milo in a long weekend

I love a project that you can start and finish in a weekend. I cast this on friday night and had it finished on a rainy and overcast monday afternoon of a long weekend. My legs are just aching as the lovely veins in one of my legs get more lovely as this pregnancy goes along. They were playing up with the last pregnancy and this one might just tip them over the edge into ugly vein land. So putting my feet up each night and knitting away is just what was needed.

And this is a bit of a change from my usual knitting and I think I might name this project my ‘hippy milo’ as it’s a bit different from the solid colours I usually knit with. The milo pattern by tiKKi is super easy and one of the most popular patterns on ravelry.

The yarn is from the stash and a bit of an extravagant purchase from Jimmy Beans last year. It’s called Liberty Wool by Classic Elite Yarns and the pattern is called Reflecting Pond (7806).

I’m now itching to cast on another milo in cream now that I’ve finished this one so quickly. Ravelry details are here. And I should point out that this is straight off the needles, not blocked or anything. I just weaved in the ends and grabbed my camera. Just love it.


  1. anne seery says:

    That’s so lovely Corrie :) Please remember self care is essential so you may run around with your beautiful little ones for many years with no discomfort. You probably are already aware of the benefits of epsom salt baths for circulation? Very relaxing and of consequential benefit for veins. Blessings xx

  2. Sharine says:

    Great finish and love the colours :)

  3. This is stunning. Love the simplicity of the design paired with an amazing yarn.

  4. Oh, so nice! Milo is on my wishing list as well.

  5. Leanne Hawkins says:

    Gorgeous colours in that yarn. Nothing cuter than baby handknits.

  6. You have done a wonderful job, the colours and they way the look all zig zagged is really pretty…..or would that be handsome?? xo

  7. So cute… Si mignon!
    Bonne journée!

  8. Linda Coull says:

    Love it! One of my favourite patterns! Especially the cast off and it’s pretty much done bit :) Your Gidday Baby pictures the other day inspired me to do some knitting. I went looking for the pattern but fell for the Griffin vest so I’m knitting that in Noro Silk Garden for my just turned 6 girl first but a Gidday for my 8 year old girl will be next. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Corrie, pretty knitting – what size is it please? (hope I didn’t overlook it in your post)
    Regarding your veins – I have been there & done that – you might need to get some maternity “ibici” support stockings – at least it is winter – and once you are through the pregnancy, look into laser ablation of the veins – I had both legs done by a specialist in Sydney and there is virtually no down-time {a little bit costly – but worthwhile}
    All the very best with your final weeks.
    Cheers – Lara

    • oh good question! 6 months! didn’t put that in there, was so excited just to get it finished
      yes I was looking at getting my legs lasered after baby number 5 and then wouldn’t you know it I was pregnant again but yes my neighbour was telling me. Thankfully it’s just one leg but honestly they look like the legs of a 60 year old woman at the moment and it ain’t pretty:) :) thanks for the tip!

  10. Just gorgeous, Corrie!! I love hand knits on little ones. Unfortunately, my knitting skills only extend to plain squares but lucky for me, my 4 littles get lovely knits from Nanny. My 3 month old is wearing a new little grey pebble vest today. Perfect for our mild Qld winters. I’d love to be able to knit gorgeous little things like you, you’re so clever! Look after yourself with those sore legs. I know how painful those veins can be! xx

  11. It is truly lovely. I have had my milo pattern ready and waiting for over a year now… but I’m just a bit intimated by the original cast on… I’m sure once I muster the nerve to get on with it I’ll be fine. I have made a pact with myself that I will make one this winter. Yours has been an inspiration.

    Keep those feet up when you can, and take care.

  12. The pattern is gorgeous and I love the wool you used. Well worth the extravagance, it makes it just that little bit extra special. And of course you have to knit another one – got to rest those legs after all 😉

  13. 4days……you show off 😉
    ( i would be too, but 12 rows in 4 weeks is shameful haha)
    This is totally amazing, you are sooo clever. Now that i have finished prac im going to get back into my knitting.
    Have a fabulous weekend.
    Liv x
    Ps it was so lovely to see Keira back with her friends today x

  14. Gorgeous, just love it :)

  15. Sarah Jane says:

    I had a little giggle when you called it a Hippy Milo lol all my knitting would be classed as hippy knitting with sea’s of rainbow colours & hand painted yarn. Keep your feet up when you can & knit away

  16. Justine says:

    Beautiful! I love this wool! The Milo pattern is the best :)

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