Party bags with Allen’s Jelly Beans + a giveaway

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I love a good lolly bag. Just recently I texted my friend Sonia after her son’s birthday and said ‘ you do a good lolly bag’. She said that’s the best part and I said well some mums don’t like to do the lolly bag but we loved yours. Our big girl missed her 8th birthday because she was in plaster and we were still trying to get our heads around it. So we have promised that she can invite some friends to the movies for a movie party these school holidays. And that means party bags need to be made.

Since all of her friends are 8 or 9 I’ve probably got to get a bit more sophisticated with the bag than I usually would. Even the bubble bottles that I had in mind got poo-poo’d and I was told they’d be better for a year 2 party. So we got out her favourite stationary, glitter gel pens and got to writing invitations.

Little noodle boxes make great party bags and had pink nail polish, some lip gloss and Allen’s jelly beans.

Allen’s Jelly Beans are delicious and this month the Fruity Craze flavour is being released in Funpacks. That means you get 10 mini packs of delicious jelly beans – perfect to pop into a party bag. Or your own handbag if you’re anything like me. A sweet tooth. I’m also planning to take some to the movies to pass down to the girls during the movie for a little snack.

And for a bit of fun I have 5 family passes (2 adults & 2 kids up to 15yrs)  to give away to the cinemas to the best answers. Just tell me about when you make up party bags. Any tips you can help me out with. Best lolly bag ever received. Best hiding spot in your house for the lolly bag after the party to ration out the lollies. Love to hear from you.

{Competition is open to Australian readers, one entry per person, full terms of my giveaways can be found here, entries close 5pm AEST Friday 18th July 2014 and I’ll announce the results here and on Facebook Saturday 19th July.  I’ll ask the winners for their nearest cinema to make sure that you get the pass for the one nearest you. Just to make life that little bit easier for you. }

And in the meantime keep an eye out for the Allen’s jelly bean mini bags when you’re at the shops. I was sent 2 bags and they didn’t last long. As in I can’t show you the full bag because we had already worked our way through it before the camera came out.


  1. Maria L says:

    I get the kids to help me make up the lolly bags. I set it up in a row like a production line. I tend to do a mix of lollies, mini choc bars, sherbet ( probably more nostalgic for me!) and I like to add a small toy or keepsake so the child can play with and matches the theme to the party. Eg superhero theme they got a noisy toy gun!

    I never understand why some people do not give party bags at all. As to rationing them I let them have a couple that day, me and my husband help out eating them too so they don’t tend to last around for very long!

  2. I love the mini pack idea. I hate it when the lollies in the bag get all sticky. I hide them in the top of the pantry and eat/dish out the lollies from there. One year I made gingerbread biscuits and included one of them in each bag. And a candy necklace. We also get little notepads sometimes too.

  3. Lollies don’t taste as good as they used to. My fave used to be a good jelly baby, but can’t even get them as a packet anymore. Allens, if you’re reading this, bring back the jelly babies, full of artificial colours and flavours too please 😉 lollies all taste the same these days lol

    We do a combo of snack size chocolate (nut free), sticker books, balloons, bouncy balls, stationery, lip gloss, matchbox cars, lollipops etc depending on age and gender of birthday child.

  4. jacinta says:

    Best lolly bags I gave out weren’t lolly bags. Champagne flute filled 3/4 with smarties then a cupcake placed in the top. The kids said it was the best party bag ever. It also was a nice feature sitting on the cake table as well.

  5. We did polka for paper bags with stickers, mini lolly packs and a smiley face badge sealed up with a superhero sticker for my sons birthday :)

  6. Vanessa says:

    For my daughters 9th birthday this year we filled jars with party treats. Good old jam jars with a little paper doiley on the top. We popped in some oversized confetti then added some sweet treats, mini pens and other stationary items! We line them up and the birthday girls puts them together, definitely a fun part of the party preparations.
    We use them as party of our birthday display near our front door so they can be distributed to friends as we say goodbye at the end of the celebrations!

  7. Bec Swadling says:

    We love to give something reusable to hold the lollies lidded cups are great and if the party is themed its such a great way to carry on the theme you can go fancy for the girls or for sporty for the boys.Love that you can now get individual jelly bean packs from Allens as we dont like to put unwrapped lollies in.

  8. Karen Edwards says:

    I’ve cut down the amount of lollies I add to the party bags my 8 year old helped pick for her party we had one chocolate one lolly pop a cute note pad and I made up some cute little resin flower rings one for each girl. These were loved by everyone their way past the bubble and balloon stage. The new Allen’s jelly Bean mini bags would be perfect for the next party.

  9. My girls are still little so we are currently doing things like bubble wands and watercolour paint sets. But my favourite was for my daughter’s most recent party when I made personalised sugar cookie fairy wands for each of her friends – but the parents missed the jelly snakes that they had previously been able to sneak from the younger children’s party bags!

  10. Tracy Park says:

    Best place to hide the leftover lollies? A dresser drawer in your bedroom! Perfect for a little snacking and reading in bed…

  11. Miss T had a birthday party last Saturday arranged by her dad. We used ziplock bags. Good with a seal. An individual packet of chips, lollipops on sticks, a couple of pieces licorice or similar and a few wrapped lollies. When did Minties become so small?? Some trinkets, key rings, pencils, notepads, hair accessories and similar. She had some snakes and other small sweets for the party. I tasted them. Even the things made from so called natural ingredients were pretty disgusting, snakes and jelly frogs and similar. Just plain nasty, even branded stuff. However, the guests were happy and very happy with the non-lolly components.

  12. Meant to add, Miss T turned 12.

  13. Amy Bone says:

    For my son’s birthday party last year I wanted to give something that could be kept rather than just a bag full of trinkets/lollies. I bought mini plastic “wheelie” bins (they’re about 12cm tall) and put the little treats in there – pink for the girls and blue for the boys. I think every child still has their little bin, my two children have crayons stored in theirs. Love that it’s something permanent rather than something that went straight in the rubbish. The little bins only cost $2 each so not much more than buying bags!

  14. Victoria says:

    My new thing for treat bags is bags of loom bands. A big hit at both my 8 year old & 11 year old parties.

  15. Amy Elgar says:

    Lolly bags reply do light up every child’s little eyes…so we make them fun to look at, exciting to undo and always a little somethin gthat can be useful after the party. Our family has a very healthy diet, but parties are a treat so treats there are, but never too many nasties. My favourite party bag made was in a gorgeous melamine mug with a bright red star…and a huge blow up punching bag balloon! Every mum who’s child came to the party was thrilled to have a useful item and not so many lollies!!
    I do love a production line with the kids to make them up…building the joy of th party to come.
    My children bring home so many party bags which climb to the top of our pantry and hide…usually one or two lollies are eaten on the drive home…then they aren’t asked for…we love the pencils and stickers and balloons that usually fill them though.

  16. Vicki Scherer says:

    My kids all yelled milk bottle lollies when I asked them! They love them souch and like to get more than 2 each! With my son we gave a Lego minifigure, they are wrapped up and its a surprise to see who got what. When I asked him what nice gift he would like (I told him about your lipgloss option) he suggested a pack of footy cards for boys which I thought was a good idea. My 7 yo suggested a packet of loom bands! We like a good “gift” option in our bags over piles of junk. My 4 yo received an iced Minnie mouse biscuit in a recent bag that the mum had done. So nice to get something homemade, my kids appreciate the effort that goes in to gifts. All my kids are pretty good with rationing out the lollies in the bag, they can have 1 a day that is their choice. I put them high in the pantry and they tend to forget about them for a while which is nice. Good luck with the movie party and the celebration we have 2 birthdays 2 weeks after our no 4 baby will arrive so trying to work out how the celebrations for them this year might look and hoping for an easy option…

  17. Melissa says:

    I love to give out lolly bags at our kids parties and I love to have a party with games! We often combine the two at our parties. I get the kids to decorate paper bags at the start of the party and give them all prizes through out the party – mini containers of play dough, bubbles, stationery, stickers, tattoos, lollipops and other lollies. I like to give a mix of things they can play with and things they can eat. When my kids go to a party I used to let them eat the lollies over time but was getting too many sugar meltdowns so now I let them choose a few lollies on the day and the rest get put away. That way I only get the one melt down.

  18. Belinda says:

    Last birthday party we had here I bought some of the fabric from IKEA that you can colour in with fabric markers (have you seen it?). Anyway, I sewed up a drawstring party bag for each of the kids, which they were able to colour in during the party. At the end of the party we filled it with the gingerbread biscuits they had decorated, Fizzers, mini Milky Ways, Chupa Chups, bouncy balls for boys and lip glosses for girls, and a mix of Allen’s lollies ( only Allen’s in this house). Totally loving the idea of individual packs though! I will be definitely keeping an eye out for those in the supermarket.

  19. Oh every movie needs jaffas according to the husband, to me movies need a good mix of flavours if not different lollies. Mini packs would be fantastic for that easy to distribute to the kids, no arguments over one getting more than the other!

  20. I think one of the best lolly bag items my daighter has ever received was a cute wooden babushka pencil and a sharpener to match. She was 4 at the time and it was the perfect treat for her age group as they were all really interested in learning to write their names.

    Other cool lolly bag items I have seen are placing a little hot wheels car in the bag or even a wooden kaleidoscope – very cool!

    And what kiddie doesn’t love a twisty, bendy straw! :)

  21. Belinda – that is a very cool idea! I must remember that! :)

  22. My lolly bags tend to follow the theme of the party. When we had an art party all the lollybags had canvas, paint, easle, brushes, etc. I try not to give too many lollies.

  23. Best party bag would have to have been the ones my daughter made last year for her 4th birthday. I gave her a brown paper bag, and wrote each child’s name on top. Emma then went to work decorating them, making each child a different picture just for them. For one girl who loves mermaids she drew the friend as a mermaid sitting on a rock. For another who had recently had a butterfly birthday party she drew the two of them hand in hand with butterflies all round. We filled them with little note pads, stickers (always a favourite) and a little box of smarties.

  24. I love making lolly bags to go with the theme. I think my favourite were the spaceship theme with sparkly pens, star stickers, spaceship eraser and a mix of lollies and chocolate. My worst was when my son had a woodland theme and I made squirrel shaped sugar cookies which were to be iced and decorates then popped in a cellephane bag with a ribbon. Lets just say they belonged on that Pinterest fail site! Not as easy as it looks. My friends kindly nicknamed them the demonic squirrels, not quite the look I was going for!

  25. Olivia Fraker says:

    For my daughters 6th birthday party earlier this year she had a craft party. So each child received a little drawstrings bag (made by me) filled with a few sweet treats and a little sew your own owl kit. They all loved it and it made for a cute little keepsake item.

  26. Helen Buttigieg says:

    With my kids lolly bags I like to put a lolly pop .. a big balloon (deflated) .. a large bubble stick ( as in blow bubbles $1 each at big w) .. and some loose wrapped candy .. so they go away with an activity bag . I have also given the kids bubble bath ( quite cheap at Aldis ) and a large lollipop at another party the mums loved this idea !

  27. Melissa says:

    Love the lolly bags the kids bring home (especially when there’s something in there they don’t like but I do)! Best I’ve seen always include sweet treats plus something to keep. This year my 12 yo daughter is having a minion themed party and i’ve already made minion bookmarks (including real wool hair) to go in each bag along with some minion nail stickers and lollies with the blue and yellow theme of minions – lolly bananas, smarties, sour worms etc. All the other colours will go in the home lolly jar! I’ve got everything hidden in the bottom of the ironing basket (covered up of course).

  28. I love to give out lollies that are in individual wrappers, 3 out of 4 of my kids are summer babies so it makes sense! I also like to put in some mini pencils and notepads, that seems to be a winner. :)

  29. Fiona O'Brien says:

    The best lolly bags contain a little momento from the party that we can keep to remember the special day. The last one I remember was a friend of my 5 year olds took the party to a screening of Snow White. In the party bag was a book of Snow White with a little message written in it from the birthday girl. The book comes out regularly and we always think of little S when we read it- lovely. Have to say I get disappointed if the mum does a ” healthy” (I am bad I know) lolly bag, I generally hide them up in the high cupboard but can’t resist an Allens snake, jelly baby if they are there so I am sure I end up eating most if them- what’s wrong with a few lollies anyway. Generally the girls are interested in the little toys- luckily….

  30. The best party bag I’ve ever seen is from a friends little girls 4th birthday. We got a paper bag (their little girl had decorated each one with glitter & stickers)with a scrap book & water colour paints with a paint brush, packet of stickers, a lollypop, candy bracelet & a packet of seeds to plant (eg baby carrots) It was a party bag that lasted & my 3 year old got so much enjoyment out of / without too much of a sugar high!!

  31. I honestly find that most parents are well and truly over “too” many lollies in their children’s lolly bags, especially after a party that is often already full of sugar!!
    So we tend to find bright and colourful noodle boxes too, or paper bags that we then stick a “thank you” message onto.
    We usually choose two or three special treats – kids more often than not like the sour lollies, jube lollies and a chocolate lolly. Then we find another non food treat to play with or use – pen and notebook, little activity book, little paint set, play-doh, hair ties, matchbox cars etc.
    I’m finding it harder for boys, and honestly, we often end up with so many children it gets expensive too!! So we look out for specials in the weeks leading up to the event.

  32. My son got a tennis ball in a recent lolly bag. I thought that was a great change from getting just lollies, as you can never have too many tennis balls. They always get lost in my house!

  33. We love doing lolly bags for our parties too. We’ve done some pretty coloured jars that the kids fill at the ‘lolly shop’ (part of a fair/carnival themed party – my older kids were the helpers and put the lollies in each child’s jar. A bit like an old fashioned lolly shop.). For a Science based party we included test tubes filled with jelly beans, a calculator, ‘soda cans’ filled with lollies/sherbert and some water beads (that florists use). I do find that I am always on the lookout out for items that will be great for party bags and buy them when I see them. Then I fill it out with lollies! We don’t eat lollies very often at all, so I am fine with them having lollies at parties.

  34. Bree vallance says:

    The best lokly bags i have made were when my daughter turned 3, we made little tubs of playdough and put mini rolling pin and 2 cutters in. We are a family who love clinkers (guessing the colour inside never grows old) and we love dip it candy. A freddo frog is loved by all. For the boys at the party we included a hot wheels car and a lip gloss for the girls. A little purse with choclate coins too. And a sticker sheet for boy. When we did a star wars theme i gave out blow up light sabers and a bottle of yoda soda(lemonade with home made labels) the 5 yr olds were thrilled!
    Hide them in the laundry, no child likes to go in there!

  35. Last weekend Miss 11 came home from a party with a Party Mug filled with gel pens, little loveheart notebooks, a friendship band, stickers and a mix of lollies. It was a real hit. I like to include something busy in my party bags like homemade playdough and a cookie cutter for the littlies. I fill a small take-out container with playdough and use a cutter to add a boat, train, fairy or flower etc to the top. Mums love this because their little ones come home with something quiet to do to bring them back down from the party hype. For Miss 9’s Frozen Party I made up some “Do you want to build a Snowman?” bags with marshmallows, mini M&M’s, pretzels and lollies to decorate their snowman. I love finding different ideas for party bags and I think you are right on the money with your nailpolish and lip gloss. I think the girls are going to have lots of fun.

  36. Jane Mayall says:

    Hello Corrie
    I like to put in hand balls for boy party bags! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

  37. I always have an absolute ball with the party bags. My favourite one so far was for my daughter’s 5th pyjama-themed party. I decided that seeing everyone had come along in their Jammie’s, the party bags should also be themed. I grabbed some of those take-away coffee cups and lids from a $2 shop and added hot chocolate sachets, marshmallows and milk-bottle lollies so everyone could enjoy a hot chocolate in their Jammies when they got home from the party. They were a real hit with the kids.

  38. My uncle is a dentist so he always insisted that the lolly bags from their house included a toothbrush!
    I always think its fun to have things other than lollies, but to also keep it reasonable – things can add up really quickly!
    The nail polish and lip gloss is a fantastic idea!

  39. Love the idea of mini jelly bean packets. My problem is the minute I open them I eat the whole darn thing!

    We made lolly bags for my son’s fourth birthday. We had a one year old coming as well so I made her up a little bag of crackers, sultanas and colored knotted ribbons. She was stoked:)

    And bubble bottles are awesome! I even had wine glass shaped bubble bottles at my 25th birthday!

  40. Rachel Kriss-Newell says:

    I cheat and instead of Lolly bags for a party I buy a colouring-in book or canvas with paints for each child – then attach a lollipop to each. And when you find them marked down I buy them to have on hand. Win win all round and the kids love it – they get their sugar overload during the party!!

  41. Of course lolly bags are always the best part of parties!! :) I used to set our kitchen table up as an assembly line & all my kids would help. Naturally part of the fun was that they could ‘sneak’ some lollies for themselves as well, but the sneaking became just as much a family tradition as putting the lolly bags together. It was always a combined family effort regardless of who’s party it was & that’s what was great about it!!

  42. We do the good bag with a few little kiddie toys and some Cadbury chocolate. I do them myself as my kids are too young to help. I put them in a box and put them in the cupboard where they can’t see it and I label them with each child’s name so that we don’t forget who didn’t get one yet!!!

  43. Emily Quenette says:

    I always theme my part bags depending maybe on character or colour theme of the party. I then buy the goodies to match. My children always choose the theme and pick their favourites. It’s always nice to receive a lolly bag, however I have been known to do a lolly buffet for the party and the children can fill as they go

  44. For Lulu’s party last year I made twirling ribbons for each girl. This kept the party cheap and gave them an activity to do for a good hour! Then they took them home along with a small bag of lolly’s.
    Here is my tutorial on how to make them:
    They are also great just for a craft holiday project for kids.
    *** As for the lollies….Allens jelly beans are my all time favourite (especially the pink ones) and I love them best FROZEN! They last longer, they are chewier and no one looks in the freezer for treaties!!!

  45. Most fun lolly bag experience was when we let the kids make their own! We got some cute striped bags and set up about 8 retro glass jars with little tongs and scoops and a single different variety of my daughter’s favourites in each jar (mostly Allens!) and let the kids make their own. They had an absolute blast, and it has been copied a few times too. Another favourite was for another daughter’s 7th party, where I had a range of lollies with holes in the middle and let the girls thread their own take home necklaces. They loved this one too!

  46. The best party bag I have seen was one given to my daughter for her friends 5th birthday. She had her party at a fairy shop. The friend’s mum had made all the bags which was lovely. Each bag had a hand made hair pin, fairy wand and lip gloss. The lollies were a mixture of party mix lollies so none of them melted (it was a very warm day). The girls loved the hand made items and they all felt so special wearing lip gloss. It was wonderful. She had also made little bogs for the siblings of each girl so there was no fighting when they got home. It was just amazing. The hand made items made the bags really special.

  47. The best hiding spot is in my cast iron pot in the pot drawer!

  48. Our latest party boxes were for my 11 year old’s birthday. A friend of mine has her own small home business making personalized partyware and she made boxes for each of the girls with decorative card lace edged lids (so pretty) and in the birthday girl’s favourite colour of aqua. Each individual box was personalised for each party guest. It gave them all a pretty box of their own to reuse after the party. We filled them with a chocolate, a few wrapped lollies, pretty mini paper pads & pens, erasers, tubes of lip gloss, nail polish and loom bands – which were a big favourite with all the party girls.

  49. Hi Corrie, I’ve got twin boys, and for their 6yo party they each invited their whole kindy class… 36 kids! Plus a few younger siblings. Can’t forget the siblings, it’s too hard trying to explain to a sad 3yo why they don’t get one. I can’t do it :-)
    My bags were simple: a Freddo, some jelly snakes, a chupa chup and a rubber ball, the kind they play handball with at school. No plastic rubbish. All the kids, boys and girls, loved the balls. This year were scaling things back a bit, but definitely putting handballs in the party bags again!

  50. Cathy Stone says:

    Since my kids birthday’s are in the colder months, we really have to be creative with our lollie bags. We usually do a craft activity which the guests can then take home in their lollie bag, and also some of my kids favourite lollies. Another great idea I am using this year for my daughter’s birthday is to have a lollie buffet. Her favourite lollies are all set out in clear glass bottles with tongs, each guest will be given a coloured bag with a bag tag on it, so they can personalise it with their name and as a keepsake. They go along the table, and using tongs pick what ever lollies they wish until the bag is filled. We will then close off the bag with a cute peg. It will be like being a Kid in a candy store, so fun and exciting activity for the kids to do. We will have freckes, snakes, pink and white marshmello’s, allens jellybeans, freddo frogs, redskins, cadbury favourites, a lollie pop, caramel buds, and clinkers. I am sure it will be a highlight for the kids (and I will enjoy the leftovers:)). When the kids come home from a party they usually eat their favourite ones, then hide rest in the cupboard until they feel like a treat.

  51. As an Aussie I believe a lolly bag means that Lollies must be in the bag, so does my husband. We’ve got a few english friends that don’t put lollies in the ‘party bag’. My husband felt very ripped off as he is the one that likes to eat the contents of the lolly bag.
    For my son’s 3rd birthday I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone, so I printed out a colouring sheet of a Fire Truck and had written on it’ thanks for celebrating Hugh’s birthday’. This way I had sent out ‘Thank yous’ as well!! As it was a fireman/truck them each child got a Fireman hat, plus lollies, balloon and party blower.

  52. I love to go with the theme of the party. Last year my daughter had a pink and white polka dot party so we had pink and white balloons, pink and white lollies and pretty pink and white polka dot hair clips!

    This year is a farm theme so we will have wagon wheels, milky bars and animal toys!

  53. Dianne Whittle says:

    I like to keep it simple and a little old fashioned – meaning I like to pack it with all the lollies I loved when I was little. That means Allens Jelly Beans, Snakes, Strawberries and Cream lollies, plus banana lollies, milk bottles, musk sticks, fruit sticks. The best part is choosing the bags or boxes and packing them – taste testing as I go, just for quality assurance of course. I don’t usually go for anything other than lollies in the bags unless I find those old fashioned party blowers or such. I always like to make sure I have a few extra lolly bags for little brothers and sisters, it’s lovely to see their happy little faces when they know that even though they missed out on the party they didn’t miss out on the lolly bag.

  54. My pet hate is bubbles and toys mixed in with loose lollies (hello hygiene and chemical transfer issues!) so we always use mini packs. So generally we get a large mixed bag of novelty toys (think bangles, rings and necklaces for girls and whistles, mini squishy footballs and water guns for boys). Then we have temporary tattoos, a mini bubbles thing, a little chocolate, some little lolly packets like the mini jelly pizzas etc, a bag tag or special pen/pencil and a balloon. Easy peasy and well received I think :) We are so lucky in that we have a bed base that has secret drawers built in that I have hidden by the bed valance that hangs down and the kids haven’t yet discovered the drawers so presto! We have a great hiding spot :)

  55. Kate Murphy says:

    Best party bag would have to be Lollies in a helium balloon, they decorate the room for the party, each child takes one home with them and then the kids don’t eat them until at least the next day as they want to keep the balloon inflated for as long as possible!!!!

  56. Rebecca says:

    Apart from the usual lollies and trinkets,my daughter writes personalised thank you notes for each of her guests which we put in each party bag. Quite a nice touch especially when they are younger and learning to write.

  57. I love that Allens has made little bags of jelly beans! I definitely need these in my handbag! In previous years, instead of giving a lolly bag I gave away a pot of play dough. Last year I bought plastic tumblers from Big W that had glitter/snow globe effect on the outside and filled them with a Freddo and Allens all sorts lollies. I always like to give something that the kids can use as well as something to consume. :)

  58. kat hosking says:

    Some of the parties I’ve been to have had some crummy lolly bags, but I like to do something a bit different and the number of cheap plastic toys from a certain fastfood restaurant we’ve accumulated is astounding! One year I includes lightning mcqueen pencils in the bag, another year the kids decorated their own car shaped cookies to take home along with some bubbles, stickers, matchbox cars and decent lollies and fun sizes chocs. This year in addition to a pinata, I made chocolate crackles with popping candy (so yum!) for the superheroes (pow!). One party we went to did biscuit pops which looked amazing too!

  59. Natasha Andrews says:

    Love the idea of these – my Miss 5 hates chocolate and I am looking for alternatives for her upcoming 6th birthday – these will be a hit!!

    The best thing we ever did for party bags was get the plain white noodle boxes and let the kids have them at the start.
    So our party plan was
    1st activity is to decorate your own noodle box with glitter/stickers and name
    2nd activity treasure hunt – every child has to find one little bubble mixture, a sheet of stickers, a balloon and a lolly pop – and pop into their decorated noodle box
    3rd activity pass the parcel with a freddo frog in each layer (either eaten or into noodle box for later)
    4th activity pinata- again lollies either get eaten or saved (kids love making the choice)

    None of the kids expected a party bag at the end – they knew that was what their individual bags were for and it made the whole thing more of an activity and made the 2 hours go much faster!!

    Thanks for the competition – movies are THE BEST winter activity!

  60. May Lee says:

    I love lollies and so when I think of party bags I think of things that I’d want to have, which is usually more expensive like Cadbury Freddos, Smarties, and such. I’m not one for small toys. Sometimes I like to add baked goods.

    Best place to store lollies? In my wardrobe. =)

  61. I’ve also used Noodle boxes – for boys I put in a high bounce handball and a few lollies only – the ball fills the huge gap not the lollies and Freddo.

  62. There are some fantastic ideas on here. I can’t wait to sit down tonight and read everyone’s comment and make notes in my diary! Thank you people! If the kids don’t eat all of their lollies, I put them into the car glove box and then hand them out when we are travelling.

  63. Rachael says:

    For my twin girls birthday party I did a lolly buffet and allowed the children to fill a bag with lollies of their choosing, it was a big hit.

  64. Tawhi Kirk says:

    The best party bag I ever received… Oh I mean my children haha, had old school toffee apples in them! They were so delicious and really brought me back to my childhood with memories of the parties I used to attend. So sweet in so many ways :)

  65. My favourite lolly bags to make for my little man is to do long cylinders ombré style colors with a handmade gift tag and ribbon, easy to do but so pretty!

  66. My 3 year old son was given a little pot, soil and seeds as part of a party bag this year. He loved it more than the sweets!

  67. A good lolly bag has to have milk bottles, something sour like squirms and something sherbet! That way it suits all the lolly lovers!
    My kids love the edible bracelets and necklaces too!!

  68. I didn’t know that lolly bags were so fancy these days! Keep it simple and just put lollies in the party bags. Allens are the best tasting by far!

  69. We too keep it fairly simple. Decorated brown paper bags with thankyou notes written on them. Some lollies and pens, stickers, note pads. One year we did plaster painting so each child got that to take home too! We normally always have helium balloons at our girls parties so each child gets a balloon to take home too! Ours get put hight up in the pantry to be rationed out and sometimes forgotten about! Recently my youngest got a sight word bingo pack as a party bag, great idea for a 5 year old who is busting to be at school!

  70. Judith M says:

    The party bags that I make up for my daughter (seven, nearly eight) tend to just have a lolly pop (individually wrapped) and the other treats are things like stickers, notebooks, pencils and erasers. They have to be something that works well for boys and girls. My daughter recently went to a party where the party bag contained a notebook, koala clip ons and even a woopie cushion. The woopie cushion was a favourite with my daughter – particularly putting it on hubby’s chair and waiting for the result. You can buy things like notepads and woopie cushions quite cheaply – look in $2 shops and the Reject shop for inspiration! In terms of hiding the lolly bag after the party – I can’t help you there. Miss Seven doesn’t have a sweet tooth so isn’t that keen on any actual lollies. If you have some tips to stop me from raiding the lollies myself, please let me know!

  71. Kirsten W says:

    Personalised flower pots. How adorable? It’s so great when party favours are not ‘just more rubbish’ and are instead a great idea idea to teach kids how to grow things. Use flowers, herbs, cacti or vegetables – so much better than lolly bags!

  72. Kasey Evans says:

    Instead of the usual ‘loaded with lollies’ party bags I went to the cheap shop and got head bands, earrings, necklaces, mini notebooks, colouring pens, stickers etc. with a personal thankyou note. For another idea, my daughter received at a party was her own timber letter which she painted herself.

  73. Narelle Rock says:

    I usually end up buying so many lollies and toys for the lolly bags that the actual bags aren’t big enough and I can’t fit everything into them!

  74. Kate Dvornik says:

    I love doing mini packs (m&m’s etc) a lolly pop, a balloon and I love adding a bracelet or pencils etc! I always enlist the kids help to make them aswell!

  75. I’m an anti-sugar party bagger. I never include edible things in my party bags. Instead I add things like stickers and coloured pens and mini yo-yos or something like that.

  76. I know I won’t be hurrahed for this, but we don’t give out party bags. I think the focus on the day should be on the party kid, not those attending. So no party bags!

  77. Stacey Banks says:

    The larger the lollies, the better!! Less purchasing required . Next divide all lollies between number of bags, hide them in a cooler bag which isn’t see through & it can be just grabbed on way out if party not at home. Bag can them be used as storage for presents etc.

  78. Laura Scriven says:

    Paper bags decorated by the kids in the lead up to the party with potato stamps and paint. I raid The Reject Shop for wrapped sweets, stickers and always enclose a bouncy ball – always fun!

  79. Enlist a friend or relative who doesn’t have a sweet tooth to help fill them, then store them at their house until the big party!! Speaking from experience, if hubby & I know they’re hiding in one of the cupboards, we do dip into them and it results in pretty measly goodie bags for a few of the party goers lol

  80. Catherine says:

    A few lollies, a thank you note written by whose party it is and a bouncy ball.

  81. I love making up lolly bags! This year for Miss 6 was a Frozen party. Of course no Frozen merchandise to be found so I made little Frozen labels with names for the kids, and stuck them on blue and white spotty paper bags. They were filled with a little wrapped chewy lolly, a mini pack of gummies, good old Freddo Frog and an Allen’s lollipop as they are always In a big pack! Then a sheet of stickers, mini erasers and notepad snapped up on sale, loom bands and hairties. I set them all up in a little assembly line and the birthday girl loved to help make them.

    My kids don’t get lollies at home so parties are their time for a little sweetness! They usually raid their bags in the car on the way home, but if any make it home they are stashed in the pantry and rationed out as treats during the following week (unless mummy and daddy eat them first!)

  82. Amanda Gorton says:

    A party cup wrapped in coloured cellophane is a cheap yet effective idea. Fill with a few lollies, a novelty toy, stickers or tattoos. Try to include themed items that relate to the party theme.
    Overall and most importantly make it fun – both for yourself to assemble and the kids to take home at the conclusion of the party!

  83. I always add just one baby lollipop in the party bag. Everything else in the bag is non-edible – usually cute sparkly stickers and a nice pencil and a thank you note written to the child thanking them for coming. You can get lots of great craft items from dollar shops and make up some really cool party bags so they’re exciting without being full of lollies. Whenever our kids get lolly bags I always go through them first and extract the lollies first so our kids don’t even know they were in there in the first place.

  84. It’s a party, folks! I don’t think a few lollies in a party bag matters. I add lollies, glitter, sparkly bits and pieces and things like little cars or helicopters (which both genders love).

  85. Recently I did cool little note books with gel pens and then just a few of the favourite bars of chocolate in each one. Everyone loved them.

  86. Natalie Stoute says:

    I love lolly bags! It’s just a nice way to say thank you to the guest (and parent) for coming to the party and giving a birthday present. I have three boys so can’t help you with girly things sorry but my son went to a Nerf party recently. They were all given a small Nerf gun and there were plenty of games trying to hit targets (and each other lol). It was great fun!

    They were given their labelled Nerf gun upon leaving and In the ‘lolly’ bag there were a few extra darts, a chupa chups, freddo frog, wizz-fizz and a polaroid photo taken of them at the party which was a nice touch.

    As for rationing out the lolly bag? Doesn’t happen with my kids unfortunately! They are scoffed on the way home in the car. Doesn’t bother me actually, once they’re gone, they’re gone, yay!

  87. I always enjoyed the Party Bags, fantastic fun! First off, always check for gluten-free, allergies etc. so no-one is disappointed. Usually I put in something in the stationery line ie pens, notepaper, stickers and make-up if age appropriate, something to play with which could be a small doll or a Kinder suprise and something to eat, Allens are always good, frogs etc. Even more fun if you make the bags yourself and get the kids to help decorate!

  88. When we are out shopping, my daughter will sometimes call me over to see something she has found, sometimes some little things like fancy rubbers or pens, or lollies on a good special (I like yours, we always get lollies in wrappers, so these little packets are great). We have a box at home where we keep it, about a month before her birthday we get everything out and spend time putting all the bags together and seeing if we need anything else. My daughter and I love it, we can’t wait, thats why its always done a month before her birthday!

  89. Lara Daebritz says:

    Like other Mums, i tend to follow the party theme when it comes to ‘lolly’ bags (they don’t often contain lollies in my household). This year, for example, my daughter is having a Fancy Feet party for her 8th birthday in a couple of weeks. The girls are decorating thongs ( flip flops) which I bought for $1 a pair from Km art. I then got some absolute bargain nail polishes also from Kmart, nail stickers, nail files from Bali and little nail brushes from discount stores. Put in a little gauze bag, I’m hoping they’ll look a treat.

  90. Cheryl McKibbin says:

    I love crafts in lolly bags as well as the lollies…loom bands are quite a hit at the moment too

  91. Kristina S says:

    Involve your kids, mine love it and lets be honest if you start eating too many of the treats they jump all over you, so they will keep you honest and slim haha… In all seriousness they know their friends best, listen to their suggestions and involve them, pop on some music and enjoy some quality time

  92. Becky S says:

    Leave the lolly bags near the front door so when guests leave you remember to give them, I was so busy at my sons birthday people were leaving and my brain was too!

  93. We have started to instead of having lolly bags, give out a little present. Rather than trying to find lollies and little novelties to go in the bags, we try and find something that all the kids would enjoy playing with. Last birthday it was a small airplane that flew when it was thrown. I’ve never seen so many airplanes flying through our backyard at the end of the party :-)

  94. My daughters always love lolly bags that have little items of jewellery in.

  95. Sarah Fleming says:

    I’m a big believer that a party’s not a party without a good old fashioned party bag. These are my tips for a great party bag:

    >The lollies must be good quality. No rubbishy cheap sticks of sherbet or dollar shop lollipops. Just the real deal, like delicious Allens lollies (the party mix with racing cars and milk bottles is my favourite!)

    >Balloons, cheap jewellery, little paper fans, toy cars, Smiggle bibs and bobs are all good little non lolly additions to a good party bag

    >No noisy stuff!

    >The birthday kid must get to help with the party bag assembly production line, such fun!

  96. rowena mccarthy says:

    Just love lolly bags!!!
    When my girls and I make them we like to munch away at the same time, no good if you run out though!!
    The best we have ever made had a few toys in it too so its not all sugar!!!
    I have a lolly jar in the top of the cupboard I tip any uneaten lollies in and I never have to buy lollies!!!

  97. We tend to go with the theme of the party as well and keep the lollies to a minimum!
    Last year was a plain noodle box with a dinosaur sticker on it. Inside was a wind up dinosaur toy, bubbles, a dinoasur mask, Dinosaur stamp and a freddo frog.
    I keep party bags in the cupboard above the fridge, easy for me to grab out and ration when needed.

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