7 charm square pack giveaway

congratulations Marg the winner of this post! Thank you everyone for entering

School holidays are here and that means sleep ins, lazy mornings, play time at home and a few weeks to relax. It also means getting my house in order and getting rid of the last of the boxes since we moved in.  So while I’m busy with my little people (and my house) I thought I’d do a little giveaway for you. 7, yes 7 different charm square packs which even the beginner sewer or quilter could join together to make one big huge quilt. Or just use them for lots of smaller quilts. Charm squares are just 5 inch squares of fabric and I think this would be such a great project to join them all together for a big patchwork quilt.

Anyone in the world can enter, just leave a comment telling me what you’d make with 7 charm square packs. Entries close this Sunday 28th September. Good luck…………………………….and if you’re on school holidays too then happy holidays.


  1. Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful giveaway. If I was lucky enough to win I would make a quilt for my niece who is due to have her baby later this year. After the loss of her first child (stillborn) I want to make something really special.

  2. Ooh, lovely, been asked to design some simple ‘learn to sew’ projects for some ladies from church wanting lessons using charm squares……so, baby quilt, table runner, project bag, endless possibilities Corrie. Thanks.

  3. I’d love to make a quilt! I haven’t ventured into quilting anything as big as a bed yet, so that would be my plan!

  4. Sandy Gauci says:

    I’d definitely make a Thimbleblossoms pattern, perhaps Red Letter day or similar, making it very scrappy.

  5. Those are some lovely fabrics in those packs. I would make my granddaughter a darling bed quilt. I would make a lap quilt for my daughter Kate out of that MISS KATE line by Bonnie and Camille, and I would love one for myself as well. It appears to me I would have plenty to make a baby quilt for a couple of babies due in 2015. Quite a generous giveaway. Enjoy your holidays! Kristy

  6. jo glanville says:

    I would mix them and make myself a beautiful picnic blanket for summer in tassie

  7. I’d love to make a scrappy quilt out of 2 1/2 inch squares. I think I could do it with 7 charm pack and it would give a great ‘co-ordinated’ scrappy look – I still stuggle with a pure ‘random’ scrappy design but I’m making progress!

  8. I’d love to make a quilt for our caravan as a bit of a family heirloom for holidays

  9. a beautiful quilt for my little Miss 5 year old. Thanks for the chance and enjoy your holiday home says they are wonderful aren’t they.

  10. hi, my 16 year old daughter emma is just starting to get into sewing. it would be great to hand them over and just tell her to go it. make your first quilt. thanks sue

  11. I would mix them all up to make a big, simple, gloriously colourful quilt top which would indeed be happy-go-lucky! Thanks very much for the generous giveaway, Corrie. Wishing you and the gang a happy, relaxing holiday.

  12. Such a pretty combination of colours, I would definitely make a quilt! I haven’t make one yet, yet I sew clothes and bags. Maybe a couple of quilts with all those gorgeous packs!

  13. i would use the gorgeous material as part of a new quilt for my newborn daughter!!! Just beautiful!!

  14. Chris Anthony says:

    I would love to make a pretty quilt for my bed. Thank you for the chance to win!

  15. Oh Corrie, I love these fabrics!!! If I were to win, I would use them to make a quilt for my eldest daughter. Fingers crossed :)

  16. What a gorgeous give away! If I was lucky enough to win they would be going in to lots of different projects and would be fantastic for me to try out new patterns and patchwork block designs with. I’d also likely share a few with some sweet sweet sewing friends too.
    Thanks for having an awesome give away!

  17. Samantha blockley says:

    Hi corrie! I have been a long time follower, but this is the first time I have entered one of your generous competitions. I am a bit of a fabric addict, and I always seem to be making stuff for everyone else. With those pretty charm squares I think I would change things and make a beautiful quilt for my bed :) and maybe a matching one for my daughter. Thanks :)

  18. I’ve bought my first sewing machine recently and would like to try my hand at making a quilt. It would be a super easy first timer kind of quilt, but one has to start somewhere! :-)

  19. I’ve been wanting to make a chenille quilt for ages. I think seven charm packs would be enough to make two quilts, so I would do one chenille quilt for Amélie’s bed and maybe a non-chenille one for our bed too.

  20. Heather Miller says:

    I would make a scrappy star quilt and a table runner if there was enough left over.
    Enjoy the holidays with your gorgeous family

  21. I would sew a quilt and give to one of my favorite charities, Children’s Hospital. It would be an wonderful opportunity. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. I would love my own special quilt, little miss has a few…time to make one for mummy!

  23. Rebecca Rigby says:

    Oooh would love to win this….I would love to attempt my first quilt with those gorgeous prints.

  24. I’d make beautiful flowers. I have recently started making fabric flowers and find it great therapy as I have been quite unwell lately. My 14 grandchildren (boys included) just love when I make them my pretty flowers.

  25. Courtney Bolitho says:

    Thank you for the giveaway!!
    I would make a quilt for my new house!!

  26. I’d client to make a picnic quilt – spring has made me excited for warm summer afternoons in the park with delicious food & drink, and the people that I love. I would keep it in my car for spontaneous picnics too!
    I hope you enjoy your holidays Corrie, I’m on school holidays too and I must say, I was very ready for these ones to come!!

  27. I would make 7 different quilts out of the beautiful fabric!

  28. Hi Corrie oh i would love to use these charm pks to make a quilt for one of my grand children,thankyou for hosting a wonderful giveaway.xx

  29. Georgina Anders says:

    I would make a quilt with my 10 year old daughter who is learning to sew on the machine!

  30. I would love to make a quilt using those lovely fabric lines. Thanks for a great diveaway!

  31. Janna Cleverdon says:

    I would give them to my 8yr old Daughter as she has been learning to sew every school holidays with her Grandma for the past 2 years. She would love a new project to work on!

  32. Thanks for the giveaway……I liked to get together with my quilting buddies and use the packs to make two quilts for the Aussie heroes quilt project.

  33. I would love to make a little lap quilt and girl-a-fy the house a little. Living with three males the majority rule in the styling influence of the house. Its time to change it up a little.

  34. Sallyann Silver says:

    I would love to say I would learn how to sew and make my very first quilt for Miss 6…………but I think we all know, that will never happen. In all honesty, I would pass them on to my mum and tell her in detail what I would like her to create. She would do something entirely different and I would be amazed at how fantastic it looks! Cue the oohing and ahhing from me and exclaiming how cool it would be to learn this awesome handy craft, knowing it’s all talk

  35. What an awesome giveaway! 7 charm packs..hmmm…I would hoard them for a while because I would want to be sure I pick the perfect project or projects to use them in. Thanks!

  36. Alina Griffiths says:

    I’d make a quilt for baby no.6 due in 2 months. Those squares are utterly gorgeous!

  37. Brodie donegan says:

    Fabric coasters and lavender drawer sachets! So pretty!

  38. Melissa Powell says:

    I’d love to make a quilt for my baby girl. It would be the first quilt I would make. I think these charm packs would make it a lot easier!

  39. Jantine Urban says:

    With those happy colors I see a quilt in my favorite pattern, Half Square Triangles. The scrappier the better!

  40. Samantha Marshall says:

    I have been thinking about getting into some little embroidery/appliqué combination blocks for a while now, to make my daughter a cute quilt for Christmas. These would be perfect!

  41. Marg Humphrey says:

    Hi Corrie, I would love to win and then I would make a large quilt for a female living in a refugee to escape domestic violence. Our patchwork group recently learned about these woman through the Luke Batty Foundation.

  42. Emma Laycock says:

    I would make some new dresses for my daughters favourite doll.

  43. I would make a large picnic rug for our grandchildren to use at our place. I want to try ‘quilting as I go’ and the squares would be good for this.

  44. Avalene Bailey says:

    Thank you for your generosity Corrie. If I won, I would use some of the fabirc to make a friend having a baby a new quilt and with whatever is left over, I would make something gorgeous for myself!!

  45. Kathy MacKie says:

    I thnk this would be a great way to get my oldest Grand daughter started on quilting. We could practise the 1/4″ seam and the strips would be short to start with and the colors are bright and happy.

  46. A table runner & matching napkins for the dining room!

  47. Thank you so much for sharing 7 possibilities……..wow!
    Two would make quilts for my soon -to-be twin “great nieces”
    One for a quilt for the big sister of those soon to be great niecies.
    3 Pillows for the wonderful MOM of those 3 girls…and make up bag, tote bag for her stuff:)
    Wall hanging for my upstairs sewing/computer room.

  48. If I won this pack I wouldn’t make anything as I can’t sew but my partners aunty is fantastic at it and she makes the most beautiful quilts you have ever seen! So I would give them to her to create something fantastic for my daughter and she can create whatever she wants with any of the leftovers.

  49. I would love those beautiful charm squares to make a quilt for my little girl, her elder sister has one made by a friend. I haven’t made a quilt before, but I’m sure I could make one with those beautiful squares.

  50. Would have to be a quilt for which I will then add to raffle, trying to raise funds for local School

  51. Melanie Usher says:

    I would make a patchwork skirt for my daughter, and some funky pot holders with the left overs!

  52. Melanie Sim says:

    I’d use them separately in different quilt projects (except for Bonnie and Camille, I’d use them for a current project!).

  53. Oh I would love to make my first patchwork blanket for ou new bedroom in our new “dreamy” house that my husband, myself & our 2 little ones moved into a few months ago ♡

  54. Charm squares are my favourite pre-cut! I’d have to make a quilt for my neice who’s turning 1 in February – I’ve made a quilt for her brother and sister and now the pressure is on to make one for her!!

  55. Kathryn hosking says:

    I know it’s cliche, but I’d make a quilt for my 7mo daughter. It’d be my first experiment with quilting, but I managed to finish Gidday Baby, so I think maybe I could do a quilt too! Thanks for the inspiration, Corrie.

  56. I make a gorgeous baby quilt using a charm pack and a bit of yardage. Plus I have 4 friends expecting, so this giveaway would be awesome to win!!! Thanks for your generosity!

  57. I’m teaching my niece to sew, and these charms would be perfect for a simple and stunning quilt project. Thanks for the chance to win, and thanks for your blog. It’s amazing that you have time to blog! I hope you are enjoying every minute with your new little one.

  58. Wow what a great giveaway – those colours are so gorgeous – I was planning on making my niece a quilt for her 6th birthday and they look like perfect colours for her.
    Hope I am in with a chance……

  59. I have just been looking at a pattern for a braided quilt, these gorgeous fabrics would be perfect, thank you for the chance to win these.

  60. Cathy Atkinson says:

    Endless ideas but I think I would make a grandma cuddle blanket for me and another one to give to another grandma to cuddle hers too

  61. I would probably make a few gorgeous baby quilts using a couple of the charm packs that work really well together. I am not so good about tying together more than one fabric line, but I think I would try to venture out of my comfort zone just a bit:) I also have some new pattern ideas that I wanted to try with a charm pack so this would work out perfect. Thank you for the opportunity.

  62. Such pretty fabric. I’d likely make a couple if smaller quilts with that fantastic pile of charms. I enjoy your blog.

  63. Karen Muller says:

    I would make some little quilts to donate to a group I am part of which makes items for children who are heart patients. Thanks for the opportunity

  64. Kathy Davis says:

    I love the fabric and would make a quilt for my granddaughter Nellie. The only quilt I have made her is an I Spy rag quilt. She would like a nice quilt of her own.+

  65. Hi Corrie, at the age of 32 and with my first baby keeping me busy and loving life, I am finally learning how to sew. I did one term of sewing at high school and mum has never let me forget how terrible the pair of shorts I made were…one leg shorter than the other and twisted elastic in the waist! As the oldest in a family of five, the sewing machine was used a lot but the only task I really mastered was threading the needle! With mum’s help, I would use this fabric to make a quilt for my son and for my first niece or nephew due at the end of this year. Thank you for sharing the stories of your beautiful family.

  66. Hi Corrie, I’ve just finished my first quilt and would love to win a pack of these lovely charm squares to begin my second quilt, such gorgeous fabrics.

    Sarah x

  67. Oh Corrie, what beautiful fabric! I would love to try my hand at Thimble Blossoms Round and Round. Have a wonderful time with the family during your school break.

  68. Something simple and colourful and beautiful.

  69. I would make quillows. Thanks for the great giveaway, love the charm squares.

  70. It’s hard to believe but I think all of fabrics would together in one quilt. It seems like the reds tie them all together. Great choices! Thanks. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  71. I would definitely make a baby quilt for a little one due in November.

  72. I would make a new quilt for my bed. those charm squares are completely out of my comfort zone and would really brighten my bedroom up.

  73. Oh fingers crossed!! I would love these! Just started sewing recenting and I would love to make a special quilt for my daughter to keep! Pick me! P.s love your blog :-)

  74. Wendy Martin says:

    Hi Corrie I would make a quilt for my new granddaughter due in December. I have just finished one for her mum I started nearly 20 years ago! If I was lucky enough to win I would definitely work at it quicker than the last one!

  75. I’d add some sashing, and make a quilt each for my two girls.

  76. I would probably finally make myself a large quilt for the bed, as I have always made for others and don’t have one myself! Thank you for the opportunity.

  77. Lori Morton says:

    Ooooh!! Would make a couple of quilts for a new Granbaby due this Spring & a nice Tote for Mommy-to-be!

  78. Martine Harding says:

    I would love to make my first quilt with those gorgeous colours!
    :) Martine

  79. They look lovely. I would probably make little trivets like placemats. I am always in need of a pot holder or a placemat at my house and I’ve been putting off the project.

  80. I would get started on my christmas present making and use them towards my 3 little nieces quilts.

  81. Oohhh Corrie! What a great giveaway! I would make 2 quilts one for our new home and one for my brand new neice Eden! The fabric choices are beautiful! Thanks madonna

  82. If I was lucky enough to win 7 charm packs, I would make quilts! Quilts, quilts and more quilts!!!! You can never have too many at home to throw over sofas or give away to friends with little ones! Thanks for the opportunity : )

  83. I’ve just learnt how to do patchwork in the last few weeks, so I would definitely start with a small quilt (or a few)…

  84. What a great giveaway! Quilt sounds like a good idea, I think a hexie bag or pouch could be made too.

  85. Love it! Definitely a throw quilt!

  86. Cheryl Hayes says:

    Hi Corrie, you are too generous! If I was lucky enough to own these fabrics I would make a large scrappy quilt. Then I would donate it to the Mater Hospital in Newcastle, NSW so they could raffle it with proceeds going towards much needed Oncology equipment.
    I hope you enjoy these school holidays with your beautiful family…and may the weather stay sunny and dry!

  87. If I were lucky enough to win I would make a beautiful duffle/weekend patchwork bag that I have spotted on Pinterest. I’m guessing there would be plenty left over so I would then use that to make a quilt for my daughter who always find the air con too cold while watching movies and the pretty colours would be perfect.

  88. Charlotte E says:

    I desperately need to revamp the living room so I’d whip up some patchwork cushion covers with these charm packs and some coasters to match. That is of course if Mr 15 Weeks ever gives me a chance to get out the sewing machine :-)

  89. I would make a quilt for my daugther who is leaving home. With it she would think of her very nice mum who made it for her, so she would visit often! Thank you for the chance to win!! Love the fabric.

  90. I would make a patchwork skirt. I keep eyeing one off in a shop but would love to try and make my own.

  91. I’ve just worked out how to thread the bobbin on my grandmothers sewing machine that she gave me (It’s taken a while) so I would make something beautiful like a picnic blanket or quilt for my daughter & every time I looked at it I would remember her.

    Thanks for the chance.

  92. I’d make a charm quilt, for my daughter. The colours and designs are beautiful! Or, I might just spoil my sister, she would love a quilt for her bed in these patterns…

  93. Lovely Colours! I would make my Granddaughter Rubee’ a beautiful keepsake quilt made with special love from her YaYa :)

  94. Beautiful fabrics ! I would make a pinewheel quilt for my daughter.

  95. What a fab giveaway… with a new begining happening in our lives about to start this might just be the thing I need to do hexi’s in the car and make a mega quilt to commemorate our relocation to Tassie!

  96. Gorgeous fabrics! I am desperate to make a quilt for my only niece and those fabrics are perfect for girls!

  97. Sandy Norman says:

    I would make different projects with all the charm squares… from table runners, hand bag to a baby quilt.

  98. I’d make a quilt. I just saw a fun pattern using a Dresden Ruler and charm Squares. This would be perfect!

  99. Susanna Walker says:

    I would give 4 packs to my mum who is nervous about using her new sewing machine and keeps asking me questions about charm packs! I know she secretly wants to try.. The other three packs would go to my 11 year old daughter who is all signed up to do a kids sewing class at Hobbysew next term.

  100. I would make some twirly skirts for my new niece and friends girls

  101. Lesley Needham says:

    I need to make a start on Christmas gifts. I am so behind on Christmas planning this year. I think these fabrics would look great on a tablerunner, journal cover or maybe I could make my own Christmas gift and my 4 boys can give it to me on Christmas Day.

  102. Summer may be over here but I’d like to make a picnic quilt for next summer!!

  103. Thanks for opportunity to enter, I’d try my first ever patchwork to make cushions for my daughters bed and maybe a throw blanket for the end of her bed too

  104. I think I’d be inspired to attempt my first quilt!

    ozknitter at gmail dot com

  105. Oooooh, I’d have to think up some great beginner sewing projects for my daughter and niece to share some girly time in the holidays. Maybe a patchwork laptop cover for my niece and a couple of little patchwork pouches for my little girl (she’d just be putting the squares together and I’d do the rest). Plus there’d be plenty left over for scrappy quilting projects.

  106. Lucy Pasifull says:

    I would make a lap quilt for each of my four children.

  107. Gorgeous fabric, I would make a quilt with matching cushions.

  108. With all that beauty would have to make a quilt for my lovely seven year old granddaughter. She had to move out of her bedroom and in with her brother at Easter because her house is being extended and her old room will be part of the new bathroom. She has been so very patient and hopes to move into a much larger room of her own by Christmas where she can have her own space. She is already trying to decide what sort of decor she wants. A lovely new quilt would be such a wonderful addition.

  109. These would be wonderful to get me going on my first ever quilt. I’ve been cutting up squares, but it just takes forever and I am so impatient to get started! xo

  110. Gorgeous ! I would definitly make Winter blankets for my Sweet Little twin Girls.
    Have a nice day,

  111. Beautiful colours – I would definitely be making a sweet quilt for my girls’ new shared “big girls” room!

  112. Qué gran oportunidad:))))))))) Ojalá tenga suerte y le haría una hermosa colcha a mi hija!!!! Cruzo los dedos

  113. Table runners for my sisters for the holidays! thanks!

  114. Kristine Crawford says:

    I would make a quilt for my niece. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  115. Total newbie here. I’m still really keen to make a patchwork tablecloth

  116. I love making little bitty blankets for small children in need to comfort them, and these would be perfect. I also have been wanting to try my hand making potholders and patchwork ones would be delightful out of some of these.

  117. Hello:
    I am having a girl in February, my first one. And I am looking for project for her nursery, some bibs, some fabric bins for nappies, some bags…


  118. A tablecloth…
    And some new fall pilowcases I think… :)))

  119. Rabia Thomson says:

    Hi Corrie,
    As I am a beginner I’m not sure how far the charm squares will go but I have three friends due to give birth in the next couple of months and so I’d love to make a little quilt for each of them and/or use a bit to make the insides of ears and tummies for some calico rabbits (using a simple pattern!). I have a son so it would be nice to make something girly for once! Love the colours and patterns too :) Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway! x x

  120. These are so pretty – I would love to make a quilt for my lounge room to snuggle under with my kids (unless the dog takes a liking to it, and thinks it’s hers!) Enjoying the school holidays here, too!

  121. Thanks for a chance at this great giveaway.
    I would love to make a quilt for my daughter.
    Thankyou very much

  122. I noticed Miss Kate in there! I love Camille’s books and quite a few of her patterns use charm squares so I think I would have to make a quilt from out of one of her books!

  123. Kate and Miss Kate – what a match. Quilts for my 4 kids to snuggle under … thank you for the lovely giveaway and your beautiful blog :)

  124. Great fabric, I would use them to make a fun quilt for sure! Thanks for the chance!

  125. I’d make a quilt, and a patchwork duffle bag.

  126. I would love to make a quilt (or a few), for friends who are having babies.

  127. Hi Corry. If I win I make one quilt of it. For my kids . They all love quilts. Henny

  128. Hi Corrie, thanks for the chance to win! I would make two charity quilts for the childrens hospital at westmead, (that would take 6 of the packs) and keep the miss kate for myself!!

  129. I’m desperate for new cushions!!

  130. What beautiful charm square packs. I would put them together and make one big quilt. Thank you for the chance to win.

  131. Certainly a quilt, I’m just not sure which blocks I’d choose to make.
    Thank you for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  132. I would love to make some baby quilts for some families I know.

  133. Hi, Corrie! New bags, perhaps? They are all beautiful!

  134. Susan Leach says:

    They are gorgeous and I would use them to make a couch throw for my daughter when she moves into her first home, she is building

  135. I would make my inlaws a quilt for their anniversary. It’s 51yrs in November. Definitely deserving of a special quilt!!

  136. I’d make 7 different quilts or wall-hangings.

  137. Kelly Wilson says:

    There is a really nice charm square baby quilt pattern (by Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson!) I would love try. The baby size is free but she also has other sizes. Thanks for the opportunity! notwendy gmail

  138. I would use some to make a table runner and then some others to make some new pillows. Thanks for the giveaway.

  139. I would make a quilt and bag for my niece and then some fun girly Project Linus quilts. Thanks for the chance to win!

  140. Miss Kate and Happy Go Lucky would team up to make a quilt for the Labors of Love auction my church guild holds every year. The others would be hoarded for the many baby quilts I will give as gifts to every new arrival. Thanks for the giveaway.

  141. some of my favourite fabrics there! Thanks for the chance. I’d use the B&C prints with some scraps of their previous lines to make a quilt for me as they are my favourites. I’d use the Kate Spain with some scraps from that line to make patchwork panels for my curtains. The others would find their way into a quilt too, though I have no firm ideas

  142. These fabrics look really fun. I would probably sew them all together, though I may turn them into half square triangles first. Thanks for offering this generous giveaway!

  143. I see quilts, table runners, placemats………

  144. Beautiful fabrics! I would make pillows and totes!

  145. Thanks for the great giveaway! I think I’d use the charm packs in a patchwork toddler quilt.

  146. Quilting Tangent says:

    I would make a scrappy nickel quilt with this wonderful giveaway.

  147. I would make 7 quilts, with I love how far a charm pack can go if you pair it with solids! :)

  148. I could get three or four quilts out of them by adding fabric and I would donate them to our local cancer center. The colors are so happy that I’m sure they would appreciate the warmth and cheerfulness.

  149. A patchwork quilt or two!

  150. I would finally make something for myself :) I think I’d cut them diagonally and make a small quilt of triangles to cuddle with on the couch.

  151. QuiltinGram says:

    WOW….7 gorgeous charm packs….would end up in a queen size scrappy quilt. Then I would make a few small to minature quilts with the remaining pieces

  152. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!!!!

    I’m not sure what I’d make, but it would definitely get me going on figuring it and turning on the sewing machine!

  153. allison pogany says:

    these would be transformed into my daughter’s first patchwork quilt!

  154. How very generous of you!
    Having just joined a doll club (we dress dolls to be given to girls who are in hospital with serious illnesses; and we make car carriers for boys and little crinkly squares for babies), I’d use those to make small quilts for babies.

  155. Fiona Arthur says:

    Corrie, what an awesome giveaway! I’ve got so many projects filed away that I want to sew. Firstly, some fabric baskets, then some sewing for a group I’m part of that makes garments for stillborn babies. Im always on the lookout for stylish fabrics that would befit such tiny babe’s.

  156. Oh Corrie, beautiful fabric! I would love to win the charm squares so I could make one huge quilt. It is a dream for me and that fabric would be perfect!

  157. I love quilting. (Like, really love quilting.) So I would combine these lovely charm packs with other fabrics in my stash and sew quilts. Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

  158. These beautiful charm squares would make some lovely quilts for my grandchildren.

  159. Hope to win…’ Cos winter is coming , here in Italy, and I need a new quilt !! :-)

  160. A quilt for my living room.

  161. Four dogs and one quilter says:

    Would cut the charms into hexagons and make a scrappy quilt. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win.

  162. Kristine R. says:

    I would try my hand at a really cute baby quilt for a boy.

  163. barbara woods says:

    excepting 2 more great grands so baby quilts, thanks

  164. maria gemma says:

    hola me encantaria hacer un quilt para un bebe.Gracias

  165. What a generous giveaway. If I won, I’d share w/my sis and we’d both probably make small patchwork quilts.

  166. I make charity quilts for a pediatric infusion therapy unit (kids chemo) when I go to Mayo Clinic for my own follow-up visits. These lovely bright charm packs would make a great quilt or two, if I add from my stash. Perhaps a smaller version of Jenny Doan’s “Zip-It”.

  167. Lori Smanski says:

    Ohh these are so pretty. Thank you. I would make a pillow or two for my daughters pillow less couch. These colors would all go well in her room.

  168. I would mix them all together to make one big picnic blanket all before bub #2 arrives late November. Perfect for summer afternoons in the sunshine!

  169. You really can’t go past a patchwork picnic rug, in my opinion!

  170. What fun – these are gorgeous. I’m a charm square pack newbie… I’d definitely make my first quilt + a twirly patchwork skirt for my little missy. I have my fingers and toes crossed!

  171. lyn lindsay says:

    Hi Corrie, I have my family visiting from Ballarat Victoria and my 14 year old granddaughter asked me last night would I make her a quilt as the only one she has is her baby cot quilt, love to win the charm pack and make her a quilt…hanks for the opportunity to win.

  172. HI, I’d love to start some Christmas gift Place Mats!
    Thanks for sharing!

  173. Oh these are so lovely! I’m on a stocking kick right now for Christmas, so these would make some beautiful patchy stockings! Thanks for the chance!

  174. Karen Thurn says:

    These are lovely charms that I would sew up into a bag and the rest into a quilt. Thanks. kthurn@bektel.com

  175. I’m forever making quilts for other people, so think I’d mix the packs and make a charm square quilt just for me to snuggle under on the couch with a cuppa and a biscuit!

  176. Thank you for being so generous!
    I would love to make a quilt, have been meaning to for a while. Charm squares seem like a great place to start, so I would make a smaller size quilt for the little bub I’m currently making, and then maybe a medium size quilt for a picnic rug :)

  177. I think a big scrappy quilt would be great!

  178. I would like to make a lap quilt and pillow to go with it.

  179. These would be perfect for my 4 1/2 year old who I’m teaching to sew. She would lvoe these prints and colors! And she could sew plenty of quilts for her stuffies! Thanks for the chance to win!

  180. Elizabeth McDonald (catskill quilter) says:

    I would love to make bunches of table runners with these happy looking charm squares!

  181. Thanks for the opportunity to win such gorgeous charm packs! I’ve been teaching my 11 year old to do some basic patchwork and she has mastered the first step. Now she would like to make a quilt – and charm squares would be the perfect way to go with teaching her the next step of making a whole quilt top. She’s tired of using my boring fabric scraps and wants to now try something pretty! It would be the perfect school holiday project :)

  182. I think these would make some great baby quilts.

  183. I would use them to make lots of doll quilts: some as Christmas presents for little family friends and some to give away for raising money for a local charity.

  184. I would make a quilt for my niece. Those are the perfect colors and she will love having her own quilt!

  185. My guild makes charity quilts. One of our projects is making quilts for the preschoolers at an inner city organization. These charm packs would be perfect for this project.

  186. love this set! i’m just learning to quilt and would love to have my twin sister help me make a lap quilt with it!thanks for a chance to win! kmassman gmail

  187. I would make a lap quilt or two for Christmas gifts.

  188. Michelle @ needle and nest says:

    That’s a tough one! I usually like to break up charm packs for zippy bags, purses, quilts and notebook covers, among other things. So they could find a home just about anywhere. Thanks for the chance to win!

  189. Oh goodness! In about 2 months time I will have my first opportunity to sew since the beginning of the year! I would love to make each of my girls something for their beds.

  190. Oh my goodness what a generous giveaway! I would make lots of pillow covers…I have a pattern I’ve been dying to try that uses charm packs.

  191. I’m making a extra large king sized HST quilt and these would be a perfect addition.

  192. Rhonda Desgranges says:

    I would make a quilt. Love charm packs! Wonderful giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win!

  193. Oh they’re all so beautiful! I’m torn. I adore the simplicity of squares, so I would love to make them into one quilt. But then, I could also make seven smaller projects – probably a boxy zipper pouch – as Christmas gifts.

  194. I would love to make a quilt for my granddaughter Miss Imogen, those bright colours would make a beautiful quilt.

  195. Thank you for organizing this lovely give away and inviting the whole world to join. We just moved from africa to portugal and i would love to make a quilt and/or pillow cases for our new house. Enjoy the holidays!

  196. Gorgeous fabrics. You are so generous to be giving 7 away too. What to make??? Well I do have a new grandie coming so something for him/her or something bright for my new home…… many choices. Thank you for the giveaway xxx

  197. Hi Corrie,

    I love these! I’ve just bought a gorgeous pattern for a charm square backpack and I thought I’d make backpacks for the kid’s teachers at the end of the year. These would be perfect!

  198. I would make a baby coun quilt, a bag and pillows with the charm squares. Thanks fot the giveaway.

  199. Charm squares are such fun to work with. I’d like to try a HST quilt and I think charm squares might help with my accuracy! Thanks for the chance

  200. Tammy Lyons says:

    Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway. Love charms. I would love to make a few smaller quilty items. I need to make a new ironing board cover and a sewing machine mat for my table. And arm chair pincushion organizer as well

  201. Anne Stanley says:

    Hi I think I’m comment 200 that must be lucky. I would love to make a quilt for someone special. I think my granddaughter, and my nieces. They are so lovely thank you for the offer! And congratulations on the safe arrival of your newest little one! Anne

  202. I would make summer dresses for my daughter and some little quilts for her toys. Hopefully she will leave the baby’s quilt on the baby then!

  203. Sarah Boyle says:

    I would make some pretty outfits and accessories for my daughters dolls and a quilt for my baby niece.

  204. Dianne Whittle says:

    I am always making quilts for everyone else, for special birthdays, new babies, charity quilts, special occasions that need commemorating in a way that only a handmade quilt will do. Don’t get me wrong, I love making quilts for others – the look of sheer delight on their face when they realise you have made, by hand, something just for them that holds all your love and memories. The problem is that I never have any in my own home and I certainly never make one for myself, so I think I will be very honest and say that I would put me first for a change and make something for myself. Ever since I have seen the new Bonnie and Camille range of Miss Kate I have been dying to get some and make a quilt, so fingers crossed!!

  205. Wow seven charm packs the options are endless! I know there would be a table runner and placemats then a tote bag for my darling DIL. I have been wanting to make one of those holders you slide under your mattress to hold books and remotes and glasses while you are in bed. If once I accomplish what is left would go into a quilt for the back of the couch. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  206. Wow what a great prize package!! I would make quilts, pillows and maybe an apron:)

  207. Beautiful prints….I am thinking placemats for a Christmas gift.

  208. Angelina Tharp says:

    Such beautiful fabric! My mind is just a whirl with ideas… A skirt for my girls, a quilt, placemats, decorate some new hand towles for the bathroom…. So many choices.

  209. What a generous giveaway! If I had that many charm packs, I think I would make many table runners to give as gifts. Such nice fabric/colors. Thank you for your generous offer!

  210. I’m loving the idea of patchwork ruffle aprons for some friends. I haven’t made a quilt in over a year and having major withdrawals but the idea of starting one makes the heart flutter.

  211. Thank you for the generous give away! I would make a lap quilt for myself – to cuddle under while reading. Thanks!

  212. Judith Hogan says:

    The colours are all lovely, and I like the idea of sewing them together to make a quick, easy quilt. I’d make one for my 14-year-old granddaughter.

  213. I’ve just gone back to work and lacking some creativity! I’d use them to spur me into gear and to make some patchwork notebooks for Christmas gifts! Xx

  214. how cute. I’m starting up my first handmade shop bibs, cloths and a little project in pipeline. This would suit me and be a great addition to my tiny stash. Thanks.

  215. An angel to sit on top our Christmas tree. Only on Sundays (my craft day).

  216. Love cutting up charm squares and putting them back together again, quilts, totes and clutches, all fun.

  217. I would use them to make table runners for Christmas presents.

  218. What a generous giveaway! And such pretty fabric! I’d make a “big girl” quilt for my little granddaughter – she’s only 15 months but has definitely outgrown the one I made when she was born. And maybe some bibs for the littlest granddaughter …….

  219. Hi Corrie, I love sewing quilts, I love knitting, but so often I find I collect fabrics and yarn and they spend a lot of their life simply being visual joys to pick up and imagine their future purpose. That is what I would do with these, enjoy them for a good while as they are in their perfect little stacks and wrappers before I decide and go to work on them. I must say that they sure look pretty. On a different subject, your little bub is beautiful, the first month goes by so slow yet too quick. My little girl turned 4 months on Monday, life is becoming a lot easier, but oh how I miss that new born smell.

  220. I would love to make bags with them and maybe a quilt. I found this tutorial for using charm packs to make a tote bag. I already made one for my mom, and it was fun and easy.

  221. Love charm packs. I’d make some star quilts with lots of HSTs. Love them. Seems like we just started school, kids are still adjusting, bedtimes come quickly, and morning starts really early.Thanks.

  222. I think these packs would make a lovely picnic quilt, and maybe some cushions to relax on during the picnic!

  223. Well a quilt comes to mind with all o those charm squares, but a fun patchwork skirt would be a kick too!

  224. I would make a patchwork quilt! so far I’ve made a hand painted and stitched quilt, and half of an english paper pieced quilt. I still haven’t made the leap to making a machine sewed quilt top! So this giveaway would be perfect!

  225. I would make a quilt with those gorgeous colours. I don’t know who I would make it for but I am sure somebody would be happy to receive it.

  226. Jennifer Chai says:

    Wow! With those charm packs, I would definitely turn it into a quilt. Or hexagon pieced quilt or bags. Or some patchwork table runner as Christmas gift. So many possibilities!

    -Jennifer C-

  227. What a wonderful giveaway! Such beautiful fabrics. If I were to win these charm packs, i would use them to make a quilt for my friend Aleks who has just been diagnosed with cancer. I am putting together a care package of homemade goodies for her and her two young girls, and a quilt for my friend is definitely on the list to be included. With these fabrics, it would definitely cheer her up in this difficult time. Thank you again for this wonderful giveaway!

  228. I love using charm packs to make puff quilts. They’re also great for HSTs. Thanks for sharing!

  229. I have a list a mile long of my favorite charm pack recipes from Moda Bake Shop! I’d be making lots of Christmas presents with 7 charm packs! Thanks for the chance to win.

  230. I would make a quilt for my bed in my new house with a pair of matching pillows.
    Or a few smaller ones for Christmas presents o so many things I like to make with this charm packs.
    Thanks for the change to win this beautiful fabric!

  231. I would make a gorgeous little crib quilt for my grand-daughter.

  232. I would make lots of Little Charmers table runners and give them away for Christmas.

  233. I would make a quilt and some pretty little projects like zip bags, mug rugs, and little pillows with the leftovers. Thank you for this amazing giveaway.

  234. Wowza! How cute are those charm packs! I would definitely try my hand at a hexagon pieced mini-quilt for my couch!

    Love your blog :)

  235. Hi retromummy
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such beautiful fabric!
    I would make a beautiful colourful quilt for my mother. She has made so much for everyone in our family and the quilt on her bed is an old brown and white one she made when she was newly married. I think it is time for an update and colour! Although I am sure her old trusty, frequently repaired one will stay pretty close as well!

  236. Rachel Kriss-Newell says:

    My girls are now at the perfect ages to enjoy craft. This fabric is calling to me. We’d make some hair flowers to put on headbands and also clips for their hair. Adding a pin on the back is great for an extra embellishment for their summer outfits. I love these colours, adding perfect brightness for summer so we’d also embellish the front of some tees, the girls keen to learn blanket stitch. They were also talking about painting some fairies/princesses on canvases so we could dress the fairies by gathering pieces of fabric and gluing them on. We could also join the fabric together, a nice and easy sewing machine job for them, to make some little fabric bags for them. Did I mention I love the colours!

  237. Beautiful fabrics Corrie! I would like to make a few things for other people using some additional fabrics. Maybe a couple of smaller quilts, and totebags. Would also like a tablerunner for me.
    Thanks for the giveaway Corrie

  238. I’d make 2 gorgeous little quilts for two of my good friends who have both announced that they are due to give birth next year, one in February and one in March, and both have been trying for a long time! So exciting!! And maybe some little dolls blankets for my 4 year old daughter, who also took a few years to make it into this world.

  239. I’m really into table runners right now – great way to change out the decor and feel like you’ve got a new spark to your home! These would be perfect for that.

  240. Rhonda Lockery says:

    I would love to make some bright fresh & happy patchwork cushions
    for everyone to enjoy outdoors by the pool

  241. These charm packs are amazing. I would love to make a lap quilt with these. Such fun colors.

  242. MELISSA SHEEHAN says:

    I ‘m a ‘happy go lucky’ quilter who can’t wait to ‘daydream’ about this ‘bloomin’ fresh’ fabric if I were to win. What a fab collection!

  243. I think I would make a few library bags for my kids, and draw string bags which come in so useful for taking stuff into school like costumes for assembly. It is nice to have something a bit special for that!

  244. Oh I’d love to make my girls a quilt to use in the teepee outside this summer. My mama is the quilt maker in our family but I’d love to have a go myself x.

  245. Mary Calabrese says:

    I like to make some fun throw pillows with these fabrics!

  246. I love the fabrics. I think I would make a few charm pack totes for Christmas gifts.

  247. Wow, beautiful! I’d make cushions – I have 3 small daughters and I have recently made cushions for various other people, and they have been badgering me for cushions of their own. I think I’d probably also have plenty to make a start on a quilt for my smallest daughter who doesn’t yet have one – luckily, at 21 months she hasn’t realised she’s missing out yet!

  248. Beautiful fabric. I would like to make a lap quilt before Christmas

  249. Charm pack heaven! I would make some donation patchwork quilts for kids. Such bright and happy colors. (Maybe keep one for myself :)

  250. I just love these bright colors. They would be perfect for a quilt for one of my grand kids.

  251. A Tea Cosey….I tend not to finish large projects so a Tea cosey is small enough to complete and special enough to show off to friends

  252. Ooooooh! How lovely! I’d make myself a huge quilt for snuggling under watching TV. I’m the only person in our house who doesn’t have one!

  253. Mandy Young says:

    Oooh, lovely! I’d definitely make a quilt for *me*….everyone in the house besides dh and I have a handmade quilt! It’s definitely our turn 😛

  254. Megan Williamson says:

    These charm packs would make a beautiful addition to the two quilts I would like to make for my girls using clothes I have kept from their first year.

  255. I make lots of coin quilts for charity quilts – charm packs are GREAT for making them!

  256. Georgia Fromant says:

    i would make my own quilt because i really want to make one but also so coin purses to give away as presents to the younger generations

  257. Annie Maurer says:

    I think I would just gaze at all those beautiful fabrics and colours for a while and allow them to inspire me………something amazing I’m sure would then be created!

  258. Hi Corrie – thanks for the opportunity to win the charm packs! My friend and I craft together on Sunday arvos. We’re definitely learning! With the charm packs, we’d like to make some stars for our family Christmas trees and pot holders like the attached for practical use. I’d also use the ‘Miss Kate’ fabric to make some bunting for my little miss Addie! Thanks Corrie.

  259. Janelle Brennan says:

    Love the bright fresh fabrics. I’d love to make some bright and cheery lap quilts for my mother in Tassie and mother in law in England. Fingers crossed!

  260. I think I’d make some pin cushions and placemts

  261. Fabulous.I`d make a beutiful quilt for me and a scarf.Thanks for the fun!!

  262. I would make an adorable little baby quilt with that gorgeous fabric! Thanks for the offer to win!

  263. I would probably use them for EPP but only after petting them lots!

  264. Linda Webster says:

    I would make lap quilts for my three best friends. And one for myself, too!

  265. Karen Propes says:

    Thank you so much for this great giveaway, the charm packs seam to match so I would make a quilt and give it to my Granddaughter for her birthday, She loves quilts and wants one for every occasion. It would be perfect for her naptime quilt at school.

  266. My mind is already abuzz with all I could do. I couple small projects like potholders and mugrugs to have on hand. I super scrappy quilt for my sister would be nice.

  267. I’m reasonably crafty and have long been an admirer of other people’s patchwork quilts. Winning would be my cue to learn this skill myself! Thanks for offering this lovely prize.

  268. I would have those charm squares in quilts so fast, they would be wondering where they are.

  269. You put SO much into those blogs. Really. So much you give to people despite all the children and busy-ness your creative spirit shines through. It’s not about quantity but quality
    Anyway. That’s something you always have in your blogs but lovely to see that your self- care is evident and a shining example for all of us blogger- mummy’s out there who struggle with
    Writing on a daily basis. Something’s gotta give and obviously your giving more time to your family and new born baby. That’s a great blessing to all.
    Lovely work. Rest well.

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