things are going to be quiet around here

But only on the blog. Behind the scenes our lives have been turned upside down with this nasty break happening to our big girl. I think we’re all still in a state of shock and I’m trying to get my head around the logistics of being pregnant, running a big family and having my biggest girl in a wheelchair at home with me for the next 6 or 7 weeks like this.

She’s had two casts so far, another cast will go on next week, then 6 weeks in the chair or at home with her leg elevated then a smaller cast and crutches for another 6 weeks. I can’t share the details of what happened yet but I promise that I will because no one should have to go through this. I’ve definitely shed some tears over the weekend and wish I could go back to before it all happened.

Thank you for all of the kind wishes we have received and we are grateful that tonight she is back home and we have the whole family in the same place for the first time in a few nights.


  1. Littlemissairgap says:

    I’ve never experienced a break, nor have my children and I can only imagine how awful & frightening it was for all of you. I’m sure your new community will do all it can to help you through this challenging time.

  2. maria luisa hernandez gaitero says:

    Cuanto lamento lo ocurrido.
    un besito para todos

  3. Oh Corrie that is a terrible thing to happen, especially now. I must admit when I first saw a snippet of the picture on FB, I actually thought it was you with the broken leg. Not sure what’s actually worse though :( Take care xx

  4. Oh no! My thoughts are with you Corrie.

  5. Belinda says:

    Gosh, my thoughts are with you. Can’t even imagine what the following weeks will be like for you. That would take you almost to your due date wouldn’t it? And you have me worried about how it happened now. I am sorry it has been so traumatic.

  6. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, thinking of you.

  7. anne seery says:

    O my gosh, I’m so sorry this has happened….please give her lots of cuddles and hugs for me……♥

  8. Praying xx

  9. I have been following your facebook updates & am so glad you have Kiera home now. It must have been a nasty break, that sounds like a marathon recovery plan. I hope you have some friends there that still live near enough to your new place to give you a hand getting the other children to where they need to be. Make sure that you say yes to any help offered, I tend to say don’t worry we will be fine because I don’t like to think I am putting people out, but now is the time you need to let people do things for you even though it can sometimes be hard to do. I will keep Kiera & the rest of your family too, in my prayers.

  10. Oh how awful. It sounds like things are going to be very tough for you. Hang in there and take care x

  11. Oh my goodness. Your poor sweet girl. I am lost for words other than my thoughts are with Keira and your family. I hope she is ok. I do so hope she loves reading or drawing or knitting. My thoughts are also with you, it will be so difficult to care for her as your pregnant belly grows. You can do it though. You’re strong. You’re smart. You’re resourceful. Take care.

  12. Corrie,
    It is so easy to blame yourself when things happen – all three of my girls broke a limb at one time or other – one a leg, one an arm (twice) and one a thumb requiring plastic surgery. While some might say I let them have too much freedom, I look at it as the price of sports like rugby, skating and just being kids. It is critical not to let this colour your view of things and while I am all for safety, (seat belts, helmets on bikes etc.), I do think that you will have the odd mishap. So, be kind to yourself and to your little one…

  13. Susan Leach says:

    That is so hard for you all. Lots of hugs and prayers for the patient, and my thoughts are with you all

  14. Kathy MacKie says:

    Hugs to all.

  15. Oh no! Poor Keira! And you – not an easy time ahead. Hope she has as speedy a recovery as poss and will be thinking of you x

  16. Oh no Cory. I hope Keira’s recovery is a speedy one. Take care xo

  17. Praying for
    Kiera & you & also that all the kids adjust to this next season & what’s happening for their big sister & how family life will change.

  18. Marnie PearsScown says:

    Oh Corrie I am so sorry – what an untimely accident ! I’m sure I’m with other readers as I say we wish we were closer so we could drop a meal and baking round, help out with the to-ing and fro-ing, and make you a cuppa to sit down with! Be kind to yourself, go slow, get the little ones to pitch in, and don’t worry about all of us – we’ll still be here! Praying for you and Keira and rest of the family, He has you in His hands : )
    Bless, Marnie

  19. Di Ross says:

    Thinking of you and your family. Hoping the next six weeks goes quickly.

  20. Oh Corrie I’m so sorry to hear about Kiera, it must have been such a shock and I know it can really throw your world into a spin. Our little boy had an accident with his foot last year (we call him our monkey because he is always climbing!) and it really does frighten you. I hope the break heals as quickly as possible and keeping you all in our prayers. Xxxxxxx

  21. Hi Corrie,
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and feel like I know you from the way that you write so beautifully and personally. Really hope all goes well with Keira’s recovery and the new little one.

  22. Thinking of you all. I know it’s not easy when life throws us these curve balls, but with God’s grace you will pull through. I’ll be keeping you in my prayers :)

  23. How very stressful! Here’s hoping your beautiful girl is at the very least comfortable and that life settles again. Very sorry to hear about such stressful events.

  24. Oh Corrie! You have all my sympathy and prayers – for Keira and the rest of your family. It does affect everyone in the household as I’m finding out firsthand right now with my broken arm. Hang in there.

  25. Jenny kilpatrick says:

    Dear Corrie
    Thoughts and prayers are with you and the famy.

  26. Oh know. Poor kiddo. Hope she doesn’t get too frustrated with her lack of movement. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

  27. Poor thing! It must have been harrowing for all of you. I hope everything is OK and it doesn’t get too stressful for you to cope with it all over the next few weeks. I hope you’re accepting all offers of help!

  28. Oh my goodness.
    Im sending you are your daughter much positive energy.
    I hope she heals quickly

  29. Caroline says:

    Poor poor Kiera. I am so sorry this has happened. Hope the time passes quickly for her and your family.

  30. Hi Corrie,

    I hope your daughter has a speedy recovery well as quickly as it can go and that you take one day at a time and look after yourself too. Thinking of you xxx

  31. Gosh Corrie, that is pretty full on. Hope Kiera is doing ok and that you are too. Sounds like you have all had a pretty big shock. Jacinta

  32. Hi Corrie! Best wishes to Keira for a speedy recovery! I know it’s hard to think of a bright side when accidents happen, but Keira will learn a lot from her experience. Kids are so resilient and she will be stronger from this. Big hugs to you little Mumma & take care of yourself! XO Jetts

  33. Oh my goodness. My heart swelled and tears stung my eye. Family is foremost important and that is why I love your blog. Words fail me but please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. xxoo

  34. Kristie says:

    Oh no poor Kiera, I hope she has a speedy recovery and isnt in too much pain. Wish i was close by to lend a helping hand, big hugs to all of you :)

  35. Teresa F. says:

    Oh, poor poppet! Hope she heals quickly. Sending best wishes that things will go smoothly for everyone during the process.

  36. Hope you get some time to look after yourself too Corrie. Poor Keira!

  37. Oh no thinking of all of you so stressfull and upsetting. Sending our love to all of you xoxo

  38. Beverley Priest says:

    OMG Corrie your poor little big girl, she must have been very brave and what a worrying time for you, take care and hugs to all xx

  39. Praying for sustenance for you Corrie and that Kiera’s leg heals quickly. Trust that God will get you through these next weeks. Know that you and your family will be covered in prayer. X

    • Hi Corrie, I am sorry to hear your news, I know all to well what you are going through. My daughter broke her hip when she was just 10 years old, 2 years, in a wheel chair or on crutches, lots of surgery and ups and downs. We went through hell and back. My advise is do what feels right, find the right doctors and be strong, we are getting there, she is now 13 just had surgery to stop her good leg growing so they can even up, but she takes it all in her stride, she is an amazing strong girl, and your beautiful daughter will find strength none of you new she had. We are thinking of you all and sending our healing powers, you will get through this. xoxoxoxox

  40. Wishing your little poppet a speedy recovery. There will be more tears and frustration from all of you but as you said, at least you are together. I broke my leg just a little older (not much), plaster from hip to ankle. We had an outdoor toilet and I couldn’t fit my leg inside the tiny toilet and I had to sit sideways on the toilet with my leg out in the rain! It’s not fun and poor Keira will have to watch her brothers and sisters running around. Perhaps you could promise her something special soon to help her through. All the best.

  41. You might need to pass over the blogging duties to Miss K! She can take charge for a few weeks.

  42. I’m sorry to hear of Keira’s nasty break. Thinking of you both, it might be the ideal time to teach her to knit or crochet! X

  43. Corrie, is Kiera able to go to school within this 12week wchair and crutches time? Maybe look into the availability of extra support in the classroom? Lucky you have a big van to transport her and that cast! Sending her healing vibes xx Bron

  44. Oh I’m so sorry :( What an awful thing to happen. I hope you can get some help Corrie, such a lot on your plate at the moment x

  45. Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry. I hope she heals fast and things settle down soon. Hugs to you and your daughter.

  46. Take care and take one thing at a time and hope it come together ok!!

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