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Yesterday was one of those days where I had to laugh otherwise I’d cry. We’ve managed to get our big girl back at school for half days until the smaller cast and crutches come our way. But yesterday had me at school again for school photos, back again before lunch to bring her home then back again for the twins assembly and to take them home. Swimming lessons, a rushed dinner, loads of washing to put away (it’s still waiting for me), the house hadn’t been touched all day, 2 blog posts due and a day that I felt like I chased my littlest 2 all day. They are my runners. My big kids just weren’t runners, they’d stay with me and hold the pram but my littlest guy is a runner and he’s fast and his sister just goes with him. And they laugh all the way.

Anyway so that was yesterday and today has been much less stressful and involved some homework before a quilting class this weekend. It has been so long between quilts for me and I’m just so looking forward to spending a day out of the house and doing something for me. I need to have the quilt all cut before the class. First step was to pick the fabrics. I’ve chosen April Showers by Bonnie & Camille for Moda.

Second step was replace the blade on my favourite rotary cutter. Why haven’t I done this before. Piece of cake to replace and it’s whizzing through the fabric. Then with a lego tub tipped out and in between car trips to school, nappy changes and snacks I managed to cut 8 fat quarters into their required measurements. Tonight I’ll do the other 8 fat quarters and then it’s just the white background fabric and I’ll be ready for the weekend.

I’ve also used the opportunity to give my sewing box a bit of a top up and tidy up. I bought this from Tupperware about 7 years ago and it’s still going strong. I love all the little compartments on the top and the lid goes on and you’re off to class.

Cut a quilt lately? I’ve got the itch now……………………………


  1. I have a pile of vintage sheets and retro materials that I’m in the middle of cutting. I need to sit down and have a good cutting session – I get a few cut then something happens, so I put them aside and promptly forget. It will be my first proper quilt and I’m itching to get it started too! xo

    • oh yes! easy to get distracted! I love to set aside a whole afternoon for craft time and get things done on a weekend! works a treat

  2. Corrie you are really busy with everything ,go steady love, I’m sure you will be ready for your weekend and it sounds a lovely weekend for you to enjoy. I am cutting out a quilt also but don’t have the interruptions like you .I think the cutting and measuring is the worst part .

    • thank you! yes I’m not such a fan of the cutting! is a bit boring but like the idea of doing all the cutting before the class so that way I can get there and just sew:) :)

  3. Corrie, reading that was exhausting! We’ll done and I don’t know how you do it. The colours you have chosen are just perfect. Can’t wait to see the finished quilt, Before baby arrives perhaps? Cheers Trish

    • that’s the aim! let’s see how we go with that! haven’t done a thing to get ready for baby so that might have to take priority:)

  4. Avalene Bailey says:

    Love this pattern you have chosen. I am busting to cut into my Bonnie and Camlle “Miss Kate” FQ bundle I have and make this one too. Just need to source a the background fabric. Also I think you mean “April Showers”. Enjoy your quilting class. It sounds like fun.

  5. That replace the blade thing. I think everyone is the same. I just bought a sharpener and it
    works a treat too.

    • oh I haven’t heard of a sharpener for the blades, bet that saves money! I was so careful changing the blade because of how sharp it was so maybe I couldn’t be trusted near the sharpener

  6. I cut while the kids eat their dinner between the cups
    Of water and spilt food etc etc. would love to hear more about where you are doing your quilting class as I would love to do one myself.

  7. Cecilia says:

    I just cut out a bunch of squares in April Showers last weekend! It’s so lovely. Making a knee quilt for my Grandma who is in a wheelchair in a nursing home, I think the colours are cheerful. I haven’t stopped quilting since I started at your Dandelion quilting bee last year!

  8. Kathy MacKie says:

    I have that exact same pattern on my to do list and the ironic part is I also have that same Tupperware container only mine is over 30 years old. I bought it for my sons for school and I still have them both, I can’t part with them. Keep healthy and will enjoy watching you work on your quilt.

  9. Oh my, I’ve the laugh or cry days before too! Deep breath…….!

  10. I’d love to do one. You’ll have to let me know where and when next time, i’d be in!

  11. LindaBatz says:

    Hi Corrie…have a lovely time in quilt class…look forward to seeing your quilt in progress and then finished…I have so many UFO’s to finish, but there is always a new quilt or project that looks more interesting…my grandson is a “runner” and he keeps my very busy when I look after him … cheek little monkey…you really have your hands full…take care…LindaB

  12. Theresa V says:

    If I were you I would be pulling out of all prior commitments
    At school etc with your current extra load with Keiras leg & pregnant!
    Just save energy for yourself, baby, and the bare necessities, plus quilting of course :)
    Sorry to preach! I’m just such a fan of
    saying “no sorry I can’t do this today” & I have so much less going on than you .. Xo

  13. I have always wanted to get into quilting but I know no one else who does it and im sure it would be more fun with friends :)

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