Airwick Freshmatic Automatic Spray and other tongue twisters

Brought to you by Airwick

‘The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing’…………..when you hear those words on TV tomorrow then you know it’s time for my first (and could be last, who knows) infomercial.

And you know when you are watching a scary movie or something on TV and you have your hands up over your eyes and are peeking through to watch but you don’t really want to but you kind of do. Yep, that might just be me tomorrow when I watch my grand debut to morning TV. I kept telling myself (after having no more than one hours sleep) that all the good things happen outside my comfort zone. And going on TV is definitely outside my comfort zone. Especially a month after having a baby. But thankfully hair and makeup works wonders on a new mum and I fed my little guy while getting made up and then he slept on his daddy in the green room while I went on camera.

I’m on TV to talk about spring cleaning and the current Homewise spring cleaning section which you’ll find at your nearest Woolworths store at the moment. I had been sent a big box of the latest products from Pine O Cleen and Airwick so I could get a bit of practise in. And I’ve been a long time fan of those disinfecting wipes which are great for a quick wipe over of your kitchen benches. They work miracles.

In the car on the way in I tried to say Airwick Freshmatic Automatic Spray a few times so that it just rolled off the tongue. I had tried really hard  to memorise what we were going to say and then they told me I could use autocue.  Ohhh that sounded good. So I had to look past the host and read the autocue and make it look natural.  That didn’t work for me. There is an art to that and I don’t have it so after 4 or so takes we got a good one and it was all done. Relief!!!!!

So check it out tomorrow on The Morning Show on Channel 7 and we can all have a little laugh together on my first  infomercial. I’m so nervous but plan to have the kids with me watching since they are my biggest fans….and it’s going to be funny! I just know it.

Every time I walk this little corner of my house I’ll remember that one time I went on TV and could say Airwick Freshmatic Automatic Spray perfectly…………..


  1. Good on you Corrie! I’m sure you were great.

  2. Wowzers! Your gonna be a star! You looked gorgeous and I’m sure you nailed it xx

  3. I am very impressed you managed to say Airwick freshmatic automatic spray. I stumbled over it sitting in my loungeroom, what a tonguetwister. I bet you were great :)

  4. Heather Miller says:

    A bit late to say good luck, but I’m sure it will be great , ill be watching !!
    You amaze me at what you can accomplish..cheers

  5. Well I already think you’re a star.

  6. Just a question about those wipes…I have granite bench tops and whatever I use leaves streaks….how do you think these would go?

  7. I’m sure you did amazing! I’ll definitely tune in tomorrow!

  8. You were great Corrie, I was home sick today and had the tele on and wow, there you were. You did really good.

  9. Your hair looks beautiful here Corrie and WOW! Congratulations on the commercial, I’ll have to remember to tune in next week :) xo

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