the granny stripe keeps growing

Just 2 more rows around the edge, a bit of weaving in ends and I am done!

It feels good getting to the end of this blanket……even if I did start it at Christmas as my holiday project.

But these things take time and it’s always good to have an easy project to pick up. I’ve actually kept it in the same straw basket with all the supplies so I can just take it out with me if I need a project on the run.  Pattern here and I’m using Bendigo Cotton 8 ply in a range of colours from the stash and loving it.

Can’t wait to share the finished blanket with you all soon!


  1. It’s gorgeous Corrie, well done

  2. This looks lovely! I started crocheting thanks to you. I did a little bit of crocheting as a teenager but couldn’t really remember too much! After a bit of youtube to refresh my memory I started a blanket and a beanie. I think my blanket will probably take about two years of swimming lessons to finish (for the first time ever I have half an hour where all four kids are swimming!), but the beanie should be done soon. I am loving it – thanks for all your ravelry inspiration!

    • Forgot to mention – we made the cinnamon scrolls that are your blog (divine!) and I recently purchased a Japanese pattern book (admittedly translated into English!). See what a good influence you are!

  3. caitlin jordan says:

    Gorgeous looking blanket I wish mine was even close to a finish.

  4. Melissa Louise says:

    Oh Corrie, you’re making the rest of us look bad!
    Gorgeous blanket, just gorgeous!

  5. It is looking absolutely amazing!

  6. Gorgeous Corrie, you have inspired me to knit again and even teach myself to crochet (am a leftie so tricky!)
    Bendigo Wool is the best !!

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