lazy sunday in the garden

this morning was a bit freakish for a Sunday as I had everyone dressed and ready for church before 8am! Let’s just say that I’m not sleeping too well and so once I’m up, I am up! Usually our Sundays are the biggest rush to get to 8.30am mass and we end up getting to the carpark at 8.30 on the dot or late. Today we were early. It was lovely to get some last minute well wishes and hugs before tomorrow. The rest of my Sunday has been about cleaning, folding laundry, making a few lasagnes and enjoying the sunshine. We just love having so much space and spending time outside.

I also had to run around and try to make these kites go with zero wind to keep little people happy! great exercise but not so great at 39 weeks when I’d rather be a spectator.

The garden continues to surprise me. Remember at my old house how much I loved my magnolia tree? Well at this house I have 2 pink magnolias………….who knew. They aren’t as big or as grand but they are flowering – well just starting to and looking gorgeous. And they reminded me that when I came home from hospital with emerson I came home to a gorgeous flowering tree.

I also have snowdrops (thanks to my readers for letting me know what this gorgeous little plant is called)

and a few other little surprises have popped up in the last few weeks

we also have lots and lots of lemons

and does anyone like grapefruit? We have the hugest grapefruit tree ever and a house full of people who don’t like them…………………………………..

Getting out in the garden always makes me feel more calm and is a great way to play with your camera. I took all of these photos with my pro lens (this year’s birthday present) which is a great all rounder and is what I decided would be best for the first few photos in the hospital. I take all the photos in our family so it’s a bit funny handing over my camera and having someone else do it for me.

And so my bag is by the door, my hair is done (gone for a bit of ombre and loving it), I’ve spoken to the hospital this morning, I know what time to fast from and what time I’ll be wheeled down and we are all systems go……………………………….



  1. So wonderful to see you are loving and living the dream instead of just dreaming the dream.
    I wish you well for the next little arrival. Joy and happiness to your beautiful family.


  2. anne seery says:

    Truly a haven, Corrie………♥

  3. Rebecca Simunic says:

    Good luck Corrie xxx

  4. Blessing for the arrival of your baby to-morrow,all will be well.Joy and happiness to all .xx

  5. Kathy MacKie says:

    Hugs and blessings to you and your family.

  6. dianne nunn says:

    best wishes for tomorrow and the days to follow with your new babe. xx

  7. Megan Williams says:

    Your garden is beautiful as is your family. Best of luck for welcoming the newest retro baby to your family. May everything go calmly and smoothly for you xxxx

  8. I hope all goes well Corrie! I can’t believe your yard! I’d love to hear one day how you discovered this house and tips to transitioning when you move. I always find it so hard to get “re-established”. Take care. I hope the little one pops out easily!!!

  9. Quiltygal says:

    All the best for tomorrow xxx

  10. All the best Corrie for tomorrow, how wonderful to have had a day like today before your next babe’s arrival.

  11. Good luck tomorrow. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. xx

  12. Oh Corrie, All the very best! Just love the new hair colour.
    Can’t wait to meet the new arrival. Trish

  13. Good luck for tomorrow Corrie.

  14. All the best!! Can’t wait to hear your news!!

  15. Lovely post and gorgeous flowers and wow amazing fruits. Grapefruit is an aquired taste but I agree it is Yuk. Leah xxx

  16. Denise Thomas says:

    Love and hugs to you and the family Corrie. Blessings for you and the new little one tomorrow. Denise xxx

  17. I hope everything goes well tomorrow Corrie…can’t wait to read about the new baby ♡

  18. My husband keeps trying to persuade me we should emigrate to Oz and I must admit pictures of your beautiful garden and fruit trees make it look very tempting! Had to chuckle at the vision of a 39 week pregnant woman running round with a kite! All the best for number six tomorrow xx

  19. Ooh! Thinking of you and hoping all goes well tomorrow. Can’t wait to see pictures of the new arrival. Nothing like living vicariously through other people’s blogs LOL

  20. So excited for you all Corrie. I can’t wait until you introduce your beautiful new Bub. I love the photos of your garden, such a beautiful, peaceful home to bring your baby home to. Best wishes for tomorrow Meeting your new baby is the most amazing feeling in the world.

  21. Your kids must be so excited to be welcoming a new baby to the family! Praying for a safe delivery tomorrow :) xx

  22. All the very best. So very exciting.

  23. Lovely you had some time to relax a little and all is calm before baby arrives.

  24. Wonderful surprises in the garden

  25. Best of luck tomorrow for a safe arrival of your newest baby xx Bron

  26. All the best for the big day, God bless :)

  27. Such an exciting time Corrie! I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow. Best of luck and much love for the safe arrival of your new baby xx

  28. Looks like the perfect way to spend the day before baby arrives. With the time difference here, it is still Sunday, but I am assuming you will almost be holding your new babe in your arms there now. Wishing you all the best, such an exciting day for you all. Jacinta xx

  29. We all love grapefruits here but find them too expensive. Send them over here, please! :-)

    All the best for your big day tomorrow!

  30. Oh the feelings! Wishing you and the family a most amazing day to meet your newest addition. So thankful to you to share your special moments via your blog, oh how I would love another baby, tiny squishy little bundle! x

  31. Thank you Corrie for creating your beautiful blog and sharing your life. It is a joy to read it. Wishing you all the very best as you welcome your newest little babe into your family. xoxo

  32. Wishing you the very best on the birth of new bubs, cant wait to see some photos, what a beautiful backyard you have :)

  33. Vanessa Plummer says:

    Hi Corrie,
    Just wanted to wish you all the best for your special day. You and the family must be so excited – your new lens can get a good workout over the next few weeks!! all the love and luck, can’t wait to hear x:)

  34. Best wishes for today Corrie. Hope all goes well and your recovery is smooth. Enjoy those precious moments with your little one.

  35. Corrie your garden is so beautiful. Love the flowering plants and your lemon tree is loaded. Wishing you all the best for today. Look forward to seeing photos of your new baby. So happy for your family

  36. Your garden is beautiful Corrie and you take such beautiful pictures of the kids outside. I love your hair! Good luck for today, can’t wait to see the first pictures of this new baby and to find out what name you have chosen for it.

  37. Beautiful pictures of your lovely garden, hope all goes perfectly for the arrival of the new baby!

  38. I had a thought re: the grapefruit; you (or the kids) could pick the fruit and put it into bags of say 3 per bag, then set up an Honesty box at your front gate for passersby.

    Let the kids restock it regularly and collect and count the money, as well as making and putting up signs. Just an idea. :-)

    Cheers Fran.

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