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Well I’m officially in the 3rd trimester. This is where I start to feel tired and exhausted again, I feel bigger than a whale, I have a lot of heartburn, all of my maternity clothes start to get really tight and those stretchy pants that were comfy to wear at home now become a regular part of my everyday wardrobe and I wear them everywhere. Its when you start to think about all of the food that you’ve been missing out on (I can’t wait to go to sushi train again and eat whatever I feel like! ), when will you go into labour (hopefully not before my c/section date) and it’s also when you have to get a move on and get ready to bring a baby home. Oh and you start to spend a lot more time waiting for your OB or midwife as your appointments start to get more regular.

One of my favourite things to do in the 3rd trimester is pack my hospital bag. I wrote a post a few years ago about what I pack in a hospital bag. I like it as a nice excuse to get some new jammies. Always pjs for me because I have to wear support hose for a few days after. A new dressing gown and slippers is always nice and another great tip that I love to share is a breastfeeding cushion so that you don’t have to prop baby up with pillows while learning (or mastering) breastfeeding. I just love having the pillow there on hand with me and learnt that with the twins.

Oh and don’t forget a cute going home outfit for your new little bundle. I’ve had a few winter babies which means rugging them up all nice and warm in woollens…………here was the last time we brought a baby home from the hospital. So cute.

Another thing I tend to pack are my pregnancy Multivitamins like Blackmores Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Gold. During Keira’s c/section I lost a lot of blood and I remember the midwife got me to show her my pregnancy vitamin pack to read how much iron was in there and whether I’d need a supplement or not. If you are breastfeeding then t’s a good idea to keep taking your multivitamins even after baby is here in the outside world to keep up your vitamins while you are breastfeeding. Of course you should always check with your Dr or midwife. I’m not a big dairy or meat eater so tend to take them for a while after just to make sure I’m on top of everything.

So in 8 weeks I look forward to sharing our new baby with you……… the meantime I’d love to hear what your top tip for surviving the 3rd trimester is. The winning comment will receive a Mum’s gift pack from Blackmores to treat themselves with. Full terms of my giveaways can be found here , competition is open to Australian residents and entries close 5pm 24th June 2014. Thank you!


  1. ashleigh says:

    rest as much as is humanly possible, having a newbie is tiring work!
    if you already have a child/ren, cherish the last few weeks as the family unit you are before everything changes again.
    do something for yourself, or several things if the budget allows you to – endota trips weekly, yes please!

  2. Find a recliner and park there. I had polyhydramnios and was HUMONGOUS for weeks and weeks. It was so uncomfortable, but the recliner helped with the sleeping, as it put me on an angle, feet up, helped with the heartburn and reduced the pressure on my back, belly and hips.

  3. Third trimesters bring such joy,
    We spending our time guessing ‘girl’ or ‘boy’.
    Third trimester with other children is so diff,
    Getting lots of sleeps and rest is a myth!
    In my third trimester I’ll try to find me times,
    Finding time to paint nails in between books and rhymes.

  4. Christie says:

    I always like to focus on stocking my cupboards with additional food so I have a good running supply and don’t have to grocery shop so much at the end or in the first 6 weeks after bubba. I find it much easier to get hubs to pick up smaller amounts of fresh food then a massive big shopping list and besides my brain is usually too fatigued in terms of groceries. I also like to cook up some meals for the freezer to assist when I’m in hospital or for when I come home. Even making up big ziplock bags of slow cooker meals uncooked and then frozen ready to defrost overnight and into the slow cooker in the morning was a massive help and made sure we were all eating properly and I was more relaxed at the witching hour 😉

  5. Liz barber says:

    Pedi, massage, repeat! As many treats as you can! Also get your hair done, esp if you colour. Having recent highlights made me look a lot nicer in the new baby photos than I felt!! Enjoy dinner and quiet romantic time with hubby too whilst it’s the 2 of you!x

  6. Pregnancy was never kind to me. My top tip? Make school lunches the night before and keep them simple. I found that I could face the day with a bit more hope when I didn’t have three lunches to prepare!

  7. I have my baby in 3.5 weeks time and I’m finding it hard to sleep at night when my body is so big. I try and have a nap or rest during the day while my two daughters have their day sleep or quiet time. Slow cooker meals are great too so I’m not on my feet trying to cook dinner for the family when I feel my worst. I have fluid retention too so I try and elevate my legs as much as possible when I’m sitting down.

  8. Remember just how it feels to have that little baby growing in there. I miss my belly (but the bubba snuggles make up for it!). Best wishes Corrie :)

  9. Charlotte E says:

    Having just completed my third trimester (with a 3 week old dozing next to me to show for it) I remember trying to grab naps whenever I could, especially as I wasn’t sleeping very well at night. My lifesaving item though was my microwaveable heat pack that I used to ease all my aches and pains (mainly lower back pain) that really intensified during those final weeks. It was also great during the onset of labour and now to warm up my baby’s bassinet slightly so he goes back to sleep easily during those night feeds.

    All the best for these coming weeks and getting some rest (if that is possible with a large brood) before the big event.

  10. Reannon says:

    Having just had bub number 4 6 weeks ago here is what I got up to-

    Sleeping while my other baby ( who is almost 14 months old) was asleep & the bigger two were at school because sleeping at night was near impossible.

    Do all the crappy cleaning jobs so they don’t need to be done for a while after bub is born – windows, blinds, kitchen cupboards, skirting boards ( I went into labour 2 days after doing these & that meant Sadie was 18 days early!!! So maybe don’t you go doing those things )

    Fill the freezer with meals & bread

    Stock the pantry & stock up on cleaning supllies so you ( or your partner ) don’t need to do big shops.

    Enjoy time with your other kids & partner before the new baby comes & takes up HUGE chunks of your time.

    And lastly enjoy those final weeks of feeling the bub kick & move around inside xx

  11. Kristie says:

    Book in for fortnightly chiro adjustments to help your changing body. Rest when you can (I nap when toddler does). Go to bed early each night with a cuppa and a great book and one arm rubbing that gorgeous belly. Be kind to yourself and treat yourself gently. Rub that belly and talk to it often as a miracle lies within

  12. Kristie says:

    Ooh and treat yourself in the last couple of months of pregnancy, and first few of baby, with online shopping. You even can order treats for you and your partner after those big days

  13. Vanessa manwaring says:

    I am in my third trimester also, with baby number 2. My top tip would be “sew through it” if you are creatively inclined. Having opportunity to think about something else- apart from all those competing responsibilities with other children and raising a household- is meditative, takes ones mind off the discomfort of aches and pains and keeps one focused on the happy time ahead… I am personally planning a whole little girl wardrobe, it keeps me excited, sane and positive. Good luck and enjoy the relative calm before the new addition. :)

  14. Rachelle Placek says:

    A lovely pregnancy massage, and fresh juice. With my first this is a lasting memory, ran out of time with my second. Third baby due in September and will be scheduling this soon!

  15. I am in the second trimester now with baby number 4. And after 3 boys we are soooo excited to be executing a girl! So I think my 3rd trimester will be finalising all my pink clothes and the nursery. It’s all so new to be able to buy pink! So excited :) x

  16. Caroline Hannessen says:

    This is the first time I’ve been pregnant – i’m 29 weeks in now so I don’t have any hints or tips, but all of the above is familiar – and the hints are helpful!
    I have found this part of my pregnancy I have lost all ability to concentrate on one thing for very long, so I have to have lots of entertaining things around me all the time. I have my computer, ipad, sewing, knitting, random crafts, a jigsaw – anything to keep me entertained!

  17. Here’s what not to do: move house at 36 weeks preg with a 2 year old in tow! By far the most physically and emotionally exhausted I have ever felt! The plus side, of course, was the ultimate nesting experience – an empty house to arrange EXACTLY the way I wanted it!

  18. In an ideal world have massages, facials, etc. to look after yourself. Spend lots of one-on-one time with your older children. Ideally your carer will have identified any issues. We discovered at 37.5 weeks that our second baby was breech (although I suspect she was for some time as I did not feel any sudden huge movements) so spent a lot of time trying to get baby to move at various appointments and wacky exercises to no avail. It was then time to make some big decisions in a short space of time – not relaxing. I also cooked a few meals for ourselves and froze them, tried to maintain a clean house and caught up with as many friends as possible whilst I only had one child to juggle. Best of luck Corrie.

  19. Take some time for yourself to rest, and enjoy this time-the calm before the storm. Don’t be shy, if people offer their help take them up on it! Yes, it’s also the time to make lists and get organised, but don’t rush. I started making some bigger meals and freezing leftovers in portions, enough for me when I would be by myself with the baby at home. But really, at the end of the day don’t be too hard on yourself and make sure you use all those offers of help :)

  20. Hi Corrie, I absolutely love that gorgeous beanie in the photo on Emerson. Could you let me know what pattern it is?

    My tip for the 3rd trimester are to start listening to some birthing meditation CDs. The music and gentle talking are very relaxing and a great way to fall asleep.

  21. Christina says:

    I am 17 weeks pregnant with my second baby. I missed most of the third trimester with my first as he was born 10 weeks premature.
    So this time I plan to:
    – actually pack a hospital bag, early! (There is nothing worse than trying to explain where you think things are and trying to think of what you might need once you are already in hospital!)
    – clean
    – Cook some meals for the freezer
    – appreciate being stopped by random old ladies and other mothers to discuss how many weeks I am, my due date and whether I know the gender
    – have my hair cut, a massage and a pedicure
    – sit on the couch and cuddle my toddler and read him as many stories as he wants
    – catch up with friends and enjoy myself!
    – pray for all the mothers in the hospital and those little babies who aren’t lucky enough to still be on “the inside”

  22. I had so many plans for my third trimester
    -buy a cot a car seat, baby clothes
    -make meals and freeze them so hubby & our 12 & 9 yo could eat planning is big for us as we don’t have any family around to help out
    -pack my bags
    -start maternity leave

    Well that did not go to plan when my little man entered the world 9 weeks early because of my medical complications. Hospitalised at a OB appointment meant I could not even go home and pack & we had just moved house so trying to tell hubby where things I needed was difficult. He did is best.

    Thanking god that I have an amazing miracle boy who arrived safe and continues to fight he is such a beautiful blessing. Wish I had your knitting skills as finding jackets for premature baby is proving difficult he is now 38 weeks and still only 2kg.

    So my tips for the last trimester.

    Have your bag already packed before the 3rd trimester even if its just the essentials or a list so hubby knows what to pack (be specific).
    Enjoy baby being inside all the kicks and rubbing your tummy (in my case you don’t know its going to be your last).
    Make those freezer meals (It would have been nice if I had a chance as travelling in and out of hospital once your discharged is emotional and you tend to not have time to cook.
    Enjoy your every second with your other children.

    All the best with your 3rd Trimester.

  23. Marian Wiltshire says:

    Enjoy your last weeks of pregnancy Corrie. I can’t wait to meet him/her on the blog.

    I will always wonder what a 3rd trimester is like. Like the last 2 comments I was in hospital way before I should have been, sending my poor husband shopping for all sorts of things!
    What a lovely comment Christina, praying for those mothers and babies who should still be safe inside. I’ll never forget the emptiness of a maternity room without babies.

  24. Top tip for me would be not to make plans in advance and when you have the energy, do it! Im 37weeks and I never know from one day to the next when I will have a good day, or a bad day. Some days I wake up full of energy and get heaps done so that the days that I wake up grumpy, achy and just want to stay in bed, I can.

  25. I was in Townsville with my daughter this last week. She’s expecting our first grandbaby in December… very exciting :) I noticed that she is taking the Blackmores Pregnancy & Breatfeeding Multivitamins too. So different now than 21-27 years ago when I was having our kids. The most I ever took was iron on occasion! As for food, we ate whatever we liked LOL Medical advances are fortunately always happening, so fetal & maternal health can be continually optimised!! My next bit of grandma research is to look up all the sleep advances, as when mine were babies they slept on their stomach (for the first & second) & rotating sides for the third. I’ve seen babies sleeping on their backs now, but I remember reading somewhere about air flow & not overdressing as well. So much to relearn :)

    I know it’s easy for me to say try & enjoy the rest of your pregnancy LOL but time really does march on & before you know it Corrie you’ll be becoming a grandma like me & reflecting on where these grown up people with spouses have come from :) & shouldn’t that be me having a baby (impossible!!!!) & not MY BABY having a baby!

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