another block bites the dust

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but when I worked in an office (which seems like 50 million years ago) and I’d finish a file or a piece of work I’d love to sing a few lines of  ‘another one bites the dust!’ Such a great feeling to finish some work and put it away. And that song still sticks in my head when I finish something crafty like on the weekend. Our saturdays involve rugby, swimming and netball and on saturday the boys then went out to watch the wallabies. The rest of us stayed home and after a great play outside (you would think it was summer) and lots of laundry making it onto the line I thought I might just get one more block for my red letter day quilt done.

And I love it………..I’m actually going to use this for my centre block and just love the red and white together. And it co-ordinates with my shoes! Always a nice to have……

By doing this pattern and taking Camille’s class I’ve learnt how to do a 9 patch and chain piecing. The 9 patches are so worth the very careful pinning to get your points to all match up and I was always a bit nervous about sewing over pins but you should see me now. I’ve been sewing over them and really taking the time to get everything perfectly matched up.

And while I was doing a few practice ones at home I realised that there was a slight difference between the 1/4 inch feet I have for my machine. Yes I have 2 different 1/4 inch feet with my machine and one gives me a scant 1/4 inch seam which is perfect when you are sewing the strips together whereas the other one with the guide (which is kind of raised up from the foot) wasn’t giving me the nice 5 inch finished rows that I was after. So it’s always worth checking out your machine and 1/4 inch foot BEFORE you start doing something like this. A quick solution is to move your needle position to the right if you can to get closer to the edge of your foot. Have you ever had that happen? I know the lovely lady I sat next to at our workshop was having the same problem I had at home until I changed 1/4 inch feet.

So that’s 3 blocks down and 6 more to go. Now that we are on school holidays I’m hoping I will have completed quilt top by the end of our 3 weeks……………..


  1. Wow that is gorgeous!!

  2. It looks great! We’ll done for managing to squeeze some sewing into your busy day. I must learn to chain piece-does it save time? Cheers Trish

    • oh yes! so much faster! instead of laying it all out and then taking one row and pinning it you just worked 2 pieces and then the 2 underneath and then the next 2 underneath and your machine keeps running between each row. It took me a little while to get my head around it but when you’ve put the rows together across ways you just pin top to bottom and sew and you’re all done. Definitely a time saver:)

  3. They look fantastic so far :)

  4. You’re amazing Corrie! How do you manage to make so many beautiful things and look after your five babies? What’s the secret?! :)

  5. Loving those blocks Corrie. I had absolutely no idea my 1/4 inch foot could be off! I’m going to have to check mine now. Thanks for the tip!! I so wish I could have made that class. Learning 9 patches and chain piecing would speed my quilting time up considerably! Perhaps you can teach me when we come over for our school holidays in July!! :-)

  6. Very pretty blocks!

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