Natural Baby by Patons

I probably don’t need any more baby knitting books (you should see my collection!!!)  but I couldn’t resist this one when it came up in my Facebook feed last week. So many baby pattern books are in 4 ply so I was loving that there was a great mix of 8 ply knits in this one……great for when you are running out of time or want to knit lots of things before a baby is born.

And I’ve set my sights on this pattern which looks so adorable…….like the model.

The patterns in the book are either 4 or 8 ply and since I’m a Bendigo Luxury fan and have 8 balls of white 8 ply I’ll be using that.

For the pattern I’ve chosen I need to learn Trinity Stitch which produces the bobbles on the cardigan and of course first stop was youtube – I found this was the easiest to understand.

Addicted to baby knitting books like me?????



  1. I have a 20 month old girl & 4 month old girl & bought this pattern book last winter and absolutely love it! My mum & I have knitted 4 different pieces – they are truly adorable. I live on the Gold Coast so the little vests are perfect for my little lady’s.
    Such gorgeous patterns you will love them on your babes x

  2. Oh my! They are divine (the pictures in that book) Looking forward to seeing the results.

    I can’t knit, but that book has made me decide I need to learn before we decide to have another baby. So sweet.

    • oh knitting is the best and so great when you are pregnant as makes you sit down and do something quiet. It’s also great to knit for toddlers too. a class at your nearest knitting store or youtube is a great way to start and then you’re off………

  3. Up side of knitting for babies – doesn’t take long. Downside – they grow out of them so quickly….

    • yes Nancy you said it! I’m going to do a 3 month pattern because all that knitting for a newborn size won’t last long with my big babies:)

  4. I’m addicted to baby pattern books and my “baby” is now 14. It doesn’t stop me though.

    • the good thing is that someone is always having a baby! my cousins have just started to get married so I figure have loads of baby knitting ahead of me:)

  5. Corrie, you can never have too many baby book lol. I love the little Aran pattern . I knitted that lots when my kids were little and they have their own children now :-) . All the best for the next six weeks and soon thereafter xx

  6. Wow! I saw this book at spotlight yesterday and fell in love with that cardigan but convinced myself I could never do that. After watching that you tube clip I think I might give it a shot. Thanks Corrie.

    • oh yes, I did look at the advanced rating on the pattern and thought no then thought why not learn the bobble stitch on youtube! I think it will take some perseverance but we worth it! good luck!

  7. I think I’ve mentioned before that I plan to learn to knit this summer, but I’ve already been eyeing off baby patterns. Ready to start my own little glory box for my grandkiddies (my eldest two are 21 and 18 so a few years off yet hopefully).
    I saw this book in Big W the other day and put it on my must have list to buy too!

    • good! there are some great beginner patterns in there too! And if you want to start then you know i go on about Debbie Bliss baby knits for beginners which is my all time favourite and has some perfect beginner patterns! good on you starting early:) :) it’s a great craft to have

  8. Lesley G says:

    The patterns and photos look beautiful. I love the modern colours they have used too. I might have to put my needles down and take a trip to the shops today to buy the book and some moooore yarn!

    Corrie, you are so right about the 4 ply vs 8 ply. My current project is taking forever it seems.

  9. Debra Crowhurst says:

    Really Corrie is there any such sentence as “I have too many gorgeous knitting books” ever said ?

  10. Christina says:

    Corrie, you inspired me to start knitting and this was the first book I bought. I started three months ago with no previous skills. I’ve knitted the little vest and the hooded jumper from the front cover. I looked up YouTube for all the directions and it was really quite easy once I got going. The little vest is perfect for qld winters. I love seeing all the different knits you whip up. Next I’m going to learn how to crochet!
    Thanks Corrie!

    • oh wow how fabulous! you are good, learning to knit and 2 things from the book! I’m impressed!
      and crochet is fun and great to make blankets:)

  11. My kids are from age 6 to 16, and I have not seen any books that cater to this group :( so I am just knitting things like scarfs and hats. Anyway, the weather in my country hardly calls for any knit stuff, even knitting in cotton.

    • yes you’re right debbie bliss books are geared towards winter. there was a great book with all cotton knits in it, I must find it!

  12. Judith Hogan says:

    Your sweater choice is so cute and will look sweet on the new babe. Won’t be long now!

  13. Annie Maurer says:

    Knitting is great for down time and I love knitting baby things….so quick to show results. I learned to knit as a child, knitting clothes for my dolls and have never stopped. I still have patterns of my Mums from the 1950’s, so will try not to be tempted to buy more. I love knitting for expectant Mums but always worry they will throw my efforts in the washing machine and ruin them……can’t wait to knit for my own grandchildren one day!

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