7 day home detox

This post is brought to by Finish Power & Pure

Following on from last week’s post I thought I’d share a few of the ways that we avoid using chemicals in our home and I would love to hear what your top ways are too. Some of my readers had some great tips. I will admit I’ve tried a few things over the year that I haven’t really stuck with – soap nuts was one thing I tried in my laundry that are supposed to clean your clothes but I didn’t last too long with those. I’ve used cloth nappies with a few of the little people but not for too long and ended up back in disposables. I do prefer using home made wipes for newborn nappy changes and tend to stick with that after I come home from the hospital.

But here are a few things that we do and I’ve done since having kids in the house which are pretty easy to stick to

1. Use pump sprays over aerosol cleaners and you can find lots in the supermarket without having to spend a lot of money.

2. You can’t beat bicarb as a cleaner and it’s great in the fridge too as it absorbs smells. We have to treat the water here at the house since we’ve moved in and I can’t put any ammonia products down the toilet so it’s an extra incentive to watch what goes out of the house in our water.

3. Teegan reminded me that it’s not just the chemicals you use it’s what you eat. Are you making your meals from scratch? Are you growing your own fruit and veggies or buying organic? Don’t forget the food we eat. Some of you said that you now do an apple cider vinegar bath for your fruit and veg that aren’t organic.

4. Carlie had a great reminder about what we wear and sleep on. The recent clothing recall of jeans that has made the headlines is a reminder that we usually don’t know or pay attention to what chemicals are used in our clothes and homewares and that is where organic ranges come in. And another great reminder from Carlie was BPA free plastics.

I’ve been trying to use less chemicals in the house for the past 7 days including using Finish Power & Pure and being a Finish user already I found it great that the tablet performed as I expect even though it has less chemicals. I did like that there was less smell to the tablets and also to my dishes afterwards. To trial your free sample of Finish Power & Pure just email retromummy@momentumww.com.au with your name, address, email and a contact number.

In order to enter the competition you just need to try out Finish Power & Pure for yourself as part of your own 7 day home detox, come back to the blog and tell me about it in the comments before 10am, 6th June. Winners will be rewarded with one of these great prizes:

1. A year’s supply of Finish Power & Pure, $1500 of Breville appliances and your review published on my blog
2. A year’s supply of Finish Power & Pure and $500 of Breville appliances
3. A year’s supply of Finish Power & Pure

I will email all winners on the week commencing June 26. Terms & Conditions of the giveaway can be found here.



  1. Kym Potts says:

    We have tried finish power and pure in our dishwasher and found that the dishes come out cleaner than with other products. We little people our dishes are filthy after meals. In order to reduce water use we tend not to rinse our dishes first. Power and pure washes so effectively that we don’t need to. Win win!

  2. Lesley G says:

    Corrie, I’m so pleased you’ve done this blog. If everyone makes little steps in their own home we will gradually make a big improvement to our whole environment.
    One other thing I have embraced in the last couple of years is not using commercial window cleaner which is usually ammonia based. I now use a micro cloth for this. I actually use a lot of washable cloths. Even my daily dishcloths.
    As for insect sprays, I haven’t used them for years either because, apart from the revolting smell, we have had to consider the health of elderly parents, little people, dogs and cats.
    A lot of people like to discuss their healthy diets but I do think replacing chemicals is equally important.
    Reducing chemicals in the home also has a major impact on the grocery bill so surely this should be incentive as well.

    • yep haven’t used insect sprays in absolutely years. I need to get some microcloths, that was a big thing from my readers!
      thanks so much Lesley:)

  3. We love using Finish here (me anyway) so it would be great to try this one out. I am too worried about chemicals and we use organic shampoo and conditioner. It’s a bit pricey for us to buy organic veggies so I should be cleaning my fruit and veggies better. Thanks for the tips so far. There are window cleaners which have no ammonia and I like using the Orange cleaners and Earth stuff.

  4. I have just made the switch to Finish Power and Pure and am so excited to use something that is better for our family but still cleans and performs just as well if not better.
    I feel people would be surprised that it really doesn’t take that much more effort or time to choose to be more environmentally aware around your house.
    Small things like using essential oils and bicarb and vinegar to clean with are just as good and just a quick as using prepackage chemicals.
    Fixing and repairing clothes rather than purchasing new ones saves money and isnt really too hard.
    I find it amazing that we have come from a time when you bought a fridge and washing machine that lasted a near life time to where manufacturers now make goods that dont last as long to make their turn over better. I remember my grandparents passing on their old fridges that were 20+ years old, and still had their original tv.
    I would also love to see companies taxed for their packaging of goods, less packaging and use of recyclable materials means less tax.
    I should probably stop rambling now! Thanks for listening if you managed to get this far.

  5. Great post Corrie, I use the Eco store dishwasher tablets and a lot of earth choice products which you can buy at woolies. I use the all purpose cleaner which doesn’t leave a chemical residue when you wipe down your benches etc. I also use a lot of bi-carb and white vinegar which always gives things a nice clean, I even made a paste the other day to clean my oven, which worked pretty well although you really should leave it overnight to let it soak in.

    When in doubt I always give bi-carb & vinegar a go because I know it’s not harmful to any of the family. The other product I ‘be been introduced to is called ‘ Thieves’ which is a mixture if different essential oils that you dilute and use as an all purpose cleaner around the home. It smells really nice and is non toxic.

    I also only buy bpa free plastic bottles etched, but I must admit that I’m shocked that Australia haven’t yet completely banned it being used in plastic production yet? Especially if you are using these plastic plates or cups to reheat things in the
    Microwave, that’s when the chemicals are released. Same with glad wrap when reheated, I now try and use a proper microwaveable container :)

  6. I make my own cleaners with vinegar, bicarb, citrus peels and don’t forget essential oils! Nothing beats eucalyptus or tea tree oil to get rid of smells or to clean bathroom floors!
    I’ll be emailing for a sample for my dishwasher!

  7. Dear Corrie.
    I have just seen your post on your little girl’s broken leg. I am afraid I instantly burst into tears as one of my 3 year old daughters (she is one of a twin), had a terrible fall and broke her leg so badly that she needed a pin and a few ops. This happened 18 years ago and I still cry over it if the memory is revived ( as it has now)….so I know EXACTLY how you are feeling. Good luck and lots of love to you and your beautiful daughter, from South Africa.

  8. Anne Sandell says:

    I didn’t know about this alternative! I’m keen to make the switch! Not sure how to enter…?

  9. Franca veitch says:

    I love these! Was so excited when i bought these to try as i love using eco friendly cleaning products (i use vinegar for everything lol) but find only Finish dishwasher tablets the most effective and no need to rinse beforehand, saving even more water!!!

  10. Thank you for my free sample. I’ve just run my first load and I love that the dishes don’t have a weird chemical smell. I’ve used vinegar at our house to clean just about everything including the windows. Bi carb and vinegar stops drains from being too smelly, and boil up lemon wedges in your kettle to remove the dark stains and make it new again.

  11. Thank you for my free sample that I received in the mail today. I always use finish in our dishwasher and buy a bulk pack and we only have one tablet of the old pack left so I couldn’t have received the sample at a better time. I’m organising a detox plan right now for our household. :)

  12. Fran Graham says:

    I’m loving this Corrie. We’re reducing the chemicals in our home (and body products) and finding we are getting some really good results.

    I was really keen to try these dishwashing tablets as the chemical smell from the normal dishwashing tablets make my allergies go nutters. I am surprised the smell of the tablets is much, much, better so I’m not sneezing when I open the packet! The dishes are washed brilliantly. I tried to really test them with a baked on lasagne dish, lamb shanks in the slow cooker and rice bubbles stuck to breakfast bowls! I’m actually. Surprised there was no having to wash the dishes again, they were all clean! I’m very impressed and will definately be buying these again.

    Thank you to Finish for the awesome ‘sample’ pack. So very generous.

  13. I received my sample a couple of days back. I’ve now put 5 loads through (we seem to have endless dishes!). I expected there to be a drop in the cleaning ability due to the reduced chemicals. However I was pleasantly surprised to find no difference in the cleanliness from the regular Finish tablets to the Power & Pure tablets. Our dishwasher has one of those drying fans. It was really nice to have the kitchen filled with a pleasant smell from these tablets after the load instead of a strong chemical one. Looks like we have a convert here :)

  14. Natasha Andrews says:

    I want to be more environmentally friendly and use fewer chemicals but to my shame my good intentions rarely last. To be honest I have often found that alternative cleaning products are too time consuming and less effective than the harsher more convenient commercial products. So I must admit I faced using the Power & Pure tablets with some trepidation.
    I am delighted to say they are absolutely fabulous.
    Incredibly easy to use and they leave my dishes CLEANER than normal. Even very dirty baking trays come out sparkling! A perfect product for my family AND the Planet. Thanks Finish!

  15. Hello Corrie! Thanks for the tip about the Finish tablets – it’s the final piece of the puzzle to make our home as healthy as possible. They truly cleaned even the toughest of foods (bubby’s porridge!). Cheers :)

  16. Loving my sample of dishwasher tablets. It has actually cleaned inside my dishwasher and made it look brighter! Since using them none of my dishes have had to have a second wash either which is very annoying with a large family as I need my plates and bowls!

  17. kirra avis says:

    love the sample of finish power and pure have been using them every day for the last week and my dishes are coming out cleaner than ever before and unlike other tablets there are no nasty chemical smell left on my dishes after they have been washed. i have been converted and will stick with finish power and pure tables from now on

  18. Received my sample last week, Firstly I was amazed at the size of the sample pack was not expecting to get so many tablets Thank you Finish. I love the individually wrapped tablets with the melt away wrapper so easy and no residue left on my hands . I found the tablets to work really well without leaving a chemical smell. Overall I was very impressed with Finish Power & Pure Tablets and find some comfort in knowing that I am using less chemicals :)

  19. Michelle Gelston says:

    Thanks for my free sample. I was very interested in trying them out. I have used the cheapest brands and dearer brands and they never wash my dishes properly. I don’t rinse them beforehand (who has time for that! lol) so i was very happy that Finish Power & Pure works SO well. I haven’t had to put anything back for a re-run and thats saying something! I was getting so frustrated with having to do that with every wash. Thanks so much for putting me onto an excellent brand that i will definitely continue to use in the future!

  20. What a terrific new product. Thanks for the heads up on this one.

    We work hard to use as few chemicals as possible at our place. Like other readers here, we use vinegar and bi-carb in industrial quantities . One tip not already mentioned is to do a hot wash with 2-3 cups of white vinegar in your empty clothes washing machine when it gets a bit smelly, adding a small teaspoon of tea tree oil in the rinse cycle. A strong anti bacterial, tea tree oil really packs a punch on any smelly bacteria that might be lurking in your machine, and it smells fresh too.

    We also rely heavily on essential oils for lots of other household cleaning and health tasks. A few drops of lavender oil on a dusting rag makes the house smell lovely and also acts as a gentle anti-bacterial agent, minimising the number of illness causing bugs. Lavender oil wiped over drawers and inside clothing cupboard will also deter moths and silverfish. A few drops in shoes leaves them fresh.

    Eucalyptus oil and water in a spray bottle can be sprayed directly onto the floor (tile, vinyl, wood, really any hard surface) before using a steam mop (if you use a traditional bucket and mop, and a tablespoon of oil to a bucket of very hot water for the same effect). A great smell and anti bacterial, but eucalyptus has the added bonus of being hated by cockroaches. In summer, wiping benches, skirting boards and around windowsills and door sills with neat eucalyptus oil really keeps cockroaches under control. Combine this with traps of beer filled to 1/2 way in a jam jar with Vaseline wiped around the inside, and you’ll catch any cockies that make it past the euco oil deterrent. They die happy, and make a tasty treat for chickens!

    Got mice? They HATE peppermint. Wipe it neat over skirting boards, across door steps and anywhere you have seen mice (or evidence of mice, which is almost as bad *shudder*)

    The strongest oil we use is clove oil. It needs to be watered down significantly (literally less than a teaspoon in a spray bottle of water) but is a very powerful anti-mold agent. Spray onto active mold, leave for a day, then rinse the area with a weak clove oil and water solution, then again with plain warm water. Use with care and test it on a wall or tile or plastic BEFORE using, as it can stain.Leaves your house (and you!) smelling like a lovely big cup of chai tea, and so so SO much better for your health than horrible bleach.

    Thanks everyone else for the tips here. A fantastic resource!

  21. Corrie, thanks for letting me test this. It’s awesome stuff. I’ve blogged about it here: http://allthingsmum.blogspot.com.au/2014/05/finish-power-and-pure-with-active-oxygen.html I really love it and will be using it from now on! We’ve been getting rid of our old Teflon stuff as well as it contains nasties. All the best.

  22. Tamarin Vaughan says:

    With four small children I’m really conscious of our home health. We use our dishwasher all the time because it is more environmentally friendly and hygienic than hand washing but like most mums I worry about the chemicals. Finish Power & Pure ticked all my boxes: no fiddly unwrapping of tablets, no chemical odour and no pre-rinsing; just sparkling clean dishes with one wash. Most importantly, I no longer feel like I have to choose between what’s best for my family and the environment, and what’s best for cleaning my dishes. Finish Power & Pure is best for all three!

  23. Emma Mackie says:

    Thank you for the sample. I really liked the Finish Power and Pure tablets. I try to be environmentally friendly but as a busy Mum sometimes convenience gets in the way. This week I have made a concerted effort as part of the challenge to reduce the chemicals we use in our home.
    I swapped fabric softner for vinegar in the washing machine and I swear the washing machine looks cleaner.
    I gave the dishwasher a dish free run with bi-carb and it is sparkling.
    I’m using hot soapy water (environmentally friendly dishwashing liquid of course) to clean down my benches and tables instead of chemical spray.

    One thing that is not so much a chemical but worth reducing is our plastic use and that has been something I have been trying to do for a while. DH now takes breakfast to work in a jar. Homemade muesli & yogurt looks gorgeous in a jar and we recycle the jar too.
    I truly believe if everyone changes just small things here and there we really can make a big difference. Finish Power and Pure tablets are certainly a very easy change to make.Thanks so much for including me in the sample group.

  24. Thanks Corrie for the chance to try a environmentally friendly dishwasher product. I have been recently suffering some minor health issues and decided to change diet, beauty products and cleaning products to be less chemicals more natural so this came at the perfect time. I loved them not only wonderfully clean dishes but no chemical smell! A winner product.

  25. Tried my Finish sample – here’s my feedback:

    Finish Power & Pure what a great find,
    Less chemicals in the environment brings peace of mind.
    Far less odour & smell to my allergies so kind,
    Yet no loss of cleaning or scraps left behind!

    I gave it a try, what was there to lose?
    Oh, joy of joys, no stuck on food blues.
    This “kind to environment” is sure not a ruse,
    From now on Finish Power & Pure is the one I will choose.

    Love using bicarb & white vinegar, these Finish powerballs helping my home’s chemical detox.

  26. Colleen Kirkby says:

    First off thank you so much for the free sample. Last year we moved our family from a large town to the country so we could buy 10 acres and live the simple chemical free life, we had big hopes and dreams of growing all our own food, it however has proved to be a lot harder than we could of imagined especially when it comes to cleaning. We have however had lots of wins and we can see the how much better it is for our kids (5). The thing I am the most proud of is we can now grow most of veggies organically and we make our own soap and I cook most things from scratch. I am so grateful of the chance to enter this comp, I know the choices we have made benefit our family health however it has meant a job change and a substantial pay cut so the chance not have to buy dish washing tablets for a year and maybe even something new for the kitchen to make cooking easier would just be unreal so thank you again ox

  27. Lauren A says:

    My children have asthma and eczema, so we’ve already detoxed our house to some extent. In an attempt to “green” up our household footprint, we grow some of our vegetables, and have removed aerosols from the house. We tried deodorant crystals, with limited success unfortunately. I like the idea of using micro cloths for cleaning windows, so will try that too.
    I’ve been using Orange Power air fresheners, and Earth Choice washing and dishwashing detergents for years, but hadn’t found a dishwasher product we were happy with. After using Finish Power & Pure tablets for the last week, I know I have finally found a product to satisfy all my requirements. The scent was delicate and didn’t irritate the ultra-sensitive noses in my house, and the tablets performed as well, if not better, at cleaning the dishes than others I’ve tried in the past.
    Thanks very much for the opportunity to try them out.

  28. Jodie Parke says:

    I have to say I was impressed with the Finish Power & Pure tablets. I don’t normally buy tablets as we have a dishdrawer and it is quite wasteful to use a tablet designed for a full size dishwasher. I used them on my fast cycle (even though not recommended for my dishwasher) and they performed very well. It was great to think there were less chemicals going down the drain.
    It would be fantastic if Finish could bring out a powder with less chemicals.
    Thanks for the trial.

  29. Cathy Atkinson says:

    Got my sample pack and have been giving them a real workout. Sometimes we get a little lax with the detoxing of our homes, I know I do , and think only strong chemicals will really do the job. I’m glad to say that I’m ready to try again . its been wonderful to have beautiful clean dishes and no lingering chemical smell. Today I put them to the real test and turned on the dishwasher on a normal cycle, with Friday nights Spaghetti bolognaise plates, Saturday mornings porridge saucepan and a two day collection of other crockery all unrinsed and waited for the result. They were really clean , no need for any extra wash. So thankyou Finish, this is a great result. ITs great to feel like at least the plates we are eating off don’t carry a chemical residue.

  30. Krystal says:

    We have been using Finish Power and Pure daily and are really impressed with the results. The dishes are impeccably clean and there is less residual water than with other brands. Most of all the scent is lovely! I look forward to the end of every cycle. As an asthmatic, the scent of products and limiting added chemicals is extremely important to my overall health. Thanks for the opportunity to sample.

  31. Got my sample and have loved using it. I used to rinse all the plastics again after dishwashing as I was always worried about the residue. Now I feel a lot more relaxed and the cleaning results are just the same. Gotta love a little more ‘peace of mind’ in our anxious lives. Thank you.

  32. With 4 young children there are dirty dishes galore,
    Cups, plates, bowls, cutlery and so much more.
    After the initial puzzle of fitting everything in,
    My chore is done, the dishwasher can begin.
    No unwrapping the tablet, just pop in and press start (time for mummy to unwind),
    The same shiny results yet less nasty chemicals for extra peace of mind.
    Difficult cases like dried up cereal, gooey cheese and stubborn tomato pasta bake,
    Our test has proven it: For Finish Power & Pure it’s a piece of cake.

  33. I have loved giving Finish Power & Pure a go in our dishwasher at home. I have a preschooler, a shift-working partner and am expecting, so good results with less effort is where it’s at! Finish P&P definitely delivers! I can also feel good about using a product that has less chemicals and cleans the dishes perfectly every time.
    Since receiving this sample and looking into detoxing our home, I have even started making some of my own household cleaners. I have put this off in the past but it really takes no time at all and is much better for our young family.

  34. Jacqueline says:

    No bowl too sticky
    Instant clean
    Saving water
    Helping our environment

    Thanks to our Finish Power & Pure sample there has been a concerted detox and de-clutter effort going on in our house this week. What a joy to open the dishwasher to sparkling clean dishes without any chemical smell.

    The Finish Power & Pure tablets coped amazingly well with all manner of tough to clean dishes including crusty porridge bowls and the stuck on residue of butter chicken and beef casserole in the Breville Slow cooker without even a pre-rinse, making this detox warrior one Happy Camper!

  35. Thanks so much for my sample pack of Finish Power & Pure, I was definitely excited to receive it and be a part of the trial. We have always used Finish Power ball tabs in our dishwasher, except on the odd time I have given another brands liquid ones a try.
I quickly switched back to the Finish Tabs as I found the liquid to permeate the dishes even more with the smell and taste.
I was extremely excited to try the Finish Power & Pure tabs because they promised less chemicals, therefore less smell and taste on my dishes and I haven’t been disappointed !
    I have a Thermomix and so use a lot of storage containers, Tupperware and jars and also a lot of silicone spatulas . I found that the silicone items in particular would smell and worse Taste of the dishwashing tablets or liquids – YUCK

    I am absolutely thrilled and delighted to report that there is NO taste or smell left behind on the dishes OR silicone or plastic items . Best of all the dishes are clean to the same standard that the regular powerball finish tablets have always done .

    Thanks so much for my sample , I was dubious that a product that would stop the smell / taste would still clean my dishes effectively but thanks to your sample I’ve been able to try them and delighted with the result

    Thank you

  36. Corrie, thank you for challenging me to a home detox.
    I got my first ever dishwasher in February and have been trying to find a detergent that fits my personal ethos and CLEANS the dishes ever since.
    Enter Finish Power and Pure.
    WOW. It took me a few loads to be entirely convinced but my load yesterday left me AMAZED! I put my 2 day old dishes from the slowcooker, without rinsing, on a normal wash (I know its naughty, but that’s why I have a dishwasher!). The dishes came out cleaner than ever before. There was no residue left!!
    Power and Pure will now be my go to detergent. And I’ve already been told off for talking about it too much. I love it.
    Thanks again Corrie.

  37. Cathy M says:

    Thanks so much for the introduction to the new weapon in our house-cleaning arsenal. We’re both sensitive to cloying smells, and harsh chemicals and Finish Power and Pure has revolutionised our dishwashing. The name’s a misnomer though: it’s really Pure Power! Cuts through oily residue on the frying pan, dried on tiramisu, congealed tomato sauce. My husband and I are converts: now the only thing we disagree on is how to stack the dishwasher!

  38. Here are some ways our family tries to be “green” around the home:
    Our daughter uses cloth nappies.
    We installed solar panels.
    We use the sun to dry (and bleach) our washing.
    We have a worm farm and compost bin for our food scraps.
    We grow our veggies.
    We use natural and homemade products where possible.
    But it all takes effort, and I don’t always get it right.
    With Finish Power & Pure tablets, we don’t have to try! We just put the tablet in and start the dishwasher. It’s never been easier to use less chemicals in our home!

  39. Before moving house recently, my husband and I compiled a list of new house must haves. Lots of the must haves were common place, and not particularly ground breaking; garage, lots of storage, large kitchen for cooking up yummy feasts.
    But then we got down to the serious stuff, you know, the life changing stuff. We wanted large windows, to allow the sun to warm our home and let more light in. A yard with lots of space for playing outside. An area close to the kitchen for herb growing and tea drinking. We wanted to renovate our new house with enviro-friendly bamboo flooring, which would help cut down on the mites and creepy crawlies that live in carpet. We wanted space that would allow us plant a native garden – to use less water and put less harsh chemicals into the soil.
    Lots of these things are long term projects: but we have thoroughly enjoyed taking the ‘smaller’ steps immediately. A compost bin has been installed, to use on our yet to be constructed vegie patch. The new clothes hoist is full and blowing in the wind. Bicarb is like a gift from the cleaning gods and used on just about everything! Thermostat has been fitted to allow our heating/cooling to run at their best. Eucalyptus oil is used at every opportunity and added to every wash! Finish Power and Pure was like a wonderful housewarming present. I particularly loved that there was no residue left on the dishes, they dried sparkly and clean, every single time.

  40. Thanks for the opportunity to try Finish Power & Pure dishwasher tablets. I’ve always used the cheaper brands in the dishwasher, so was interested to see how the Power & Pure performed. They were great! I wasn’t expecting them to be much better than the cheapies we use, but the dishes looked cleaner, there was no lingering smell and there were no water marks on the glasses and baby bottles. I have put baking dishes in the dishwasher, even the saucepan we used to make jam, and they all came out clean!

  41. Here’s my review for the Finish Power & Pure dishwasher tablets:

    With no mess, no fuss and, best of all, no chemicals, we put Finish Power & Pure to the test and it truly is head and shoulders above the rest.
    It’s good for our dishes, good for the environment and good for this busy family of three – a big thumbs up from me!

  42. I love the opportunity to test new products out, especially those which are better for the environment. As I already use Finish dishwasher tablets, I was a little sceptical as to whether Power & Pure could be much different. It probably was a little more effective on the greasy roast vegie pan, and dried on foods, but the biggest difference I noticed was the smell. There just isn’t that chemical smell when you open the dishwasher to unpack it, and that in itself is a huge bonus for me and my family.

  43. Janny Pilarski says:

    Thank you for allowing me to trial this product. I am impressed. I have used the Finish Power and Pure and discovered the tablets actually do dissolve. They are leaving my dishwasher as well as my dishes cleaner than before. I normally use a liquid. I tried the product with both rinsed dishes as well as dishes not rinsed, with and without Rinse Aid and found the dishes came out sparkling. It also removed dried on EGG which I have struggled with in the past. I have not had to rewash any dish, pan or cutlery that I have placed in the dishwasher. The dishwasher smells cleaner, looks cleaner and even the filter is cleaner than before. I will definitely be using them from here on in. Thank you once again.

  44. I had already been using Finish tablets in my dishwasher, I have recently taken part in the detox Finish Power and Pure, it’s noticeably different to the other Finish tablets. It doesn’t have a smell like the others which always makes me sneeze. I am really loving these Finish Power and Pure tablets in more ways than one. Thank you Corrie for the opportunity to try these.

  45. Rebeca G says:

    DETOX Sometimes implies less, but with Finish POWER and PURE less is definitely MORE.

    MORE cleaning POWER
    PURE scent without harsh chemicals
    PURE ease – nothing to Peel or fiddle with

    I love being super clean and GREEN as possible but I will never sacrifice cleaning POWER.

    Spent years to get my Holy Grail of products for around the house; clean great, smell divine, low or no chemical. Detoxing the dishwasher is so Important as it gets SO much use. I have happily put POWER and PURE on my must have list and use it EVERY day.

  46. Debbie Emms says:

    I am new to using a dishwasher and never really thought it would beat me actually washing the dishes but since trying Finish Power & Pure I was pleasantly surprised. My dishes were spotless with no chemical smell or yucky film. Trying to go chemical free I find very difficult but now with this product I don’t have to worry at all about what is washing my dishes or going down the drain. I absolutely love them and would highly recommend everyone to try them. Once they do they will never go back to any other product.

  47. Jessica M says:

    Thank you Corrie and Finish for the fabulous sample. I am always striving to reduce the chemicals I use at home but the dishwasher was always one place where I couldn’t find an alternative that worked as well as the Finish tablets I normally used. I usually prefer to use products such as bicarb, vinegar, and essential oils for my everyday cleaning. So imagine how thrilled I was to read about about Finish Power and Pure on your blog. Finally a way to reduce our chemical exposure without compromising on clean. Finish Power and Pure did not disappoint, my dishes are every bit as clean (if not a bit more) as ever.

    I am very sensitive to a number of chemicals and often suffer with skin or breathing problems with exposure but I have not had a problem with these tablets. I have organic chooks and dogs at home who are also sensitive to the chemicals I use around my home. As an animal lover I am also very conscious about the effect of chemicals down the drain and where they end up. This is why I actively seek out products like Finish Power and Pure that can help me maintain a clean and healthy home with as little environmental impact as possible.

    I am so impressed with these tablets that I already have my mum and sister onto them. Well done Finish for such a brilliant product!

  48. deborah neill says:

    Thanks Corrie and Finish, well I have really enjoyed using the Finish Power & Pure Samples! With 6 of us in the household our dishwasher gets a good workout and I usually don’t like the overly strong chemical smell with dishwasher powders and tablets but have found using these that there is no strong smell and the dishes are still sparkling and clean. It removed all manner of food, grease and grime and I loved how it removed the tea and coffee marks on my cups with ease! We have tried to reduce our chemical footprint over time and this is another great way to do this! I always hang out my clothes on the washing line, there is nothing like sun smell on clothes and towels as the kids say! I use Eucalyptus and Hot water when i mop the floor which also has the added benefit of making the house smell clean. The 7 day detox has been great for us to see how much chemicals we all use and then to see how we can cut the use! Thanks again for this great incentive!

  49. Kylie Ross says:

    Just finished my 7 day detox with Finish Power and Pure samples and I was delightfully surprised at the results. The dishes are beautifully clean, no residue or baked on food leftover, even the roast pork pan cleaned up beautifully. The best result I believe was the lack of chemical smell in the dishwasher, opening the door was no longer an exercise in avoiding a cloud of nasty steam as the cycle ended. I felt comfortable letting the little ones unpack dishes out of the washer, knowing that even if there was an upturned cup of leftover dishwater in there it wasn’t harmful. Thanks!

  50. Tracy Park says:

    We tried the Finish Power and Pure at our house, and were very happy! No more nasty chemicals on my fingers as I fiddle with the wrapper! They smell nicer, and clean just as well as the other kinds of tablets. And the best bit is knowing there are less chemicals in my house…

  51. Andrea Easton Teika says:

    Love the finish power and pure usually when I unpack the dishwasher I re rinse all the childrens plastics as I feel reside is left but sice using this product I have not felt the need to rinse the kiddies things I think it smells amazing and things are so clean I have even been cleaning the baby bottles in the dishwasher which I have never done before. Thank you for this amazing product will definatly be using these and recommending them to everyone :)

  52. I have been a fan and loyal customer of Finish Dishwashing tablets so I was keen to see the difference using Power and Pure as I am often skeptical of the quality when there are less chemicals.
    I put Finish Power and Pure to the test this week and our plates have come out clean, our cutlery shiny and our glasses clear as well glass. There were no watermarks and the dishwasher itself smelt clean and there was no residue on the waste outlets. It encouraged me that detoxing can be a good thing – especially in the dishwasher!

  53. Jocelyn says:

    I am loving finish power and pure. Nothing has come out of my dishwasher dirty since I started the trial tablets- saving time, extra powder and water. The inside of my dishwasher is sparkling and no half dissolved tablets kicking round in the bottom if the washer. My plates and glasses all feel silky to touch just like new! I’m converted.

  54. I’m not going to wax lyrical about the virtues of dish washing detergent.
    To be honest if I think for more than a few seconds about it then the detergent isn’t really doing what it’s supposed to do.
    In my busy day all I want to do is load the dishes, clean the dishes, put the dishes away. If I’m noticing detergent it means I’m noticing that it didn’t do what it was supposed to do and I’m washing those dishes again.
    Finish Power and Pure. I’ve got nothing to say. And that means it’s perfect.
    Fewer nasty chemicals? You’ve won me.

  55. We have loved using our sample pack of Finish Power and Pure. The ultimate test: a huge white lasagne dish straight into the diswasher after a busy dinner with our family of six. The result? Success! Completely clean and sparkling as were all our other dishes and glassware. We have been a fan of Finish for years so I was interested to see if this new formula with fewer chemicals would work as well. I’m completely sold. As busy Mums of precious little ones, anything that is purer, cleaner and healthier and still does a great job is a total winner :-).

  56. My dishwasher is used twice each day

    And always gets things clean.

    Despite plates and pots not rinsed

    They emerge with a sparkling sheen.

    The Finish Classic tablets I use

    Keep cleaning demands secure.

    But I was interested in less chemicals

    And tried Finish Power & Pure.

    No unwrapping needed the tablet smells great

    But will it be good enough

    For baked on food, dirty pans? —

    It will have to be quite tough.

    To my pleasure but not surprise

    Finish Power & Pure came through.

    With the same clean as Classic I feel good

    That the chemicals used are few.

    7 day home detox blogged at http://jeneta.blogspot.com.au/2014/06/7-day-home-detox-review.html

  57. I am not a fan of chemicals. I use an eco brand that I am happy with. BUT my husband still likes products that clean ‘traditionally’. So I am always looking for a product that at least smells less and doesn’t leave a residue. Which this product does.They also don’t smell as strong and clean just as good (if not better) as the other Finish tablets.

    What I don’t like is that I am still using chemicals.

    Will I use them again. Probably as they will be a good gap filler for when I cant get my eco ones.

  58. Christie says:

    Committed to the detox challenge and use less chemicals we tried Finish Power & Pure. From the first cycle there was a clean, gentle scent that lingered on as we packed the dishwasher throughout the day. Cutlery sparkled, dishes and glasses were squeaky clean and to our surprise even the cups came out tea stain free after just one cycle! We also put a Finish Power & Pure inside the barrel of the washing machine. Set the cycle to hot and paused overnight. Next morning set to wash and watched as sludge and soap buildup pumped free from the machine!

  59. Vanessa says:

    I am new to natural cleaning products and have just started to re-stock my laundry with bi-carb soda, vinegar and similar chemical free products. I have just started to use the Finish Power and Pure tablets in our dishwasher and I have to say that I don’t think I will be going back! The dishes come out without any residue and there is no chemical smell that you can linger on your crockery and plastics. The fact that they are still in the tablet form too makes it ideal when trying to run a busy household.
    Thank-you for the opportunity to trial the new product line, as I said above given the results and the convenience I don’t think I will be going back to the other brands.

  60. Suzette McGuire says:

    Thankyou so much for the generous sample of Finish Power and Pure. It has been a godsend!!! Not only because it leaves our plates, pots and cutlery spotlessly shiny but most of all….my husband was so excited about getting a free sample sent that HE PACKED AND UNPACKED THE DISHWASHER!!!! Hallelujah!!! ThankYOU Finish :-)

  61. Linda Batziris says:

    Thanks Corrie and Finish for the chance to try this new product. I have a set of dishwash drawers and have always used Finish products and have been quite happy with them. For a manufacturer to improve on an already good product is BRILLIANT. My dishes and glasses are sparkling clean, not a streak to be seen on my cutlery. I popped the griller’s chrome tray in last night and it came out clean for the first time. WOW I am impressed. Then there is the bonus of being environment friendly. I have tried many “green” products over the years, but this is the best one yet. I will be telling all my friends and family to buy and try “Finish Power and Pure”

  62. I have loved my sample of Finish Power & Pure, it was lovely to have enough to be able to share with a girlfriend too, thankyou! Like most people with young children I prefer to use products that have less chemicals but I still expect things to do their job and work well. Finish Power & Pure ticked all the boxes!!! I love the fact that when I open the dishwasher that I’m not hit with that horrible chemical smell in fact now its actually quite pleasant. But the best bit is that I actually think my dishes are cleaner than they used to be using the traditional finish tablets!! Thanks again.

  63. Jessica Morgan says:

    I knew we could really put Power and Pure to the test in our house. Not just with dirty dishes (although there’s plenty of those), but with my husband. He’s an economist. This equals a tight budget for our (single income) household – we use the cheapest tablets available.

    My husband is a convert. He said ‘Price doesn’t matter – they are so much better – we’re using Power and Pure!’ I won’t tell him that they’re not expensive – I’ll put the money he thinks they cost towards treats! Now we’re discussing other ways to home detox and save money.

  64. Marcia Coventry says:

    People often say something changed their life.
    I’ve always used homebrand dishwasher products; now I realize just how inferior those products are!
    When I used Finish Power & Pure, I noticed how clean my tired old dishwasher once looked; it now sparkles! Suddenly, I’m wondering just how clean all the dishes in my cupboard are.
    With my old powder, I needed to rewash dishes on a regular basis as at least a few things would still be dirty. I NEVER rewashed a single dish using Finish Power & Pure. This product is life changing and give amazing results!

  65. Samantha Byrne says:

    Modern life seems to be a balancing act. As a mum I constantly have to juggle budget, efficiency, impact and time. After trialling Finish Power & Pure for a week I am feeling great about the product, it does what it says it will well and has the added bonus of being a better choice for the health of my family. I love a product that ticks more than one box and makes my life easier.

  66. Deanne Kiely says:

    Finish Power and Pure. Wow!! I usually use the Finish Powder and till now have been happy with the result but the new Power and Pure tablets are amazing. I truly put them to the test with our family of 6. I usually have to rinse dishes and often have to go back are rewash a few that haven’t quite come clean. Since using the tablets I have had spotless dishes every wash. No more food residue on the pots and spot free glasses. I’m definitely a convert. Don’t think I will be buying the powder again. Worth every cent.

  67. After 3 years of hand washing, 2 growing children with 2 growing appetites and growing piles of dishes each day it was time to give our old, far-from-great dishwasher a second chance. I had my reservations – more pure yet more power? It just didn’t sound likely. Not in our old dragon of a dishwasher anyway. But 7 days in there’s been no caked on residue, no lingering grease and a shine like never before. It seems the dragon has a new lease on life. Now, if only Finish Power & Pure could tackle the noise she emits while washing…

  68. Hi, thank you for the opportunity to try Finish Power & Pure dishwasher tablets. We found that they did a great job washing everything in site and left a nice smell, different from the regular Finish tablets we usually get. I think Finish makes fabulous products that work, with minimal fuss and this particular tablet with less chemicals is totally a winner a far as my household is concerned. We value the environment and this is one step in the right direction.

    Thanks again :)

  69. Lorraine says:

    Having tried other brands, I can safely say that the dishes are cleaner and shinier than ever before. Each dish didn’t have to be washed more than once, therefore I was able to get through the loads quicker and have more family time. Using less chemicals makes for a healthier lifestyle which is an absolute added bonus. I have ditched all other brands and have bought a few packs to pass around. Cleaner, less chemicals and much purer…what more could I ask for? Except someone to come and load my dishwasher of course. Thanks finish!

  70. Brielle says:

    We only use Finish Quantum dish washing tablets as nothing else on the market cleans as well so I was pleasantly surprised when the Finish Power & Pure tablets matches the Quantum tablets given the lower chemicals used. I really tested them, often washing dishes with hardened food from the day before. My dishes came out perfect. I love that my dishes don’t have a chemical smell when I empty the dishwasher. I will definetely make the switch as less chemicals is important to me with three children and the fact that I still get brilliant clean dishes is fantastic.

  71. Thank you for allowing me to trial the Finish Power and Pure tablets. My dishwasher is a reasonably newish, but cheaper-end-of-the-scale model that will perform quite well with the assistance of good cleaning products. I have used some ‘cheap and nasty’ brands of dishwashing tabs that have been a complete waste of a cycle as everything needed rewashing. NOT the case with the pack of Finish Power and Pure!! An additional and impressive feature of this product was that my dishes were simply clean, by this I mean no hint of smell or icky chemical residue! I haven’t used a rinse aid in a while as I am concerned about chemical over-use in our home, I have used white vinegar in my dishwashers in place of rinse aid. The combined result was a less ‘chemically tainted’ load of dishes through our machine makes me a very happy Mum. I just want simply clean, I’m not one who is sold on antibacterial or over the top home cleaning products, I am a registered nurse who works in an ICU who fully understands the need for a clean home, but also understand that clean homes does not in any way equal hospital grade cleanliness. (I think of muliti-resistant organisms and lowered immune responses in children!) I’m well impressed and will continue to use Finish Power and Pure in my home :) Thanks again!

  72. Kerryn Flood says:

    After using Finish Power and Pure in my old dishwasher I have found the dishes are perfectly washed. The tablets removed all the residue even dried out porridge. I use natural products in my house, lots of vinegar and bi carb and really dislike chemical smells. Finish Power and Pure was fantastic as it didn’t have any harsh smells. Loved the wrapper free tablets as I don’t like unwrapping and touching the tablets from other products. Now if only I could get my three teenagers to actually put the dishes in the dishwasher, life would be perfect. Fantastic product.

  73. Kristie says:

    Thanks for allowing me to sample your Finish Power and Pure tablets. I currently was using Finish Tablets with Baking soda. I am a Enjo user as I’m not a fan of chemicals and knowing that the Finish Power and Pure is using less chemicals is even better, my dishes came out shinier and clean even the ones with food dried on and my stainless steel pots. I will continue using these and will highly recommend to everyone :)

  74. Was so happy to receive my sample!!! I made the witch straight away and was so glad I did. With a young child in the house, I love the fact that there is no need to unwrap! I previously used tablets I had to unwrap and was petrified of dropping chemicals on the floor. The tablets cleaned my dishes better than my previous tablets! I received my sample in the mail the day I was cooking lasagne for dinner, so being the rebel that I am, I decided to really put these to test, and put the lasagne dish in the dishwasher straight after I dished up dinner – no rinsing!!!
    Imagine my surprise when later that night I was unpacking the dishwasher and my lasagne dish was sparkling! I have used these tablets every night since!
    Not only do they clean my dishes, bug they’re better for the environment. This is a huge plus!! I am always trying to do my part to preserve our wonderful world for our future generations! Thanks Corrie and Finish for the opportunity to review these great tablets :)

  75. Candice says:

    Thank you so much for my sample.
    These finish Power and Pure tablets are Awesome I will definitely be buying them in the future. I honestly didn’t notice the switch from the normal finish tablets that I use so it is great to be able to use a better safer product without compromising efficiency or effectiveness!!!

  76. My husband is the dishwasher King. He does all of our dishes. He likes to use medium range powder in the dishwasher usually. He loved that he didn’t have to measure the powder into the dispenser. I liked that there are fewer chemicals with the Power & Pure tablets & also there wasn’t that nasty chemical smell that lingers…..mostly on the glasses I find! As for clean. Much better than what we usually use. With our present powder, I’m always putting items in for a second wash. But with the Power & Pure, I didn’t have one item that needed to be put back in again. If I can convince The King, I can see more of these Power & Pure tablets going into our dishwasher in the future!

  77. georgia says:

    Ok I was totally skeptical of the claim of these tablets that they actually clean your baked on lasagna or anything else like that but I put the Finish Power and Pure tablets to the test and not only tried them with baked on Lasagna but also on our spatzle maker (which is a basic European tool for making a basic pasta). I have been using just a generic brand tablet before and have had to on more than one occasion put the pots or other items back in for a second go but with the Finish Power and Pure I didn’t need to at all. It was also nice to smell nothing when I opened the dishwasher rather than the smell of chemicals that I had when using the generic brand. As part of our detox in our family we have been making a big effort to only use the washing line not the dryer, and I have been making some of my own dishcloths which seem to be working without any extra sprays using only vinegar and bi-carb. From now on we will be purchasing the Finish Power and pure as they really are so much better not only for cleaning but also for the environment and in the end saves you money as you don’t need to put things back in!

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