spring is here

I love spring with the warmer weather and the gorgeous flowers in our garden. I’ve probably admitted on the blog before that I don’t get a lot of time for gardening but am loving how many different types of beautiful flowers there are at our house at the moment.

and the biggest surprise was a blossoming tree outside my craft room which I hadn’t even noticed…….because there isn’t much craft time!

and out the front there have been flowers everywhere

And spring time means it’s almost my favourite time of year…..hydrangea time! My all time favourite flower. It’s actually the one flower we don’t have any of at our new house but I’ve had at the last few houses and here are some from our last house. I’ve been promised some will be planted in our garden by the gardener (my husband) and I’m itching to put in a range of colours.


  1. Hydrangeas are my favourite too. They remind me of my nan’s house, she had massive hydrangea bushes. She also had a big (dried) bunch in the loungeroom, the dried petals were like thin brown paper, very pretty. Did you know about soil acidity affecting their colour? pH levels above or below a certain number make them blue.

  2. I love hydrangeas too, instant bouquet in a vase. I have planted 5 hydrangea plants and am hoping they will one day be a huge hedge of hydrangeas! x

  3. I love hydrangeas to. I have one at this house that is very old but doing really well in the spot it was in so I planted a few more around it. Fingers crossed this will be the year of the hydrangea at our house. Hydrangeas flower different colours depending on the soil acidity/alkaline. You can get additives at the nursery that make them go pink or blue. I’ll just be happy with whatever comes as they remind me of my beloved nana and my husbands much loved nana. The only thing that worries me is that hydrangeas remind me of Christmas so that must be coming our way soon!! My nana-in-law used to give me a big bunch of hydrangea, crucifix orchid and Christmas bush from her garden in the lead up the Christmas.

  4. Beautiful photos Corrie. I absolutely love Spring and seeing nature come back to life again. All the bright, fresh colours make me smile. It is a great reminder of how amazing God is creating it all for us to enjoy.

  5. Gorgeous photos Corrie, Hydrangeas are also my favourite :-)

  6. Stunning Corrie! Loving your delightful camellia & the blossom tree…what a find! :) xo

  7. I love hydrangeas too – I used to have them outside my bedroom window when I was growing up, so they always remind me of home! I can never seem to find them in the nurseries though.

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