don’t buy pink quilting gloves

Well I had this great idea that every day this week I’d do a bit of quilting on my red letter day quilt! But I didn’t factor in a dentist trip across town, a boy with a fever and perforated eardrum, getting everyone back to school, preschool excursion, a daddy working away and just having one of those busy weeks! So I’ve made zero progress with my quilt which is staring at me every time I walk past my craft room.

I also learnt a valuable lesson. I learnt from Kellie to use Ansell gloves or gloves with a good grip for free motion quilting. Somehow I couldn’t find one after unpacking my sewing room – it’s in there. Somewhere. So I went up to Bunnings and picked up some pink gloves from the gardening section for $12 a pair. Thought I’d get 2 pairs just in case as they seemed good. And they were pink. Wrong. Don’t buy pink quilting gloves if you have girls. They keep getting pinched out of my room. I even hid them and came home later in the day to find them in the playroom. Pink gloves are fun especially when they are bigger than your hands.

Anyway, I’ll make my next pair are a really boring colour because can I just say that for 2 years I used black and grey gloves and they never ever went missing!!!!!!!! And if you’re interested in quilting your own quilts I just free motion mine with some simple stippling. I wrote two blog posts on it here and here if you’re after a bit of information on how I do it. I also find Crazy Mom Quilts super helpful in the quilting department.


  1. Trina B says:

    Oh how cute! I laughed out loud when I read this – I was expecting a serious sewing post – imagining some incredible catastrophe all stemming from the pink gloves hehe!!

    It reminded me that I used to buy pink pens – hoping they would be too girly so my boys wouldn’t wander off with them – it didn’t work lol! Can’t wait to see your finished quilt! xx

  2. Sarah O says:

    Funny! I buy the gardening gloves from the $2 shop (House to Home at Forestville is brilliant!!) and I heard today that a lady uses that shelf grip stuff, she has big or small hands, can’t remember, anyway, the sheet of these she can cut to her hand size and it saves her time removing gloves when she needs to use scissors or remove pins etc… brilliant I thought!

  3. Brilliant post- Could relate to every bit of it, from the days/weeks planned that just dont ever happen to the anything pink that goes missing. Hope you manage to squeeze some quilting in before the week is over! It looks lovely xx

  4. Hi corrie. Just watched your you tube clip – you make it look so easy. Do you find it hard to get the movement when you are working with a bigger size eg cot or single? Thanks!!

    • hi there
      because I tend to work in a direction it’s easy. Having an extension table underneath is a big help because you have a bigger work surface to work on. So if I’m doing a bigger quilt then I bunch up the excess to the right under the arm of my machine and to the left of me if there is a lot I toss it over my shoulder (yes!) and so the weight of the quilt isn’t dragging down the work. That makes it easy to do. I’ll have to get hubby to take a pic of me with the quilt over my shoulder…..great for winter:) :)

      • Kate pereira says:

        Thanks Corrie. I will be looking up costs for an extension table for my machine tonight!

        • btw if you want to come over for a quick lesson I’m more than happy to show you before I have the baby! It’s not too much trouble and you’d be off as it’s easy to do

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