Quirky Cooking’s Cinnamon Blueberry Scrolls

I love to bake but time has been in short supply. So with a snoozing baby (modelling his hug me tight made by my nana)…………..

and all of the right ingredients and the big kids home on school holidays we set about making Quirky Cooking’s Cinnamon & Blueberry Scrolls.

We did need a few new ingredients to make these including coconut sugar, coconut cream and spelt flour. The coconut sugar and pecans were a bargain buy from Costco and the spelt flour came from Woolies. We had trouble finding it at our local store but managed to get some online. The spelt flour isn’t gluten free but you could easily substitute with a cup for cup substitute like white wings gluten free flour and then the recipe would be gluten free and dairy free.

The dough was super easy to make in the thermomix and proving time let me keep an eye on everyone and feed the baby.

I have to admit that spreading coconut cream over the dough instead of lashings of butter (if you make PW’s cinnamon rolls then you know what I’m talking about) was something new for me but the taste was delicious.

And these are nice and filling……mind  you I ate 2 1/2 hot out of the oven as they were so good and the blueberries are just the perfect addition. Don’t worry that they are cut in half before the oven as they turn out fine once you’ve baked the scrolls.

Today we had just 3 scrolls left in the tin and I’m not expecting them to last long. Now this is definitely something that will take you a couple of hours but is so worth the effort and the kids can play with the offcuts of dough and make their own scrolls.

A big thumbs up here from everyone……………recipe in Jo’s new book or her website here and just add a punnet of fresh blueberries to the online recipe.


  1. Corrie, spelt is not gluten free as you say, but is an ancient grain. It is usually ok for GF people. Even more so if bread etc is allowed to rise and ferment slowly, at least eighteen hours. Coeliac diagnosed granddaughter and her gluten intolerant sister and brother are fine with both spelt and sourdough. Proper sourdough bread with no yeast and slow fermentation. If they are here we make slowrise bread or buy Bourke St Bakery or Morpeth sourdough bread. Morpeth is available from Harris Farm markets and I get the Bourke St Bakery bread from their bread and butter project in my delivery of fruit and vegetables from Boxfresh. Always have some in freezer as no one likes supermarket bread now with its fluffy texture and little flavour. Both those brands taste great.

  2. They look delicious. I’ve been meaning to make these, may have to do it over the long weekend here in Perth this weekend :)

    • yep! set aside a bit of time and enjoy. definitely for a long weekend or holiday. I actually didn’t even know we had a long weekend as I’m just in school holiday mode:) :) enjoy

  3. Ohh these look delicious! Might have to try them! I’m very impressed you have the time and inclination to be baking with a baby!

    ps- What’s a ‘hug me tight’? I’m intrigued!

  4. Ooo yummy! Love cinnamon! Gorgeous pic of your sweet boy too xo

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