter.

  149. Kerry Scotter-Worrall says:

    I would love to buy Halloween costumes for my children! And the dec’s!

  150. I would buy an overlocker and some fabric so I can make clothes and costumes for my kiddies!
    I have been wanting one for so long, but life has a way of taking over all my money

  151. I’d put it towards an overlocker. I’ve always wanted one but it has always felt like a bit of an extravagance. It would make sewing so much quicker, easier and neater!

  152. I would love a sewing machine and $250 would certainly help with that! Otherwise it would be great to deck the house out for halloween and invite our nearest and dearest over for a Halloween party!

  153. Fabric, fabric and more fabric! I am making nursery packages for friends and family. Everyone seems to be having babies lately!

  154. Christine says:

    I would put it towards a new sewing machine, because the one I got for my 21st birthday (now 50th fast approaching) is just about worn out and isn’t sewing very well any more :(

  155. A craft light or a table or material to start making some Christmas presents.

  156. Francesca Richards says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter this! I would definitely spend some on Halloween craft stuff for my son (Mister Junior Maker) to help teach him about the history of Halloween and the rest I’d spend on my craft stuff to keep making my nappy cakes for friends!

  157. Tracey Coo says:

    I actually really enjoy browsing the Spotlight homewares section (minus the three children of course!) so I would purchase some new cushions and homeware items.

  158. Matilda Kehl says:

    If I got the card I would be buying sewing supplies and material for my year 7-8 technology class (all boys) so they can make something nifty during the class and not have to pay as much to take it home at the end of the term project. They are enjoying the sewing so much I want them to feel appreciated :)

  159. Amy Mcneill says:

    Fabric and poly balls! Determined to make my asd munchykins some weighted blankets one of these days! I love halloween its literally my favorite holiday and I have so many wonderful memories of trick or treating in sydney in the 80s and I love how excited the kids get and the real community feel of it now days! Its fantastic!

  160. Awesome giveaway! There are always so many things to buy from Spotight. I’d have to get fabric for Halloween costumes and Christmas presents!

  161. Glenda Davies says:

    I would buy my daughter some scrape booking materials .I would also buy my 8 grand children some toy things to make and I would buy some wool to knit and crochet for the people that have no one to give them anything for Christmas.

  162. Perfectly timed post! I was looking up block out curtains on the spotlight website just this morning for my babies nursery :)

  163. Ooh great giveaway Corrie! We are on a super tight budget at the moment, and I’ve been banned from fabric shopping for months. I’d love to buy fabric to make new curtains for our kids’ bedroom. All three will be sharing soon once we organise a triple bunk bed so that Mr 2 can move in with his sisters (4 and 7).

  164. Karen Muller says:

    Hi I would buy some Christmas fabric to make my daughter an advent calendar as she has moved out of home this year and it would be for her to continue the traditions of home. I would also but some wool to knit and crochet some more blankets and beanies for the charities that I make items for.

  165. Boyish fabrics to start seeing for my little man. Only have girly fabrics from sewing for my nieces. But now I have my own little person to sew for. And now he is 1 I finally have some time to sew while he sleeps. Thanks Corrie

  166. Jane Prigg says:

    I would buy fabric to make my boys some spooky outfits for their first trick or treat outing!

  167. New scissors and guilt free fabric shopping!

  168. We are in the stages of buying our 1st home (argh the stress!!) And would use it to decorate the kids new bedrooms to make the transition a little easier for them since we will be broke now :(

  169. I would buy green red and white wool so i can yarn bomb my trees for christmas :-)

  170. Now wouldnt that be lovely to win. Seeing as though I will be on bedrest for a few weeks in November that would be lovely. Your girls look adorable in their costumes. I used to love dressing Isabelle up for halloween but they dont really do it in our new location anymore which is kind of sad. I quite like the balloon idea too.

  171. Fabric and wool. With two little girls, who love to give dresses to their friends for christmas and birthdays, and lots of babies on the way needing crochet rugs, i might even be able to splurge and make something for me.

  172. A $250 shopping spree at Spotlight would mean I could purchase all the craft items I need for my class to make their Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day gifts and Christmas decorations. These purchases come out of my budget as my classroom budget only stretches so faaaarrrrr…

  173. Charmaine Campbell says:

    Imagine my delight after living with a 1970s kitchen table for the last 18 years, we finally bought one of our own in February! Now imagine my horror that said new table already has a chip out of it just 8 months later! I want to head to Spotlight to and stock up on place mats, table protectors and table cloths big enough to fit my table and keep it in good condition for a looong time to come.

  174. Fabric, batting and cotton are on my wish list.

  175. I would go CRAZY buying fabric & batting & cotton too for quilting. And then I’d go shopping on your site for some pretty kate Spain fabric:)

  176. a new sewing machine for my daughter, so I can teach her how to sew her own costume!!!

  177. I would buy some supplies for the Christmas gift crafting I really must get on with. Mostly yarn, some fabric bits, embroidery hoops, bright coloured embroidery floss, cushion inserts…..I love to give a handmade gift if I can manage it. Especially for my kids, as a keepsake from their childhood and to make Christmas a little more about gifts given with love and the recipient in mind.

  178. As boring as it sounds and as much as I would love to say craft, I would buy blinds or curtain rods for our new house as it is almost finished and as always the budget starts to get tight. The lollies would be lovely for lots of extra energy.

  179. Oh my goodness! What to buy! Fabric and notions. Always so many clothes to make with 4 little ones! x

  180. I have my eye on a quilt cover there for me. But with that much I could probably add some more fabric to my stash.

  181. I would love some new pillow and some scrap booking cutters and scrapbooks. Thank you :-)

  182. Well, I’ve been wanting some new bedding for a while, a new doonah cover for our son and then I would love to buy some fabric for some new Christmas dresses for the girls :) Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  183. We LOVE Halloween! We decorate our house and the whole street gets together to trick or treat and play. Spotlight is my favourite shop, so I’m sure that I’ll find lots of things to buy with $250 :)

  184. Sarah Kennedy says:

    Hear the giggles and excited chatter
    As small goblins and witches between them natter
    Lollies, lollies everywhere
    Look the spooky pumpkins stare!
    Over the moon a bat flies high
    Witches on broomsticks take to the sky
    Each little spook- it’s time for trick o’ treat
    Everyone fills their bags of sugary sweets BUT
    Not Mum! She’s on the net choosing crafty Spotlight bargains, now that sweet!!

    • congratulations Sarah, if you can please check your email as we have emailed you to get your address and haven’t heard back from you. thanks so much, Corrie:)

  185. My two little ones need jessy and woody costumes the rest would be spent on material for my teen for a rockabilly dress and petty skirt

  186. I would buy wool and fabric.

  187. Cassandra Fuimaono says:

    I would buy fabric, fabric, fabric!! Having a large bust I have learnt to make my own clothes that fit my body, and I gave birth 3 months ago so my existing clothes don’t fit or are not breastfeeding friendly. I would love to make some new clothes to feel special again.

  188. Should I win I’d take a bag of jelly beans with me to spotlight to help me bounce around in delight! I’d purchase a fancy cutting mat, ruler and rotary blade. And of course I’d raid the fabrics because…you can never have too much fabric! Which leads to thread because you need coordinating thread to go with your new fabric. I’m planning on making the tissue holders you made for the Mother’s Day stall for all my aunts and girl cousins for the holidays. I’ll need lots of fabric and thread! …might need more bags of jelly beans too!

    Sorry for the essay. Thanks for the chance to win!

  189. Melissa Jones says:

    I’d buy some costumes and decorations to welcome my daughter’s first Halloween. Get ready to have a fun party with her and her big brother.

  190. Casey Frew says:

    Linen for my little people’s beds & cot & any home decor & some wool & patterns, attempting to learn to knit, it’s a slow process but getting there. Love spotlight so will have no trouble spending it thanks. :-)

  191. Kylie Kenny says:

    Thanks Retro Mummy – I would buy fabric to make Christmas pillowcases and start a little business.

  192. I would love to buy some fabric to make some cute things for my baby girl, some wool to try my hand at some basic knitting and crocheting and some craft supplies for my busy three year old boy. I would also love to buy Halloween costumes and goodies to have ready for eager trick or treaters. It would be so much fun just to spend the money on different treats for the whole family!

  193. Belinda Wozniak z says:

    Far out my mind is boggling with the thought of winning $250 to shop at one of my most favourite stores spotlight !! First stop would be the costume section with my five little eager halloweeners in tow, I can see them now squeeling with delight knowing they could choose whatever costume takes their fancy!! I think I might get myself one also , after all I will need to blend in with all the spirits when they come to roam earth Halloween night.
    Next stop will be the party isle, we have a letterbox to decorate!! Lots of balloons , fake cobwebs and spiders should dress the house nicely. Not sure if I am still in budget but if there is any money left our last stop would be the arts and craft isle, can never have enough glitter in our lives

  194. Fabric glorious fabric!

  195. Leanne Biddle says:

    I would love to buy a sewing machine! After visiting a craft and quilting fair last weekend, I’ve been inspired by many projects I would to try.

  196. I hate Halloween but if I were to win this sweet treat I’m sure you could change my mind!! I’d buy scrapbooking goodies to continue my obsession with documenting everything about our family (especially the kids!). Also some cake decorating goodies and party decorations for my eldest daughter’s upcoming birthday party. Some fabric to finish sewing pirate bandannas (for the upcoming party). Also need a nice rug for the lounge room. Actually I’m pretty sure I’m going to need more than $250! :)

  197. Fabric -beautiful fabric for costumes and other creations!

  198. Nice prize! I would stock up on the basics, lots of sewing thread, batting, needles, maybe another cutting ruler, roller cutter blades & maybe even some ‘I can’t live without it’ fabric that is irresistible on the day.

  199. I have always longed to be able to knit and sew. Recently I took delivery of my very first sewing machine which im really excited about. My plan is to start with easy things like placemats and such and then work my way up. I hope to be able to sew clothing for the grandchildren I also long for. I would purchase Christmas themed material from spotlight and make placemats, table runners and perhaps a couple of Santa Sacks for my friends sons who I love to indulge at Christmas time each year. How exciting that would be.

  200. Lorna Orr says:

    I would buy some of the Kaiser wooden box kits as I enjoy making them then I give then away when they have have been finished.

  201. Amazing giveaway! Thanks for the offer! I would go craaaazy with it;) thank you again!

  202. Christine jenkin says:

    I would buy fabric to make a bright and colourful quilt for a friend who is going through chemo at the moment and also lots of wool for my mum who is knitting squares for the organisation Wraps with Love.

  203. I think I would buy a bit of everything! Fabric, wool, scrap booking stuff, wading, candle wax, books/patterns ….the list goes on

  204. Elizabeth says:

    Since I found out that Halloween isn’t an American tradition I’ve embraced it… nothing against Americans but it seemed to play a huge role in scary movies growing up lol it actually started as an end of summer Pagan festival Samhain… in Scotland I think, so totally okay with that hehe! So as we now buy lollies to give to the kids who arrive at our door I’d probably spend some of the voucher on decorations and some curtains for my son’s room.

  205. I have just started my own photography business and I’m in desperate need of wraps and accessories for newborns. $250 would allow me to buy some material to make my own props. This would be a great help to my new little business.

  206. I’ve just gotten into knitting so would love to get a few bits and pieces to increase my knitting stash. Things like different needles and more knitting books would be great. Oh and some cute little stitch markers. My daughters loom bands are doing the job, but don’t look very nice :)

  207. A bit boring, but I’d use the voucher to buy fabric to make long-overdue curtains for our house. 5 ultra big floor to ceiling windows cost A LOT to cover! And the Allen’s jellybeans (my favourite!) would keep me calm (and the kids giggling) when I have to rethread the sewing machine for the 18th time!!

  208. Elizabeth Beckett says:

    I would love the spotlight voucher, desperately want to make a quilt for my sons bed, he has been asking me for ages and now spotlight has lots of Star Wars/superheroes fabrics it is perfect, just need the money, it is not cheap to buy the fabrics, wadding and backing for it and hard to justify that amount of money when there are lots of other things to buy! :) this would be awesome.

  209. I’d love to splurge on Halloween decorations…there are so many things I need more…like a new sewing machine and Elsa fabric…but it would be much more fun to deck out the house this year!

  210. I will be buying fabric to makes quilting since I’ve recently caught the quilting bug and want to make one for my soon to be born babe.

  211. In our house at the moment we have been enjoying a book that we borrowed from our local library. It is called ‘Decorating Cookies’, by Bridget Edwards. It is fantastic! The cookie recipes are so simple, and absolutely delicious (the perfect recipe for kids to help make!). Bridget shows you how to decorate your cookies using royal icing. So, what would I buy at Spotlight? Some gel colours, cookie cutters, royal icing mix and some icing nozzles!

  212. Fashionista says:

    Fabric Fabric Fabric! Probably Christmas fabric because that is in the spirit of the competition. Maybe just one piece of frock fabric. For my Christmas Frock of course.

  213. Gosh what would I buy from Spotlight? That store is full of so much crafty potential I usually have to be careful to not spend too much money!
    It would be lovely to be able to splurge on some ideas I have for Christmas – skirts for my nieces, quilt for a loved one, knitted cardigans for a couple of precious new babies, dreams of gorgeous homemade cards to send off to friends and family. I would also love to find a backing for a liberty quilt I have been making by hand – might give me the encouragement to get it finished! I’m sure there would be some left to spruce up my outdoor space at home ready for summer – some new place-mats and table setting would be such a treat as it’s certainly not in the budget at the moment. $250 would go a long way at Spotlight, thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  214. I was in spotlight just the other day, making a (loooong and expensive) mental list of the must-buys if my husband and I take our three young children and move to a very remote island in a few months time… for a once in a lifetime job opportunity! We are in the limbo period of not yet knowing if we are going, I’ve done remote living before in the australian outback, and spotlight supplies are ESSENTIAL! I’m a fabric addict and spotlight is the best 😉

  215. Spotlight is one of my favourite stores! I would spend the money on much needed window furnishings – all our bedrooms are in desperate need!

  216. I would love to put the voucher towards an overlocker for my daughter.

  217. I would use it for new curtains. Our little kitten has destroyed ours. Lucky they were old and I didn’t like them anyway. Thanks.

  218. Briony Leonard says:

    I will buy some sparkly material, my dd has asked santa to bring her a mermaid tail for xmas x

  219. I would be happy as a kid in a lolly shop if I had a $250 voucher to spend in spotlight…endless possibilities and lots of fun deciding :)

  220. Hard to decide, but probably some fabric to make something for my 3 littlies.
    Thank you for the opportunity.

  221. Sarah Boyle says:

    I’ve just discovered how quick, easy and fun it is to sew mini doll’s quilts. I would buy some beautiful fabric to keep my new hobby going! :-)

  222. Simone Valentine says:

    Gosh I would buy some Star Wars favric to make my little boys library bag & swimming bag for prep next year. Then some gorgeous Christmas decor items for our family lunch and then treat myself to some more craft/scrapbooking bits n pieces ☺

  223. I would buy fabric, lot’s and lot’s of fabric! I am hoping to make some Christmas gifts for friends and family this year, and get my kids involved in helping me/learning to sew, so i am going to need a lot of fabric for practising on!!

  224. I would get my mum a new sewing machine – hers is only as old as me… (hint- unfortunately that’s closer to 40 than 30!)

  225. I would love to buy lots of fabric from Spotlight. I read something recently that said that part of good health is making some time for yourself and your passions. After reading I thought back to the last time I had a chance to do some sewing and was shocked to realise that it was in making an art smock and library bag for my daughter to start school this year! It’s definitely time to dust off my machine and indulge in some me time.

  226. Hi Corrie, thanks for the competition. I would have to say that I would spend the $250 on creating a great new playroom for my 3 little kids. We move house next Saturday and I have been ‘pinning’ lots of ideas with a fun and bright colour scheme. I intend to sew some new cushion covers and even purchase a bright new rug for the floor.

  227. Fabric, fabric and probably a bit more fabric. I might even get some christmas fabric and get started on my christmas sewing. I want to make some christmas cushions this year. You can never have too much christmas decorations, and until now the lounge has remained untouched

  228. Kim Tighe says:

    I’d stock up on Project Life and homewares. Thanks!

  229. Sandy Norman says:

    Wow great giveaway. No we don’t celebrate Halloween in my family but if I won I would LOVE the eat the jelly beans and I would of course buy a new sewing machine at Spotlight….


  230. Emma Lampard says:

    I would feed my quilting addiction and buy supplies to make my little Arthur a King Arthur costume for our mothers group Halloween gathering!

  231. I’ve asked my aunty to help me learn to quilt so I can make a special quilt for my new baby girl! So I would buy fabric.

  232. i would love to buy fabric if I won … I have a few projects planned for Christmas, including a stocking for the newest little family member as well as four dolls for my four neices!

  233. I’m teaching my daughter to sew, and our first project is a patchwork quilt for her bed. Hopefully she’ll catch the sewing “bug” and want to redo her entire room, curtains and all.

  234. Work in progress…

  235. Desperately need to replenish my stocks, so low in everything at the moment

  236. Halloween Birthday Party supplies! My little guys birthday is on Halloween so I will be stocking up on costumes and decorations galore!

  237. Nicole kent says:

    I love Spotlight!! I’d buy the full Project Life kit baby boy edition and additional cards for my baby number 3! He’s 11 days old and I need to start this before chaos reins!!!!

  238. Troy Simpson says:

    I’d buy material for my drag outfits. Well, you did ask :p

  239. Scapebooking supplies – To make a Halloween Album, to go with the School Album, Baby Album, Christmas Album, Holidays Album etc etc etc…

  240. Kathryn Santic says:

    I would buy my mum a new sewing machine. Us kids have ruined hers over the years.

  241. I’d love some new towels and linen for the hordes of visitors I’m expecting at Christmas. Great prize. Thankyou.

  242. I would buy a mish mash of fabric from the reject basket for my patchwork quilt. It’s for my daughter as she starts to roll around and crawl all over the floor!

  243. Catherine says:

    Lots of Sparkles and glitter.

  244. More like what won’t I be buying! I’m like a kid in a candy store at Spotlight, wanting and needing everything!! I’ll buy fabric to make new cushions, art and craft supplies for all the Christmas festivities, need a new Tri-pillow too, some paints and glitter too.

  245. I would like to purchase coustumes for my girls and myself. As well as some halloween fabric for the table and house. I LOVE halloween!!

  246. I have been eyeing off a new sewing box or knitting bag. Also looking at some quilting tools as I have just started doing it. If all else fails there is always yarn :)

  247. Curtains for the spare room (before the rellies arrive) and some new Christmas decorations.

  248. I have just recently made a fresh start in my life but my decor doesn’t reflect that. I would like to change my decor and give my new home a new, fresh feel and make a place to have new memories in.

  249. tizz barb lippy says:

    Spotlight is my one stop shop,
    Fabric for curtains are top!
    Storage for all my beads
    and all the kids little needs.
    kids costumes and decorations
    building on my scrapbooking foundation!

  250. Christmas fabrics so I could get busy making outfits for everyone as well as crafty decoration kits

  251. Terri Todd says:

    Halloween decorations, we live in a small town but more and more people are getting into Halloween and it’s a great excuse to dress up in costume :)

  252. Wow, what a cool prize! My parents want to babysit for us more often so I’d love to buy some of Spotlight’s craft kits for kids so my children can do craft projects with my parents.

  253. My MIL has just taught our daughter how to knit and she’s desperate to knit a scarf for her baby brother so we’d buy heaps of wool for her. No doubt she’d choose an unboyish colour but that doesn’t matter!

  254. Caroline Kelly says:

    My home is currently being renovated and $250 will offset costs replace and rejuvenate my home’s curtains, bed linen and cushions.

  255. Janine Gardiner says:

    New timber Venetian for the lounge, a tree came through the lounge window and destroyed the last one, so replacing timber with timber. Lol

  256. Sally Baker says:

    As Summer is steadily approaching, to go outside I’ll need a little coaxing. I love my sleep, these days to get enough is so sweet, but most mornings in all it’s glory is the bright Summer’s rays, spread across the room, my sleep is suddenly doomed. I’d buy a decent set of Block out curtains, oh boy it is certain 😀

  257. Elisha Ross says:

    I would love to win so that I can buy fabric to cover and spruce up my outdoor cane lounge and fabric for cushions, cushions and more cushions…..

  258. Jennifer B. says:

    I’m starting a jewellery business! Handmade glass is what I adore.
    That $250 from SPOTLIGHT sets me up with findings galore!!!

  259. Id buy all the supplies to make a girls cubby! we had one as kids, portable and fun we camped under the stars in it many nights

  260. I’d go to Spotlight fully intending to buy myself some new linen, or a nice new doona cover… And guaranteed I’d go home with bags full of stuff for the kids instead!

  261. Lucy Michaela says:

    There once was a family from the city,
    Who moved far away to somewhere more pretty.
    But in this new place,
    The urban family had to embrace,
    That their sleek city style did not fit, what a pity!

    To Spotlight they’d trek,
    Finding cloth for a hammock to don their new deck!
    Floral cottons to quilt bed throws,
    Colourful fabric to sew up new clothes,
    And with Retromummy’s help, no worrying about the cheque!

  262. Rebekah Ballingall says:

    From Fabric to Manchester Spotlight has it all. I would love to finally finish my son’s nursery given he is 6 months old!

  263. I would buy new bed sheets for my son who has recently started sleeping independently in his room and storage tubs to store his school crafts.

  264. I would buy lots of craft things to make Christmas presents for family and friends.

  265. Rebecca Bird says:

    All the curtains in my house are so old they’re perished and falling apart! My mother in law recently gave me a sewing machine for my birthday, so this would be the perfect opportunity to spend up on some material and sew all new ones!

  266. I would use it to start a new craft obsession. Whether it be glass painting, christmas craft, felting or crochet, I would get a complete starter kit created and get “doing”

  267. My mum has just taught me how to sew, I would love to splurge on good quality fabrics so I can start making my creations in my mind come alive.

  268. never having any money to spare to treat myself to things , and just recently teaching myself to crochet , I would use the $250 prize for crochet supplies and yarn , and to festive up the house for Christmas , thankyou for offering this great prize , fingers crossed I am lucky enough to win

  269. Emily Mclaughlan says:

    I would be buying tonnes of paints and canvases to do some beautiful artworks for my bedroom and home

  270. I popped into Spotlight the other day and they’ve got the best Halloween decorations around! I’d definitely stock up on Halloween decorations as we have an annual Halloween bash which gets bigger and better each year!

  271. Kasey Evans says:

    I’d be in my glory abit in the craft section and abit in the material section… hobbie is crafting with the kids and sewing!!! Thanks for the chance.

  272. Sam clarke says:

    Pumpklns spiders webs witches and many more

  273. Kelly Devoil says:

    I would get lots of face paint, they have the best stuff and our family loves dressing up! :)

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