baby + toddler crochet hat pattern

Another day and another crochet pattern from the archives. This one comes from 2010 and I’m still finding hats I made from this pattern around the house. It’s another super easy one and made holding 2 strands of wool together to make it a faster knit.

Sizes : baby (toddler, preschooler)

what you’ll need :

2 x 50g balls 8 ply wool ( I used Lincraft’s ‘cosy’ wool for this project)

6.5mm hook for hat

scraps of wool for your flower

4mm hook for flower


Ok, let’s get stuck into it. I’m not going to use abbreviations to make it easier for all of you and please note that I use American terminology so when I say double crochet if you’re using Australian/UK crochet terminology then you call that a treble!!!!

Using 2 strands of wool (one from each ball), chain 5 (6,6) and with a slip stitch form a ring.

Round 1: Chain 3 and then make 15 ( 17, 19 ) double crochet into your ring. Join with a slip stitch to the top of your first chain 3 (so basically your 3rd chain).

Round 2: Chain 3 (this gives you the height of the round) then starting with your next stitch do 2 double crochet (if you’re using aussie/UK terminology you call these trebles) into every stitch the whole way around. Join with a slip stitch to the top of your first chain 3.

Rounds 3-6 : Chain 3 and do 1 double crochet in each stitch the whole way around. Join with slip stitch to the top of your first chain 3.  For the preschooler hat or if its looking too short on your model/recipient/nearest child in sight then add another round or two of exactly the same so you end up with 7 or 8 rounds.  Cut wool and weave in ends.

Using the 4mm hook and one strand of wool, chain 5 and with a slip stitch form a ring.

Round 1 : chain 3 and then do 20 double crochet (you might call these a treble) into the ring. Slip stitch to join to the top of the first chain 3.

Round 2: chain 1 then single crochet in each double crochet of the previous round.

Round 3: single crochet, *skip one stitch of previous round then 7 double crochet in the next stitch, skip one stitch then do a single crochet. Repeat from * until you reach your first single crochet and slip stitch to finish. Leave 50cm of wool, cut and pull through the loop on your hook. Attach your flower using a darning needle and the wool strand you left on the flower.

Now remember this is for you to make for your family, friends, charity and not for resale! Please be nice and respect that! 


  1. Hi Corrie, I have always wanted to learn how to crochet. Did you teach yourself or did someone teach you? I know how to do a chain stitch, but that is about it! I get lost from there! Thank you

    • I did a few things! first is I got a very simple crochet book for teenagers/tweens which taught me granny squares. I’ll have to hunt down the book link for you. Then I got on youtube, my favourite crochet channel on there with loads of videos is
      and then when I got really stuck I asked someone because my granny squares were going no where and that helped me too! hope that helps! Where do you live because I do know of some crochet classes that have started recently with the money going to charity


      • I live in the Western suburbs of Sydney, near Homebush. I have tried you tube a couple of times, but my squares never come out square looking. I am going to try again this winter, I see so many beautifully crocheted things, I always wish I could do that. I have also tried a circle, but the end result was the funniest shaped circle I have ever seen. My attempts at crochet keeps my children and husband amused! Haha

  2. Lovely little pattern, my daughter will love this one, thank you!

  3. I have to learn how to crochet now, I love love love this pattern and think these are gorgeous. Thanks for the pattern but I have to go and buy everything to learn how to do this :)

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