who won my Finish competition?

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Well this is the last in my series of posts for Finish and I have to say that I’ve enjoyed using the Finish Power & Pure in my dishwasher. I put the dishwasher on twice a day so I worked my way through the pack and will continue to buy it as it’s been great. And most of the reviews from my readers felt the same way. There wasn’t a smell when the dishwasher had finished and both the dishes AND the dishwasher were looking much cleaner after using the Power & Pure.

We also used the 7 day home detox challenge as a good reason to get out the information for our water treatment system and see what we can and can’t use in the home. I’ve been working my way through a carton of bicarb as we can’t put any ammonia products down the toilet and I have to say that by sprinkling the toilet bowl with bicarb, pouring the vinegar over the top, watch it fizzle and then scrub straight away. The end result is one very clean toilet. Or in my house clean toilet times 3.

We’ve also had a lot of rain and because the boot of the van now houses the wheelchair, I’ve had to put my prams out on the balcony. All of the rain and cold weather has meant I had one dirty and mouldy green pram outside my house. Yuck. I needed to get out there to give it a good old clean before needing it for some appointments later in the week. Sprinkle on the bicarb, spray on the vinegar (use a spray bottle rather than pouring on) and get stuck in with a kitchen brush, hose it all off, I then sprayed on a bit more vinegar before leaving in the sun to dry. It is going to look fabulous when it’s all clean. Apparently clove oil is also good when tackling mould.


So overall I think I’ve done pretty well and without too much effort either.

And with much excitement I can announce the overall winner of my Finish competition. And for a change I didn’t pick the winners so it was a surprise to me too. And kind of nice to take a break from selecting winners. So here we go. Drumroll please.

The winner of $1500 of Breville products and a year’s worth of Finish Power & Pure is TAMARIN VAUGHAN! Woohoo congratulations! And here is what Tamarin had to say about Finish Power & Pure

With four small children I’m really conscious of our home health. We use our dishwasher all the time because it is more environmentally friendly and hygienic than hand washing but like most mums I worry about the chemicals. Finish Power & Pure ticked all my boxes: no fiddly unwrapping of tablets, no chemical odour and no pre-rinsing; just sparkling clean dishes with one wash. Most importantly, I no longer feel like I have to choose between what’s best for my family and the environment, and what’s best for cleaning my dishes. Finish Power & Pure is best for all three!
 2nd place went to Simone Franssen and 3rd place went to Emma Mackie. A big congratulations to the winners and thank you so much to everyone who entered and all of your entries.


  1. Well done to the winners. I’m a convert to the Power and Pure and will continue to buy it in the future.
    And you do have to be careful what you put down all your waste pipes if you are on water treatment system. Natural products are the best way to go. :)

  2. Congratulations to the winners!

    Just a note regarding the clove oil. Whilst it does do an absolutely brilliant job removing mould (as it eliminates mould spores), it can not be used during pregnancy as it can induce labour.

    It also works well on a variety of surfaces (showers, bedroom walls, outdoor furniture) and obviously a good natural alternative to the chemical mould removers on the market.

    Looking forward to hearing more news about the newest Retro Baby on the way!

  3. We’ll after all those endorsements I will try these tabs.I have not been happy with any of my usual dish washer products but these seem to be the go.

  4. Clove oil is fantastic for getting rid of mould and you do one part clove oil and 3 parts water and keep it in a spray bottle. Great for around the shower too. I might have to try those dishwasher tablets as I hate trying to rip open the tiny packet all the time.

  5. Tamarin Vaughan says:

    Thank you so much Corrie and thank you Finish!!! I was doing the preschool pick up when I found out and had to try really hard not to jump up and down with excitement- waited until I got back to the car!

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