Win an Olympus OM-D E-M10 for yourself

This post is brought to you by Olympus


You might remember this post where I got to choose some readers to come to lunch with me all thanks to Olympus. Well our lunch was held last Monday and we had a ball. It was a great way to take my mind off everything going on at home AND getting together with my readers is like getting together with old friends. We all had such a great time and I’m sure lunch ran over time because of all of our talking.

There was a camera for each person at lunch to have a play with – they did have to go back to the table afterwards – and to learn something new about the latest in the Olympus OM-D range, the E-M10. And all of the photos in this post have been taken on the E-M10. Here is one of my lovely readers Tara having a play with the E-M10.

We listened to a quick presentation on the E-M10 by Quett who is basically the tech guru for Olympus cameras in Australia. And I actually picked up two new tricks I didn’t know. One is that I can switch from live view to the viewfinder by simply pressing a little button to the right of the viewfinder. Did not know that. And secondly, I can zoom in and take my photos all from the touch screen just by tapping the screen. Again I didn’t know that so came away from lunch with two new skills that I’ll be putting to good use straight away. And because of the wireless capabilities of the E-M10 I can also remotely control the camera so I can use my iPhone to control the touch screen and take the photo for me. Amazing.

Lunch was a delicious 3 course meal at Otto restaurant in Woolloomooloo.

I shared the menu on Instagram and one of my readers tried to guess what I ordered. She was close.  It was the double baked soufflé followed by barramundi and then my favourite dessert of all time………….crème brulee.

Mind you it was crème brulee with a twist being a saffron infused brulee that was deliciously fresh and looked so pretty too. And I kept having to tell my lovely guests to start eating because I like to take a picture with my phone then on my camera before I actually start eating. I know I’m not the only blogger to do this and thankfully my family and friends are patient.

After the entrée I had to give a short little presentation on how I use my OM-D. My greatest tip was getting off auto but rather than focusing on all of the different things you need to know in manual (ISO, shutter speed, aperture) all at once, I learnt how to use my light meter and the correct ISO and went from there. I sent my guests home with the challenge to get to know their light meter and have a play around. If I’m outside then I tend to set my camera to an ISO of 200 and if I’m inside then it could be 400 or 640 depending on how the light is. Just these two little adjustments to your camera will make a big difference to your photos because you control how much light gets in to your photos rather than relying on your camera to guess it for you.

I also shared that I find a few favourite places in the house to photography my craft projects. I love to use furniture as a backdrop and I tend to take photos of lots of tiny details of a project rather than just photos of the whole project. That way you tell a little story and focus on the detail like buttons, a pretty fabric or your stitching. And another thing I shared was how much I loved my 45mm lens which I love to use for craft, food and portraits of my little ones.

But let’s get down to business. I am very grateful to Olympus for the opportunity to give one of my lovely readers a brand new Olympus OM-D E-M10 complete with a 14-42mm EZ lens as well. Oh and you get to choose whether you’d like your camera in silver or black. And I just know that my lovely lunch guests will come in to the comments to tell you just how easy it was to use and how lovely the photos were. I’ve been using an OM-D on the blog since last year and I just love it. It quickly replaced my big and heavy Olympus DSLR and I wouldn’t swap the size or picture quality of my camera for anything.

To enter my little giveaway I’d love to hear what you’d be taking photos of with a new Olympus OM-D EM-10 if you were the lucky winner.  



Entries close 22nd June 2014, one entry per person please, the competition is open to Australian residents only and please make sure that you use a valid email address so I can get in touch with you as soon as I pick a winner. Good luck! I’ll announce the winner on the 23rd June and this just might be one of my favourite giveaways to date.


  1. My little handmade business is really kicking into gear, but so far I have only had use of my iphone to take photos. It has done an admirable job, but I would love to kick it up a gear and put a real professional touch to my pics! I’ve dreamt of a dslr for a couple of years and am fascinated by how light and different angles can really show your subject to its true potential. I think the OM-D E-M10 would really let my business shine.

  2. Kate Fleming says:

    Gorgeous photos – especially liked seeing the Moda charm square pack and Riley Blake jelly roll! Sigh…so pretty!

    What would I take photos of? More like what wouldn’t I take photos of! Top of mind, pretty fabrics for quilts, my kids, my chooks…I suspect it would even motivate me to garden more so I could take photos outside!

    As for colour? The silver looks very snazzy.

    Thank you!

  3. What a fantastic giveaway, thankyou for the opportunity. I would love to be able to capture some gorgeous photos of my 2 little girls when they meet there 2 new little brothers who are due soon. Then obviously just to be able to capture everyday moments with my family of 6.

  4. Nyomi Davidson says:

    I would give this camera to my husband, to take photos of our five kids. His camera no longer works so everything is taken on his phone. His 40th is coming up and it would be lovely to give home something he would love but is not really in the budget.

  5. Jess Davis says:

    Lovely photos! I’d use this camera to take beautiful photos of my three girls Xx My iPhone has taken over as my ‘camera’ but I think the Olympus OM-D E-M10 would do a much better job :)


    I’d love to take more meaningful pictures of my children with the clarity of a good camera. They are growing up so quickly and I know their love of being in front of the camera and being natural will be fleeting.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win this amazing camera!

  7. My niece’s second baby is due any day now. It would be awesome to have a new camera to get some great shots of the new baby and her sister who is only 16 months old.

  8. Oh my goodness what a giveaway,oh i will be taking lots and lots of pics of my grandies,to win this would be a dream come true,thankyou Corrie.xx

  9. My new craft addiction is Project Life. I started doing it in January this year. I have loved it. To date I have been using my old phone camera but it would be lovely to be able to take better quality photos using the Olympus OM-D-E- M 10. After all I’m preserving my families and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it. The fact that it is easy to use is a huge bonus.

  10. I would love to win this camera for so many reasons! Just this morning I thought I need to invest in a proper camera as I’m tired of using my iPhone as my camera & being disappointed in the quality. I’m due to have my nxt baby in 8 weeks & would love to capture those first beautiful moments between the new baby & my son as they meet for the first time.. It’s moments like that that you treasure & they can’t be recreated in a studio. You have one chance to get that moment in time so to have the Olympus OM-D EM-10 on hand & know that the quality will be beautiful to blow up to put the wall would be fantastic!

  11. I have an Olympus DSLR that I love – it has travelled the world with me and witnessed the birth of both my babies. But the reality right now is that I don’t take it out as often as I should or would like to – it’s just too big compared to taking a snap on my phone. An Olympus OM-D EM-10 would fit in my handbag to capture our everyday and my second child would be less likely to suffer from the ‘I don’t have as many photos as my older sibling’ complaint :-)

  12. I have been building my blog and craft business this year, so I would take photos of everything! My family, my craft, my cooking and our travels! Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  13. Hi Corrie, thank you for the opportunity. I would take pictures of my beautiful boys, aged 3 and 8 months. They are growing up so quickly and knowing that my bub is out last one makes me want to catch every moment. I would also like to get some good photos of my boys in my hand knits to post on ravelry! My project photos thus far have been very blurry as the boys don’t keep still. Hopefully I can improve on that with this camera. Love your photos.

  14. Penelope Jackson says:

    Life is passing by so quickly that with a new camera I would like to stop a bit and take in all those little moments and opportunities that we tend to miss in our haste. Time to simplify and smell the roses!

  15. Jen Shipway says:

    I will be taking photos of my babies. Sometimes the ALL of them. Sometimes just the one. With 5 little cutes 11 months to 11 years, it’s so important to take photos of the big things, but also the little things. Like Tuesday. Or Thursday. The nothing-big-is-happening days, that really, when you look back, will be the Everything and Always of the days you have lived. I don’t want to miss it. And I don’t want to forget it. Not Christmases, birthdays, graduations, weddings. And not Tuesdays. Or Thursdays.

    I’m also considering starting a blog. But I’m not really sure where to start. But a start might be this. It might be here. I’ll wait and see.x

  16. We are living in Sydney for the next 6 months and I would love to take photos of all the wonderful places we visit whilst we are living here. To help my son remember the time we spent living here.

  17. Simone Valentine says:

    As a SAHM 99% of the time most of my pics will be of my precious boys that are growing way too fast for my liking! But I am also a Qualified Makeup artist about to return from Mat leave so I will also be able to photograph my beautiful brides :)

  18. This is the best giveaway ever Corrie!!! When I started my little blog last year I didn’t realise that it would become my main focus! Anyway, that’s exactly what has happened and now I’ve decided I need to step it up when photographing my recipes. I still use my iPhone and while I’ve got a bit better at using different camera apps, I’ve decided that the next step is to purchase a decent camera. So, what would I use the camera for? Definitely when baking and sharing the recipes on my blog. But of course, there’s also no way you would be able to stop me from taking photos of all my favourite things… my family, friends, the beach and all the pretty flowers around. Hehe it’s the simple things. Thank you for the chance to win such a gorgeous little camera! xx

  19. Victoria says:

    My son and partner lost their second baby to SIDS in November last year. They have very few photo’s of him. They are due to have their third baby early august and I would love to be able to go snap happy with this little miracle.

  20. Tammy Roberts says:

    My beautiful family!
    When my son and daughter were born I started photo books to give them on their 21st Birthdays. I havent had a camera for a couple of years as my children broke my camera and I havent had the opportunity to replace it. I take lots of photos on my phone of my children, my crafting efforts and cake decorating. But I would love a new camera to be able to take better quality photos, and hopefully fill up their photo books!

  21. I have helped establish a charity “Help Kids Like Nick”. Help Kids like Nick’s mission is to work to provide an enhanced quality of life for those diagnosed with Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome and their immediate family. The face of Help Kids Like Nick is Nick Blacket, my 19 year old nephew, who is a beautiful young man! Since 2012 we have successfully raised over $150,000 & helped 6 families so far. So…what I would love to use the Olympus Camera would be to take some fantastic shots at our Fun Run which is held each April at a little QLD country town called Yuleba. It is the most amazing example of a small community uniting for a common cause – there are so many laughing, happy faces which I would love to capture!

  22. Tahlia parsons says:

    Wow what an amazing opportunity. What wouldn’t I capture with a fantastic camera like this, my husband and daughter, life memories to treasure forever, new products I have created for my new business the list goes on. Thanks for the chance to win this great camera.

  23. Kirrilee says:

    This camera looks awesome! I can see if I won it my teenage son and I would have to share it, as he loves photography and wants to pursue this as a career. For myself, I love taking photos of my own craft projects, my five children and my mother: random moments from every day that combine together to paint a picture of our family. My mother won’t be with us for much longer and all of a sudden I am driven to capture as many moments as possible.

  24. Katie Whitehouse says:

    This time last year, my partner and I and our two little girls boxed up our life in the UK and made the move Down Under! What a year it has been! In between finding a job for my partner, settling the girls into pre-school/daycare and finding a new home we even managed to find time to add a new member to our family; a baby boy, born in April! We’re all loving our new life here but so far my biggest regret is that I simply haven’t had the time to take more photos capturing our adventures. In the future the kids won’t remember this really important times in our lives so having pictures is really important. As we enter our second year here I am determined to take more photos, having a new camera would ensure I have great quality photos to help create a lifetime of memories!

  25. Marcia Lalanne says:

    A really exciting competition with an awesome prize. I would love to win this camera and together with my son would love to spend time with each other as well as my other three children in making memories, taking pictures of the exciting places we go to, we have started making Saturdays a day of exploring where we live (Dandenong Ranges) by walking in the bush as well as other places of my children’s choice that we can walk to. We are currently trying to save money to try and purchase a camera but money issues is pushing this dream further and further away. We would really love this prize

  26. What a super giveaway! I would give it to my brother who lives in Dubai with his family and travels regularly with his job. He carries a big SLR and for two years I have raved about my omd-5 and sent him lots of links to my camera. Unfortunately, with bills to pay, school fees and the usual costs of living, he hasn’t afforded a new camera. It would be thrilling to just give him one. I miss him so much as he has lived overseas with his family for the last 12 years. Photos are how I see my two nieces growing up.

  27. Casey Hope says:

    What a fantastic camera and give away!! I’d love to win one so that I can take se beautiful pictures if our 10mth baby girl exploring the amazing coast of WA near where we live. We are lucky enough to be going to Eastern Europe next year so the camera would definitely get a work out then. Fingers crossed!

  28. Rebecca says:

    I would love to use such a compact camera and be able to catch all the important milestones as they occur – without having to plan to take a “big” camera. My littles playing, learning, laughing. My focus is making rather than buying this year like my grandparents used to do and I would love to keep a record of the process as i think my kids would love to look back at it. I would certainly love to have seen pictures of my dad making a pedal car and my pa making a pinball machine. capture some of the love that goes into those special gifts. x

  29. This would become the family camera. I would love my kids to learn how to take artistic competent photographs and let their creative selves be tested by the camera they used, rather than limited by a phone camera!

  30. Angela Moore says:

    I am the unofficial photographer for my extended family and at all my kids friends birthday parties! I would definitely use the camera for that. Also, my third child really has been neglected when it comes to photos and a new camera would renew my vigour in photographing my growing family!!

    Thanks for the fabulous opportunity to win such a generous prize.

  31. I love taking photos of my children of course but I really like taking photos of flowers and other interesting things in my garden.

  32. Sarah Turnley says:

    If I were to win this amazing prize
    I would photograph everything, capturing memories as time flies
    I would snap pictures of my kids playing outside in the sun
    Swinging at the park or just having fun
    I would take pictures of the water on walks at the beach
    And photos of the animals at the zoo out of reach
    I would take photos of days spent with family and friends
    I would spend my time looking with my eye down the lens
    As capturing moments is important to me
    As it allows us to remember the ones we can no longer see
    For what I would photograph, there’s too much to name
    But to look through old photos, what a great trip down memory lane

  33. Christine Z says:

    With a camera this good, all I would want to photograph would be memories with my husband and our three beautiful sons (Mstr 4, Mstr 3 and Mstr 8weeks old!).

  34. I would take photos of my kids, my knitting and my craft. I would use some of them to help sell my knitted things when I start an little online business soon.
    Mostly though I would take photos of other people to help brighten their days. I volunteer with a local group who help others in need of a hand, due to illness or a new baby or some other difficulty they are currently experiencing. I think some photos of them or their kids would help make them smile.
    Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity.

  35. Such an exciting competition Corrie. I would be definitely taking pictures of my family – particularly my two little boys (2, and 4 months). The photos you have taken using this camera look great, and I would love to have a good digital camera to capture great memories with. I would also take some scenery pictures. Landscape photography is pretty awesome. But mainly people – people photos are the best.

  36. What wouldn’t I be taking photos of? I would lay in the grass and take photos of the clouds the the tree’s in bloom. I would take photos of my children’f feet as they splashed in muddy puddles. I would capture moments of tears and happiness. I would capture my life, with the most awesome looking wee retro camera!

  37. Eloise Martyn says:

    Oh how I would love to have a beautiful camera to take photos of all of the things I love. I want to capture all of the lovely moments spent with my family and friends without a grainy iPhone lens! But my main reason for entering this competition is my Mum. I’d love to win this Olympus OM-D E-M10 to give to my wonderful mother for her birthday as she has never had a proper ‘camera’ in her life and if I could afford to buy her one then this would be it so that she can capture all of the moments I miss of my beautiful family and of her everyday life, from the ordinary to extraordinary while I continue to work hard to follow my dream very far away from ‘home’. Having beautiful photos to treasure forever is something very special, to capture moments no matter how big or small is something my Mum and I love to do and will continue to do forever.

  38. Laine Cusack says:

    I would love to use this camera to take photos of my craft projects because at the moment I’ve only got my iPhone and I’d love to have my photos look a little more professional. I also have a daughter who is 1.5 years old so I’d love to to take some photos using a good camera instead of my phone all the time.

  39. I received an old fashioned Olympus camera when i was a teen as a Christmas present. That camera took a beating! It endured a lot of rough handling and accompanied me on many a school trip and slumber party. Therefore Olympus is a brand which I know and trust!

    I would love a new camera! My photos are currently all taken with an iPhone, which does an ok job but I would love a ‘proper’ camera to capture our family with. What would I photograph? My two beautiful kids. My baby is starting kinder next year and I would love to capture that special moment in his life. I would also snap pictures of my craft and our home. We currently live on small acreage but we have our home on the market as we intend to move to a nearby regional centre which is where our jobs and the kids schools are based – the 60km each way trip has worn us down! Despite this, we still love our home, this is where our children have lived their early lives and we have loads of happy memories in this home. I would definitely take a ton of pictures of our home and land to keep for reminiscing if I were lucky enough to win one of these cameras!

  40. Kelly rinaldibull says:

    My kids I need to take photos of my kids with baby number 4 on way I really want to start scrap booking again xxxx since having a mobile iPhone I stopped doing photos I need a real camera to take snap shots of my beautiful children and create lasting memories for them to look back on x

  41. Kate Malone says:

    Love the quality of the photos from this camera.
    If I were lucky enough to win this I would be taking pictures of all the adventures my son and I have. We take rides around the city on our bike, watch the whales, moments with our family and our closest friends that are family too. We have been reminded too many times this year that life can be taken from us at any moment. Memories can be captured with this and taken through our lives and past on.

  42. To have a camera that would fit in my handbag would enable me to take more photos of my kids who are the most precious people in my life. Thanks Retro Mummy and Olympus for a wonderful giveaway for your readers.

  43. An Olympus E-M10 would open up a forgotten world for me. I’d stop and smell, and photograph, the roses. I’d take notice of the beauty and wonder of the world around me. The butterflies in the garden; the deep yellow colour of the wattle tree; the stillness of the beach at sunrise; the sparkle in the eyes of our cheeky puppy and the wonder in the faces of my children. Oh, everyone needs an Olympus E-M10!

  44. What wouldn’t I take pictures of? The moment I first had the chance to use an SLR camera back in high school changed the way I look at the world. That was an analogue camera of course (I’m getting old) but I’ve since worked as a graphic designer for a photographer and studied fine art, so have fallen in love with digital SLR’s. I’m 41 and it’s still on my wish list. I would absolutely love an Olympus E-M10 to take photo’s of my art. I’d like to be able to present better quality images so that my art can truly become my primary source of income. A dream come true!

  45. I would love to win this amazing camera to take photos of my 6 beautiful children who are all growing so quickly. I would love to just sit & watch & snap away the precious memories. I would love to be able to share easily these moments with family who live away – I think this camera would help achieve this dream!

  46. Ainsley says:

    Hi Retro Mummy,
    I’d take pics of my 4 beautiful boys..husband Mark, and 3 sons Julian, Lachlan and Emerson and all special family moments :)
    Thanks, Ainsley

  47. Melissa says:

    I would love to move on from my DSLR (different brand name withheld) as I continue to have the same issues with it despite multiple returns. It always seems that the best times happen when it is in for another ‘looking at’ and my iphone just doesn’t do the best times justice. With 2 kiddos growing at the speed of light and a new puppy in our house it would be the most used item we own.

  48. I have started taking a photo every day for something that I am grateful for. A new camera would really help develop my photography skills and let me tell you they really need help1

  49. Wow, what an amazing giveaway.

    I love the idea of a photo; a frozen memory captured forever. I want to be a photographer who can get up and go and capture these moments for people in a heartbeat. Someone who isn’t trailing behind with heavy gear but someone who can travel easy and get around quickly to all the people that have memories to be shared. I would capture love with this camera. Love and hope and togetherness between families, couples and even strangers. There is no better emotion to capture.

    Thank you x

  50. Michelle stringer says:

    Oh I would take photos of my rascals!
    The lens of my current camera has broken and so I currently have a big gap in photos that I’m always aware of!
    Fingers crossed …and awesome giveaway too! Xxx

  51. Nicole Kanyilmaz says:

    I live in a tiny remote indigenous community in the NT and my 3 children are currently attending school through Katherine “School of the Air”. Which means they do all of their classes face to face online with their classmates who are also scattered all over the NT and some overseas as well. We are constantly having to take photos for school presentations, so the Olympus would absolutely be a big help to me. We also live in a very unique part of Australia and there are some fabulous photographic opportunities in this amazing little community I live in. I would love to be able to document our incredible journey here with the Olympus OM-D EM-10. Good luck everyone!

  52. Rachelle Placek says:

    I’m due to have my third baby in September , I would love to take my new camera into delivery with us to capture our new little addition and also the excitement of my two big girls when they meet their little sister or brother for the first time. So many special moments ahead to capture!

  53. Id simply cherish the chance to takea generations photo of our little family. A precious moment in time captured forever.

  54. Thanks for the lovely giveaway, Corrie!

    If I won the camera I would definitely use it to take lovely photos of my kids! My dad was an amateur photographer in his youth and documented my childhood beautifully. Now that he has passed away I have all his old cameras but nothing digital. We lost our digital point-and -shoot camera a few years ago and have only used our phones and iPads to take photos of our small children since. But I’d like to do a lot better than that so that I have memories of our families that are of a better quality. Just like my dad did for me. I’m sure he’d be pleased with that too.

    I’d also love to photograph all my knitting and craft projects and be able to show the tiny details in all their glory!

    Thanks again!

  55. Margaret says:

    Some mum friends of mine and I have just started our own blog. It’s a little bit political but also about raising large families in our modern world. My role is primarily coming up with kid friendly dinners that will also appeal to mum and dad. If I won this camera, my photos would be so much better and they might do justice to my yummy recipes!

  56. Suzanne says:

    What would I be taking photos of?? I just LOVE photography and making other people happy when they see the photos I’ve taken. I particularly love taking photos of wildlife, animals and pets (particularly my own dog because he is such a clown!), and landscapes (especially the beach) and living on acreage just opposite a national park, there is plenty of opportunity and inspiration!! We will also hopefully be getting a new puppy soon, so it goes without saying that I will be taking plenty of photos of her! Most of all, I just love taking photos of the little things in the world that I think are beautiful and that make me happy and then sharing that beauty and joy and happiness with others through a photo.

  57. Cute KIDS! — by which I mean, the baby goats in the petting zoo at Floriade. In fact, I’d take pictures of Floriade generally: Canberra’s famous flower show. The flowers, the people, the pride in the national capital, are all worth preserving — and boasting about.

  58. I would love one of these cameras because I have just had my first child….now being a photographer you would think I would take snaps galore of him….but no. All these beautiful moments are being missed because by the time I get my huge camera out the moment has passed and to take it out with a newborn and all his paraphernalia is a nightmare.

  59. What a great looking camera. I would agree with those who have said “What wouldn’t I take pictures of?” I work at a school and run several class blogs which share pictures of the great work the children create and taking good photos enhances these no end. I would take pictures of the sky, the mountains, the beach, the crafty things I make, the small, the big and the in between. I would take pictures of colours that inspire. It would be well loved, well used and appreciated every day for being able to create memories of the things that surround me.

  60. I would LOVE this camera to take photos of my new found love of doll making. My iPhone just isn’t up to the task! :)

  61. I would love to be able to capture amazing memories more so the gorgeous blue eyes attached to my gorgeous 6 year old. Memorable happy moments are few and far between in our life full of disabilities and sickness for my son, as a mummy doing it on her own, I capture the majority of that on my now ageing phone. What I wouldn’t give to be able to take some gorgeous pictures of precious memories that we share on an every day basis. Plus would be nice to have something new and shiny for myself as my birthday is at the end of june. Thank you for the opportunity :)

  62. I would be taking pics of my family firstly, but would love to learn how to do landscape photos. All I have at the moment is my iPhone, Ive been too daunted by having no idea about cameras to get anything decent

  63. Ummm… ALL AND EVERYTHING! I’m about to start up a business venture on my own and have been shocked by the price of stock photography. So I’d plan on taking really great shots for my website. And then my family. Garden. House. Fingernails… yeah. Pretty much all and everything!

  64. Christabel says:

    Travel photos! We will be heading off later this year on our Asian trekking holiday and I want to capture it all. If I win I promise I won’t make my friends and family sit through *too * many slideshows. :)

  65. Rachal m says:

    We are going on a family trip to the usa in September so this camera would be perfect. The idea of slr capabilities in a camera the size of a point and shot would be totally amazing!

  66. Charmaine says:

    Hi :)

    Its more like what wouldn’t I be taking a photo of??? Im always running around using my iphone to take photos, (puppies, grandies, scenery, leaves floating on the water down the gutter…. lol I notice all the little things 😉 ) so to have one of these babies – OMGoodness!!!! You would hear my squeals of absolute delight from all the way up there :) Good Luck everyone :)

  67. Angela Mitchell says:

    What a fabulous giveaway!

    If I had a camera this good, I would be photographing my boys, my quilting and garden.

  68. Camilla says:

    I would absolutely love to have a new camera to capture the memories we are going to make on our “trip of a life time” when we take our kids to Disneyland and then for a white Christmas in Chicago where we will finally get to meet my youngest nephews for the first time. We never manage to get great photos as our kids never stop long enough and their beautiful smiles are always too fleeting to capture with an iPhone.

  69. Glenda Gardiner says:

    If I was one of the lucky winners, boy!! Photo’s of life..Record every minute..that what I would take photo’s of every day…from sunrise to sunset…
    But after reading all of theses posts, I would give mine away to….Victoria says:
    June 6, 2014 at 10:18 am My son and partner lost their second baby to SIDS in November last year. They have very few photo’s of him. They are due to have their third baby early august and I would love to be able to go snap happy with this little miracle. Fingers crossed hope I win so you can send one to her…Thanks Glenda Ü

  70. Kirstin Hansch says:

    I would love a new camera to take pics for my little side business and also of my daughter. At the moment all we have are a phone cameras and would really love something that can take great quality photos:)
    Thanks for a great competition Corrie:)

  71. Sam Savage says:

    We’ve just recently moved from Brisbane to Townsville for my husbands work. It’s been a big change for my girls who have struggled being away from all of their family and friends. To keep them from feeling so lonely my husband and I have bought a map of the North Queensland coastline and have been visiting and plotting our journeys and adventures to new places with the girls. We have been using our trusty iPhones to take pictures but would love to have an awesome camera to document our little journeys together as a family. Thanks so much for the giveaway Corrie!

  72. Danielle Grech says:

    I really enjoy reading your blogs and this giveaway is so exciting. I would give this camera to my son who celebrates his 16th birthday this week.. He just loves animals and gardening and I have encouraged him to start a blog on all his little projects…. growing veges for our family and swapping produce with our neighbours, breeding and racing pigeons, grooming his dogs and showing his rabbits.

  73. Oh you know, I would take photos of everything, I loved the lunch and playing with the camera was heaven but to win one, would relieve my families ears…. YES I have been raving about it every chance I’ve had.

  74. georgia says:

    I think that I would use this amazing camera to get better at my very basic skills with my current DSLR. I love taking photos and even at one stage had my own enlarger and trays to try developing my own photos before the digital world of photography took off. I would also dearly love to have another baby and so if my dream comes true of adding to my already wonderful family I would use this beautiful camera to take photos of our newest addition and his/her two big sisters.! thank you for this wonderful chance Corrie.

  75. Hi, What a lovely offer! I would absolutely freak out if I won this camera (black would rock but I’d seriously be happy with either colour!) I don’t win things as a general rule and I don’t know why I feel luck today but I feel optomistic to give it a go :)
    I would seriously love to have a camera like this that is so light weight to be able to snap photos of my family of six. We lost an awful lot of photos of my family due to the external hard drive crashing a few years ago so I’m desperately running around trying to make up for the lost memories with my phone camera which is good enough but no where near as snazzy as this camera! I also do crafty things like sewing aprons and toys and dream of selling them online one day when I get some spare time so the camera would also help is capturing my creative ideas and doing them justice! There’s no way I could afford something like this so yeah, this would be an awesome thing to win! Cheers, and thanks for the chance! Kylie x

  76. Carolyn Burge says:

    Thank you, life is to short and flys buy to fast, i’ld love to be able to take precious photo’s of our kids and loved ones. Thank you Corrie

  77. Belinda Steele says:

    I would love to win a camera, I would take lots of pictures of my first beautiful baby growing inside in and of our first family holiday we have just booked to Queensland next year.

    Thank you for the chance

  78. Oh my, can I unabashedly beg!!! Please pick me!!!!
    I love taking photos and had inherited my grandfathers cameras but sadly they were stolen. I love taking photos of flowers and nature in general. Of course I often mostly am shooting my kids, but I’m so keen to reignite my love of photography and get into the digital world as I have only used the old film SLR from my Nonno.

  79. Megan Marshall says:

    What a wonderful time you girls had at lunch.
    A new Camera how exciting. I have a wonderful Canon Dslr
    But it weighs over 4 kgs with the lenses and my photography bag!!
    Trying to lug it around with kids is almost impossible.
    My new business too I use my camera for to display my gorgeous products
    On my website.
    A new camera as beautiful as the Olympus will make photos if my babies
    so much simpler and my website photos amazing!!!
    Thanks for the opportunity Corrie
    Xx M

  80. What a great giveaway! I would take heaps of photos of my grand babies and take better shots of my crafts. Thanks for the chance Corrie. Cheers Lyn

  81. I have my 50th birthday later in the year. I’d wasn’t going to have a party as I really wasn’t ready to celebrate 50!! But then I thought, no, this must be celebrated.

    And so I would love to have my husband take photos of the evening, me in my new dress (already bought!!) sharing the special night with family and friends.
    It would be great to have an easy to use camera that can capture the evening, the smiles and the tears – okay minus the grey hairs, facial lines and muffin top!!….am I asking too much of the Olympus??

  82. I would LOVE to win this … to date my amazing hubby has been taking all the pics for my little craft blog, but as I’m getting braver at trying my hand at taking some myself, it would be amazing to have my own little camera to use … just for me … so I don’t get confused by hubby’s settings and the like while I’m learning the photography art. I would be snapping cute little clothes and other handmade crafty items and taking some how-to photos for my tutorials. Oh, and probably the odd shrt of my two little girls … they grow up WAAAAAYYYY too fast! Thanks for the chance to win Corrie!

  83. Oh… I just LOVE this camera! Useful and SO prettyotoo!!! If I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these, I’d be taking lots of photos of my two boys and all the funny little antics they get up to :-) So I’d imagine there would be lots of outdoor snaps as well as loads of Lego closeups lol

  84. Looks like you had a lovely afternoon. If I was luck enough to win, I would use this camera to take photos of all of my projects – the little crafty ones, the kitchen ones, the beautiful architectural ones I work on, and most importantly, the projects I am most proud of, my daughters. Thanks Corrie

  85. I would love to take pictures of my brand new baby!! Due in 4 weeks yay.

  86. Claire Robertson says:

    The majority of the time I would take photos of my two gorgeous children, but I have a very special trip planned with just my mother at the end of year overseas. As my camera has died I only have my iPhone at the moment to record our adventure. I would love to win this prize so that I have beautiful photos as an everlasting memory of this special time with my lovely mum.

  87. Rebecca Simunic says:

    I would love to win this gorgeous camera just so I can improve my picture taking. I would take photos of my son, my cakes and our everyday life!!!l It looks just the right size. Not too big and not too small. I want my photos to look as good as yours do Corrie.

  88. I absolutely loved attending the Olympus lunch with the gorgeous Corrie! It was the best day and such a wonderful opportunity to look at this amazing camera and chat to other readers. Of course the 3 course lunch was pretty special and the whole event was so beautifully presented & organised. Thanks Corrie for the great tips with switching the mode onto manual as it was clear that this enables you to take much better pictures and definitely let’s more light in.

    The Camera is also not too heavy and is the perfect size to pop in your bag for any occasion. I, like many mums enjoy taking fun pics of my kids at parties, with my extended family and the kids sports activities. I also love taking them of flowers outside and I find that it’s also a great way to experiment with your camera, using different angles, shutter speed, indoor/outdoor light & time of day. This new Olympus camera seems to tick all the boxes.

  89. Sandy Noramn says:

    I am reading this post in Paris. I so wish I had a great camera like the Olympus to take photos of this beautiful city of culture and history. My dream would be to take a great camera like this to hopefully future holidays.

  90. I would actually give it to a friend of mine, Alison, from my mothers group. We have been meeting regularly ever since we had our first babies 11 years ago!!! She is always the one taking photos and we tend to rely on her to capture all our shared moments – christenings, kids birthdays and our dinners out!!!!!! She does a great job and we love her to bits but she could do with an upgrade.

  91. Hi Corrie, what a wonderful prize for your readers. I would use this camera for snapping my 3 young boys if they ever sit still long enough for a photo, improving my blog photos which are way too iPhone heavy as well as capturing the lovey-dovey moments of the 4 weddings we are invited to over the next 6 months. My goal is to eventually combine my writing with photography so this camera would really give me a confidence boost to achieve my dream.

  92. O kay
    L ook this camera needs a new place to be
    Y ay if it finds it way to me
    M any photos it would snap
    P ictures of my children on tap
    U s a family of five
    S miling happily to be alive, and

    O h so blessed
    M any joys to behold –
    D on’t forget photos for Mum’s blog
    E ach nourishing shot taken with love
    M ore the merrier it will be, to have at least –
    10 hundred plus photos of the children and me!

  93. Rebecca Ravenhill says:

    I have just discovered Project Life Scrapbooking, which suits me and my life to an absolute T! I currently have a very old Canon DSLR which is soooooo heavy an not practical when running around after 3 boys and their busy lives. If I was the lucky winner this Olympus OM-D EM-10 sounds like the perfect companion to capture all my special moments in life of my family and friends. I have learnt a lot about this camera from your reviews and your blog posts and you have made me very intrigued to find out more.

  94. lea-Anne says:

    What would I take a photo of??
    A bit morbid but here goes. I attended a funeral the other day and there were heaps of photos to remind everyone of his life. All that I realised was that I have hardly any photos of me, my family and my friends. I have made a deal with myself that I will take a photo a day of at least one person in my life. A new camera to experiment with will make that much easier.
    Thanks Lea-Anne

  95. My mother…she is 80 years old next year and I want to capture as many beautiful pictures and memories of her as possible, whilst I still can. Photo’s of her with my children, of her soul and spirit, of her influence on our family. I’m so fortunate to have has such a blessing in my life with my mother, perhaps this is a small way that I can capture some of that blessing.

  96. Denise Thomas says:

    Hi Corrie, what a superb giveaway. If I was ever so lucky as to win such a prize it would be perfect to take photos of all the wonderful things that I see day to day. Whether it be beautiful flowers, my delightful grandchildren, my handsome husband, my craft work or even myself. From what has been said the camera is very light and would be easily carried in a handbag, and hopefully easy to use for arthritic hands. Oh to be so lucky.

  97. My eldest is planning the journey of a lifetime, a trek in Nepal, and the only way I can even live vicariously through him is if he takes plenty of photos!

  98. katherine lang says:

    I might finally catch some decent pictures of my two boys, they are firecrackers and most of my photos are blurry as they are NEVER still! We haven’t managed to replace our camera for years now and the phone just doesn’t cut it, a new one would be amazing.

  99. Stepfanie Mason says:

    Thanks for the opportunity Corrie, I don’t have camera, so if I was lucky enought to win I would photograph everything! From My sewing creations to Queenslands beautiful landscapes and everything in between.

  100. Ooh, I have been waiting for this giveaway, it is so exciting. I would use the camera to take photos of our everyday life. I find that my old DSLR is just to big and clunky to carry around with me and instead I take photos on my phone. Which is great. But I now I look back on a year or two’s worth of photos and am sad that they are all too low quality to make enlargements of. I would love the Olympus as I think it would be small enough to take out regularly and catch beautiful, quality photos of our everyday life, not just the big occasions.

  101. My current camera is so dismal and poor,
    If I won I would take photos galore!
    I would take photos of everything!
    Nephews playing on the swing,
    Hubbys shiny new truck,
    The pets running amok,
    Snap here, snap there,
    Photos photos everywhere!

  102. Fran Graham says:

    That sounded like a super fun day! Have to say, I’m feeling a wee bit jealous! I would love to hop on outside and go to the beach and really look at the little details. I love looking for little funny shaped pieces of coral or shells,and they way the sands shift when it’s windy! Of course, I’d just have to sneak in a few of my precious two little cherubs :)

  103. I would take photos of my life, my children and my family.
    I don’t own a camera so this would be fantastic. Mobile phone photos just don’t capture the true moment that passes us by sometimes. And as a single mother I often find it hard to do that.
    Looking back over photos is a beautiful thing to do with your children and right now I don’t have those.
    Any colour – not the issue.

  104. I would start taking before and after shots of our renovations. I have been blogging for 5 years and recently put my blog on ice because I was struggling wanting to go from bland to bright and photo quality has been the main bug to bare. I also switched from blogger to wordpress and struggle with the new platform. I am struggling totally with my blogging mojo. I need a web guru to get my site back on track and camera (only have iphone) to brighten it up. Since we are a blended family of 7, renovating a big house finances are tight, so any help from Olympus and Retromummy would be fantastic.

  105. Melissa says:

    Thank you Corrie, and Olympus for this amazing opportunity!!!! I have a photographer husband who has an enormous Canon 5D with all the bells and whistles and a gorgeous little Olympus OMD. Unfortunately for me, his Olympus is his “everyday” camera! It goes absolutely everywhere with him, all day, everyday. I wouldn’t dare touch his giant camera, nor would I have a clue what to do with it if I did. Which leaves me with my iPhone. It’s great to snap a quick shot here and there, but how wonderful would it be to have my very own Olympus OMD!!! I would take pictures of my kids who are growing up way too fast, my friends, my sewing, the beach, the countryside, my everyday! I’d definitely get snap happy!!

  106. Tammy Harland says:

    I would love to take photos of my 4 soon to be 5 kids that isn’t on a iPhone. They are growing up before my eyes and would love to capture cherished moments using the Olympus camera.

  107. I am doing an “Inspired Scrapping” course through Big Picture Classes. This month we have been encouraged to take pictures of our “extraordinary” everyday life. My current camera is too big and clunky to fit in my bag so I tend to be missing these everyday moments so that is what I would be taking photos of!

  108. We’ve just done a tree change from suburbia to acreage! And so far we’re loving it! I would take pics of our new surroundings, which are beautiful…and of course my lovely family. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  109. Clair nicoletsopoulos says:

    I learnt on a Olympus SLR way back before digital was around. I still have it and do use it but to process film is very expensive now. I have been looking at buying a new camera particularly the OM-D E-M10 in silver, but maybe, just, maybe I’ll win one. Rather than using the iPhone. Love your blog. Inspiring in many ways.

  110. Kathryn C says:

    We are finally heading to Paris in a few months. Would love this to take memorable photos of my first Family trip. My camera at the moment doesn’t like to stay on as Master 2 has got to it too many times.

  111. If I was lucky enough to be the winner of this camera I would be gifting it to my daughter who will be 18 on the 23rd and has a very keen interest in photography, and has done for a number of years. I would then get her to take all my photos for my blog because she has such an eye for details….

  112. Your photos are gorgeous. If I was lucky enough to win I would use the camera to take photos of my beautiful kids. Photos on the phone are just not that good quality.

    I would love to get back to taking photos of nature.

    Good luck to all

  113. Nicole Garratt says:

    If I was to win an E-M10
    I could get back into photography again
    With four kids and studying to be a midwife
    There isn’t much time in my life
    But photography is something I love
    To win a camera would be a sign from above
    That I need to take time to have fun
    Taking photos with the camera I have won!

  114. Hi Corrie,

    Yes you’re right, lunch was amazing and I loved the opportunity to meet so many other inspiring crafty women! It was lots of fun playing with the Olympus camera, so much better than testing it in a shop and feeling under pressure! Your tips were spot on and I’ve been working with props this week at home to try and improve my pics!

    I use a camera every day to take photos of handmade crafts that I hope will inspire lots of kids and parents to spend time being creative together. The images are shared on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, my blog and website.

    I’d love to be fortunate to upgrade my big bulky camera so thanks for giving us the opportunity!

  115. I’d be taking pics of all the babies coming into our family! I’ve got a three month old, my sister-in-law has a three week old, and we’ve got another two joining the ranks in July and September! Exciting times! We also get lots of native birds at our place, so if be snapping some of those too. :)

  116. I love taking concert photos. Some of the best nights of my life are seeing my favourite bands live with my friends. I like to take heaps of photos to remember these nights but iPhone photos aren’t the best quality.

    I also love to take photos of all my little cousins who are sweet and adorable and make me happy just being their crazy little selves.

  117. Jennie Laurent says:

    I would use it to take photos of my kids. It would begin the new collection of our family photos after loosing everything – including all photos! – when we lost our home in the bushfires in Winmalee in October last year.

  118. Hi Corrie,
    What a great giveaway! I’ve always wanted to be more proficient in taking photos other than in just Auto mode so the Olympus Camera would be a perfect starting point. Thanks for sharing your tips on how you photograph in manual mode too.
    My little boy just turned 4 months old and he is just growing and changing so quickly. I’m sure you know the feeling well! I would love to be able to capture lovely pictures of him as he grows, especially now that he is starting to respond a lot more with his own array of coos, chuckles and grins.

  119. Jennifer Beaman says:

    I don’t want to miss recording one more family event- be it school assembly, sporting game, Tooth Fairy excitement complete with wide toothless grins or my children simply being children. The Olympus OM-D E-M10 will help me freeze these moments in time and capture priceless family moments to be enjoyed over and over again.

  120. Hi Corrie. I have a beautiful new born baby who I’m keen to capture. I have twelve months off work and one of my goals while I am off work is to dramatically improve my photography skills, both for personal photos and those I take for my blog. I have even purchased Digital SLR and Photography for Dummies! This beautiful camera would certainly help me along the way. Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

  121. Susan Shanta says:

    Capturing life’s little moments, milestones and mayhem.
    To look back on those memories for future generations of our family.

  122. Nicole Scott says:

    I would be taking photos of my beautiful daughter and our doggy friend Stan playing together in our backyard. My old camera is too heavy & slow when taking photos and I really want to capture the special moments between the two & the happy giggly face my daughter gets from loving the outdoors.

  123. Kristie says:

    Kids and families. I love to be the photographer who gets the pics of all members of a family together at family outings/social gatherings as most of the time the mum is behind the lens. I love gifting these pics to friends and family especially when they don’t even realize I’ve been snapping. Such a gift from the heart that makes the recipient so happy. I would love for the pics to look that much more special with the Olympus camera and all its fancy features

  124. Brooke smith says:

    I will take pictures of everything!! I have a digital slr which I love but it’s just not portable or easy to slip into a small handbag etc. I asked for a small camera last Christmas and my husband spent a small fortune on one and I hate it!!! It takes horrible pictures and no matter what setting I use and even after resetting factory defaults it still will not take a picture with the flash that is not hideously grainy! I am so disappointed and would love to try something different especially if it comes with your recommendation :-) IPhone pics don’t quite cut it and I’m disappointed that I feel like I am missing out on properly recording a chunk of my 3 little ones lives! I’d be so grateful to win, I really, really would! Thanks for the opportunity Corrie :-)

  125. Fabian S says:

    My grandfather gave me his 35mm SLR camera when I attended art school many years ago. It was my most prized possession I loved how tactile it felt and despite being totally manual, no flash and with a single lens, it allowed me to produce extraordinary results.

    Now I live with my young family in an extraordinary location: The Bellarine Peninsula. I’d love to document the slower pace of life down here with a modern Olympus OM-D EM-10 and have the same creative buzz that gave me so much fulfillment in my youth .

  126. Wow what a snazzy camera!!
    I would love to win one of these gems. If I did,
    I would take proper photo’s of all the food I make for my business.
    I’m sure my eldest would love to use it too.
    He loves wildlife, particularly birds, so I can imagine he’d be in his element taking
    great photo’s on our weekend bush walks. And of course I’d take photo’s of my three boys! I have 4000 photo’s on my iPhone. All I can think of is how much
    better they would look if they’d been taken on an Olympus :)

  127. In July I am taking a group of volunteers from the Northern Beaches to help out in Soibada, a small village in East Timor. I would love to get some images of life in the village to show in our schools when I get back. Kids here need to understand how blessed we are. I also need pictures to use for fundraising and pr purposes. I only have a little cheapy camera (I don’t want to spend money that could be used on aid projects) so winning something would be fantastic. In July we are taking two medical teams, building toilets, a community garden, helping out with training at the craft cooperative, planting a custard apple orchard and investigating eco tourism opportunities. If you look on our FaceBook page you can see I need a little help with my photography! , Thanks for running this competition!

  128. carol James says:

    I am going to Queensland in August to visit my 2 son’s who are both in the Royal Australian Air Force .So i will be taking family photo’s and also,being on holidays i will take some scenic shots as well.

  129. I enjoyed reading this post. I find it so hard to take decent photo’s of all my kids together as there is always a blurry face. No doubt I would be taking great photo’s of my kids and hopefully learn to take even better pictures in low light. I would love to win so I could keep snapping happy memories of the beautiful people in our life. Thanks Corrie!

  130. I’m finding that life is so busy with 6 kids that we are taking less photos than we used to, meaning fewer photos of our littlest ones. I love sitting down with the kids and looking back through their photos and chatting about the things we have done together, so if I won I would be taking plenty of new photos of the kids. Making sure I capture every precious moment.

  131. Jenny @ ohjoh says:

    Our last camera was a wedding present from my husband’s grandmother last century – pre-digital.
    It was fabulous but we just use our phones now rather than fiddle with film and it’s development.
    A new digi- camera would be great to take photos of life as it blurs past and our kids get tall and hairy almost overnight.
    Thanks for the chance.

  132. My husband loves to take photos. Winning this would be the perfect excuse to go to my favourite place, the beach, so he could take photos of wintery waves on the cooler days we are just starting to get & I could sit on a blanket on the sand enjoying smelling fresh, salty air.

  133. Hi Corrie,
    What a great prize to be giving away – lucky you – lucky reader who wins.

    I have been blogging for about as long as you have, remember Bluebird Makes Her Nest? Three years ago, after becoming a Thermomix consultant, I began My Melbourne Thermomix. Beautiful food photography is my passion. A camera like this would be wonderful.
    Take care

  134. Fantastic giveaway, Corrie! I’d certainly use the Olympus OM-D E-M10 to take better photos of my handwork for my blog, but I’d also love it for taking my daily Good morning, #zetland shots of my neighbourhood and posting them to Instagram on-the-go. I currently use my DiPhone for those, and there are limitations :-)

  135. Wow, that looks fabulous. I love that you can wirelessly take pictures from your iPhone. If I were that lucky? Firstly I would take pics of my two girls (2.5yrs and 4 yrs). One of them is having a big birthday party soon, so I would be getting around and capturing all of those lovely memories. We are getting a puppy soon, so I can see some cute puppy with toddler shoots happening. I would also use it for my book/lifestyle blog, where I have done a few photography posts in the past year, including a 365 day project. Finally, I would use it at my school where I am teacher librarian, to capture all of the amazing work my students create. I love the size of the camera. It definitely suits my lifestyle. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this great camera.

  136. There are so many things I would love to take photos of, but firstly it would be my family. They grow and change every day, so to have a great camera would be a delight. Thanks Corrie for the chance to win! Carol xxx

  137. Belinda says:

    Thank you so much for having me at the lunch Corrie, it was fantastic – food, company, location, and the camera! As you know, I was a big fan. One thing that really stood out to me was something that Quett said…. that 6 months after purchasing a traditional DSLR people stopped taking them to the park, parties etc. That is so true in our house. The DSLR just got too heavy. I have had a bad shoulder for about 18 months now, and I just can’t be carrying the big camera around.

    I am pretty sure I have convinced my husband that we should buy the OM-D, but with a fridge needing replacing, it won’t happen this month.

    So, what would I be taking pictures of? First off, Ayers Rock. With our trip less than a month away, that is my focus. After that, I would be happy just to put the camera in my bag again and see where it takes me.

  138. Jillian says:

    A million to one, but I just thought I’d let you know that I’m talking my kids to Disneyland. I’m a single mum of 10 and while we live comfortably….cause I’ve been working full time, it’s always been my dream to take them there. So now they are 17 and 15 respectively and we are heading to America in the next holidays. Yippee!
    Photos of my kids going round and round in tea cups, can’t wait.

  139. Karen Aston says:

    Hi Corrie
    I don’t usually comment on blogs but a new camera would just be wonderful. We are fortunate enough to be going to Europe for Christmas. This camera would capture all of the beautiful places we will be visiting, the delicious food we will be eating and most importantly, my family. As it is smaller than a DSLR, we won’t stand out when taking photos. To look as non-touristy as possible is the aim! Many thanks for this great give away.

  140. Wendy S says:

    I’d use the Olympus OM-D E-M10 to take a photo of all 5 of my children together. The best photos I’ve ever taken have always been with an Olympus. I’ve had so many cameras and none will ever replace the Olympus I had about 2004, it took amazing photos. I also like to take photos when out walking and geocaching, so the size of this one is a plus for that too!

  141. Leanne Reynolds says:

    I would take photos of my life. The way my coffee cup sits beside my quilting fabric, the way my sons thumb sits on the Xbox controller, my daughter with one of her cooks sitting on her shoulder, my husband when he doesn’t think I am watching and his thoughts are miles away, of my parents pottering in the garden. These are the things I wish to remember forever. My life.

  142. suze2000 says:

    Oh boy, I would love to have a camera that doesn’t mash up the colours of my knitting projects so they look decent when I post them on Ravelry! And we are headed to New Zealand for a holiday soon, so it would be amazing to have it for that as well as there is sooo much beautiful scenery there.

  143. I will be taking pictures of my kids, lots and lots of them. Rather than using my iPhone or ask my friend to take pictures of my kids using her camera.

  144. I’ll be busy taking pictures of my first baby, due in August! She won’t be the first grandchild in my husband’s family but she will be the first girl so there is much excitement and a whole lot of knitting going on in all shades of pink! I’d love the opportunity to capture her first days with this brilliant new camera…and lots of pics of her wearing her great-grandmother, grandmother and great-aunt’s handiwork to share with them.

  145. Branka van der Linden says:

    Hi Corrie, what a great prize! I would love the opportunity to win such a professional camera! I have had an idea for a little while now to make a photo book that captures all the recipes that my mum has cooked for our family over so many years, and make it a tribute to her through the recipes and the photographs. My mum is such a beautiful soul and she is getting older and less able to cook as much as she did when she was younger. My thought is that this book would preserve her recipes and tell the story of her humble beginnings as a migrant wife in Australia, and her journey over the past 40 years as she has made Australia her home. I would like to make the book a keepsake for her children and her grandchildren. A professional camera would help me to take beautiful photographs for such a project.

  146. Hi Corrie,
    I would love to win this camera! I would take photos of my family (my 3 boys, my husband and I). I had just started learning how to take some semi good photos and my camera died! I would love to also be able to take some photos of my new little business with something other than my iPhone!
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  147. Wow!! Cameras just keep getting better. It should be called an Olympys OM-G (oh my goodness) instead of an OM-D haha. I’d love to win one to take on my overseas holiday at the end of June, instead of my chunky DSLR. Thanks Corrie :-)

  148. renae sherrah says:

    Photos of my two little men. Photos now are mostly taken with my phone and although quality is good I am over missing the moment. Would love a camera that takes a shot of the special moments instantly but still a compact transportable camera. Would love to win!

  149. Thank you for the chance to enter. I use my iPhone too much for taking photos. I don’t pull out the camera anymore. I need to. I would take more photos of my mum & dad with my two children and my nieces and nephews. I realise I don’t have enough of capturing the moment with the important people creating memories. Sweet memories. I wish I has more pics of me & my grandparents and even my parents when I was younger.

  150. Tanya Dellaca says:

    If I won the camera I would use it to take photos of my son and his friends especially birthday parties because you never get enough if it’s your party! I would also use it to take photos of the work my husband is doing to show off his great work in his new business.

  151. I would love to win a camera that I could take better photos of my two girls. I used to take so many photos of them when they were younger, but now they are older I seem to have slowed down with the photos. I would love a camera that I could take off auto and love taking pictures again. They are growing so quickly and will soon be young women, I want to capture them while they are still young and be able to cherish these moments with them.

  152. karina le says:

    I would be taking photos of my baby’s first everything – first crawl, first step, first holiday,first birthday, first day at school and the list goes on. This camera would get some very good use.

  153. Do you think I could take a family photo with the Olympus OM-D EM-10? We haven’t had a family photo in years and years (before my 4 our old was even born!). I would dearly love one! It seems that any formal attempt to have one taken with a professional is always thwarted!

  154. Heidi Tomlinson says:

    I work with special needs students and we are often required to take photos to document their education. I try to take beautiful photos using our dodgy old digital at work and always feel disappointed by the quality of the photos. I’d love to be able to provide beautiful photos and memories of these beautiful kids’ education for their families to cherish.

  155. My children. My husband. Food. Coffee!!!
    I’d love to snap pictures of my husband at work running his business!
    Also, children’s photography of my friends kids!

    This camera is and looks beeeeeutiful! I have been wanting to branch into Olympus cameras, this would be perfect!

  156. Rachel Callus says:

    I’d use the camera to take photos of our son, our family and our pooch. It’d be nice to have some photos that aren’t dodgy phone quality without borrowing a camera.

  157. I am about to start my tree change and would love to start blogging about life in Tassie and all the craft work I am going to complete. A new camera would be perfect to record my new, relaxed lifestyle. Plus I will have time to experiment with it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  158. I’d love this to take pics of our renos that my husband & I have been working on for the last 18 months!…still a lot to do, but it’s starting to look amazing & I’m sure it will end up in a magazine one day…my husbands fine furniture making and building skilles are truly amazing and need to be captured….the iphone just doesn’t cut it!

  159. Danya Breman says:

    Oh I’d love this camera! I too have a big DSLR but I hardly ever get it out, tending to use the iPhone now. However we have recently discovered that baby number 3 will be joining us at Christmas this year and I would use this very clever little camera to record each and every special moment, and lots of everyday normal moments! Just the compact size and amazing features would make this a treasured constant companion in my bag!!! Thanks Corrie, this is a great prize, my fingers and toes are crossed :)

  160. Oh my gosh what a lovely giveaway. I’d use the camera to take lots of pictures of my new area now that I’ve moved to tassie. The tree change has been great and the outdoors are an amazing place to see and share. And on those colder days then I could take pics of my patchwork projects. As to colour the silver reminds me of my dad’s old camera when I was younger – it looks like a proper grown up camera … Rather than my little point and shoot. Thank you for the chance to win.

  161. Emma sparnon says:

    My mama, my baby sister, my boyfriend, my son, my family.

  162. Elle Hilyard says:

    Hi Corrie!
    I love your blog and IG feed. :)

    Of course, I’d take photos of my children and my sewing endeavors and our family adventures and all of life’s little moments but what I really love to photograph are trees and clouds. I love the organic beauty, the fact that no two are the same, they all have their own idiosyncrasies. I’d love a fancy new camera to help me take gorgeous shots!

    The silver is cool.

    Cheers :)

  163. I would use the camera to take photos at my upcoming engagement party, my special needs sister absolutely loves photography, put a camera in her hand and she’s happy! She is thrilled to be my maid of honour and would love to take photos of everyone on the night, it would mean a lot to her and my family.

  164. It’s a lovely looking camera and the photos you’ve taken look great! Thanks for running such a generous prize giveaway. We have finally followed our dream of moving from the city to the country and next month will be moving into our new home on one green acre. My wife will be able to get the chickens she’s always wanted, and the kids would like a kitten. This cool-looking camera would be great for taking quality family photos of our new life, of the kids exploring our yard and starting an organic vegetable garden, learning the country life!

  165. I’m trying quite hard to be an artist, and this beautiful camera would take the most lovely photos as reference material! Who knows, maybe I’ll be better at taking photos than the actual painting!!

  166. I’m a blogger and a crafter so a great camera is an essential. I’ve been a Canon photographer for a long time now and I think it’s time for change. I’ve been very envious of Retromummy’s great shots taken with her Olympus cameras so maybe now is my time to have one too!

  167. Ooooh I’ve wanted a camera like this ever since my son was born 3 years ago. Now we also have a little girl and there are so many precious moments that I would love to capture with the crispness and perfection of one of these cameras…

  168. I am expecting my first baby in two months, and the one thing I don’t have but really would love is a new camera to take photos of my little one. Some of my most treasured possessions are the photographs of myself as a child, and I want to have some wonderful photos of my baby so he/she can treasure them as I have.

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity :)

  169. If photograph everyday. The fingers and toes, the sauce on the chin, the study, the weekly menu all of it.

  170. I would looooove to win this camera!!! To take photos of my family including my dog Flossy and my daughters pet bird Chips! The perfect spot at the beach with beautiful pandanus trees- iPhone photos just don’t cut it anymore. This sounds like an excellent camera indeed.

  171. Courtney says:

    Earlier this year my husband and I separated. He is a photographer so with him went all the equipment and, sadly, the photographic documentation of my children’s lives. A new camera would give me an opportunity to take photos of my children from my perspective and capture the joyous and precious moments that remain in my life.

  172. Sarah Bramley says:

    I would use the Olympus to take photos of my gorgeous family. Not only hubby and our two kids but my sister & her family too. They live in Spain and are coming home for a holiday in August the first time in 2 years. My sister has only met my daughter once and hasn’t met my son at all yet. Their visit will be very special and photos to remember it by would be amazing

    I would choose the silver I think – a little bit blingy!

  173. Emily Quenette says:

    Oh Corrie,
    Thankyou for the opportunity. I would be using this beautiful camera to capture photos of my 4 beautiful children. I would also be using it at my workplace
    As a kindergarten teacher capturing the learning experiences of all the children
    Within my group to use in their portfolios. The parents I’m sure would be impressed with the quality of photos that they would be able to receive at the years end of their childrens special year at 3 year old kindergarten.

  174. Justine says:

    I would be taking photos of my sister and her family meeting my baby boy for the very first time when they come for a holiday in August. This will be my first visit from any of my own family and siblings since we made our big move from NZ 5 years ago and I am naturally very excited! I think the Olympus camera would capture the event perfectly and thank you for another great opportunity!

  175. Ooh, lunch looked like fun!
    I would use the camera to take portraits of my husband. It’s something he used to indulge me in before we had children, when an idea popped into my head I’d convince him to let me set up the shot. I have a nice little collection from then, but not a lot of just him since our babies arrived.

  176. May Lee says:

    I’d love to take portraits of my family members and put them in a photo book for my boy. We don’t live near family, so it’d be a nice way to keep their faces fresh in his memories. That is one specific project I have in mind. Otherwise, in the more day to day usage I’d take photos of our adventures, food, everyday moments that pass by without even a whisper.

    Thanks for the chance to win, Corrie

  177. Misty H says:

    I would show my husband how to use it so he could take photos of ME with my children! I am always behind the camera, taking the photos, and thus have very few photos of me with my kiddies. And I am confident that even my husband could get some great shots with the Olympus 😉

  178. Awesome, awesome prize!
    If I was the lucky winner I’d take photos of my two gorgeous girls, then yarn, knitting projects and foodie shots. My little camera died a while ago and I’ve been using my phone ever since but a ‘proper’ camera would be wonderful!!

  179. I would be taking photos of those little every day moments, being able to look back always brings a smile to my face. The Olympus looks like such a stylish little camera to carry around, I would love to have it in my nappy bag! Xx

  180. Jasmin Gould says:

    If I won this camera I would take photos of anything and everything! The one thing I would look forward to capturing the most is Italy, England and Ireland on my Europe tour next year. It would be so good if I had a camera to take over instead of using my phoen camera. This camera would be great to also help me with my studio arts course I’m doing at school!

    In case I do win I would like the cute silver colour please! Xx

  181. Amie Henry says:

    Life. I would take photos of life and every moment I could possibly capture that God has blessed us with. I have recently lost a grandmother to cancer, have a nana who is now in the early stages of alzhiemers, an uncle who is recovering from kidney cancer surgery and yet also at the same time I have a cherub of a fifteen month old of my own, a handsome little nephew of four months and a recent gift who is just two weeks old. To own a camera (aside from a phone) to capture life from first wrinkle to last would be a blessing in itself. X

  182. I squeeaalll with excitement for days if I wont this :-)

    I’d love to be able to take better pictures (the iphone 3 is really really not doing it at all well)

    I love to take photos of quirky things, things I see while I’m out and about … the people around me

    I’d love to learn more about photography and ‘really’ take photographs not just point and click

    I’m sure whoever wins it will love it

  183. SharonT says:


    I would take photos of smiles. Anyone’s smiles and of course my loved ones the most. Seeing a smile always makes you feel better so I would love to catch the whole range from the “sleepy-just-woke-up-how-good-to-see-you-Mummy” smile through to the best friend smiling at you over a cappuccino smile. It’s the free gift we can all give! My dream is to have a “smile wall” – a wall covered with close up photos of smiling faces!

    • congratulations Sharon you have been chosen as the winner of the Olympus competition:) I’ve sent you an email so check your inbox and well done

  184. Wow this is too ace. When I’m not shooting my 14 month girl on swings in the park, I’m shooing weddings. I’m currently shooting with canon gear & it’s a drag to carry around (especially in the nappy bag). I’d love to go smaller & lighter and would LOVE one of these (baaad).

  185. Wendy Morris says:

    Hi Corrie
    I am a novice but would love to learn
    I would take photos of my grand son who is 2 yrs old and lives near by
    I would also love to take great photos of my craft projects
    Thanks for the opportunity
    Wendy x

  186. Oh how I would go nutso taking pics of my babies!! This would be amazing!

  187. Jessica says:

    So many things but most importantly I would love a new camera to take photos of my new baby, due late August. I’ve taken a few belly progress snaps on my phone but I’m quickly realizing my phone isn’t going to cut it for printing out the family photos I want to have in our home. Thanks for the chance to win!

  188. Bronwyn says:

    While I just love to use my DSLR, the weight and bulk does prevent me from taking out and about. Then I always regret not having a nice camera to take photos with, and get annoyed about the missed photo opportunities. The OM-D sounds like it could be my answer to carrying a good quality camera without feeling weighed down with equipment :) Thanks for the giveaway Corrie :)

  189. Lunch looked lovely!
    I’d love to win so I could take lots if lovely pics of my growing boys in our new house. We move in two weeks and it’s going to be a house full of fun and adventure as we’ll have lots more space to play (including a proper sewing room for me!). A good camera will be great for documenting my crafty makes too.
    Thanks for the chance,

  190. Jessica Maloney says:

    My roller derby team The Apocalipsticks, before and after we play in the Perth Roller Derby grand final this year!

  191. Whilst I would love to keep this amazing prize for myself and take lots of photos of my three beautiful children, if I was the lucky person chosen I would gift this camera to my twin sister. We will soon be celebrating our 30th birthday and it would be incredible if I could surprise her with this camera on our special day.
    Good luck everyone!

  192. I would take great pictures of the kids/family/house/art and to make my blog look amazing. I love photography and studied it at Uni, so a better camera would be ideal.

    We have a current one but the lens is not great so having something that does what it is supposed to will be wonderful.

    Having a great tool to allow me to find my artistic self again will be a dream come true. Maybe I could even have an exhibition? Who knows. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this great comp and what a fabulous prize is on offer.

    Your lunch looked amazing! Wish I was there, would have loved to have learnt along side you all as well.Suzanne

  193. Tracee Forster says:

    I am about to put my house on the market so hopefully will be moving East in the next 3 months. As I will be leaving many friends behind & have friends & family scattered all over Aussie & overseas I would love them to be able to share in the excitement (& sheer terror!) of moving from one side of Australia to the other alone. My current old point & shoot just doesn’t give the results I hope for to share the emotion of this big experience. Thanks for the opportunity!

  194. Jenny Klarich says:

    I would gift this amazing camera to my beautiful sister who is turning fifty this year. She has always loved photography but has never really had the money for a good camera. She lives in an amazing part of the world – the south west of WA so she would certainly put it to good use.
    Thank you Corrie for such a great give away.

  195. What an amazing competition! You somehow keep managing to up the ante when it comes to prizes Corrie!

    I recently moved away from my home town and if I won this camera I’d use it to take photographs of my new life in my new surroundings to share with family and friends back home. I’d also love to join a social photography club over here to meet new friends but only have my phone for a camera at the moment.

  196. Newsha Hayter says:

    What an awesome give away!
    I have always been interested in photography and when my son was born, he has been the main subject of my photos. Unfortunately when he was on 6.5 months old, he was diagnosed with cancer and I have been taking pictures of his journey. Sadly all my pictures are on my phone and I would love to continue taking pictures of him as he beats this nasty disease but with a decent camera!
    He is currently on a break from chemo and has only recently turned one! All his hair has started growing back, so it would be lovely to take photos of him with an amazing camera during the next stage of his journey.
    To win this camera would be absolutely amazing, especially as we are going through this hard time in our lives.
    Thank you!

  197. what a fantastic giveaway! I would love a new camera to take photos of the kids and my craft. looks like you all had a lovely day out!

  198. Hi there, thank you for the chance to win. I’d give the camera to hubby as he’s had to sell his DSLR gear recently and misses it.

  199. With my husbands 40th approaching very fast and the saving not happening as fast. We would love to capture many wonderful memories of our family and special every day moments.

  200. Samantha says:

    I’d use it’s wireless capability to be in the photos with my kids, not just the cameraman! It would change what it means to take a selfie entirely.

  201. Kylie Ross says:

    Once I dreamed I might photograph every moment of my children lives,
    Let’s just say I had little idea that “family” life would be so busy, in the nicest way.
    Yet even as I lament the lost moments as I watched and enjoyed and forgot to record,
    Memories have been captured if not
    Unexplored adventures in memory making await capture
    Simply and brilliantly improved by the potential arrival of the
    OM-D EM-10

    Thank you Corrie for this amazing opportunity xx

  202. Franca veitch says:

    Firstly, thank you, what a fab competion! What would i take photos of?…pretty easy question, my two little boys and then FOOD….slightly obsessed with taking pics of food….before it gets devoured lol!!

  203. Wow you’re right, this is an awesome giveaway Corrie! What I’d use a camera for, well… Since starting my handmade business 5 years ago , I’ve actually used a point & shoot Olympus camera, two in fact. The first was an underwater camera which proved to be not so great at taking macro shots and only was great for action and underwater shots. It was fun to use but the amount of product photography I needed to do was increasing so I had to sell it on Gumtree and buy the one I have now. It’s a pretty good little camera. For about 2 years I set up a little photography background using big 12 inch brown cardboard pieces which I took all my photos on. And then last year I discovered photo light tents! I bought a 40cm tent and thought it was bees knees. Ever since getting that light tent a year ago I’ve had a passion to improve my photography skills which improves my product photography. At the beginning of the year I set myself a huge goal in my business to become more professional. I want people to take my business and what I do more seriously (it’s not just a hobby, it’s my livelihood). I have made changes and improvements in lots of areas. I finally got a professional logo done, I am getting business cards printed with said logo, I have a website being built as we speak just to name a few. Then my product photography! I have taken that up a notch too. I have far greater expectations from my little camera and it’s become quite plain it’s time for an upgrade! I’ve been researching the Olympus you have in this giveaway, the Canon DSLR range & the Nikon range. It’s so hard to choose which is the best option . One thing that I find most difficult is the price. Do I save and save and save to buy brand new, or do I buy second hand on eBay? During this time I’ve been making improvements I’ve upgraded my photo light tent to one that’s big enough for me to sit in ( I actually posted a picture of me sitting inside it last month haha!!) so that I can more easily photograph my new larger items (button art & cake bunting). The upgrade MUST happen, it’s just a matter of time and lots and lots of hard work and saving my business dollars! If I won it would be such a financial relief. I work really hard for not much money and this would make such a difference. I would be forever in your debt 😉

    Ps I’m glad you had a fun lunch. Seems like perfect timing for you amongst the craziness of your life at the moment. xo

  204. My kids, my husband, my family, my friends, capturing why I love them so much and that they truly do make my life better, make me a better version of myself and to capture the memories we make, the laughter and joy , as well as the special hugs on the couch with a blanket and book and my 4 Little munchkins all snuggled in… That’s what I would use the Olympus camera for xxx

  205. I would love to capture my little boy who is nearly 3 when he blows out the candles on his cake the excitement he has for birthday cake & candles would have to be most adorable vision I can imagine on my lounge room wall

  206. Christine Rutherford says:

    I am macro crazy. The closer the better for me so I’d carry that little Olympus baby with me everywhere and would capture all those life moments where I say “oh if only I had my SLR now”. I love Bees and flowers so I’d be photographing them ALOT!

  207. Thanks Corrie & Olympus for the great opportunity!

    No poems or clever entries from me, just a real desire to have a lovely camera which will allow me to spend less time behind the 9 year old digital camera trying to take a hundred poor quality photos of my two cheeky kids (in the hope of getting one “keeper”) and more time away from the camera, wearing holes in the knees of my jeans, playing Barbies and Lego, disco dancing, pushing them on swings, and actually living the moment, confident in the knowledge that the Olympus is helping me to capture those moments quickly and professionally!

  208. Amy Lantry says:

    I’d love to use the olympus to snap shots of my bubba (and all future bubbas). I have a lovely huge dslr camera but to be honest its just to big to carry around – it just doesnt fit in my nappy bag. So I have resorted to taking photos on my terrible camera on my phone (with cracks and all). The olympus would snap photos of bubs monents no matter where we are as it would always be in my nappy bag.

  209. What a fantastic camera! Leaves my poor little camera for dead. I’d capture family memories at every opportunity, but my main purpose would be to learn to take top quality photos to aid me in establishing my own online business. I’m a stay at home mum, my goal is to build my own small business to help support my family. I’ve looked at some cameras but it is so confusing. Really appreciate your review and the opportunity to win!

  210. Jane Martyn says:

    I am embarking on a road trip with my parents and husband to explore some family history. We have discovered that my great grandfather, the grandfather my Dad never knew resided in Nowra and we will visit his old haunts, see his resting place and chat to some of his friends. Leaving his young family in Tasmania around 1920 he travelled away to find work to support them and sadly never returned. Would live to capture all this on camera as I share this experience with my Dad.

  211. Mostly I’d be taking photos of my two babies, particularly as we’re about to move away from my extended family for the first time, and I’m keen to make sure we all keep in touch. It would be great to be able to send through some beautiful photos every week so my kids grandparents don’t miss out on anything that’s been happening, especially seeing as kids change so much in their first years of life.

  212. What a wonderful opportunity this competition is!
    We have just moved our little family to a small rural town. I would love to be able to take photos of my children as they run amock around our farm. A camera (rather than my phone) would allow me to better capture all the magical, precious moments in our ordinary life. Not to mention how much better the photos on my blog and instagram would look! My phone really doesn’t do justice to Australia’s beautiful landscape.

  213. I would love to take photos of my beautiful babies as well as our established mountains garden which will be getting a makeover in spring. I love the idea of this Olympus being more compact than my Canon DSLR. Hope you little girl is recovering well.

  214. Laura nelson says:

    Hi Corrine, I am starting out a little business selling hand knitted items. I would love to be able to take beautiful photos to post online. Of course my gorgeous little one year old would get a few snaps as well.

  215. I would take photos of my family, especially my grandson! And lovely photos of my handmade quilts too

  216. I’d give it to my husband who is too scared to use my Canon DSLR! That way there would actually be some photos of me in the album. Currently it looks as though my husband is a single dad of of two gorgeous little girls.

  217. I am a uni student heading on a much anticipated trip to Europe in July with my best friends from high school. I would love have an amazing camera to capture the memories!

  218. I am 14 and love photography! I would love to take photos of my large and wonderful family! There are 7 of us and there is ALWAYS something going on that is a great photo opportunity…. ranging from my 14 month old baby brother who is just in awe of everything he sees down to my tired tired mother who gives everything she has to us all but can always find a smile when I put a camera in her face :). Please please please consider me. I study photography as school and would love this camera to help me pursue my love of taking photographs and memories. x

  219. Wow! Sounds awesome. My current camera is also Olympus and I love it. It’s old though. And yes – heavy! I’m up to child #4 and with each child I have become more and more aware of how cumbersome it can be.

    As for taking photos? The day to day. There are so many little priceless moments in these parts that I love to capture. In the bigger view – our family is planning to drive from Perth to Port Stephens at the end of the year so that we can attend my grandmother’s 90th birthday. She hasn’t met her fourth great grandchild yet – so there is a moment that I so desperately would like to capture… not to mention the wonderful adventure getting there. I’ve started reading about landscape photography – figuring it will be a way to keep all the driving hours interesting :)

    Thanks for the chance to win,

  220. Katie Fleischmann says:

    Wow what an amazing giveaway.i take photos almost daily of my little boys and my daily life.vegie patch,cooking .
    In the past I have always had a decent camera but always dreamed of having an amazing camera.
    I always admire your photos and would love the opportunity to create something as beautiful.
    Thank you for the chance Corrie
    Katie Fleischmann

  221. Hi Corrie…I would always have this camera with me for those moments as they happen! Thank you so much for a wonderful giveaway!

  222. What a fantabulous giveaway! If I were to be the lucky recipient of such a camera I would use it thankfully and regularly to take photos of my family, including my twin granddaughters.

    However, I would get the most use of it by taking photos of my grandson, of whom we have full custody since his parents are unable to care for him. Instead of having a tree-change (after homeschooling four children, the youngest who is 16yo) and my husband retiring with a back injury, we are faced with the prospect of raising a one year old all over again.

    I would take photos of him, (my grandson) so that he might feel especially loved and have a sense of identity within our family, despite his circumstances.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a giveaway!

  223. Jasmine says:

    My first baby is due any day now so there are soon to be MANY photos to be taken! I love our old Olympus dslr but its just too big for everyday use and I want better quality photos than my phone can provide!

  224. Oh my, how exciting is this?!
    If I won I would gift the camera to my 14 year old son who loves photography and is always looking for new locations and interesting things to photograph. He particularly loves to photograph the garden and animals :)

  225. Donna Jones says:

    What a great competition. I have recently become friendly with a photography buff who has offered to give me lessons. So what I would take photos of? Firstly I would love to be able to take great pictures of the craft things I make (my ravelry page is testament to how bad my shots can be), and who could forget taking photos of my loves of my life my 5 year old daughter and my pets… and maybe one or two of hubby 😉

  226. Christie says:

    I’ve followed your Olympus posts and with great interest hoping one day to update my little auto focus digital to something that I can work with and learn the magic of real photography by making those focus and filter decisions at the time of shooting instead of auto correcting later on the PC. I love following photographers on Instagram and Pinterest and one day want to be that one behind the camera. Strangely enough I love taking pictures of the elderly folk at my Nan’s nursing home…wrinkled smiles and far away eyes as well was weathered hands all seem to tell their own unique story and documenting them in picture seems like a tribute to a life well loved :)

  227. Maureen pilcher says:

    I am photographing my grandchildren at any opportunity and also our beautifull city of Orange which has a magnificent climate,four distinct seasons and all the amazing colours of the exquisite tress and shrubs which we see at every turn…I would love this new camera so I can become more proficient with my new love of photography.
    Thank you

  228. What better subject could you have than babies. We have got 2 new grandchildren; a 6 months old boy and a 3 weeks old girl. I would love to have my own camera to shoot lots of memories of our little babies.

  229. Jenny Fox says:

    As much as I would really, really love to win this camera for myself, I know that there is a beautiful family that are fighting so hard for their gorgeous little daughter, Ruby (Facebook-Rallying for Ruby) who was diagnosed with a brain tumour approximately 6 months ago. A very big operation, months of hospitalisation enduring chemotherapy and now radiation treatments have followed. Winning this camera would ensure Ruby’s wonderful parents, Brooke and Chris could capture all those precious moments of their child that so many of us take for granted. They are hoping to be in a position to take Ruby for a precious family holiday very soon, so she can see a world beyond hospital walls and this particular camera would be ideal to capture her beautiful smile and many joyful moments that should be the right of every child.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter Corrie and good luck to all.

  230. Narelle A says:

    What a fantastic giveaway Corrie!
    I would take photos of everything, my 4 princesses, inspirational home ideas for my dream house, I might even start a photo a day challenge just because I could! Love it, thanks.

  231. Great giveaway! Id take pics of fabric! And my sewing /quilting although I seem to buy more fabric than actually making projects!

  232. Scot Barker says:

    I would love to take photos of life, the sites of sydney, when out on the harbour, when walking down the park, pottering in the garden, when away, holidays, friends and family and the list goes on.

  233. I’m an inspiring new photographer about to start my own business.
    Winning an ‘OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10’ camera would for sure get me ahead of my competitors quickly.
    I would photograph everything, if you use the right camera,lights and angle everything will come out beautiful.You be amazed what you can achieve.

  234. Jennifer Round says:

    This would be a nice addition to my collect every camera is similar yet slightly different take 2 cameras same photo and see the difference for yourself

  235. Wow what an amazing prize!
    If I were lucky enough to win I would take photos of all the special things in my life. My three darling children (4, 2 and 4 months), my beautiful husband, our parents who live nearby so our kids are so lucky to be able to spend loads of time with them, our gorgeous dog, our three beautiful horses etc. a a

  236. Oops I had not finished, basically I would love to be able to learn to take great photos on an amazing camera of all the beautiful things I am fortunate to have in my life.

  237. Darlene Gower says:

    Family moments , sporting , life achievments and plain old laughter and fun family times shared and recorded forever on this fantastic Camera

  238. My family of course. Life is too precious and short to not take those gorgeous photos! We are planning our first overseas trip shortly and this would be a fantastic camera to document our travels

  239. Sue Hendy says:

    I live in a wonderful area in Queensland with a fragile eco system. I would love to capture some of the splendid flora and fauna of this environment with a wonderful Olympus Camera…

  240. Katrina Phillips says:

    Having just completed a short photography course (like 2 hours!) I’ve received some tips on taking those beautiful up close shots of kids and babies that you see in magazines and photo studios.

    If I were to win this amazing camera I’d be turning it off AUTO and getting down and dirty with my aperture, exploring my depth of field and photographing my kids and pets in a way I’ve never done before!

  241. What an amazing opportunity – thank you Corrie.
    I am just starting out in developing my clean eating, active living blog, and winning this camera would help me take amazing photographs. After staying home and raising my family for the past 8 years, I have finally found the path in my life to inspire me beyond babies.

  242. It’s actually very complicated in this active life to listen news
    on Television, so I only use world wide web for that purpose, and take the latest

  243. Sallyann Silver says:

    I would hand the camera over to someone else (not to keep, of course!) to take photos of ME with my gorgeous family. I don’t have many photos of me with the kids, as I’m always the one taking the pictures. Just lately I have been thinking I need more ME photos for my kids to show their kids and grand kids. I regret not having photos of my grandparents with me or my kids. They were over the other side of the country and trips back there were very rare.

  244. Kathy Woods says:

    Well. I just wouldn’t stop taking photos!. Much of them of my family and then outdoors – to all show how much I have to be grateful for.

    Thank you for the giveaway


  245. Narelle Rock says:

    I want to make a Christmas calendar for my family with pictures of the whole extended family who all live in different states.

  246. Lesleigh S says:

    This is such a great prize. We plan to travel around Australia soon and this camera will capture the memories that will stay forever.

  247. Caroline says:

    This is such a lovely idea. Thank you. I would love to win it! I recently began a project of taking a photo each day of something either very ordinary in a beautiful way (our two year old on a swing for eg) or something really extraordinary, and sending them to my husband who suffers from depression (it is a residue from the trauma he experienced being caught in the Victorian bushfires). I call it One for Joy. It would be amazing to be able to do this on a beautiful camera instead of just my cameraphone, and present him with the entire collection in a memory book for his birthday at the end of the year.
    Thanks again Corrie.

  248. krystle manley-Breen says:

    My husband and I recently realised we havent taken pictures in years and have a lack of pictures around the house. We aim to get back into photography and taking pictures of those closest to us as well as places we love in an artistic fashion. Phone cameras dont really cut it for meaningful photos utlising camera angles, effects and depth. :)

  249. Benjamin Travia says:

    I’m going to Europe for the first time in September. I’ll take photos of everything from the Colosseum to the Eiffel Tower, Amsterdam’s canals and Stockholm’s old town. No selfies allowed.

  250. Susanne says:

    I would use it to capture my life. Rarely do we get an opportunity to help us enrich our lives & this would enrich it 10 fold. It’s important to share things so we don’t explode with happiness &/or unhappiness. All to often we forget to enjoy our lives & forget the bad stuff. Enjoying your family is often taken for granted & I think we all need to slow it down a fraction & maybe take a photo to remember how good you do have it. Thankyou

  251. Hi Corrie,
    I’d love to win a camera to take photos of my baby.
    After numerous years trying to conceive, assisted conception and miscarriage we are now expecting our first child.

    It’s been a long, tough expensive road but so worth it :)

  252. Jenny Newstead says:

    Being passionate about my hobby of creating and crafting beautiful things, I would love to have the means to photograph them in the best possible way! But the most beautiful thing I have ever made has just arrived in the world and would be the most photographed of all!

  253. We are moving to the Middle East in eight weeks time for work and I can’t wait to go fabric shopping in the souk’s; that’s what I’d be photographing. Oh, and the odd camel too!

  254. Charlotte E says:

    With the recent arrival of baby Euan (2 weeks tomorrow) the Olympus OM-D E-M10 would enable my husband and I to capture all those special moments in exceptional clarity and relative ease by the sounds of it. The camera also sounds like it would have a chance of fitting in my nappy bag for easy portability. With both sides of the family living far away, meaning infrequent visits, good photos (and the apparatus to take them on) are doubly important to us. We are also hoping to put together some photo gifts for said family members and it would be great to have a whole heap of good, rather than just adequate, pictures to choose from.

  255. Leanne Hawkins says:

    Corrie those photos from lunch are amazing. I would love to win the Olympus camera as I have been avoiding being in photos for years but in the last six months have really worked hard to get fit and be happy with myself and would love to have some beautiful photos with my two girls instead of regret not being in them. Thanks for the opportunity. Leanne

  256. John Hutchens says:

    I would take photos of my children

  257. Leanne Fisher says:

    My present, my future, to remember my past :)

  258. Thank you for giving us a chance to win this lovely camera. :)
    I would photograph my little boy in the great wide world, while trying to avoid being photobombed by my cat. My cat being the royal miss she is, would probably steal it in the middle of the night and bump up that ISO to take selfies. 😉

  259. Hi Corrie there really is only one reason I would like to win. I don’t have a camera I use my phone. Good luck with everything. Sue

  260. Dianne Whittle says:

    I’ve never had a proper camera, just one of those little fit-in-your-handbag digital cameras to take photos of the kids and holiday snaps. I would love to have a proper camera that I could learn to use to photograph the beauty I see in nature and of course our family get togethers. So many times when we are driving along and I see a beautiful sunset or a gnarled tree, a peculiar looking rock, a rainbow, even a funny sign. I wish that I could stop and capture that moment to keep in my mind forever, but my little digital camera never does it justice. An Olympus OM-D E-M10 would fit the bill admirably!

  261. My current camera doesn’t cut the mustard, which is good because its a camera not a knife. I’ve only ever tried taking photos of the kids when they were smiling. I think the best photos are photos taken in a normal everyday environment where the reactions aren’t forced. I would be using the camera to try and take photos of our normal everyday life. After all, isn’t that what we want to remember and not some fake smile staged photo?

  262. What an amazing giveaway! As soon as I saw this I straight away thought photos our our upcoming Europe adventure! Not particularly romantic more the National Lampoons way of doing things! Bron

  263. Angelique Ford says:

    Hello Retro Mummy,
    I very much enjoy your blog and when I came across this giveaway, wow! I would use the Olympus OMD to snap the happy times with my friends and family and the lovely area I live in and also take it on my travels. The camera I have now has been good but I would love a fantastic new camera like this one with a fast shutter speed to capture the perfect moment. Thank you for the fantastic read (of your blog) and good luck to everyone!

  264. Thank you for the opportunity to win such an awesome camera! Probably best that I list the things I would NOT take photos of than what I WOULD use it for ha ha. As I live near the beach (and one that can be deserted at times) I would take photos of my children and dogs frolicking in the water and digging in the sand. I love it when people take photos with a quality camera and you get those little angles, focus, and details you would normally miss when using a lesser quality camera. Oh my mind goggles with the possibilities of what I could capture with such an amazing camera.

  265. Katie Walsh-Smith says:

    We desperately need a new camera! Our old one has died, and we are expecting baby number three in June. We also have my son’s 2nd birthday June 19 and mine on the 24th. A huge month with so many family memories that I would love to capture with a shiny new camera. The timing could not be more perfect!

  266. What wounld’t I take photos of with this camera!. Seriously though, I would take photos of my WildThings Marcus (9), Zara (8) & Oscar (4) who appear to be getting taller by the minute. Life is full of so many little & big moments that need to be captured, I adore looking back at photos and reminiscing.

  267. I would love this camera for my travels, I love photographing local people and their cultural practices. Light and compact with DSLR quality, this would be perfect for my next trip!

  268. A camera! Yes please. I have my phone….. and that is it. I work in events and so a proper camera to take gorgeous photos of our events and dinners would be fabulous

  269. Jody Owen says:

    I would love to win this awesome camera as I celebrated my eldest babies 18th birthday over the weekend! I also have a 3 year old and almost 2 year old so I really understand the importance of capturing every moment you can, they really do grow up fast. Blink and you miss it :(
    Thanks for the opportunity to enter xx

  270. I need a camera that can capture magic moments that professionals do with the ease of having a reliable camera.

  271. A high quality compact camera like the Olympus E-M10 would be prefect for taking photos of my quilting projects, backyard plants and wildlife, my family as well as being lightweight enough for all those lovely long walks I like to take.

  272. Oh wow, what wouldn’t I take photos of with such an amazing camera! I would take photos of my daughter, my husband, the things I sew and crochet, the way the light hits the leaves on a tree after it’s rained, rainbows, close ups of delicate flowers and veggies growing in our garden, photos of how things look in different lighting. I’m also excited to try learning macro photography with a decent camera!
    I just want to take photos of things that make me smile and think of happy moments!

  273. Thank you Corrie for the great giveaway. You’ve always been so generous with what you give away as prizes.

    With Olympus OM-D EM-10, I would capture my life, every moment I’d like to treasure, every details I’d like to remember and every memories that I make with my family. I have a few relatives with Alzheimer’s and if one day, I, too, can’t remember who I am or where I am from, I would love to be able to look at the photographs and smile.

  274. Sally J says:

    RAW FOOD RECIPES! Not your garden variety foodie, nope. A passionate health nut & i tend to promote the delicious health giving & life giving benefits of yummy raw foods. Using the beautiful functionality of this amazing Olympus camera should capture & help to entice people to taste, try & fall in love with healthy raw treats!

  275. Gennadi Oandasan says:

    Capture my imagination through the lens of the OM-D E-M10. There are things in life that only presents itself once, and will not stay the same forever. I want to capture the moment when it pops up in life. Capture smiles, even though it may only last a few seconds.

  276. Like a lot of people I only bring out the camera for birthdays, Christmas and holidays. Having followed your Facebook page and blog now for just a few days you have inspired me to photograph my little piece of the world, and the grandchildren, more often.Lugging out the big DSLR camera makes it feel such a chore but after seeing your post about the Olympus i am hooked. The camera size and picture quality are definitely winners and i only hope i am too!

  277. My old Canon DSLR camera broke earlier this year and I can’t afford a new one right now, so it would be awesome to win a camera instead. I love capturing nature in all it’s little moments and I love taking photos of my crazy niece and nephew with their beautiful smiles.

  278. I would take more photos of my precious family and loved ones. I work in an Intensive Care Unit, and recently I cared for a particular patient and her family during the last several hours of her life. One thing her daughter said to me afterwards was that she was “so blessed that her older brother was so annoying with his obsession with taking bloody photos at every chance!” as they now have so many treasured images of their dear Mum with all who mattered to her most, at all sorts of locations. I want that! I want long lasting memories! I need to take more annoying photos of the people I love the most! My children are growing fast, and time shows no way of slowing. My IPhone has been my only camera for the last 2 years, and whilst it takes lovely snaps, it really doesn’t compare to quality of the likes of the OM-D E-M10. I love my job, and I value the incredible lessons I get along the way. x

  279. I would use it hiking and taking pictures of my dog! Maybe even use it for a engagement shoot :-)

  280. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic giveaway! Like so many others here, if I were lucky enough to win the Olympus OM-D EM-10, I would be constantly taking photos of my four beautiful babies…my littlest is 12 weeks old today! I too, am guilty of using my iPhone as my camera but I am missing out on the quality photos I need to be able to enlarge and keep forever. We are also building our new home this year so I would absolutely love to be able to take some fantastic progress photos! Thanks for the chance :-) xxxx

  281. Such a great competition – I would love to win the Olympus OM-D EM-10 as I think the built-in WiFi function would come in super handy (especially for my addiction to Instagram) and wouldn’t all photos look better with the gorgeous filters and themes you can choose? I only wish we had those filters in real life! I would take lots of photos of my family and of things that make me happy. Sx

  282. Hi Corrie,
    I am a mother, nurse and student. In my current position I am so proud to be part of a team who are introducing and evaluating a program for safe infant sleep to urban, rural and remote Indigenous families. Currently, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies in Queensland die at a rate that is nearly three times higher than non-Indigenous infants, and throughout Australia Indigenous infant mortality is disproportionately higher. The Safe Sleep Place project is aimed at providing a safe place to sleep, every sleep for all precious infants. If the meaningful outcomes that this project has achieved in New Zealand are demonstrated in Queensland, we will need evidence to support the appropriateness and feasibility of the program in order to secure ongoing funding.
    If I were to win your competition, the Olympus camera would become the project travel companion and be used to capture the beautiful babies, parents, families, communities and dedicated health professionals who are committed to the program at a local level, and use these images to spread the safe infant sleep message.
    Thanks for the opportunity you are offering with this competition.

  283. I would photograph….
    love, joy and happiness – otherwise known as Lucas and Maddy.

    Thank you for the chance – what a super fantastic giveaway!

  284. Our Grand Adventure. We just call it life.
    Everyday moments that are forgotten or not thought of as important are remembered with a smile when going through our photos.

  285. Gosh what a wonderful giveaway Corrie! It’s going to be very tricky to decide on a winner! Your camera is sure to get a good workout in the coming months as you welcome another precious baby into your family!
    If I were the lucky winner I would use the Olympus OM-D EM-10 to record my many crafty endeavours. I have thought about starting a blog for many years, but doubt my photography skills. It would be wonderful to grow my skills particularly in manual. It would be a joy to share a little part of my world with the big wide world.
    I spent the weekend up at Marysville, Vic, and was again blown away by the beauty of the Aussie bush, particularly with the regrowth after the fires 5 years ago – it would be a treat to have such a fabulous Olympus camera to capture the beauty of this country that I am blessed to call home!
    Oh, and I must admit, that though I don’t have any children of my own I am very blessed by a large number of children in my life – nieces, godsons and many many others. It would be a joy to capture photographs of them as they grow, to decorate my walls, my fridge – to brighten my home the way they brighten up my life.

  286. pipsqueak says:

    My kids, my life, our everyday.

    It would help document the kids growing up and involve our extended family in our life (they are overseas).

  287. I try to take as many snaps of the family on our point and shoot camera as I can but I’ve noticed that when I’ve had a better camera, it’s enabled me to be more creative. While I don’t think my subject matter would change, I think the enjoyment and opportunities to be a bit more artistic would flourish! Thanks for the giveaway.

  288. Chelsea Ryan says:

    Great Camera and a very simple answer, i turn it around, take a selfie of my grin from ear to ear of holding what looks like a classic camera, in a classic hand. Now if only i can find somewhere to process the film. lol

  289. I am due to have a baby soon and would love to create my own baby album so I would love to take lots of picture of my new born baby.

  290. I would use it everyday to capture our beautiful crazy life because life is worth capturing and life is just one big adventure.

  291. Kristy MANTON says:

    Firstly wow!! What an amazing prize!!
    Ok so I would take photographs of well, everything. I’m the one that always has a camera at every event, well I generally am taking pics all the time. its the ‘non events’ like 10 mins in the sun before it rains, a sunrise, dinner with the girls or the first time my daughter kissed her baby brothers head (this happened 10 days ago love… Love … Love) where you get the best pics. I still remember my 2 yr old cousin saying “no more photos twistie, no more” as he had his hand over his eyes, I take photos that much. I currently have 4507 pics on my iPhone. I just love capturing a moment.

  292. Olympus might not be one of the first camera brands people consider, but their lenses are the best! I take equal parts family and quilt photos, and my biggest tip is to get the photos out of your camera regularly. Just onto the computer (and properly backed-up!) is a start, but I’m getting my actual albums up to date again, too!

  293. casey samaha says:

    Eeeeeee what an exciting giveaway!! Just like most of the mummy’s before me I would be taking snaps of the loves of my life, my three year old twins and my husband x

  294. Jamie McGraw says:

    Lots and lots of photos of Bub #1 in compromising positions to use as evidence to embarass him on his 18th and 21st birthdays and his wedding day.

  295. Awesome of Olympus to provide a camera for a giveaway! We have a cannon at home and whilst I love using it, I just don’t seem to get around to it as I never quite managed to get the photos off. The functionality that this Olympus has for getting the photos off sound so easy! I would be taking photos of my gorgeous 2.5year old boy and new bub due in September (not long after your new baby I believe!). And of course all our farm and crafting activities which usually end up on my blog. :)

  296. Ali McDonald says:

    I would take photos of everything!!! LOL!! I use my phone all the time which I am mostly happy with, but when we went on holidays, I was yearning for my dslr which is 10 years old and so clunky to take around with me. I would love to win one so I can take fabulous photos to make into canvases to hang on my bare bare walls!! Thanks for the chance… x

  297. I’m just getting started on a blog created for my baby Xavier, I’m ramping up and would love to take some better pictures than on my old iPhone 3G.

  298. Liliana says:

    I always have trouble getting people’s facial expression especially in the night or dark area.Then, on last Saturday, I met Olympus staffs at the Olympus booth who demonstrated how easy it is to take photos in a makeshift dark booth and I love the results with 45mm lenses. Upon talking to the staffs, I found out that any picture is also depending on whether it is using correct lenses too.
    I would love to take picture of people, animals, and of course as a foodie, food pictures in restaurant with these dark setting using this Olympus camera! Seem there is no trouble with dark setting using this Olympus OM-D E-M10!

  299. I wouldn’t take any photos with it. I already have an Olympus OM-D EM-5, a very similar camera which is fantastic. So much handier than my big Canon.

    I’d give it to my niece, and she would take photos of horses with it, rather than using her phone.

    –Uncle Peter

  300. I’d use the Olympus OM-D as my new restaurant camera of choice for restaurant food photographs. I’d also carry it with me in my work bag so I always had a high quality camera with me at all times.
    Thanks for the competition.

  301. I would love a good camera to be able to take photos of my newborn baby and my little family as it grows.

  302. Jakki Thompson says:

    If I was to win it would be the perfect size to keep in my bag. I always have to use my phone as my other camera is too big and heavy to lug everywhere. It would be used mainly of capturing those precious moments of my littlest miss 13months- my little miracle baby. We are out and about a lot at my older daughters sports, music events, school events etc and the phone just doesn’t cut it for those either! I feel terrible that I hardly pull my camera out for my little one these days and I’ve been wanting to get a good but smaller camera so I have no excuses!

  303. What wouldn’t I use the Olympus OM-DE-M10 for. I’d use it to take photographs of my four children, use it to photograph all the things I blog about, all the recipes I share on my blog, photo’s of the places we visit as a family, family holidays, weddings, birthday parties, school events and the list goes on and one. At the moment I’m using my Samsung galaxy 4 phone and I have to take so many pictures before I can capture a decent picture of my 2 year old especially when he’s running around. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great camera Corrie.

  304. melissa barber says:

    I would take photos of my beautiful little boy Hudson and here is why..
    He is very cute
    Under 13 and doesnt care how many photos I take of him
    Definitely adorable
    So in need of a new camera
    Only using my phone to take photos of him
    Need to capture as many photos of him before he grows up too fast.

  305. I would take pictures of my beautiful family doing what we do best , spending time together creating memories.

  306. A DSLR makes a good photo great, and with my kids growing up way to fast I would love the opportunity to capture those innocent moments and make them that much more special.

  307. Meredith S says:

    What a generous gift Corrie.
    With my husband being in the Navy and heading away to sea soon I would love to be able to capture all those special Daddy and daughter moments that they will share over the next few months. Those snuggles on the couch, bed time story’s and on our family days out. Especially those precious moments when they don’t know you’re watching. The girls love to have a photo or 2 of him in their bedrooms so “we don’t forget him Mummy” and being able to capture these moments in time on a new camera would be wonderful. Thank you.

  308. What a wonderful prize! I would love a new camera to take pictures of my 3 dogs (and of course my kids!) I have realised that my dogs are getting on in age and I would love to be able to have some nice photos of them to look back on.

  309. Caitlin Babos says:

    Good Morning Corrie,

    I’d really live to win this camera! What an amazing prize! I currently only rely on my iPhone camera for all my photos as my camera died :( I’d love to be able to capture all those extra special memories of my beautiful family & friends to remind me of the special times together in years to come! I’d also be able to use the camera to take amazing shots of my homemade baked goods for my small at home business! Winning this camera would mean everything to me as having family photos to look back on is so very important. I honestly would be forever grateful

  310. Janelle Smith says:

    My kids to capture those precious memories that only happen once in a life time. Capture those special and long lasting moments with a photo. Life flies by and if you blink you miss it. Photos savour those most important milestones and moments.

  311. What a beautiful-looking lunch! I think that’s a great tip, to not need to learn everything at once. I LOVE taking photos and always have. I take lots, have them all over our house, put together a lot of photo books, but have never actually used anything but my little point and shoot. I got close to getting one for a birthday once but never could quite justify the cost. I would love to learn :)

    I would take pictures of anything and anyone. I may not have learned many techincal photography skills but I have discovered that beauty can be found absolutely everywhere! Of course my precious son would, as always, be a regular feature in front of the lens.

    Thanks to you and Olympus for the chance to win!

  312. Leah elston says:

    I’d love to take photos of my little Murray and our family before his open heart surgery in a few weeks! Also to use those photos to show other heart families what the process looks like and to raise awareness of how much our gorgeous kids go through & remain so amazing. My old dslr is ten years old and uses the old cf cards which don’t fit into a lot of photo printing docks anymore and I’d love an upgrade!

  313. Emma Nathan says:

    Gorgeous shots you’ve taken!
    I would love a new camera to take awesome photos of my dolls (I have my own business, Jem Of Mine Dolls) and of my boys who are endlessly active and always on the go.

  314. Fiona Berry says:

    Id give the camera to my husband to take some photos of me with our twins. There are hardly any photos of the kids and I because I always take them!

  315. Michelle Kerle-Taylor says:

    I would be taking lots of photos of my children and family. I need to stop taking them on my iPhone as I lost all my photos from last year when my iPhone got moisture in it. I’m still devastated at what I have lost in precious memories (including my Pops final days). A wonderful nice new camera is top of my wish list! To win this would be a prayer answered.

  316. Alison Mac says:

    I would use it to take photos of my family. The kids grow up so quickly and my older kids have so many blurry photos taken of them. The younger ones were born after we got a digital camera so there are some great pictures of them. I would also use it to take photos of the craft items I make. Boring as it maybe I guess a lot of parents out there are wanting to win for the same reason. Is there anything better than a photo of a loved one?

  317. Marilyn Wilson says:

    Where do I start? Have only added photography to my list of hobbies last year. I am currently participating in 3 photography groups, with nature being my truest friend. I have to keep changing lenses, depending on the length of my shot, and the opportunities that I am missing are countless! The camera is also heavy, so need my hubby to be “the bag carrier”. Macro would be my all time favourite, as I can get up close and personal to a flower and also my sewing projects (for one of the groups).

  318. My Dad is soon to celebrate his 70th birthday. I would give it to him. The shape reminds me of a camera he used to have years ago. He used to take lots of photos when we were kids. Hopefully this would allow him to rediscover photography.

  319. Karen Mann says:

    I would love a camera like this to take photos of my three children playing sport not so much for the action shots, but. I have often thought how I would love to capture the intensity and concentration on their faces, ( I just wish it was the same when they did their homework).

  320. Alisha Hannah says:

    I would take photos of my 2 beautiful daughters :)
    I am due with my 2nd princess in 11 weeks, and I would love a “proper” camera to capture all those amazing first moments. I currently only have my phone as a camera, so to have high quality pictures of my babies would be just bliss :)

  321. I am itching to use this camera!! I love my dslr but it is just way too big and bulky to cart about. I would luuuurrve this little beauty to just pop in my handbag and be photo-ready all the time! Especially with kids’ sporting events etc it would be brilliant!! Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome prize Corrie! Now fingers crossed… xx

  322. Nicky Lennon says:

    If I were to win I’d be taking photos of my 2 boys with their Grandma and Grandad when we go to England to visit them later in the year. They haven’t met our 18 month old and this will only be the 2nd time they’ve seen our 4.5 year old and it may be the last chance we get to see them (mother-in-law is not very well) so I’d make the most of capturing all our moments together so we have photographic memories (which I would document in our Project Life family yearly album!)

  323. Photo-wise, what wouldn’t I use the Olympus OM-D EM-10 for? Recording snippets of my family’s growth (with me sneaking into shot every so often), capturing the beautiful landscape where I live and freezing in time those rare shots that you want to hold on to. I don’t have a camera, so to win would be fantastic. Thanks Corrie :).

  324. Katrena says:

    I’d take photos of my big family :) I have idetical twns due in August and daughters aged 2, 4 and 6. And , oh yes, my husband too!

  325. Hi Corrie! As the first in our family (both sides) to have kids, I was the only one not to be an Aunty…but I have excitedly found out that my sister, and my sister in law, are becoming mums now too – I’m finally going to be an Aunty and I could burst! So, I’d love to use the Olympus to take some pictures of my beautiful new niece or nephew (when they arrive). I’ll be sure to take plenty of pics of my kids, of course, in the meanwhile!

  326. My loves: my 3 girls, my hubby , my furkid and the adventures we share.

  327. I would take photos of our daily journeys, all the adventures our sweet family. Memories to be treasured forever.

  328. I take photos for so many reasons….my food blog, for one. Travel photos, for another. And of course photos of friends and family to treasure those special memories. It sounds like the EM10 might just be the perfect, versatile camera!

  329. Thanks for running such a wonderful competition Corrie. If I was lucky enough to win this prize, not only would I be able to update the photos of my kids (I’ve been only using my phone since my third son was born 3 years ago next month!), but also to document our upcoming renovation on our house. Id love to have a proper record of it, as we have finally found our ‘forever’ home and I can see us showing our grand kids one day what the house originally looked like when they come over for visits :) thanks

  330. If I were to win the E-M10, I’ll use it everyday to document our first child who is coming into the world sometime in August!

  331. First of all, thanks so much for your inspiring blog! I love it when people share their gifts of crafty goodness into the blogosphere! Warms the cockles of my heart! Secondly, I would LOVE to enter your giveaway competition to win the new Olympus EM-10, as I am a retro-loving mummy too! My gypsy boy and I and our two sprockets have recently purchased a retro (80’s) Millard caravan, and have spent the last few months rebuilding and renovating her as we intend to head off soon on an epic adventure ROUND AUSTRALIA! We chose to re-use, recycle and make as much as we could on the van, adding homemade touches to what will be our new travelling home! I have been inspired to create a blog myself to document our journey, and as I am an avid knitter, crocheter, crafter, baker and all round maker of course I will be adding my own tutorials of projects along the way. I have never used a DSLR before, as my photos are usually taken with my iPhone. I would LOVE to have the chance to play with a DSLR and better my photography skills for my blog, so i can document our family’s journey and contribute to the big wide wonderful blogosphere just like you!

  332. Noeleen McRae says:

    With 9 very active grandchildren, the continuous shooting capability up to 8 fps. would ensure I would get some top quality action child portraits

  333. I love taking photos of everyday objects, but in an abstract way. Such as, clothes tumbling in a dryer, or a row of discarded shoes beside a door. I love turning the ordinary into extraordinary and a camera lets you do that. It’s like sculpting reality and recreating stories…..because to me, life is art.

  334. I am about to open a store on Etsy and marvel over the gorgeous pics other sellers take of their handmade creations. A decent camera is obviously an imperative tool to taking professional stylish shots so I would love to win the Olympus EM-10 to kick start my new little business.

  335. Hi Corrie, what a great giveaway. I too would take photos of our everyday life. Of the three cherubs mixing their mud pies. Their wacky dress ups. Dancing around the lounge room. Scootering to school. And the action shots are definitely photos that the iPhone doesn’t take very well!

  336. I’d use the remote function and take more photos of myself, both with and without the kiddo. I’ve always hated photographs of myself and consequently rarely pose for any. I’ve realised recently that there are only a handful of pictures of myself with my 4 year old and even less of me on my own. In all our pictures of special occasions, outings etc I rarely feature because I’m always the one taking the photo.
    I’ve never thought too much about it but then a lovely friend spoke about her pain at losing her mother young and having nearly no photos of her and that shook me up. As much as I hate to look at my own pictures I know that if the worst happened my kids would treasure them, and I’m sure they’d love to look back on special occasions and see me there celebrating with them.
    I know it’s a morbid subject to talk about but we never know what’s around the corner so I’m determined to jump in front of the lens more often!

  337. With a small jaunt to Belgium booked for early July I would like to record our 19 year old son’s face when he gets to see theTour De France. He is a real trooper and this trip is an experience we hope will answer questions and give him the solutions he needs.

  338. Hi Corrie, I would love to win your camera, my husband is the photographer here and his camera is about 12 years old now, takes a good picture but we have some very special subject matter to capture and a new camera would be great. You see, we have been married 25 years and have a 24yr old son and a 23yr old daughter. When they turned 18 we were still young and not ready for a quiet life. We decided to try and have more children. Four misscarriages later and it looked like our first two would be it. A couple of years passed and nothing was happening, I was diagnosed with food allergies to dairy and gluten and a thyroid condition, it took a while to sort my self out, I was about to turn 45 and what would you know, pregnant! We waited 6 months before telling anyone, we were so worried we would loose this one too, but 3 weeks ago we held our third child, second daughter, for the first time and praised God for his kindness to us. Children are such a blessing, but you know that. So happy for you with your pregnancy. Thank you xxx

  339. Rachel Savage says:

    With a trip planned to France later in the year, I am beyond excited to share my love of travel with my children. We are also celebrating my sister’s 30th while away. Lots of very memorable moments to capture, and while my love for my iPhone runs deep, I have had my eye on a compact camera for a while, and would love to try the Olympus!

  340. Vanessa Monaghan says:

    Oh I’ve had one of these on my wish list for ages! I’ve just started a foodie Instagram account that is doing pretty well considering I’m only using my iPhone, but I’d love to use a proper camera LOL! Ah the possibilities :)

  341. If I won the camera I would finally be able to take some decent photos of the children. My old camera died a few years ago when my eldest was a baby and since then we haven’t really been able to afford a new one. Trying to take photos on our phone and printing them out doesn’t have the same quality as a proper camera, and friends and family are getting a bit annoyed with me asking them to take photos of my kids :-)

  342. I’m kind of new to all things blogging and Instagram and need HELP with taking photos. This amazing Olympic OM-D E-M10 would be an answer to pray. I would only need point and shoot and all the items that I have to show the world be just appear, well sort off.

  343. Melissa K says:

    From those first steps to those school awards, I would be capturing all those treasured memories that happen each and every day, using nothing but the best equipment on the market with an Olympus making each and every photo picture perfect.

  344. Ha!ha! I had banned myself from blog reading while studying for exams and just popped in to catch up and saw my photo! It was a WONDERFUL afternoon. I loved every minute of that lunch and met such lovely people. Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend. ! I didn’t even know how to turn on the camera at first but the lovely Olympus people had me trained up after a few hours. Thanks again.

  345. Belinda says:

    I would be taking snap shots of my daughter’s year 10 formal and capturing every great moment then sharing those memories with loved ones.

  346. I love that you can a photo by tapping the screen. I’ll be going out into nature and snapping pics of everything I see. It’s my “me time”. Such a stress buster and a wonderful hobby.

  347. Ash Burke says:

    Old vintage homewares, country sunsets and flowers,
    The OM- D E10 would give me great powers.

    To capture the small things with fur, wool, and wings.
    These are a few of my favourite things.

    I’d take it to preschool and capture joy on kids faces,
    Paddocks and rivers, my new house – favourite places.

    Days in the bush and emus in cotton fields,
    Id travel to Sydney and photograph some great meals.

    My 4 nieces, nephew and girlfriends with bubbas,
    I’d photograph Harry and Max my two little puppas.

    Upcoming weddings, and freshly baked cake
    All of my family and shots of Narrabeen lake.

    I’d travel 1000kms to be with my boy,
    To photograph the surf and the sand -what a joy!

    With all of these photos I’d head back to the bush,
    Capturing every moment in the ease of a push.

    When I’m lonely,
    When the drought strikes,
    When I’m feeling blue,
    I’d use my Olympus that I got from you,
    To remember all of my favourite things!

  348. Sharon Markwell says:

    I would be so thrilled I would take a selfie immediately and it would show nothing but a great big smile!

  349. samantha holmes says:

    travel. lasting memories are so much better with a great camera. something i have lacked for quite some time

  350. Jodie Harlow says:

    Hi, my names Jo and I’m a photo-a-holic (aka clickaholic). I take photos of everything and anything, 99% ending up on Facebook. At last glance I had over 70,000, yes 70 thousand photos to sort through from the past decade. Is it coincidence I was born in the digital age? I think not! With three cherubs to photograph their every movement, action, achievement, tanty and smile that keeps my camera busy enough, without all the landscapes, sceneries and foodie shots. This would make my day as my current camera is over a decade old.

  351. VICKI WILSON says:

    I love Photography. Capturing special moments of my gorgeous little two year old Granddaughter ‘Ruby’ would be magical, with this fabulous camera.Many flashback photos may be shared at her “21st.” !!! Hoping that I’m there to view, but if not, Nanny’s special moments shared shall be with her ‘forever.’

  352. Linda Courtney says:

    With my husband working away he always misses out on so many things. Sending photos on my phone just aren’t the same as those taken with a quality camera.

  353. A silver Olympus camera would be ideal to take photographs of my daughter-in-laws toes! As she is expecting triplets she feels sure she wont be seeing her toes for a while. Then I guess there will be 30 beautiful tiny toes to be photographed as well.

  354. I love taking photos of everyday bits and pieces, capturing those little moments. Although the camera on my phone is portable and easy to whip out, it doesn’t encapsulate what I see.

  355. Simone Young says:

    I love to scrapbook and would take photos of all the little things in my life that I am grateful for as these things tend to be forgotten and not appreciated. I would then put them all in an album so that my children would understand that things do not have to be big or flashy to be meaningful.

  356. lyndel rowe says:

    my passion is taking photos,it relaxes me and i get the think outside the square,getting out of my comfort zone,into taking photos of landscapes,rivers,beaches, what ever is in my reach!

  357. I would love to be the lucky winner of this amazing camera and take photos of my beautiful family.

  358. Tracy Wallace says:

    I am lucky to live in a beautiful place and every morning I get to see beautiful sunrises my camera will never get dusty :)

  359. As a Mum of two littlies I feel sometimes my passions are pushed aside for the day to day work of being a Mum. I’d love to win a new Olympus camera to rekindle my love of photography. My husband and I are off to a wedding in Bali early next year (without kids for 3 days!) and Bali would be a perfect opportunity to start photographing without being interrupted by my little cherubs :)

  360. Kristina S says:

    Life! constantly happening around me. Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories, I love b&w too its ads a depth and beauty to shots

  361. Bec Cronin says:

    I have very few photos from my childhood so I make sure I take lots of my 3 kids so they will have plenty. I love watching their face light up seeing pictures of themselves when they were younger, it really brings those memories back to life!
    I’d love an Olympus OM-Day E-M10 to capture every moment with perfection.

  362. Barbara Skanavis says:

    I’m a nature lover, so my photos would be of animals and birds…

  363. My husband is a truck driver and works long hours. He often rings me and says he has just seen the most beautiful sunrise or an unusual animal, plant or unique car!!! He wishes he could take a snapshot of it. He also sees a lot of accidents and a few people have hit him too. With an old Nokia phone with no camera he never has evidence or proof on the spot to help the case. This camera would be great for him to use for the good shots :) and the bad shots :( too!!! Thanks for the giveaway, good luck everyone!!!

  364. I’d love to wander out into the backyard & capture the dew drops on the (overgrown) grass or the dirt that is (always) under my sons fingernails or I’d wander into the bedroom & snap a shot of my baby girl who has just about outgrown the bassinet & needs to move into a cot.

  365. Nicole Miller says:

    So if I won I would be taking photos of my family and the travels along our day of the sights we see. I work during the week full time and I love taking pictures of us on weekends enjoying the family time we spend together.

  366. I live near a beautiful river and love taking photos of the magnificent sunsets. Unfortunately, my outdated camera do not do them justice.

  367. As always, lots and lots of photos of my 3 young children and then some more pics for my online business:-)

  368. Kate Dvornik says:

    I’d take pictures of the joy on my children’s faces on their first holiday to the Gold Coast this year….and everything else!

  369. Sheree Pallis says:

    Moeraki Boulders would make the perfect pic,
    Magical and mysterious captured with one click,
    I can picture myself now with an Olympus in hand,
    Snapping anywhere and everywhere next month to New Zealand.

  370. bek wade says:

    I love the outdoors and would snap anything that tickled my fancy and crossed my path. I would love to get a photograph of an echidna or a full rainbow.

  371. Oh I have been umming and ahhing over this comment for a while now, as I’m so smitten with the Olympus E-M10 that I even dreamt about it the other night (!), and I was trying to think of something that would stand out in the hopes I would win. But honesty is the best policy, so I guess I would just love this camera to capture our life… our wonderful, amazing, crazy, everyday, ordinary, full of love life. I have a digital SLR that is about 8 years old, and it’s very big and heavy so I hardly ever get it out… and I just rely on the good old iPhone, but really the pictures are often fuzzy because kids can’t sit still, and I know I can do much better. So E-M10 I need you! I have all my fingers and toes crossed. xx

  372. I would take photos of nostalgia…historic buildings,
    vintage cars and original landmarks.

  373. Ermelinda Porter says:

    Hi Corrie
    Firstly, congratulations on baby number 6 which you will be meeting in the near future. Exciting times! Life is good. I know what you will be taking photos of!
    As for me .. what would I be taking photos of with my new Olympus OM-D EM-10?
    Anything and everything! I’m no professional when it comes to taking photos, I must admit. But I do try because I’m passionate and I love taking photos. I also love to enter amateur photography competitions. I’d be taking “challenging pictures” where I force myself to think outside the box and allow my creativity to develop. My new Olympus OM-D EM-10 would make my life just that little bit more exciting! Yay!

  374. Amette Searle says:

    I’ve recently moved to a beautiful little village on the north coast of NSW. The area is teeming with wildlife – wallabies, birds, possums – I’ve even seen a Quoll! I have gone mad with my dear old Olympus Camedia, but sadly it is coming to the end of its life. The battery cover is secured with sticking plaster, and the tiny screen is completely inadequate for the sort of photos that I am now taking. I write articles for the local newsletter and website, so having a good camera is a must. I am also a keen knitter, and post pics of my work onto knitting forums (as well as boring my Facebook friends with my latest scarf or pair of socks)! A brand new E-M10 would be all my Christmas presents rolled into one!

  375. Tracey A says:

    I get lens envy when I see a mummy take out a camera with a long lens! I do my best with my little pocket camera but I have serious photos that NEED A serious CAMERA! I live in Townsville ( sunsets, beaches, beautiful scenery) and have two small boys, a cat, a dog and a handsome hubby. I have so much photographic subjects and so little camera.

  376. This would definitely help me in creating my family album. We are making a generational album with facts about our lives and some experiences we have had as well as candid shots for future generations. These books are precious and timeless and to send the pictures to future generations in the best quality we can would be truly special. Thankyou for this chance :)

  377. Kirsten W says:

    My gorgeous little monkey boy,
    Whose great big smiles, do bring me joy.
    He makes my photos, sparkle bright,
    He’s so inspiring, a gorgeous sight!

  378. What an amazing giveaway!
    If I won I would give the camera to my husband :: it’s his birthday on the 23rd and he would love it! I would love to see the world through his lens.
    Fingers crossed.

  379. Amy Ginis says:

    I love your photos! Since breaking my spine in 2010 and having quite the scare, I am passionate about capturing normal, every day memories. I would take photos of my husband, my pets, my family…anything that makes me happy in every day life!

  380. We are a fishing family so I’d take pics of us and our catches before we released them. Hell with the Olympus OM-D EM-10 images I may try making the fish look bigger too

  381. Jacky B says:

    With visits from UK family and friends coming up soon (my sis and an old school friend) it would be wonderful to capture the special memories we’ll create together around this beautiful country of ours.

  382. I’d take photos of and with my mum. We don’t have much time left together. I want to capture these precious moments so I remember them — forever. <3

  383. melissa says:

    I will be taking photos of my lovely family enjoying life .Documenting life is so imortant cause they grow so quick …..can never have too many photos

  384. Wow what a great camera. I would use the Olympus OM-D E-M10 to kick start my hobby of digital street photography, for years I have used the distant analog father of the OM-D E-M10 the OM10 and I absolutely love it. It is the perfect size and weight for a camera to shoot subtly out in the street and I’m sure it’s digital son would be way better at shooting. The OM-D E-M10 would be the perfect camera to help me pursue my dream of one day actually getting a picture into a gallery

  385. lynne lillington says:

    I love taking photos of 2 things , Food and my grandkids. But unfortunately they are never clear . I’d love to be able to take professional looking photos that I can be proud of.

  386. laura powers says:

    We live in such a lovely rural area I would love to be able to get some great outdoor photos of my family and animals around the garden with some of the great wildlife we get.

  387. have two beautiful girls, who are 3 years and 20 months. I have been terrible at keeping a baby book with all their milestones, but what I have done is document their life in photos, every day since they were born. I first tackled Project 365 (a photo a day, for a whole year), and I am now 2 weeks away from finishing Project 52 – a portrait and story of each of my girls, every week, for a year. It’s a tradition I want to continue for as long as possible, and would love to win the Olympus OM-D-E-M10. Documenting the big and the little parts of their life. By no means am I an expert at photography, but I’d love to share what I’ve learnt with other mothers who may think they don’t have the time or expertise to document through the lens themselves.

  388. Monique Brown says:

    To keep this answer short and sweet
    I would take pics of the kids to keep
    They start off small, and then grow tall
    not to miss a moment, I would stay on the ball!

  389. Nature – especially the beautiful birds that live near my home.

  390. Marcia Coventry says:

    Obviously my children, but I’d like to be more specific. You see my 16 year old son is an Australian Air Force Cadet, and every year I take photos of his graduating parade beaming with pride. The problem is; every year he’s one of the blue blurs!
    He has his heart set on a career within the Air Force; I’d love to have focused photos of where it all began.

  391. Vivienne Williams says:

    Having just been made redundant I’ve got quite a lot of free time and would love to take up photography as a hobby. Unfortunately, I don’t know one end of a camera from the other. The OLYMPUS OM-D E-M10 would make this dream come true and I could take expert photo’s of the family and mother nature.

  392. Emily Lawes says:

    This amazing camera would be coming with me to Europe in November! It deserves mind blowing photo opportunities and it will get it there. I was hoping to take photos to make photo wall paper, I know with this camera, there’s no doubt it will be possible!

  393. Roberto Colombi says:

    My hyperactive kids – I’m a firm believer that kids should be seen and not ‘blurred’!

  394. Marie Pohnetalova says:

    I’m going to Finland and Iceland in December to stay near the Arctic Circle to view the Northern Lights – and I know the camera will produce ‘Lens’-ational results. ‘Snow’ joke, the photos with my Olympus will kick ‘Ice’ !

  395. Caroline Shanks says:

    My firstborn due in November for our benefit and to share the precious occasion with family and friends spread far and wide. And bub’s first Christmas, thanks to Olympus everyone will feel like they were part of the celebrations.

  396. Rebekah Ballingall says:

    I’ve just had my son and would love to capture every moment as he grows up everyday.

  397. cecily brack says:

    We have a bower bird in our backyard and it is fascinating to watch the things it collects and where it places them.
    We rarely see the bird; but I’d love to keep a photographic record of its antics.

  398. Alesha McRobertson says:

    I’m a camera addict, it’s like part of my body, so I’d take pics of everything, from my grandsons christening & those magical once in a lifetime photos, beautiful sunsets & landscapes. Weekend sporting events & leisure activities. Aussie travels & trips abroad. Pets & the birds & the bees. I’ll photograph it all!

  399. The eldest girl and family when they get off the plane coming back from Italy looking fatter and happier eating all of that good Italian food

  400. Michelle Alifano says:

    What a great offer! I’m due to have my first baby in September and I only have my iphone to take pictures. I have 6 very excited sisters to introduce my baby to and would love to be able to capture the love they have to give this baby. I would also love to be able to use this camera to capture all our happy moments as a family. Fingers crossed :)

  401. Tess Howard says:

    My grandmother always said that an appreciation for the little things keeps you young and happy! I’d love to photograph ‘365 Days of the Little Things That Matter’. A family project to help remind us daily of the important things.

  402. CatherineTuckey says:

    No selfies, dick pics or food shots for me –
    I’d use this camera to help my granny.
    Her house is a mess, she’s quite the hoarder
    The camera could help her establish some order!
    Boxes of things would be labelled with pics,
    It wouldn’t take long till her big mess was fixed!

  403. Desleigh says:

    I have just taken up quilting and would love to take professional photos of my quilts. I also do the occasional highly decorated cakes (mainly for Birthdays). And also pictures of my two precious girls.

  404. If I were to win this camera, I would use it to take photos of a) my kids, b) photos for my little developing blog C) my kids, d) for my store that we are starting e) my kids….. !! Probably mainly the kids! I’d also use it to do a photography course, as in learning how to use my camera course. :)

  405. Samantha G says:

    Like almost everyone else, my photos would be of my (five) kids!

  406. Wow what a lot of entries. I am going to sound like the crazy lady but I would take photos of my goats, my first goat Petunia is going to kid next month and I would love take lots of photos of cute little goat kids. I suppose I will take some photos of my human kids too. My youngest is soon to be one and I would love to capture her first steps.

    • Colleen says:

      Ooo I just had another idea I would also do a cake smash photo shoot for my daughters 1st birthday

  407. My first child is due in 3weeks! I always loved photography in school but never upgraded my camera from the old film slr i had. You only get one chance for those first year photos and it would be great to have a camera that can capture the moment.

  408. Hi Corrie,

    This year we are celebrating 150 years of my husband’s family owning our property, a large sheep station on the banks of the River Murray in South Australia. We have major celebrations coming up in September and I would love to start a blog with posts about different snippets of the family history and the station. A new Olympus camera would enable me to take some specials photos to feature on the blog and to capture the celebrations.

  409. I would love a camera as we no longer have one i just use my phone. I would love to be to take photos of my 2 boys 4 & 18mths. We are going on our first family holiday in October and would love to be able to capture these memories. Cheers

  410. Melanie Earl says:

    Great camera, great giveaway! I would use this camera everyday to capture what I currently miss. Snapshots of seeds sprouting in the garden, which currently come out fuzzy and not focused. Shots of the moon, my current camera is auto and a moon shot turns out black with no recognizable moon, oh winter moons are beautiful and I cannot capture one. And of course, family pics, pet pics, all pics would be an Olympus shot. Thanks, Melanie

  411. Katrina Anderson says:

    OMG…..everything! Would love to have great photos of my little ones but more than anything I want gorgeous holiday photos. Our holidays are always so happy but I hate getting my photos printed because they are always so disappointing. I think the Olympus could make all the difference to our memories and precious family time together.

  412. I would love to capture anything and everything — the essence of everyday — those fleeting moments that make our world so amazing and wonderful, from a grandparent’s hug for their grandchild, to the magic of children at play or the wonders of nature, the lines on a beach, the ripples on a pond, a butterfly’s wings. Together they would weave a story about our lives and create precious memories for the future. The potential in this camera is endless — how exciting is that!

  413. Charisse Childs says:

    I’ve always wanted to take up one of the photography challenges like the take a picture a day of your children, or take a photo of the “theme of the day” challenge. But I would really like a good camera rather than using my poorly excuse for a camera – my mobile. As it doesn’t have a zoom or any fancy features like a camera would.

  414. Dean Brandt says:

    Two very exciting events happening at the same time.This opportunity to win this fantastic Olympus OM-D E-M10 camera and the arrival of our new little kitten “Willow”.She is a beautiful little Rag doll kitten and she is so very cute.On the cuteness scale she’s off the chart.With this camera I’d be able to capture every cuddly cute playful moment we have with her.From endless play to quietly sleeping.From snuggles and cuddles on the sofa to chasing the string.

  415. Michelle Gray says:

    Pictures of my kids, the cutest subjects ever. :)

  416. Chrissy Roberts says:

    I take photos of everything from pets to sunsets and spiderwebs with dew. I would love a OM-D E-M10 to use and love and have fun with.

  417. christina lungo says:

    My husband and I are going on an African Safari in November to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and a camera would be amazing so I can capture all the wildlife and amazing views

  418. I always have a camera in my hand taking photos of my family weather they be the hubby, the big kids or the grand kids even the furry feathered and find family members.

  419. Tamara Lamb says:

    EVERYTHING!! Family, fun times, our gorgeous country scenery but especially the loves in my life being my husband and 3 sons.

  420. Rebecca Fox says:

    I would love to win an Olympus
    To take pictures of my beautiful kids with
    The outback is where I call home
    I could take the Olympus to photograph adventures when I roam
    Though I live far away
    From the city and the bay
    This prize would make my day!!
    Thanks for the chance to win Retro Mummy xxx

  421. sandra robertson says:

    i would love to update my camera the one im using is about 10 years old just a old point and click,i have always wanted to be able to take great pics and this camera looks awesome

  422. jody buhagiar says:

    My 30th year school reunion, in september
    friends not seen for ever, hope I can remember!
    The Olympus camera will help me not forget,
    Wonderful photos to cherish for another 30 years,
    no regrets :)

  423. Melissa Wilkes says:

    I work on a station so there are many things that deserve a forever moment captured by the perfect camera.
    The dew catching the sunlight between the wires on the old farm gate.
    A new lamb as it staggers to is feet as its mum nuzzles it with affection.
    My son giving me angry eyes as I laugh because he is covered head to toe in mud after falling over in slippery cattle yards.

  424. Laura Scriven says:

    We love the outdoors,
    It’s beauty galore.
    Odd bugs and landscapes,
    More reason to just escape!

  425. Linda Sanderson says:

    The momentum of life. Vegemite covered kids at breakfast; the scenic journey to work along country roads; family football with our furbabies at sunset; the beauty of everyday rhythm

  426. Hi Corrie,
    As well as taking photos of my darling growing family, I would take photos of my handmade product I am launching this year.. Call me crazy but my dream is to see one of my beach windbreaks on every beach in Australia. I know I’m dreaming big but it makes me happy to know that I’m going to give it a try. Winning the Olympus would help me take the perfect photos to accompany my up and coming website. You have been my inspiration, I would very much like to be someone else’s inspiration one day. Xxx

  427. Tania C says:

    Paris. I am heading to Europe soon with my mum and am itching to hit Paris with a good camera. The streetscapes, the colours, the architecture (those lines!), the people, the food – memories waiting to be captured…

  428. Fabulous prize, thanks for the opportunity!

    I would love to be able to capture gorgeous photos of our three young girls to send and share with my husband who is deployed overseas helping others for the next 13 months and will miss out on so many milestones and achievements. Would be very special to capture all of these moments and memories on such a fantastic camera.

  429. Winning an Olympus would change my life as I do not have a proper camera. I would take photos of all the special things that make me smile to share with my children and family who live so very far away. I have always dreamt of having a camera like this and well……here’s hoping !!! Thank you for giving all of us this opportunity Corrie :)

  430. Courtney Dettman says:

    My life. Before today becomes tomorrow. I don’t want to miss a moment, its the most valuable treasure of all.

  431. Erica Vince says:

    My inspiration for taking photos is my Son and his kitten Buttons. They are always playing around and doing funny things, and I usually use my phone camera to take pictures of them, but the quality of the pictures isn’t always the best,so winning the Olympus Camera would be great and would help me to take fantastic pictures of my son.

  432. Toni Crawford says:

    Hi, What a fabulous little camera, and the perfect way to capture my sons growth and milestones. At the moment he has started to get freckles (like his mum) and I would love to capture it. I love getting up close and personal with my photo taking just so I don’t miss a thing and the Olympus camera is compact enough so I don’t miss a photo opportunity. I am also going on a cruise in November to celebrate my 40th with some girlfriends, I can’t wait. Memories fade, however a memory in a photo is forever. PS I love the black.

  433. Chantal Buttini says:

    My story starts 3years & 3months ago, when my hubby and I had daughter #4 and he became at stay at home daddy & I went back to work! From the minute she was born, every photo he has taken has been blurry. He is the most amazing father in the world to our daughters….but he can’t take a photo to save his life :( Moments that we will never be able to recapture, like the birth, babies first steps, #3 on her first day at school (just to name a few) are all blurred! I know he tried, but when I’m not home most of the week the only thing I can hold on to our photos….soooo my entry is for my hubby, so he’d have the tools to take amazing photos of just life as it is, the little things between 7am-5pm…and so that we don’t miss a second more out our daughters growing up. I gave up “staying at home” so my hubby could experience what I had with #1,2 &3…I miss it so much, I find it heart breaking to miss out on photos too. Thank you for the chance :)

  434. Stephen Roberts says:

    Photos of my little one’s for the pleasure of the older one’s who live so away.

  435. Emma Puszkar says:

    All the action shots of my sister competing in the Commonwealth Games! Glasgow here we come!

  436. As a Retro Aunty to 14 nieces and nephews with another 3 on the way I am the unofficial photographer of the family. With a new Olympus I would be capturing the special family moments and documenting the love and times of my beautiful family plus my own travels- all to share with the special people in my life.

  437. Nicola James says:

    I live across from a large paddock and water trough and every afternoon the birds arrive, I have cockatoos swinging from the power lines, little finches having baths and magpies having punch-ups. I would love to capture this, especially with mountains in the background!

  438. Cheryl McKibbin says:

    For me taking photos is finding a little bit of positive in EVERY day whether it be new shoes, a great meal..something as simple as a rainbow or fun with family and friends. This year my bucket list challenge is to take a photo every day, then create a collage at the end of the year. So far I am on task, in fact some days its too hard to choose as i have taken so many pics LOL Not a professional photographer but love remembering all the things that make me smile and what better way than to take a photo – “people change, things happen, nothing ever stays the same except for a photo”

  439. As a Kindergarten teacher I’d be using the Olympus OM-D EM-10 to take pictures of my little class as they embark on their first year at ‘Big school’. My Kindy kids change so much during that first year! I love taking photos and presenting them to parents in a little flip book at the end of the school year. A priceless momento and a treasured keepsake for very grateful parents. It’s worth all of the effort to see their grateful reactions!

  440. Melissa Faehrmann says:

    I would love to be able to take beautiful photos of the yummy food that I bake. I’d also love to take lots of snaps of my three sisters, aged 12, 14 and 16, who each have birthdays coming up within four days of one another! Will have to get onto planning their requested birthday cakes!!!

  441. Ros Mayeds says:

    Hi Corrie! Like you, I love my SLR but find it inconveniently heavy to carry everywhere. I’d really love a quality camera to keep in my bag, as I look at the world through a lens..always looking for a photo opportunity. I have 11 of the most gorgeous grandchildren the world has ever seen and have documented their lives for the past 15 years! I also love history and wish I had taken more photos of places from the time I was 8 with my first camera, nearly 60 years ago. It is so interesting to see how places change with time. This camera would help me record history for future generations! :)

  442. Catherine Marston says:

    The everyday moments, we often forget.

  443. Margaret says:

    I think there is something deeply satisfying in taking complete control of your camera and knowing that its potential is limitless in your hands. To that end we are going whale watching in a few weeks time and it would be lovely to be able to capture the absolute wonder of such an experience with the Olympus OM-D EM-10.

  444. Amanda Manning says:

    I have stopped writing in a diary and started taking simple photos of my daily life. I would love to start taking better photos with a great camera. As they say, a photo is worth a 1000 words and imagine how many photos I can fit on a page.

  445. I would love this camera to be able to create memories from the everyday and document my beautiful little family (5, 3 & 1) as they grow but selfishly I would love the opportunity to be able to pursue my own creative journey and have something for me to be able to express myself!!

  446. I’d actually love to photos of my art work I’m doing for an organisation called heart kids, I’m free hand drawing hearts for the parents who have kids going through heart procedures. I myself have a child with a heart condition and I want to give back to an organisation who helped us as a family. A good camera would help me produce a lot more of these for heart kid families.

  447. Judith Fasshauer says:

    I Love to capture Moments on the life to make them stay forever, but Recently i found like its a link to all my family and relatives overseas , is a way to make them part of our life with images, since what are the kids doing, our day out, doing handcrafts, activities and even what I’m cooking, So i need a good camera to transmit all this emotions and day by day in our life with all the family around, being without any relatives over here its a way to make them part of us ,

  448. Christine Cihrs says:

    I eoukd loooove to win this amazing camera to take photos of our growing family, we are now the proud grnad parents to five yes five beautiful grand daughters under seven and four are living in Townsville and it woukd give me the chance when ever I visit to take photos to than cherrish when home….
    I also would love to take great photos of all my quilts and our youngest son is getting married next April….. Thank you for this great oppotunity…… Fingers crossed

  449. Kylie Devlin says:

    My children. I receive so many comments on how alike my eldest and youngest are, and I often feel guilty that child no. 1 had so many photos taken of him, thousands of them, and no. 3 is recorded forever, for the most part, on my mobile.
    I’d love to take many more photos of my cheeky toddler and capture those beautiful moments that are slipping all too quickly through my fingers.

  450. angela beales says:

    Since I have six kids it would be pics of them, I love to take pictures of all the silly things they do

  451. melanie w says:

    Wow everything my kiddies , my cooking creations, our pats, outings so many things i have been dying to get my hands on a great camera for years but other things always come first winning this would be such a photography inspiration to me i may never put it down!

  452. My 3 eldest daughters recently did a 3 day school holiday photography workshop. The photos that they took we absolutely amazing and all they did was walk around the local area which was nothing spectacular…just an everyday suburb…but I really loved seeing what each of them captured over the three days in their photos. They were each at the same workshop, same suburb, same time yet each of their photos were so different.
    Seeing the results of their three days in photos has made me see the everyday differently…each day I see a photo opportunity …so with the Olympus OM-D EM-10 I would take photos not only of the big, special moments like birthdays, graduations, parties etc… but I would also take photos of the everyday and I would love to learn a lot more about photography techniques …
    I would also love for the girls to have access to such a great camera so that they can continue with their creativity and developing love of photography. It is such a great thing for them to be interested in.
    And you know I’d also love to be in more of the photos that are getting taken….something I have avoided for a while lol !!!
    Love that you can send the photos to your phone with this camera…!!!!!!

  453. I’d be taking photos of all of us – myself, hubby and boys. We have so many photos of the kids but ones of all of us together don’t happen very often. It’s a bit of a mid-year resolution to get more photos of myself with the kids. Although I may need someone else to help with the photos as there are only so many selfies you can do!

  454. Krystal B says:

    Helping me collect sensory delights,
    in every terrain, the bounty excites.
    Bali, Ireland, Paris and Peru,
    my Olympus and I would be stuck together like glue.
    From the humble macro shot; pets, flowers and food,
    I want to learn to capture that special mood.
    Special effects, filters and frames,
    this camera will be great, it’ll deserve a name.

  455. Rachelle S says:

    The beautiful whales that are migrating right now. I only saw them from a distance today but with this gorgeous camera it would be ‘QUETT’ a photo.

  456. Lizzie S says:

    My nephew, he’s so new and my only one. I’d photograph his little fingers, toes and all his milestones, to chronicle his early life. That’s something I wish I’d done for my own children. They grow up so quick but the memories are preserved for ever with well shot photos.

  457. besides my family and grandson I love stopping as I drive and taking photos of the countryside, so many beautiful spots where I wish I had zoom to really get the best photo

  458. Belinda says:

    With the Olympus OM-DE-M10 I would snap anything and everything! I’m looking for a quality camera as I love taking photos of quirky letterboxes on my travels, local regional art like scarecrow contests, tyre swan planters, weird shaped gum tree silhouettes at dusk that almost look like people! retro wall art on houses as well as random animals like a cat that has trusted me enough to come and say Hi or the magpie that ate some of my lunch from my hand! When I’m not out and about I have 5 kids I can always photograph! Also, one day I would love to publish a book featuring my photographs :)

  459. I would love to win this brilliant camera to take lots of pics of the cute little netball team that I coach. Our manager, who normally takes photos on her great camera, is away at the moment.

  460. Samantha says:

    I know it’s pretty unoriginal and predictable, but if I won this fantastic camera I’d use it to (excessively!) capture my 8-month old son, and any future siblings, growing up. My iPhone is chockablock with multiple photos of every moment so far. I recently printed a few of my favourites and was shocked at how poorly they turned out. I plan to create a photo book of his first year and would love to be able to include a few high quality photos with my new camera! 😉

  461. Cheryl Haining says:

    I am writing my autobiography. I would use this Olympus to take photos of my home and family, including great grand kids. I would then have wonderful images for my book

  462. My plan is to start a blog on financial intelligence, how to live within your means and turn your budget around. I’d be taking lots of photos for the blog, plus all the usual family and nature shots. I love the retro look of of the OM-D E-M10!

  463. I would take photos of my youngest daughter as, being the youngest of three, there seem to be a lot less photos of her!

  464. As a self-declared foodie, I’d use the amazing close-up capabilities of the Olympus OM-D EM-10 to capture all those delicious dishes to make any fellow gastronaut’s mouth water!

    Great food moments fade so fast, but a great Olympus will ensure they last!

  465. Nicole morris says:

    i really love capturing that one amaing photo. i try and do it on my iphone.
    my dream is to one day to set up a mini studio in my house and take photos for people at a good price everyone can afford

  466. Jenly Legiman says:

    As a working Mum juggling work travels and raising my kids, I seldom have the chance to watch them grow up everyday. Whenever I have the occasional days off, I enjoy taking my kids to enjoy a bit of nature, like coastal beaches, the zoos and national parks (and thankfully we do have plenty in Australia). With my new Olympus OM-D EM-10, I’d love to start capturing our lives together and collecting the happy and funny family mementos. As the kids are growing taller and more playful each day, I’d need a faster shutter speed to capture their happy smiles and journeys of growing up during our family adventures and road trips. I’d love to combine these priceless photos in our little Adventure Book. That would be pretty awesome!

  467. Photography is art and a memory catcher. It captures moments in time that will never be repeated.

  468. Hi I’m just wondering who own the camera?

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