weekend at home

Well it’s the weekend and daddy took charge of doing rugby and swimming this morning. That left me to mind the biggest and the littlest and photograph the gorgeous thick mist outside. My little guy also discovered a big hole in the chicken wire around the fence and escaped…………adding that job to the ‘to do’ list. I was watching him thinking he’s not going to get out and he was probably thinking that no one was watching him. I can’t take my eyes off him for a second these days as he is always into something – toilet rolls in the toilet, pulling out my knitting, emptying out the pantry. Could be worse, the twins liked to put cutlery down the toilet at any opportunity.

On the knitting front I have been working on keira’s gidday but had a slight hiccup because I started in white thinking it was cream and I ordered more cream last week. I’m trying so hard to knit from the stash so started with what I had and decided to order more to finish it. I decided to knit the body with the new ball of wool only to discover that the yoke was done in white and the yarn I ordered was cream. Oh dear. People, keep your ball bands/tags with your wool as this is what can go wrong when you don’t. The white is just so close to cream but lesson learnt. And of course in this photo it’s clear as day that one ball is white and one is cream but when it arrived they looked so close I couldn’t tell the difference.

And in the meantime I’ve picked up my granny stripe again and hope to finish the edging in the next few days. I’ve used Attic24’s granny stripe pattern and am also following the instructions for her edging here. I’ve used Bendigo cotton and it’s just so soft and draping nicely. I also love that I’ll be able to chuck it in the washer and dryer and it will stay nice and soft over the years. The granny stripe is super easy and a nice change from granny squares and I think the kids are just hoping I get finished it quickly.

I should be jetting off to Noosa tomorrow but am home on nurse duties but have to say that I have a very sweet patient. She has worked out how to shuffle herself through the house using a pillow and we try to get out in the sunshine each day. We have also knuckled down and got stuck into our school work and I’m learning all about nouns, verbs and pronouns all over again. We’ve also been loving the Great British Bake Off and watching Daddy Day Care and Hotel Transylvania for the 50th time.

Have a lovely weekend everyone


  1. Amazing how little ones seem to constantly find more things for you to do/fix/clean.

  2. Looks so calm in your garden, just beautiful. I hope the toilet roll down the toilet phase ends soon! My toddler has just stopped that and changed to putting stickers down there! Bron

    • oh nice stickers! one of the kids has put electric toothbrushes down twice! that is not a good thing to have to rescue and buy a new one!

  3. anne seery says:

    Blessings for your ‘big girl’…….what a brave little trooper ♥

  4. Sarah O says:

    I’m so pleased your big girl is a good patient and seems to be dealing with things positively. I loved the windows at your old house and I love these ones too!

  5. So glad to see Keira looking so much brighter now. I have spent the morning knitting & finished a baby beanie that I was knitting to test out a pattern to see if it was quick & easy enough for me to do a few for my sisters market stall. I am determined to get back onto the little crochet blanket that I have been ever so slowly making. It is suppose to be for my daughter to snuggle on the lounge with…..it was also suppose to be for last winter…..oops.

    • the great thing about blankets is that we can pick them up and put them down whenever we want and they aren’t going anywhere:) :)

  6. Christie says:

    Oh no we LOVE Noosa! I saw Beth said about going away next week too…oh that makes me sad for you. I bet you would have loved to get away for a bit of fun with the gals. But us mummy’s do what we need to do and you would worry about your big girl even more if you went but what a shame x

    But look send me for the week instead and I’ll take notes, sip champagne and eat brûlée…I’ll be your action man body double roving reporter on longer legs minus the baby bump but NOBODY will pick it 😉

    • hahaha that would have been fun, pick a reader to take my place! So sad not to at my favourite holiday place but I’ll be back next year with all the kids in tow and be able to enjoy my kir royales and favourite things up there:) :)

  7. The constant escaping does stop………eventually. When we first moved to the country we had the same issue. Over the fence and into the vineyard. I had a few panicky moments. Our dog always followed him which was good. xo

  8. SharonT says:

    Thanks for sharing about your lovely family. I love the photo of your daughter at the window. What a beautiful window! (And daughter of course!) Have you done a post with photos of your new house? It just looks gorgeous! How did the kids go with starting new schools? That can always be a bit tricky but it must help that they are youngish. Have a lovely weekend in the mist. It’s warm t-shirt weather here in sunny Queensland!

    • I can’t believe how easily we have all settled in here! no house shots yet as I still have boxes here and there but I’ll get there. I still have plans to get some chickens and the vegies going but weekends have just been so crazy!
      thank you

  9. Denise Thomas says:

    Corrie thanks for the update on your beautiful family, lovely to see a smiling face from your “big girl”. I have been crocheting the same blanked (in the large size) and just about finished, 2 more rows around the edge and all done yeah.
    Hugs to you all.

  10. Hi, Corrie!
    You are so right about keeping balls bands! I had one very similar problem lately. I started a baby cardigan with a cotton yarn of red and coral colors. But the coral one had ended right before I started the last row of the edge. I already had done the edge from the right side by that time, so the left side edge was the only one
    left. I went to buy one more ball and when I brought it home, I realized that it is slightly, but still noticeably lighter! And according to this yarn’s homepage, that color doesn’t even exist! If I kept the band, I would know now, if the color differs in different batches or I just should search more.
    I actually managed to finish my cardigan only because I could rip out one little strawberry, that I had crocheted from this yarn before! I know it sounds ridiculous, but that’s the truth 😀
    Have a nice day!
    Nadya (from http://stayinspring.blogspot.com)

    • Oh I feel your frustration! it’s always so much better to start a new project! glad you could sort it out:) I’m glad I could fix mine up:)

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