miss kate giveaway time

congratulations Sally the winner of this post! Thank you everyone for entering

After heading out yesterday to the dentist (I needed a filling after part of a wisdom tooth fell out while in hospital – don’t you love the timing!!!!) we are having a home day. And the washer and dryer are running overtime as I get used to doing laundry for 8 after a few days of heavy rain. Little lawson is keeping me up all night so the bags under my eyes are pretty big but once I’ve given him a big morning feed I manage to put him down for an hour or two, have a big coffee, eat and get a few things done. And here I am at the computer just before 9.30am getting a few things done. Giveaway time! I’ve uploaded the lovely Miss Kate fabrics into my little shop here and thought I’d do a little giveaway ……..

Now you might not know this but the last 2 fabric giveaways I did were won by some lovely ladies over in New Zealand…………….so let’s see where in the world this winner lives. I’m giving away a jelly roll and charm square pack of Miss Kate by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. And you can make one of my favourite quilts with this combo (if you add a bit of white fabric) which has a charm square at the centre and surrounded by strips from the jelly roll. It is just gorgeous and you’ll find a few patterns on the net for it. Or you could make whatever you like……………………..this combo gives you a few possibilities.

on keira's bed

So to enter just tell me where in the world you would like to live and why!!!!!!!! You can live anywhere in the world to enter and just one entry per person and we’ll select someone next Thursday 28th August. Good luck……………………….


  1. I’d like to live just about anywhere as long as I am surrounded by my family and my lovely handmade things that I have spent years creating.

  2. Christine Ross says:

    I would absolutely love to spend some time living in the UK! I am obsessed with anything British! My house is decorated with Keep Calm stuff, and the Union Jack. Hoping to travel there in the next year to visit!

  3. Hawaii – always warm. Beach wear all the time, as I hate winter.
    People are friendly. Great markets.

  4. Paris France of course – the chic-ness and history and fashion – oh and pastries!!!!

  5. I have been living in my dream place for the last ten years. The south coast of New South Wales. We moved here from Sydney and have not regretted one moment. My children have grown into respectful helpful and well rounded gentlemen due to the fact we have lived in a rural community. Love, love, love!

    • Thanks Corrie for a great giveaway…..I’m living on the coast which has been a life long dream if mine coming from the country! But now wouldn’t mind a bit of coast and country! Take Care…Dzintra xo

  6. Kimberley says:

    I would love to live closer to the water so we could spend every weekend outside and soaking up the sun & family time.

  7. I actually love where I live – Coffs Harbour! We moved here from Victoria 5 years ago and love the beaches, climate, the mountains behind us and not too far from the Gold Coast. Why go anywhere else? – oops that sounds like an ad :)

  8. The Hampton’s! Country by the sea.

  9. Kate Fleming says:

    Where in the world would I like to live? Right here, where I am now – Willunga, South Australia. We are spoilt with views to the sea, McLaren Vale wine region on our doorstep, and the best Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning. And my babies were born here. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

  10. I would love to live in the house from a Ben Harper film clip. It was a gorgeous wee cottage, nestled on top of a hill. The beach was a stones through away. I would add four little rooms out the back, one for each of my boys and we would have a lovely fire pit where we would sit beneath the stars swapping stories late into the night. It would be amazing

  11. Oops my comment ended up as a reply to Sandy’s! I live on the coast which is a lifelong dream coming from the country. Now I wouldn’t mind a bit of coast and country…..why, hayfever in the country and not by the sea so hopefully both would work!

  12. After all the horrible events in the news lately I am very thankful to live in Australia. I would like to be able to travel though, there are heaps of places I would love to visit, but happy to be able to come home where family is and we have warm, comfortable and safe homes.

  13. Danya Breman says:

    After travelling around Australia last year for 6 months, I’d like to live in a caravan and do it again, but for 12 months this time! Living with my husband and girls all close together, exploring our beautiful country, would be perfect!!! We all really miss the slower pace, the simpler life, and the time together now that we are back to ‘normal’! Oh to win lotto :) Thanks Corrie, that fabric looks divine!

  14. Oh thats tricky! Days like this I would love to live anywhere north where its sunny and warm. But most of the time I am more than happy right here. Would just prefer a few acres and a bigger house. :)

  15. Peru and Bolivia. The amazing landscapes, Machu Pichu, the food and the Mayan culture and history. So inspiring!

  16. Courtney Bolitho says:

    I would love to live on a property in the Noosa Hinterland. Waiting anxiously today to see if our offer on one has been accepted and if my dream is coming true!!
    Miss Kate fabric is beautiful thanks for the giveaway Corrie! Hope you can get some sleep soon :)

  17. 8 years ago we moved to orange NSW and we haven’t looked back! Love the food and wine culture without the Sydney traffic. Although it’d be perfect if it had a beach…

  18. Well after living on a sheep station for 34 years and 7 hours away from decent food shops or fabric shops, we sold up and moved closer to the city. Now I have everything so much closer and my children and now the grandies that are coming along. So I would have to say right where I am now is where I want to be. Thank you Corrie for the chance to winner a give away xxx

  19. Sunshine Coast! Bit warmer than here, lots lovely beaches

  20. I would love to live in Melbourne for awhile actually in Nina Proudman’s House would be wonderful. Thanks for the entry Corrie. And I must say that I do love living where I do in QLD.

  21. I would love to live in Scotland and be able to do some family history research whilst I am there. Although it would be a huge change from here in Northern NSW with our beautiful beaches. Congrats on your families new addition too!

  22. Chantal Buttini says:

    Easy questions –
    Why….Why not! The weather, the view, the distance from a capital city, the atmosphere and it’s beauty :)

  23. I’d like to live in the South of France. Probably not forever but definitely long enough to soak up the food, culture, language and beautiful Mediterranean scenery.

  24. I would love to live in Poland… my step mum is Polish and my dad went back there with her and they had some fun in the fabric shops there! The culture has such a unique design pallet which is quite modern but their customs are so old fashioned, it’s wonderful :)

  25. Angela Moore says:

    I love living in Hobart but there are days where I would love to live in Italy – eating all that fabulous pasta and fresh produce and gelati!!

  26. Lisa jones says:

    Exactly where I am- NZ :-) there’s no where as beautiful and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

  27. Sydney where I live now. Love to travel but could not imagine living someone without all my friends and family.
    Thanks corrie. From “miss” kate!!

  28. Danielle Wright says:

    I have lived in Port Lincoln, South Australia, several places in Queensland, and Hubei provence in China. i would honestly have to say any of these places would be where i live, as I have left a piece of my heart in each place. They are all very special and hold wonderful memories.

  29. I would love to live in a cute weatherboard cottage farmhouse with a chook pen, paddock for my horses, a vegie patch and fruit trees to breath in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful open spaces – kind of like the house Emma from http://www.shesowsseeds.com lives in – simple peaceful country living.

  30. If I was single & 20 years younger I would live in New York City but as I approach an empty nest, I would love to live on a few acres in a little place called Comboyne, which is between Wauchope & Wingham. I could while away the hours in my sewing room whilst my husband tinkers away in his man shed.

  31. I love the Amish area of Pennsylvania, Beautiful countryside, simple living and some seriously gorgeous Patchwork shops. Simplicity, scenery, fresh air, yet access to fabrics and outlet malls. Peaceful & relaxing.

  32. Joanna Glanville says:

    I already live in the best place, I live in the Huon Valley in Tasmania, with my hubby and lovely kids. Home is where the heart is.
    Lovely to see the new addition to your family, I hope you get some more sleep soon x

  33. Gold Coast – beautiful one day perfect the next!

  34. Chris Anthony says:

    I would love to live at Caloundra on Sunshine Coast, Qld and go for walks along the beach everyday!

  35. I would love to live in Japan. It has been a dream of mine since I was a child. I have spent 9 months there as a student but would love to live there with my kids and hubby.

  36. I live in Central Western NSW and love the open spaces and community feel but would love to live on the South Coast of NSW.

  37. Madonna DUnn says:

    I’m happy living right where I am…Brisbane, QLD. I would love to continue living here but with a world around us that is a more peaceful, loving place. A place where people can marry who they want, wear what they want, live how they like without fear of ridicule or retribution. I’d love to live in a place that had more love and less hate.

  38. Ruthena Clement says:

    I spent nearly five years travelling around Europe in a motorhome and visited many places where it would be lovely to live, but my home is in Auckland, New Zealand, and that is where I love to live. I won a previous giveaway, thank you Corrie, so really can’t expect to win this one. Congratulations on your new little son. Hopefully he will settle into a routine soon, including sleeping during the night.

  39. Jennifer Chai says:

    I would love to live at mountain side in Taiwan. It will be awesome!!

  40. caitlin jordan says:

    Australia though until recently I would have said Queensland but that is changing I think I’d love to travel.

  41. I would love to live in Tokyo. I love the culture, the shopping and Nippori Fabric Town is amazing!

  42. I would choose Copenhagen in Denmark! Where I could ride a bike everyday. Maybe only for a year or two and then I would get too homesick and need to move back to the US.
    PS_Congrats on the new addition- adorable!

  43. In the country… surrounded by nothing but space and a home filled with my beautiful and hopefully growing family x

  44. Living in this great country there are so many great places to visit, of to darwin next week , but always great to come back to the end of the great ocean road where my family and friends are so love living here in warrnambool at a place called mailors flat

  45. Natalie Heymans says:

    Hyams Beach. My late favorite Aunty had a house there. Fond memories of watching dolphins in the bay from the kitchen window. Walking out the backyard and down steps to be straight on the beach. Wonderful family memories that warm my heart

  46. Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway. I would love to live in a small english village.

  47. I would love to live on a property in rural Australia where our family could be more self sufficient and the kids have a little more room to move probably in the town we already live in

  48. I love to travel and have been many places but Michigan USA is home and where my family is and I love it here! Congrats on the new arrival and thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  49. I would love to live in a log cabin in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

  50. Amanda Mckenna says:

    I would love to live in Wanaka NZ in the Winter, to snowboard the days away and in summer I would love a house near a large body of water to wakeboard the days away

  51. I’d like to live right here where I am, in Christchurch, New Zealand with my family … only maybe in a fixed up house! LOL

  52. I would actually live right where I am now. Its our home. Where I brought all my babys home too. Where we have raised and continue to raise our babies, currently pregnant with number 6. We and our kids have connections to their kindy and school, dance school, soccer and cricket clubs. We live on the fringe of the city and have the best of both worlds, close to shops and all amenities while we can wake up to the sound of kookaburras whilst surrounded by big gum trees and the sound of horses neighing. And its not uncommon to see a kangaroo or koala! This is our home and its right where I want to be <3

  53. I love it here in Victoria. Where else can you get 4 seasons in one day 😉

  54. Mummy Brown says:

    Believe it or not we live on a rural property in a locality called ….Rise and Shine. It is beautiful and our own little piece of home.

  55. I would live in Maine were I live now. It is so beautiful here and the ocean is the best!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Congratulations on your beautiful new boy!

  56. Some places I would like to live; hard to choose one. South Korea – our children’s birth country (we love it there and miss our friends), Tasmania – so pretty, Adelaide – one of my favourite places, near the beach or in the bush. . . however I do enjoy where we live in Brisbane (quiet neighbourhood and near family). A beautiful giveaway!

  57. I live in a little town on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. My husband worked in Sydney for 6 years and while living there I would research housing where we now are. I loved the idea of being so close to beaches, and country and yet still readily accessible to Melbourne and all it has to offer. Living here I have discovered we have all that but also so much more. Where we live has an amazing community of people which enriches both ours and our children’s lives. We regularly count our blessings that we found this amazing part of the world. Having said that, a house a little closer to the beach would be nice 😉

  58. Judith Hogan says:

    I like where I live (Vancouver Island, but if I had the chance, I would love to live somewhere in the country in England. Thanks for the giveaway, Corrie. So many pattern choices with these lovely fabrics.

  59. Hi Corrie,congrats on on baby Lawson,he is adorable and if i had the choice to live somewhere,think i would like to live some were warm like Hawaii and thankyou for hosting this awesome giveaway,enjoy your day Corrie.xx

  60. Amy Edwards says:

    There are so many places I could mention, but I would love to live in Germany! I speak the language and that is where I have quite a bit of ancestry from. I currently live in the US state of Oregon, and visit the coast as frequently as I can, so that would be my second choice.

  61. natalia brigden says:

    I have lived in many spots throughout Australia, and am loving the warmer climate of central Queensland, so for the time here will do, where the sky always seems to be blue…

  62. Anywhere but here!!?? Seriously, I’d love to move back to the UK. I really miss it now I’m in Oz!!

  63. Kathryn hosking says:

    I would love to live in Boston, as my dream job is at the children’s hospital there as an orthoptist. Such a beautiful and historical city and close enough to some other lovely places, as well as New York. Maybe one day!

  64. I would love to live in USA but only for 6 months. I would spend the time sight seeing and SHOPPING. The prices and variety of craft things and clothes in America is amazing. I just love Michaels and Jo- Anne’s, so much better than our Spotlight. Slowly I do think Spotlight is getting better.The worst part is I would need a shipping container to get it all home. Melbourne is my home and always will be but I’m up for a temporary expedition (for shopping purposes only)

  65. Gosh what a fun thought, where in the world would I like to live…. If I’m honest I would say that I love travelling, but I want to continue to live right where I do – in Melbourne. I’m surrounded by family and friends and the things that I love.
    I know it sounds really corny but the more I travel and see wonderful parts of the world, the more I realise how blessed I am to live in this wonderful part of the world.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a bigger, fully renovated home, but it is wonderful to have a sense of contentment about my life – I truly am blessed!

  66. Michele Carpenter says:

    Bermuda! Warm, humid and never more than a stone’s throw from the ocean. We lived there for 8 years and left a big chunk of our hearts there when we moved to Sydney in 2010. Small town living where people make eye contact and greet you as you pass them in the street.

  67. The place where I want to live does not exist here on earth. It would be a place where all my children and grandchildren would be within walking distance. To top that off I would also be close to fabulous quilt shops and other handwork stores. All of that would be heaven on earth. Bonnie and Camille’s fabric line, Miss Kate, is a must have for me, as my daughter is named Kate after my mom…and my mom is the one who taught me to sew. I sure hope it finds it way to my part of the world! Thanks Corrie, you are amazing….getting this giveaway together whilst caring for a newborn and five other adorable children. Kristy

  68. Jen Shipway says:

    I love where I live. It is close to everything, including the school that my children attend. But. I have been quite taken with the early morning photos you have been posting, with trees all around. It looks so quiet and peaceful. So maybe it would be nice to live somewhere with just an acre or two. And it would be a bonus to have a house with a fireplace. Quilting and knitting in front of a gas heater really isn’t the same, is it?!

  69. I would still live in Australia, and close to where we are, just a bit more semi-rural. Love it here x

  70. Hawaii! Warm, relaxing and like a holiday every day.

  71. Lauren Roney says:

    I’ve lived in a few countries and visited many .. But now I have a wonderful husband and baby girl I wouldn’t care where we live as long as we are together .

  72. If I had my choice of country to live in, it would be France where I could eat pastries and cheeses and remain slim, thank you got this opportunity Corey

  73. If I could live anywhere in the world.. I’d live in Taipei. It’s where I grew up and I have so many happy memories there. The city is an amazing melting pot of so many different cultures, the food is incredible, and the landscape looks like something out of a storybook. Taiwan is such a tiny little island with so many people, yet they still have the space for awe inspiring mountains and gorges, beautiful beaches and lush forests.

  74. I would LOVE to live somewhere in England, but I don’t know where specifically. I follow Attic24 and I get all warm and fuzzy reading about where she lives and seeing photos.

  75. I’ve moved around alot in my life, and will continue to do so as I married into the mililtary, so ultimately I would like to live somewhere I can call home, a forever home. Perhaps Lakes Entrance… my husband and I spent our ‘babymoon’ there and it was so beautiful. I can imagine walks on the beach everyday with my husband, growing family and dog.

  76. I would love to live in Melbourne, near all my family! Nothing fancy but with a nice sewing room/library overlooking a garden so I could relax and sew or read and have a nice view!

  77. I’m originally from South Africa and have been living in Aussie for the last eight years and we just love it….. The problem is I really, really miss my family, so where would I like to live if I could choose any place in the world….. South Africa but only when its a Perfect World. So for now I’m happy living in the land of “Milk and Honey”;-)) Aussie Aussie oi oi oi.

  78. France for me….the history, the culture and the food

  79. I would love to live in a little gite in Normandy, France -my idea of heaven!

  80. Ann-Marie says:

    In a warmer country, Sweden is nice but cold at times :)

  81. Hello, i a m french and i live in Paris suburb. I would like to live in south of France because i love warm and sunny weather !
    Thank you for the giveaway and your generous share of your life. I wish i meet you one day.
    Take care, Sophie

  82. Michele Kajewski says:

    I would love to live in the country. I lived in Western Queensland as a child and just wish my children could experience the same things I did back then instead of the busyness and fast paced Coast we live in. The Country has a total different atmosphere and is usually such a close knit community

  83. I love living right where I am and have no desire to move.

  84. The one place where I would love to live even for a short time is Barcelona, having visited there 6 years ago I would love to spend more there.

  85. Margaret River, Western Australia; beautiful weather, beaches and the serenity of the natural bushland.

  86. Lauren Moon says:

    The place i would love to live is where ever my mum is living!

  87. I’m very content to live here in Australia but it would be nice to spend time in London and see all the places my ancestors lived in.

  88. Nicole pace says:

    Love your site :-) I would love to live on stead broke island, qld . We spent lots of childhood holidays there and I’ve always said I would love a little beach shack by the beach!

  89. Dianne Whittle says:

    I would love to live in the UK for a few years. I’ve never been overseas so I would like to start there! I’d get the white Christmas I’ve always longed for, I’d love to visit all the places I’ve read about in books, see the history of the country first hand and of course it’s a short trip to Europe to my next longing to visit city, Paris!

    • Dianne couldn’t resist replying – I’m English and in all my 38 years sadly never had a white Christmas unless you count a but of frost!

  90. Hi Corrie, congratulations with your new born son!
    I live in The Netherlands and I love it. But if I have to choose another country it will be Canada. We have a dairy farm and Canada is a very place to have a dairy farm and of course the quilts they have there!

  91. Jodie-Ann says:

    Ooh I would love to live in Manhattan. I absolutely love the architecture and can imagine myself there, just being able to walk wherever I want, no need for a car. Bliss xx

  92. Christine Rutherford says:

    I would love to have a sea change to anywhere in Cornwall, UK.
    It’s so pretty and I could eat cornish pasties and clotted cream (not together haha).
    Also it would be a short drive to spend time with my wonderful extended English family who I only to get to see every two years.

  93. Such a lovely fabric, thank you for the chance!
    I was born in Belarus, and now I am living in Israel, so I pretty much made my dream true. It is buterful place to live.

  94. What an amazing giveaway. Thank you. I am more than happy living where I live (in Melbourne) right now with little kids but would love to live in Paris for a while.

  95. Elizabeth Pienaar says:

    I live in Cape Town, South Africa and don’t think I want to live anywhere else. Must say Boston, Massachusettes comes a close second, but then my family won’t be with me, so it will have to be Cape Town with the lovely Table Mountain, beautiful beaches and don’t forget the quilt shops!

  96. Maree Silk says:

    I couldn’t be happier living in Melbourne, worlds most live able city with my beautiful family. As a woman I love the freedom and security we enjoy here.

  97. Canada, because I have one grandchild, a little girl 1 year and 7 months old and that’s where she lives with her mummy and daddy ( thank goodness for Skype) ..they also have awesome fabric and knitting wool shops there :)

  98. I would love to live in Tauranga NZ. Always sunny and warm :)

  99. I would love to live in the beautiful Japan. Winter is so peaceful covered in blankets of refreshing snow and spring you get the pretty pink cherry blossoms. The people are so beautifulI,kind, honest and will go out of their way to help you. Such an honest culture,, food is in great proportions to maintain weight and their shops sell the weirdest and unusual items.

  100. Pamela Gilfoyle says:

    I actually live where I’d like to be We had a sea change / country when we retired. Near the beach at MoorePark Queensland on 5 acres close to grandchildren with a lovely home and a purpose built Sewing area what more could I want ….

  101. Claire johns says:

    I would like to live in New Yor, right now, the city that never sleeps, just like my children!! Most apt! X

  102. I would love to live in London, not forever just long enough to thoroughly check out Europe :))

  103. I love living in Victoria but dream of living on a few acres near the Mornington Peninsula with my own mini orchard of fruit trees to make jam and preserves and my own craft room to create.

  104. Right now, China as that is where my best friend is living for a couple of years :(

  105. We have just moved into our (forever) home two weeks ago and I have to say that there is no where else I’d rather be. Happy family and beautiful life at Collaroy Beach!

  106. Kathy MacKie says:

    I’m living in my dream place and feeling very blessed to be here, Victoria, BC, Canada.

  107. I’d love to live in Tasmania. Clean air, pristine water (not for swimming in, are you mad?!), good clean produce and friendly community atmosphere. Either there or Paris, the polar opposite, noisy, dirty but good food!

  108. Elizabeth M says:

    I live in my ideal place! As a kid, I always wanted to live in Australia. When I met my Aussie husband, I dropped everything and moved across the world. Two dreams come true at once ♡

  109. My husband and I dream of spending an extended time living in Boston. It is the best of the USA, with wonderful people, the Boston Common to roam, the Freedom Trail to explore, quaint shops, cafes and restaurants in Back Bay and Beacon Hill, beautiful, English-style architecture. Last time we were there, it was Autumn, and the trees were ablaze with earthy colours not quite eerienced in Australia. Pumpkins as big as watermelon and every size down to the size of a fist were displayed in sidewalk fruit and flower stalls. Flowers were everywhere, particularly in hanging baskets, in a riot of colour! Just stunning. It is a magical place – a home away from home. x

  110. I live in Italy… And I would like to live in Boston or Providence, where I spent my honeymoon almost 20 years ago… With all the gorgeous colors of the foliage in november…

  111. After living a “glob trotting” life for the past 28 years I’ve come to the conclusion that home definitely is where the heart is. I think I could be happy anywhere as long as I have my family with me and some good friends around as well. I’m originally from Switzerland and we have lived in Paris, Sydney, Taipei, Jakarta, Singapore and Shanghai and I was happy everywhere, although I must say the Australian life style suited us very well.

  112. Hi Corrie, I love living right where I am in Sandhurst, Victoria on the Mornington Peninsula. Lots of other places look great but there’s just no place like my home. Congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Lawson, my daughter had baby Jake 4 weeks ago, what a miracle they are.

  113. Well I’m from Portugal, a little country in Europe, next to Spain. We have sea and mountains. I love live here, because here I have my family, my friends, my traditions. I prefer live in country but now we live in a little citty next to Lisbon the capital.

  114. Sue Hodgkinson says:

    I would love to live anywhere in the Mediterranean, as long as it overlooked the sea: South of France; Greece; Italy; Venice; anywhere along that coastline…the gorgeous food would be an added bonus!

    Crossing my fingers for this one, would be a fab first project for me!!

  115. I would love to live in Malta. Great food and people, a history like no other and great weather.

  116. I would love to live wherever my husband will be. Right now on the coast in Spain, but who nows…

  117. My favourite place in the world is the beautiful fishing village of Whitby in the North England, though I now live in good old Aussie, Whitby has links to Aussie thru good old James cook, such beautiful scenery.

  118. Michelle Luck says:

    While I’d like to visit EVERYWHERE in the world – Europe and Africa and South America – I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. We moved our family back to the North-West coast of Tasmania at the start of the year to be near my parents. We have settled in with a beautiful (quite cheap) home with plenty of space for the girls to run around, great jobs, reconnecting with old friends, revisiting childhood favourite beaches and parks – I don’t think we could ever live anywhere else now.

  119. Katherine says:

    While i love travelling to all sorts of places, my ideal place to live would be a small coastal town in Australia – friendly, a sense of community, fantastic beaches and the beautiful Australian bush (and no traffic hassles!).
    P.s. Your quilts are beautiful and i am very tempted to give one ago even if I don’t win!

  120. Sharron T says:

    I live in beautiful Switzerland. We have five lovely daughters and five beautiful grandchildren. I am very blessed to have my home here.

  121. With the fairies, they always look like they’re having fun :)

  122. Just made my tree change to Tasmania and loving it. I couldn’t move again, it’ s too exhausting.

  123. Somewhere warm and exotic. Maybe Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand to start….Bron

  124. I could move like the birds do twice a year between Hungary and Sweden.

  125. Deb Jackson says:

    I dreamt and wished all of my life to visit Italy and was lucky enough to travel and spend three weeks there for my 50th Birthday with my daughter just two years ago. Now I spend all of my time planning my next trip or living La Dolce Vita (the sweet life) in my favorite place on Earth, Italy! Or more specifically, Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast

  126. One reason I would like to live in the US is because of the free postage and cheap fabric!! But I would really love to live in the English countryside – so peaceful and green! Thanks for the giveaway.

  127. I would like to spend a year living in Paris exploring the city and then the countryside but would definitely want to return back to Australa after that year.

  128. I World like to Live somewhere where it’s warm and sunny most Time of the Year and this lovely Place should be near the Sea. It is such a Bad weather Here in Germany since the Kids have School holidays.
    So greetings from Germany to you and your family

  129. If I could live in Rome, even just for a month I think I would be the happiest girl in the world. I love that everywhere you go, its possible to trip over something that is 2000 yrs old. I love that everywhere you look, something was designed by Bernini, or painted by Michaelangelo. And I love that there is a gelatisserie on every corner!

  130. OzKnitter says:

    I’ve always wanted to live in France, ideally in my own Chateau! (Let’s hope the Lotto gods are kind one day!)

  131. Jess - Scrappy n Happy says:

    I would love to try living in Canada. I went there for a month when I was 19 and loved it but haven’t had the chance to go back again since.

  132. I would lovely to live in the sunshine coast hinterland…I’d love to own a small block of land with a gorgeous old home and room for lots of veges and an orchard..

  133. I would like to live in Sydney (near my family) in a fully stocked fabric shop, where I would have access to every type/brand of fabric and the accessories needed to complete any project I felt like making at the time I was sewing (often not daytime).

  134. Personally there are days when I’d like to live in the middle of 100acres away from the rat race. But in reality as long as though I am with my loved ones and with fun craft stuff, I’ll be happy. Thanks for the opportunity to win some lovely fabric. Best wishes to your lovely little family and I wish you some longer night sleeps soon. Cheers Jennifer

  135. After all the chilly weather we have had I would love to be living anywhere it is warm- preferably by the beach

  136. Oh anywhere in the world?! I’d move back to France in a heartbeat!! In a village, in the Alps, where it snows yet summer is warm and green. I miss that country. Thanks for the chance to daydream!!! Come on Powerball!!

  137. Anywhere with some sunshine and fabric :-)

  138. I’d like to live somewhere where English is spoken ! my choice is always Singapore.

  139. I wish I could say I would love to live somewhere exotic like Hawaii or Australia, etc., but quite honestly, my current home, my only home in Omaha, Nebraska is just perfect for me……

  140. I live in the south of Russia. I admire my place of life but …. if to choose some other place it would be Spain :) I like people there and their measured way of life! Charming rocks and of course fresh see fish! :)))

  141. I’d love to live in Canada for 12 months so I could be near my pen pal and my family could experience a white Christmas.

  142. There are lots of places in the world that I’d love to visit, but I don’t think I’d want to live anywhere but here in the Blue Mountains. I have too many wonderful friends here that I couldn’t bear to leave behind!

  143. Quilting Tangent says:

    Somewhere that gets all 4 seasons evenly, not with hot summer and horrible winters.

  144. Kim Budge says:

    I am an immigrant to Perth and have lived here for about 6 years. I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather live. The parks, restaurants, weather make this city a little taste of heaven.

  145. I live in San Antonio, Texas but in an ideal world I would live in my hometown of Dublin, Ireland! We have lived all over the world but Dublin is still home! Congratulations on baby Lawson. x

  146. You are amazing, I am sure that you don’t think so, but you are!
    As corny as it sounds, as long as I am with my family I am home.
    I do feel extremely lucky that our home is within Australia.

  147. That is not an easy question to answer. And I hope I get choices. I’d love to live in Colorado because that’s where my granddaughter and her parents live. But, for various reasons, that’s not really doable at this point. London has always been a favorite of mine, more of a fantasy, really. Santa Fe is high up on my list because it just makes me feel good being there. But home is pretty good, too. I live in the Napa Valley, beautiful scenery, lovely climate.

  148. Melanie Sim says:

    I’m up feeding my 4 week old as I write, so we can be baggy-eyed together :-)
    I really love living in beachside Newcastle after moving from Sydney. But for the sake of dreaming, I think it would be fun to live in New York for a
    while. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  149. Four dogs and one quilter says:

    I would love to live in Norway, such a beautiful place.

  150. I like living here, and anywhere if it’s with my husband and kids. And if there are good/cheap fabric stores near, that’s an extra off course :-)

  151. I love where I live on the very outskirts of Sydney, and wouldn’t change it. The particular property isn’t perfect, but (as clichéd as it sounds) as long as we are all together, it will do. Congratulations on the safe arrival of baby Lawson.

  152. It could be South Europe: architecture, history, climate. Living in Latvia (North Europe), I would like to have more warm and sunny days around than we have it here. Actually, Australia also sounds pretty much attractive to me, but my husband doesn’t support this idea 😀

  153. I live in Port Stephens. I moved from Sydney to England and then dragged my now husband back to Sydney and then we moved to Port Stephens five years ago. A lot of people retire to Port Stephens so I guess we have gotten in early and made sure we got a good place. Love where we live!

  154. I would love to experience living in Norway near the fjords. The freezing cold of Scandinavia really fascinates me with the contrast of the amazing central heating. I love how beautiful the fjords look in photos. They look so peaceful and picturesque amongst the snow. I also think the houses look pretty and fairytale. I think it would be awesome to experience the natural wonder of The Northern Lights as well as the long days/long nights of living so far from the equator. I think this would be a short-term deal; I love Australia and would find it hard to be away from my wider family and friends.

  155. I love the place were I live right now, with the ones I love around me.
    But sometimes I wish I lived in Italie, there way of living and the sun shining a little more.
    I live in the Netherlands close to Rotterdam.

  156. I would live in the country, Daylesford perhaps in an old stone house, with plenty of land, some sheep, alpacas to make wool from, a goat to milk some chickens and a wide expanse with fruit trees and veggie gardens, for my kids to roam free, and us to live a more gentle life. Close enough to the big smoke of Melbourne that we could go there if we needed, and close enough for Bendigo Woollen Mills back room. Can you tell I’ve put a lot of ought into this one.

  157. Once you start day dreaming ………so many places. After a very cold winter here in Canberra, tropical and warm come to mind. Since visiting Ireland many years ago I often dream about spending the summer months in an Irish fishing village. Sewing, knitting and watching the sea.

  158. 100% happy right were I am, South Coast NSW, happy to stay here forever and hopefully one day have grandchildren to come visit our farm every holidays and experience what their dads did growing up.

  159. We live in the country and love it but would never say no to somewhere strange and exotic for a bit of an expat experience. South East Asia or India would be different xo

  160. I would love to live somewhere in the country with a few acres to have my own veggie patch, a few chickens for fresh eggs, some fruit trees and maybe a couple of horses but I do love living where I am at the moment… we are lucky to live in Australia. Congratulations on baby Lawson xx

  161. I would love to live somewhere sunny, with warm people and history and tradition all around me…I think I would like to live in the south of Europe 😉

  162. I love the fall/winter and all the forests and mountains and lakes, so I want to live somewhere NORTH!

    Love Miss Kate, btw. AWESOME giveaway!

  163. Monique Nugent says:

    I would love to live in Ireland, I have visited many times and the people are so wonderful and the country is so beautiful. Plus you are close to the rest of Europe and I am a winter person so would love the weather! Thanks for the giveaway and Lawson is gorgeous!!

  164. I’m happy right where I am. Maybe just have extended family a bit closer.

  165. Kym Potts says:

    Having just moved to our forever house I would have to say that living in Brisbane is exactly where we want to be. We feel blessed to have our house for our girls and so greatful to be in this position. I would love to make a quilt with this gorgeous fabric. Xx

  166. I grew up in Ohio and moved away because of a job 30+ years ago — I would love to go home!

  167. Wow, this is so fun. I have read almost everyone’s answers and have got some fantastic inspiration. I, like many other, love my current home town of Perth Western Australia. I guess rather than live somewhere else full time I’ld just like to do some travelling.

  168. Carissa M says:

    I would love to live in Denmark, England, Scotland, Belgium or Switzerland. We actually have family in Switzerland on my husband’s side…maybe it’ll happen one day!

  169. Thank you so much for the lovely giveaway!

    I think if I could live anywhere in the world, it would be right where I am. The thing about moving is that you leave friends and family behind. There are plenty of places I’d like to visit, but I’m quite happy to live in Brisbane (despite not being particularly fond of the weather) :)

  170. I love living where I am! I’ve traveled and lived many places — but there is nowhere better than home where my family is! Thanks for the lovely giveaway chance! So many choices of quilts to make and it would surely wrap someone with some love!

  171. Kathy Davis says:

    I live in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. I really can’t imagine living any other place. I would like to live in Rome for a month or 2 though.

  172. Krista Greene says:

    I would love to live exactly where I am – at beautiful Mt Maunganui, just one block from the beach. BUT with a free pass to visit my family in the South Island whenever it takes my fancy!

  173. I have to say, nothing beats RURAL NSW!

  174. I wouldn’t like to live anywhere but paradise where we are now living. We moved to The Tweed Coast 6-1/2 years ago and we love it. Many people pay LOTS of money to holiday where we live and we see it every day. We are very lucky. I love the Miss Kate fabric which is the name of my gorgeous eldest daughter. I could make a gorgeous quilt for her with this fabric.

  175. I love the peacefulness of the bush, but also the flexibility of being fairly close to the city. My husband and I, along with our three little children are planning to move to the hills to a 3 acre property in the next six weeks. I’m so excited about having some more space and thinking of a country style Christmas!

  176. Sandy Norman says:

    First congratulations on the new arrival…. You sure do have your hands full.

    Where would I live???? anywhere.. as long as my family were there with me. My family are young adults, but we always make sure that we have a family night once a week… so of course, they would be there by my side. I just spent some time in Denmark and Paris so a couldn’t decide between the two.. Just beautiful places to visit with heaps of history.



  177. Oh, where to start? Firstly, we are so blessed to live in Australia and I am very happy here on our few acres living a little bit country, but still close to town. However, we did a big trip through Europe a few years back before our kiddies came along and i fell in love with the countryside, history, tradtion and amazing cultures.. How fun it would be while our 4 children are still young, to be able to live for a year or two in the south of Spain. My Mum was born in Andalusia and lived there until she was 10 years old. I visited on our trip and met some family members that my Mum wrote to all of my life. I would so love to be able to take my children and immerse them in their Abuela’s rich culture and heritage. Ah, to dream on this rainy afternoon! Xx PS the fabric is gorgeous. I love all the different quilts you have made using jelly rolls and charm squares!

  178. Probably Maleny in Queensland (My 95 year old Gubby lives there and I have wanted to live there since I was a tiny little girl) Mind you, I have always said if I didn’t have kids and a husband I could quite cope with being a crazy old lady living in Italy in a teensy little house somewhere surrounded by nature.

  179. I would like to live in a small village somewhere on the NSW mid north coast on the banks of a river/creek (that conveniently doesn’t flood unlike where I grew up). The neighbours wouldn’t be too close either. Ahh to have a studio overlooking the river and create quilts all day or whenever I felt like it.

  180. Amie Taylor says:

    Hi Corrie, I would live to live at Burleigh Heads. But I want to take my friends and family with me. I always say if you could move and take your little town with you it would be great.

  181. Alison Stone says:

    England – country England in a cute little cottage in a small town (like the one from the movie ‘the holiday’). Where I could curl up by the fire each night and watch the snow fall. It sure is different from living in Brisbane, Austrailia. Congratulations on the new bub!

  182. Arianna M. says:

    I currently live in Zimbabwe, which is pretty awesome. I’d definitely stay here.

  183. I’ve been everywhere – and I choose Mission Beach Queensland please! But with out the rain and humidity 😉

  184. I think I would stay in Australia, but I would like to live closer to the beach, on an acre were it is much warmer than Sydney!

  185. Sherry VF says:

    I’ve traveled a bit outside the U.S. and, frankly, I’m happy to stay here. I particularly like the Midwest…nice people. I love Bonnie & Camielle…their fabric is vibrant yet soft. svonfumetti at yahoo dot com

  186. South west…as I love Saguaro cactus, prickly pear, and turquoise.
    I’d be in quilting heaven just surrounded by the shops w/silver, turquoise, metal art and pottery.

  187. Bron King says:

    Italy. Healthy, organic food; great gatherings to prepare it; and good wine to go with it. The climate’s a bonus :)

  188. allison pogany says:

    If I could live anywhere, I think I might make my home in Cabo Mexico. Not in town, but on one of the cliffs overlooking the town. So peaceful and beautiful. Surrounded by gorgeous scenery but with all the modern conveniences. At the moment, I live in Florida in the US. Nice beaches, but far from peaceful and serene.

  189. barbara n says:

    I would love to live on a private island in the Caribbean!

  190. I’m happy where I was: in Barcelona (Spain). Good weather, the sea, the mountains, good food and great culture .
    Congrats for this beautiful little boy Corrie.
    Thanks for this giveaway
    A big hug

  191. Montana. My grand baby lives there. Thanks for the giveaway.

  192. In the short term, I’d like to move to Maine. As a reach? I’d be interested in giving living in Europe a try. Thanks for the chance to win.

  193. Leonie White says:

    I tried to think of where else I’d like to live but I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be. All of my friends, family and in-laws live in Brisbane so it’s not surprising that there’s no place I’d rather be :-)

  194. Michele T says:

    Congrats on the new addition to your family!!! If I could live anywhere, I think that I would love to live in Switzerland… Beautiful country and people!!!

  195. I’ve just made my first big move away from my home town region on the South Coast of NSW for work reasons. If I could live anywhere I would go back there for sure. That said I’m feeling very grateful at my new place as I’m in the process of setting up my first sewing room so happy days.

  196. After years of roaming around the country with Defence, we have finally managed to get a posting location only half an hour from home. So that’s where we are going, home! Can’t wait to be close enough to spend time with family – we have a very large one!

  197. I would like to go back to Washington. We had a apartment with a view of the Puget sound for a few years and I really miss the weather and the view.

  198. I like living in PA, but would return to Kentucky, pretty rolling hills, and not so much winter

  199. I would love to live on the central California coast. Great weather and beaches! Thanks for the chance to win this lovely fabric, and I hope your dental adventures are over for awhile! Enjoy Little Lawson!

  200. This is a great question! I actually think about this a lot. I always say I’d rather live anywhere warm (it gets very cold in Ohio in the winter), but when it comes down to it. I can’t see leaving this area, by choice anyway. Friends, family, and all that is familiar. And while I truly hate the cold, I would eventually miss the season changes. However, if we’re dreaming, I would sure love to spend an extended vacation in Hawaii!!!

    Thank you for the chance to win this Miss Kate giveaway! I have been dying to get some, but can’t buy any right now, so it would be such a blessing!!!

  201. Oh, that’s a tough question! I think the south of France would be lovely–great weather, great food, handsome French men…

  202. I like living just where we are. Twenty minutes from the beach, a comfortable drive to a capital city and nice mild winters.

  203. I would definitely stay in Australia as I love this country. However, my husband and I dream of getting out of the suburbs and into the country where our special needs boys can run around and be as noisy and crazy as they want without bothering the neighbours. Basically, a calm little place with lots of land and trees where we can be ourselves. Somewhere not to far from family would be perfect.

  204. Edinburgh in Scotland, or County Cork in Ireland, lived in both these beautiful places before children and would dearly love to go back and relive the life with a decade more life experience and with our kids! maybe one day…

  205. Blue Mountains, NSW – one of the most beautiful places in the world.

  206. Hawaii because why wouldn’t you?!

  207. I would like to live in California, close to the beach!

  208. We live 30 minutes west of Melbourne. It’s perfect. My sister inlaw lives around the corner and my daughter gets to go to school with her cousins. It’s exactly half way between my dad, who lives in Gippsland and my inlaws who live up in the Wimmera. We are far enough out of the city that it’s not really busy but close enough if we want to head in to the footy or anything else.

  209. I’ve been living in south central Texas for 20 years and it’s a great place to live. Friendly people, great parks near cities/towns, relatively low cost of living, the beautiful Hill Country; lots of things to do. New York City was a great place to grow up–wonderful cultural variety–but it was just too expensive to stay there.

  210. I think Ireland. All of the images you see are so beautiful, green and intriguing! It appears that much of history is left, respected and untouched….I like that!

  211. Karen Muller says:

    The saying home is where the heart is comes to mind. As the family grows some more space would be nice. Somewhere in the country near Beaudesert/ Boonah the Scenic Rim area would be nice. Where one could potter in the outdoor or sit under a tree and do some craft or read a book. Peace.

  212. I would love to live in Japan! The food, the culture, the people {read:the fabric stores!}, is where I’d like to live. And if I miss home, Australia isn’t that far away {and neither is Hawaii!}

  213. Kathy Woods says:

    There are so many places in the world that I would like to visit, but home is where I love to live – here in Melbourne Victoria! Kathy

  214. I would love to live in Montreal, fell in love with the place when my husband and I stopped by there for a few days last year. It was nice to feel like you were in Canada and France, the culture and food were great!

  215. Ireland, with a couple of sunny vacations every year and family there too…If I was close to the Nicholas Mosse shop, that would be nice too!

  216. How generous of you :) After many years around the world, I’m back in Sydney and have to say, it really is a pretty great place to live! I do love it :) That said, I think I’d go back to New York to live anytime!

  217. I don’t think I would want to live anywhere but Australia (though there have been days I question where our nation is headed). If I was to choose another place I think it would be Canada – that is where my great grandfather was trying to get a ticket to from Scotland when he got tickets for the whole family to Australia instead almost 100 years ago.

  218. I would like to live where I am living right now – in Dili, Timor-Leste (East Timor). Timor is a tiny country with a troubled past, having been ruled by the Portuguese for 500 years and then a brutal, bloody rule by the Indonesians for about 25 years. Timor-Leste is very poor but very beautiful. The population is 97 per cent Catholic and seeing people carrying their plastic chairs to the overflowing churches every weekend and every public holiday is something to behold. The Timorese are committed to trying to improve their lives and make their young little country viable and successful, and I’m glad to be taking part of that journey with them.

  219. I love living right here in Pennsylvania!

  220. Jackie Thompson says:

    I would love to live on the coast in the southeastern U.S.

  221. I live in a tiny town with lots of people raising chickens in Massachusetts, US. Our plan is to buy a sailboat and head out to explore the world, maybe we’ll find a new home that way

  222. I’d love to live in New Zealand – I have family there and I’d love to be near them in this beautiful country

  223. Anne-Margaret says:

    I live in sunny (???) Melbourne but would love love love to live in a quaint English Village.

  224. I live on a flat country and I love both the big mountains and the ocean, so I would love to live in a place where these things are a bit more closer…

  225. Heather Miller says:

    On our last driving holiday hubby and I fell in love with Cardwell in QLD a..it is a very peaceful and scenic spot. The view out into the coral sea and islands were breathtaking. . Thanks for a chance to win gorgeous Miss Kate.. love the colours.

  226. I would love to live near the sea, hot or cold country, it doesn’t matter!

  227. Aine Connell says:

    We have lived in Sydney for the last 7 years and love it here but if I could pick one place to live for the rest of our days it would be back home in Ireland. In a small village near the coast. If only we could put an umbrella over Ireland :)

  228. If money were no object, we would choose to live in Adelaide where extended family live, we really miss them and love all the get togethers we have when we travel back to visit. Adelaide is big enough to provide the essentials, but small enough to still feel country town, just perfect when you include the family aspect :)

  229. Tasmania without a doubt. I love the cold weather where we can snuggle under blankets and just spend time together as a family.

  230. I would live in Toowoomba, QLD. Most of my family lives there and I really miss being able to see them all the time, since I live a few hours away. I love my family and they are so important to me.

  231. Stacey ryrie says:

    Where would I like to live? Right now anywhere but here. We are experiencing the worst drought in history with little reprieve in sight, but alas home is where the heart is. So I guess I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I have 3 beautiful children that will grow up in a fabulous little community where I know they will always be looked after and they will attend our wonderful little state school until the time to head off to boarding school arises. The little community of Tambo (Western qld) is very tight, where everyone looks out for each other. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    When times are good out here the landscape is amazing. The green of the grass is something that cannot be described. We own a beef cattle business which includes 3 properties. Green grass, water in the local rivers and creeks, fat cattle-amazing!

  232. Christine Jenkin says:

    I would love to live somewhere near water do that I could look out my sewing room and get inspiration for new quilt projects. It would have to be close to an airport so that my family and friends could visit when they wanted to.

  233. Natalie Pedersen says:

    I grew up moving every 12 months or so, so for me home is anywhere my people are. But where would I like to take my people? Iceland – reindeer, legends of little people and much justification for many knitted garments and quilts!

  234. Kathy McMullen says:

    I would absolutely love to live in Canada. Anywhere at all within Canada, I’m not fussy. The scenery is breathtaking I think and to be able to gaze upon it from anywhere within your home would be amazing. Although all that sounds wonderful we are very lucky to live on the beautiful north coast of NSW. We have the beaches right here, just to the west (15 min drive) we have the stunning mountains and just on the other side of them the gorgeous open country. North a few hours and we have the fun of the gold coast, south a few hours and the sparkle of Sydney awaits.
    Yep, definitely lucky to be where we are.

  235. I would love to live in Country NSW, somewhere not too cold but also close enough to Canberra to visit family.

  236. New York! Where dreams come true!!

  237. Lucy Moore says:

    I moved home to New Zealand 18 months ago and I couldn’t be happier living here. We had spent 12 years living in China before that and as much as we loved it, it was time to be with our families and to live in a country which is (relatively) unpolluted and there is space to explore.

  238. I just wish that ‘beam me up Scotty’ was an app – I’d use it at least once a week!! I’d love to live in two places… an hour further north from here, in the town of Wauchope on the Mid-North Coast NSW to be near our two daughters (and our 6 grandchildren), and one of our sons, and Sydney, where our other son lives with his wife. They’ve been married just one year and I just wish we could see them as often as we get to see the rest of the family. (And I really shouldn’t complain – I moved out from England in my early twenties, much, much further away from my parents!!!!).

  239. Chelsea J says:

    There is no place like home. If I had to choose anywhere in the world I would still choose to live on our family farm up here on the Darling Downs in Sunny Queensland. Clean country air and wide open spaces all therapy for one’s soul. Absolute perfect place to be raising our “Little Big Family”!

  240. I moved to tassie about 9 months ago and love it. The northwest region is undiscovered by so many tourists, I have the beach a few minutes away, great soil so a good veggie garden, and no really hot summers. Looking forward to long summer evenings, good food and time to sew. Thanks for the giveaway.

  241. Christy V. says:

    The place I would most like to live in is Melbourne, which is where I live (and incidently was voted most “livable city” again last week). I am very fortunate that at present, every single immediate family member of both my husband and me live within a 45 minute drive from us (some as close as 15 mins), which means I have great family support and my children regularly get to see their cousins (something I unfortunately missed out on as a child with most of my relations overseas).

  242. Home is where the heart is! My heart is with my immediate and extended family and we are in Perth. We have beautiful beaches, a gorgeous river and the beautiful south and north west at our finger tips. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else, I think it is an amazing city for my children to grow up in, surrounded by love.

  243. I would love to live in the mountains of North Carolina. It would be close enough to the beach to enjoy the water, sand and sun….but the climate, as well as the views, in the mountains would be perfect year round.

  244. I am VERY happy living where we are at the moment.
    But if I had to choose somewhere else…… We’d both love the look of Canada. It’s so green and lucious!

  245. Dawn Burgess says:

    If i could take my grown – up children with me I would like to live in New York. It has always appealed to me. I am going there for a holiday next year so I will see if it measures up to my imagination. But in reality any where close to my children, I would hate to be too far from them especially once they start having children.

  246. Pauline Howatson says:

    I would absolutely love to live in Vancouver, Canada. I would go with my three kiddies and husband and soak up everything they have to offer.

  247. I wouldn’t live anywhere else but where I am now. We have moved down to the Illawarra last year and just a few weeks ago moved into our very own house! This is our very first owned house as we have never been too sure where my husbands work would take us. But if it wasn’t here I would have to say that wherever my darling hubby and our two children were. There is no better place in the whole world as long as they are by my side!

  248. Melody Bottcher says:

    Being an army wife I have moved around quite a bit in the last 8 years with my husband and now two boys and I have learnt it really doesn’t matter where you live, the place is irrelevant, its what you make of it while you are there. Taking the time to see the sights by taking weekend adventures and seeing what each town has to offer, and making some wonderful lifelong friends along the way. So I would live anywhere as long as I have my two boys and my husband with me because with them anywhere is home.

  249. I moved to Wollongong from New Zealand 35 years ago & still love coming down Mount Ousley pass as I feel at peace & home .I also love that we have some cold weather great for quilting

  250. If I could live anywhere in the world it would be London, so that’s exactly where I am! I am an Aussie girl living my dream in the UK for two years. Being in such a beautiful city, soo close to Europe is a dream come true :)

  251. Jantine Urban says:

    I live in the Netherlands and mostly like it there! I love to go to the Tjech Republic for holidays but I love my own country. I dream about a little house in the dunes, so I can walk to the sea whenever I feel like it!

  252. Wherever family is….oh, and I need trees and hills too. But not too fussy!

  253. Susan Leach says:

    I was born near Manchester, grew up in South Africa and had my children in Australia, so have family in 3 places and love all 3, FB has made keeping in touch so much easier, but would love to share my time between the 3, maybe when retirement comes.

  254. Linda Batz says:

    I love living where we are now ..Patterson Lakes Victoria .. we have wonderful neighbours and friends … there are a lots of places I would like to visit though .. USA, England and Europe … but there is no place like home Australia. Home is where my heart is with my husband, family and friends.

  255. TO be honest I don’t mind where I live as long as I have my husband and son with me. We are hoping to move up from Canberra to Brisbane/Sunshine Coast for warmer weather, less traffic and better quality of life. So, I guess my answer is somewhere warmer than Canberra :-)

  256. Michelle hardy says:

    I’ve been dreaming of living in America. The land of infinite possibilities where they over do everything. I’m up for that! Thanks for chance to win

  257. I think living here in Austria is just great, we have nice landscape and not too much weather extremes; just the winter is a little bit too long for me; but otherwise I love living here.

  258. Hi, I live in Poland, but use to in England and I will be happy to be back there for nice countryside, people, regards Monika

  259. Since moving from Christchurch 5 years ago to Toowoomba we’re pretty happy to be here after all the earthquakes they’ve been having. Sometimes though after watching Escape to the Country I wouldn’t mind having a try at living in a nice little English village…colder than here but no bugs or snakes or spiders!!

  260. Patricia Perazza says:

    I’d like a sea side country town like Inverlock, and as long as I have my sewing machine, a cutting mat, cutter and lots of beautiful fabrics to play with I’d be happy.

  261. I’m happy living where I am I have a massive block of land a house and four wonderful children. But I would like to holiday in france and England

  262. Christina says:

    I would love to live in Florida. The army life has us moving around the country…. I’d love to be close to my family =)

  263. Serena Powell says:

    I would love to live in the United Kingdom. It is an incredibly beautiful place, it doesn’t get too hot (unlike Kentucky), they have so many historical places and museums, and I love, love, love their accents.

  264. I am actually living where I wanted to live…. FRANCE. We have been here 11 years now and it is such a beautiful country. However, we are thinking of what to do for the next chapter of our lives, as we are now very near retiring age and we are thinking we may return to the UK, thanks for the giveaway.

  265. You know what? I’d probably live exactly where I am, albeit in a different house. A little French village might be nice too :)

  266. Scotland has always pulled at my heart strings. My ancestors came from there. I hope to at least visit there someday. Love all the quilts you have shown.

  267. I would really like to live by an ocean, any ocean but I’m happy here in NC.

  268. Somewhere in a milder climate hidden away to quilt and read at my leisure.

  269. Karen Propes says:

    I would love to live in Tennessee, Smokey Mountains. The size of the house does not matter because what ever room you are in, you are not using any other room. I get so much inspiration there. But speaking of inspiration, you have some beautiful quilts. I was thinking a strip quilt when I saw the jelly roll, Thank for the chance

  270. I would love to live in Darwin, I love the laid back life style

  271. I would love to live just where I am living right now, in our beautiful home in Pennsylvania. surrounded with friends and family.

  272. Jan Harman says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your giveaway and congratulations on the safe arrival of you new son. I live on one hectare at Beechwood, a small country village about 30 minutes from Port Macquarie and I can’t think of a better place to live – beautiful country and in close proximity to the beach.

  273. Sydney!!!!!! It’s where im from and all my friends live. My baby is about to turn one abd as we haven’t been there in about two and a half years none of my friends have met her I know my mum would also live to see her and my boys again last time was just after my baby was born at my grandmothers funeral

  274. My husband and 5 children and I have lived in Chile, South America, for the past 10 years as missionaries. We’re now back in Sydney again and loving being with family and friends, and of course we adore this beautiful city. To answer your question (and without sounding too corny) I would love to live wherever God would find me most useful and where my family can thrive. That’s it!

  275. I’m from Scotland and I seriously love living here. People from other countries always say that the weather in Scotland is terrible but it’s just more eventful than the weather in other countries and sometimes leads to power cuts. I live in Scotland because my family live here. I still go to school so wouldn’t be able to legally live my myself but I live in a beautiful little village where everyone know everyone else and I’m just happy that I am fortune enough to grow up in a beautiful part of the world.

  276. I actually am happy living right where I live – in Melbourne! Yes I would love a renovated kitchen and bathroom and for my backyard to be landscaped just the way I want it to be, but, in reality I’m very happy in my little part of the world!
    Having said that, I would love to travel – I have many places on my list, many because of the crafty exploring that would be involve!

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