a week of meals at our house

On the weekend over on facebook I mentioned that I was doing a quick meal plan and grocery list and a lovely reader Vanessa said she’d love to see the meal plan. So here you go. Usually I’d write it on the back of a used envelope (where the best things are written down of course) but the beauty of the blog is that I can share it with pictures and links to recipes.

Monday – Green pasta

We love our pasta here. This is gluten and dairy free but add some parmesan and regular pasta and you’re all good too

Tuesday – Cobb Salad

This is my favourite salad and the kids have some of the ingredients and love the chicken and bacon

Wednesday – zucchini and feta slice

Great with a side salad and some garlic bread or even buttered bread in a pinch.

Thursday – pasta fagiole in the thermomix

My kids love this recipe so much but hubby not so much. It uses basic ingredients like celery , tomato and chickpeas and we use a gluten free macaroni like san remo. Too easy.

Friday – quick quesadillas 

We do spinach and feta as well as ham and pineapple. No surprises which ones the kids gobble up….yep ham and pineapple. Nice and easy for a friday night.

Saturday – vegetarian nachos

easy and fun. Say no more.

Sunday – a family roast 

Who doesn’t love a roast on Sunday. I now need to do 2 chickens as we eat so much and then I get leftovers for the next day. Great to start the week with some delicious chicken and mayo sandwiches.

I hope that gives you a bit of dinner inspiration for the week. I usually add in a cookie and cake recipe too so that when I do the shopping I’m making sure I’ve got some snacks and baking covered. A few favourites are

one cup cookies

all that is left!

jam drops

lemon drizzle cake



  1. Wow Corrie that was a good read. I’m going to try the green pasta. All your food looks really healthy and inviting to eat. I bet there’s no leftovers! At least you know exactly what is in the food your family eat.
    I don’t envy you your grocery shop though. Take care.

  2. Wow, what a great week of meals. I love quesadillas and your nachos look amazing!

  3. Great food ideas – thank you! I’m going to give that Green Pasta a try. And YUM…I can never go past a good Nachos :)
    Have a great week, C x

  4. Oh!! This was a very interesting reading, full of ideas for our next week!
    Thanks a lot!

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