life is busy but I’m baking and knitting…….

Well school went back this week as did 3 of my best helpers and the house is oh so quiet. And without big brother and sisters the little ones have been making their own fun like lock mummy out of the house!  It gave me a heart attack and a realisation that I need to keep a spare key somewhere. Thankfully they laughed and then let me back in. But it’s back to the school run, finding school shoes, someone came home with nits on day 1, someone got conjunctivitis and yes we’ve already been to the uniform shop to buy another hat. Hot tip – start the school year with 2 sunhats. I bought 2 hats for my big boy and didn’t for the girls and sure enough I’ve ended up having to buy another hat for each girl. And so I’m expecting that next week the missing sunhat will turn up because I bought a new hat. That’s the way it usually works.

We’ve still been having fun with the new Thermomix….I’m writing up a full review and hope to have it up tomorrow. I wanted to use it for a good week and see what I liked and if I didn’t like anything and I think I’m ready to share it all tomorrow. We’ve certainly been putting it through its paces. There are a few new recipes in the recipe chip that comes with your TM5 and this is the apple tea cake, clearly minus the apples, with fresh blueberries on top. Absolutely delicious and nothing left an hour after it came out of the oven. But blueberry did get on pjs and a quilt in the loungeroom so I might rethink the blueberries and little people. We’ve also done some pizza dough and the kids made their own pizzas last night for dinner which we hadn’t done in a while. Anyway come back tomorrow for the full debrief on the TM5……….anyone who has visited my house in the last week has had a mini demo as I’m certainly in love with it. I know some of you are waiting for yours to arrive and I promise the wait will be worth it.

And there has been some knitting. Slow knitting but some knitting. I’m knitting a size 8 kina for my big girl Keira. It’s the 10th kina I’ll have made. Addicted? Me? Never! OK a bit. Without confusing you I’m knitting the pattern in 8 ply so I’m technically knitting the size 6 pattern but to the length of the size 8 and on 4mm needles. There are 296 stitches. It’s a lot of back and forth but will be worth it. I’m using Bendigo Luxury 8 ply in aquarium and the needles (because I was asked a few times yesterday) are knit pro karbonz which I purchased from Suzy Hausfrau last year. They are fabulous and well worth the investment as you pretty much have all the needles you’ll need for any project and they are lovely and light to use.

Last year I knit a kina for keira and it has been worn and washed so often and still in perfect condition for my next little miss to wear it. That’s the beauty of making it yourself and I do think the Bendigo cotton is great for washability.

So it’s just been a week of school going back, baking and knitting. Oh and looking after my now 2 month old baby! Time flies……………


  1. I label the girls hats with that white liquid paper pen underneath, we have spares too but it is hard for someone to acquire another kids hat if its obviously Janes and not Toms !!

  2. I’m really loving that aquarium blue for a kina! I’ve never thought about a spare key outside but it’s definitely worth it after what happened to you! Looking forward to your TM review :)

  3. At the end of last year an extra hat turned up in my daughters bag. The name inside was a little boy that had been in care with us…..4 years ago ! I guess the person borrowing it decided they didn’t need it any more :)

  4. I can so relate to the hats…. I feel like I’m up there at least twice a term buying one of them a new hat. We don’t ever seem to find them again, so I am probably supplying the school…. Last year a jumper my son had lost was handed in to the clothing pool 2 years later…. with his name still in it…..

  5. I miss the kids being home! I love the slower pace of our days when on school holidays – ugh – back to the routine of school runs and missing shoes and overdue library books haaa. And yes, you will find the hat this week – that’s lost property law I swear! Like my teenage son who lost his $85 school sports jacket…..THE DAY AFTER I BOUGHT IT! And of course it was returned 2 weeks later….AFTER I succumbed to buying him another! Can’t win!
    Love hearing about your days and your children. Have a great weekend.
    C x

  6. Love tea cake so looking forward to the recipe for this. Have decided I need a heart shaped cake tin now! xo

  7. That Tea Cake looks amazing! Look forward to the TM review :)

  8. Cake looks gorgeous! Really looking forward to your thoughts on the new thermomix!!

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