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After 2 weeks of solid rain I have been pulling out all the stops in the toy and craft department. Different toy tubs, colouring and I’ve even made play dough from scratch. Something I haven’t done since my twins were little. Anything to keep little people entertained while I look after our new little bub. So I was pretty glad to have a present for my girls stashed away in my craft room for yet another rainy day. Well except that the sun came out so we got to play outside for a change.

My Little Pony POP is new and so much fun as you just don’t open the box and play with your pony. Instead you create and decorate your own My Little Pony by popping it out, putting it together and decorating.

You don’t need any tools or glue to put the ponies together and there are very clear instructions that my big girl followed. And she liked being able to do it herself, nothing like getting a toy and having to wait for a grown up to put it all together. This is very child friendly with an age guide of 4-8 but trust me I can see the older girls wanting to make these cute little ponies too.

All of the girls thought this was lots of fun and even helped our littlest miss create her own too. And this really kept the girls busy………..so much so that we started outside with our morning tea and ended up having lunch outside still decorating and playing with the ponies and trying different hairstyles and tails.

And anything goes with hair going on as tails, different wings to add and loads of stickers. And who doesn’t like stickers.

If you love a bit if craft or you know a little person who does then you’ll love My Little Pony POP. I also think this will make a great present and with a small pack starting at $6.99 there is something for everyone. So keep your eyes out for it at the shops. And My Little Pony fans will be happy as all of their favourites can be found in the POP range – Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle, Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity.

And I have a set just like we received here to give to one lucky reader…..that’s a My Little Pony Multi Character Pack and a My Little Pony POP Sweet Shoppe playset (total value $65). And take it from me that you will be very popular with the little ones if you win this.

To enter simply tell me or share a photo of you or your little ones getting crafty and creative or perhaps it’s a photo of a special My Little Pony fan.

You can upload your photo into the comments or share it with the hashtag #mlppopretromummy (share it on Instagram or Facebook) or if you want to go old school you can email me (retromummy@hotmail.com) and we’ll share them here for you.

{I will choose my favourite entry when the competition closes on the 12th September. One entry per person, the giveaway is open to Australian residents only and full terms of my giveaways can be found here.}


  1. Annaliese Taylor says:

    What a great giveaway! It would be a wonderful gift to put away for Christmas :)

  2. That looks like a beautiful Girly morning, so lovely & such gorgeous, colourful snaps. After 6.5 years of all things ‘boy’, I am loving getting a little insight into all things ‘girl’ for a change :) xo

  3. Dear Corrie,
    The photo I am sharing is of my daughter when she was 2.5. We were in Cambodia at a school that my son supported to build a new kindergarten class room. She is pictured here painting with the kids who attended the school in the mornings. They would have English, Khmer, art and music classes before lunch. On the really hot days they would sit under trees on mats and paint together. Bron

  4. Ashleigh Bowerman says:

    My 5 yr old twin girls would love this! MLP plus craft! Their 2 favourite things! We have mlp artwork everywhere! Also a bub due in this house in 6wks time so would be great to have something special to keep them busy while we are settling in :-) picture is the girls playing with their ponies & a big block castle they created, this game just kept getting bigger & bigger!

  5. My almost 5 yr old loves My Little Pony. Here is a picture of the cake I made her last year.


  6. So nice to see your little kids.

  7. Savi’s just been diagnosed ASD-L1 she is highly artist and loves quiet time creating , here’s some of her work. And she loves ponies

  8. Rachel Kriss-Newell says:

    The girls and I love to experiment with all sorts of crafty things. Recently we decorated eggs, dressed them up and acted out a princess story with them. After lots of giggles the eggs finally took a rest on their thrones.

  9. Stacey Clark says:

    My 3 year old daughter Lily LOVES my little pony. We have watched hour upon hour of it.
    She’s requested a cake with Pinkie Pie on top and this is what I’ve come up with.

  10. Mandy Young says:

    Oh gosh, I have a MLP *crazy* 8 year old Miss that would adore this, as she’s definitely a creative type 😉 Here she is!

  11. These photos are stunning!

  12. Maya loves horses so much she makes horse puppets and lots of paper horses to gallop around her room!

  13. My little girl loves anything crafty and loves her my little ponies!! She would love this!

  14. Mary Preston says:

    We are a My Little Pony household.

    We are also into making cards right now. Always handy to have.

  15. I would love to win this for my little girl. Being the last of five children she is surrounded by lots of hand me down toys. It would be a real treat not to have a pre loved toy!

  16. My daughter loves doing craft, we go on walks and collect things such leaves, nuts etc and then come home and make things.

  17. My little lady (age 4) is constantly making us presents. We often have old envelopes appear on our bedside tables filled with heart-felt notes (i am sure that random scrawl is declaration of love!) and scraps of paper cut into perfectly imperfect shapes with her little scissors. Recently she received a sparkly sticker making kit – and she honored me by sticking the one with the valued pink gem on my glasses case :) The My Little Pony Pop kit looks right up her alley – and I am sure she would want o share it with her cousin.

  18. We love My Little pony here! I have loaded my photo onto Instagram and twitter!

  19. My daughter loves crafts! We make all our own wrapping paper, cards and fun gifts for our loved ones.

  20. My 5yr old daughter would be thrilled to bits to play with this. There is not much more she likes doing than playing with my little ponies, her favourite is Rainbow Dash, except maybe decorating things with stickers. The two together would e a dream come true for her.

    Congratulation on you lovely new arrival.

  21. My little girl loves her little ponies, so when I saw this competition in your newsletter last night, I knew exactly what photo I was going to share!

    This photo (completely unedited and captured the moment perfectly) is of my girl giving all her ponies a wash last week! She was so thorough washing her little ponies, and it was so sweet! Using a toothbrush (most likely one of her brother’s) to wash them all, brush them and line them on the bath to dry. (I did make sure I replaced the toothbrush. My boys would not appreciate pink and purple pony hair in the toothbrush!!).

    Thanks xx

  22. Catherine Davis says:

    My Mr10 is a mad MLP fan! Just starting to get his collection together now as he was concerned about it being targeted towards girls.

  23. Growing up in a family surrounded by craft projects and MLP (as a teenager), I’m loving reliving this with my two girls … funny how some things bridge the generations so easily – retro is definitely here to stay! :-)

  24. This is my two and a half year old daughter enjoying some craft.
    Best wishes, Janelle

  25. Hi Corrie,
    I would love to win the My Little Pony prize for my daughter Natasha. She simply adores animals and any form of craft. This prize would be a perfect combination of her favourite things. Please see attached a photo of Natasha making her Dad a Fathers Day card. Lots of love and fun went into it.

  26. Melissa Curtin says:

    Last year’s Christmas craft – painting decorations to hang around the house

  27. My three and a half year old is a mad Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie fan, and he would have so much fun covering a pony in stickers! Especially if it was RD! He loves being creative and using his imagination. Here he is playing pirates with his ponies – Pinkie Pie was the Captain of the ship, and as far as I could tell RD was the cannon ball??!

  28. Georgina Ker says:

    Here’s my daughter Evie opening yet another MLP on her 6th birthday

  29. My four year old wants to be a unicorn when she grows up! She has a small but treasured collection of hand-me-downs and op shop finds.

  30. Jane Trevor says:

    My pony loving 3 year old boy, Ted

  31. My tribe would love this for the holidays! They all create in their own ways. One loves to draw, another build with Lego, the next doing puzzles and the youngest getting his hands On all of the above and destroying it…innocently of course :)

  32. We all love art AND MLP (I still have shirts and comics, my 2 girls have original comic sketches in their room and it’s the only chance I have of girly things with miss 3…and one of the only chances her and mr 5 will agree on tv time) my kids are pretty camera shy lately so instead I’m giving you a shot of how we art a little differently. This is our art cart, it is never allowed to be put away and it rolls through the house with the kids making beautiful things along the way …unless they are on the wall a little less beautiful then!

    • Oh and that weird fluffy shoe on the floor miss 3 didn’t put away last night? Used to look like rainbow dash, is missing it’s eyes and such and barely fits her now but we can’t get rid of them until I find another pair :/

  33. My girls enjoyed making feather trees – we explored the yard for branches then decorated by wrapping the trunk in yarn, sticking coloured feathers on each limb and glittery stickers to finish it off. They look so lovely in our living room too.

  34. Hi
    I’m probably too late to enter but here goes…I’m busily packing up our house to head to bangladesh at the end of this month with hubby and 2 kids for 2 years. We do A LOT of craft overseas as there are no parks, libraries… sorry I don’t have a photo to attach! Part of packing includes buying birthday and Christmas pressies for the next 2 years and my 4 & 1/2 year old daughter would LOVE this :)

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