the granny stripe is finished

I’ve always wanted a rustic fence or gate to throw a blanket or quilt over to photograph. And now I have the choice of a few nice spots and was spoilt for choice this morning. Unfortunately we have lots of chicken wire on the fences so it was delicately placed on the gate and very delicately lifted off again.

I have really enjoyed making this blanket and started on the 22nd December as my Christmas holiday project. Now of course blankets take some time to finish but it’s been nice to pick up when I’ve been in the mood and keep working on it. I got so excited when it was finished only to realise that doing 4 rounds to finish the blanket would take a bit of time too. But I love the edge and have to say that if you’re going to make a granny stripe then definitely do the edge because it’s lots of fun and really makes the blanket what it is.

I’ve followed the pattern here on Attic 24 and used various shades of Bendigo 8 ply cotton. Ravelry details are here.

And one of the best things about finishing a project is starting another…………………..time to knit for baby!


  1. Archie Lane says:

    Oh wow that looks so good!! I love it! As a beginner knitter I cannot wait to have the confidence also to try my hand at crochet. I have been told it is easier to learn than knitting, which surprises me as I have found it the other way around. Either way it such a pretty blanket and the owner of it is a very lucky person.

    • crochet is so easy! I learnt just before the twins were born and found it uses up the wool faster so therefore you get to buy more! win win

  2. Corrie, that looks gorgeous. I wish I knew how to crochet.

  3. It looks beautiful, I just love the colours!! I’m a Bendigo girl (now living in Brisbane) and couldn’t resist a trip to the woollen mills when we last home visiting. Needless to say I bought WAAAAY too much wool and had been wondering what to do with it all – I’m now off to start this gorgeous blanket. Thank you!

  4. Melissa says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours you’ve chosen. I’m just wondering if you now need to make another 5. . . . one for each of your babies!!!!! : )

    • oh my goodness! they might get a quilt but not one of these! lots of projects on my wish list first but happy with my blanket:)

  5. Yes – the edging around the outside really finishes the blanket. Love your fence! I’m looking forward to see what colour your baby project will be knitted in!

  6. What a devine blanket….Ive never appreciated crocheted blankets, but this one has me totally converted. Im actually even really keen to learn having enjoyed reading through your blog. Thank you for the inspiration!!! Im only an hour from Bendigo so watch out Wool Mill…here I come! Thanks Corrie- BEAUTIFUL!!!! xx

    • oh you lucky thing! anytime we think of a trip to melbourne it HAS to involve a trip to the mills! I’m quite good at doing the backroom in record speed actually

  7. Oh, sp nice!

  8. So very pretty Corrie. Love all the colours together. xo

  9. Just beautiful ,The colours of the stripes are so pretty and love the white in the stripes and especially the pink finishing the border. Yo are very clever Corrie.

  10. The blanket looks beautiful Corrie. I cannot wait to see what you are going to be knitting for the new baby.

  11. Karri Brennan says:

    I love it! Not sure if my skills will stretch from the beanies to the the granny blanket. I’ve printed the pattern, just in case I feel the urge…lol

  12. Judith Hogan says:

    Lovely looking blanket. I just bought wool for a granny square blanket, but yours looks so nice, I’ve changed my mind and will now start a granny stripe blanket, and use the instructions at Attic 24. Love her blog.

  13. It looks lovely – good on you for getting it done.
    I decided to crochet a blanket for each of my 4 kids but to date I’ve only managed 1! I either can’t find the colours I want or the time unfortunately. I will definitely get them all done one day though!

    • I love your intentions though! I do make a quilt for each of the little ones but they take less time! you’ll get there, so long as they don’t leave home first:) :)

  14. What a beautiful blanket, love a Granny stripe and the edging is divine. I’m now feeling even more inspired and excited to learn crochet.

    Sarah x

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