one month

It’s hard to believe our little guy is a month old already. He’s still keeping me up all hours and my TV watching is off the chart. I often fall asleep feeding then wake up to an informercial or Good Morning America at some crazy hour. Sometimes it will be 5am and I think oh well better have a coffee and start the day. And just when I think I am so tired he gives me a big smile which makes everything perfect.  I’m adjusting to the new amount of washing and we’ve  had sausages in bread for dinner a few more times than usual  but no one is complaining about that and pasta in the thermomix makes life really easy for me too.

And it’s funny taking him out as a lot of people ask if he is a good baby.  Of course he’s good! All babies are good. Imagine if I said ohhh he’s bad! But he is very good. We’ve braved mass all together as a family and swimming lessons and I’m back doing the school and preschool run again and everything is just starting to fall into place………… craft time, mind you but I’ve picked my next pattern and itching to cast on.

And a big thumbs up for the latest release from Bendigo….Athena. It’s lovely and soft with gorgeous colours too.

And that’s about it. I’ve slowly typed this with my left hand while feeding my little guy and am becoming quite the expert at doing anything and everything with one hand while feeding a baby…………..


  1. O Corrie – you’re a star – a true inspiration :-) especially with all the knitting! Have just ordered Lullaby Knits online – thanks for that xx

  2. Reading this made me feel better about my lack of sleep and crazy early morning tv consumption. I’m up all hours at the moment with my first baby who is 2 weeks old today. Some nights I feel so exhausted and frustrated but then I look at her little face and it all melts away.

    • Yes I was just saying yesterday to a mum how I need the remote with me and my phone and I’m all good:) it gets easier I promise but the first 6 weeks I feel like my butt has made a permanent home on the couch:)

  3. Phoebe is two months old this week and she has gone to feeding every 2 hours during the night so I’m feeling a bit tired myself. But it’s worth it. The smiles melt my heart!

  4. lyn lindsay says:

    Corrie your new little man is gorgeous, beautiful photo, you’re dong well, I am stunned at how fast a month has gone…all the best and the sausages in bread sound yummy.

  5. Corrie, I love your positive, realistic, warts & all take on life. I had a bad week with my special little man this last month, feeling sorry for myself & this post just put a smile on my face & shifted my perspective. I feel lighter for it. Have a great weekend.
    Engracia xx
    PS he is just look so angelic.

  6. Elisha Ross says:

    I could have written the exact same post. One handed wonder here too with my 5 wk old and yes you are so right about them being good. So good!

  7. Oh isnt he gorgeous. He looks a lot like Tillie. They are only babies for such a short time arent they so I am sure you are enjoying all those extra cuddles! The Athena yarn looks lovely and I will have to check out that new pattern too.

  8. Oh Corrie, your posts about your babies are my very favourite ones, they always make me smile :) love the way you approach this highly demanding role of being a mother. You are so right, people quite often ask if the baby is ‘a good baby’ and quite honestly they are all good and beautiful. I must admit though, in hindsight I wish I had the same patience & easy going attitude with my first 2 children as I do with my third bubs…I end up falling asleep feeding on the lounge most nights & quite often fold all the washing into piles or wash & dry my hair at all hours of the night. Just do what you gotta do 😉 You are doing such a wonderful job & Lawson is thriving beautifully…love his little top in this pic xo

  9. It’s amazing what you can do one handed! In that sense I found breast feeding easier as with bottle feeding I needed one hand to hold baby and one hand to hold the bottle. I did get a bit too used to it and casually opened the door and signed for a package while still feeding bub. I don’t think the postman knew where to look poor man! Lawson is so scrummy!

  10. He is precious! You sound like you’re doing amazingly well Mama!!!

    And nice one handed blogging- I’m impressed!!

  11. How time flies! Love this post, you made me think about my own feeding rituals where I would fall asleep with bub feeding, I always made sure there were plenty of cushions around us so bub was safe and secure. It’s like we are a machine waking changing and feeding. I can remember waking to do feeds feeling like I hadn’t been asleep (when in actual fact I had been all be it an hour or 2!) and looking for bub even though I had put them back to bed after their previous feed. I think the first few months are like a foggy dream, a good dream and you just do what you can to get yourself through it! You’re doing an amazing job beautiful Mumma! Thanks for sharing xx

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