fabric giveaway time

I figured it’s about time I did a fabric giveaway so how about 5 charm square packs out to one lucky reader. I still haven’t had the time to really do my craft room since we’ve moved in so a bit of a destash over the next few weeks might help the situation. These are straight from the wholesaler and I have 2 boxes of them so I’ve finally opened up the boxes and got them out and thought why not give some away. Fleurologie is a very pretty and girly brand new range by Stephanie Ryan for Moda and Colour Me Happy is a fun range with flowers, spots and geometric patterns and I love the blues and greens in this range. And then why not pop an all white charm square pack in there too which is great to break up the colour in quilts.

You can live anywhere in the world to enter this one and I’ll post it out to you. Just tell me what you’d like to make with this gorgeous selection of fabrics and we’ll pick a winner next Thursday evening 22nd May. Just one entry per person please. 

congratulations to ruthena who won!


  1. Ooh so pretty. I’d make a quilt for my MIL for her 70th birthday in December. I was thinking of doing one but couldn’t decide on any fabric. She would love any of those fabrics – like me. Thanks for the chance.

  2. Oh, how gorgeous. I’d make a pretty little quilt for my 3 month old and probably have enough to make another for my sister, who is expecting in September. Matchy matchy!

  3. I’d be doing a quilt for my AMAZING mum who is always there when I need her. something made from her very appreciative daughter.

  4. Michelle says:

    Ooh lovely. I would make a lovely quilt for bub number 3 due in september. This will be my first quilt and I’m pretty excited :) Thanks for the giveaway :)

  5. Very pretty fabric! This fabric would be the perfect addition to a patchwork tee pee I am planning to make for my two girls.

  6. Courtney Bolitho says:

    Such pretty fabrics I don’t know how you are parting with them Corrie! I would make a patchwork quilt especially for picnics on sunny days, lazing down in the park with the family.

  7. I’d make my daughter a patchwork twirly skirt with this gorgeous fabric. I love to see her twirl and spin and the smile it puts on her face.

  8. Megan fegan says:

    I actually would love to make a tote bag from them. They are so pretty and happy, the deserve to be on show! Lined with a chambray fabric it will be beautiful for spring!

  9. We’ve just found out one of our girls needs glasses and later will need a patch, at the moment the problem is too severe for patching as she’s currently blind in one eye so I’d make her some funky, girly patches and a matching quilt (plus another quilt for her twin sister) ready for when we move to patches.

  10. Cheryl Hayes says:

    Hi Corrie, beautiful fabric bundle! I would make a happy, cheerful lap quilt for a fantastic lady who will be 90 on July 2nd! She may be ninety soon but she is as sharp as a tack and a pure delight to share time with! She is my dear friend’s Mum and her name is Peggy aka PEGLEG!!! Thanks for this opportunity…love your blog and hope your little ones get better quicklyxxxxx

  11. Patty d says:

    Love your blog. I’d make a quilt with that pretty fabric.

  12. I’d make patchwork cushions so we have a pop of color on our dark brown couches during winter! Thanks!

  13. Gilly Gough says:

    I have only recently started sewing and a quilt for my beautiful 3 year old daughter is the next project I will be working on. These divine fabrics would provide me with some wonderful inspiration.

  14. Kate oaten says:

    I would make some miniature quilts for my 2 daughters to use for their dolls.

  15. Oh Corrie,
    I do love charm squares. All my babies (24, 21 and 18 years) will be heading to University in September. I need to start working on a quilt for them.

  16. Such happy prints! I’d make a couple of baby quilts for RPA Newborn Care if I had these

  17. Christine Rutherford says:

    Hi Corrie, I would make two BIG patchwork lounge cushions ready for the snuggly winter weather. I may even be daring and put a zip in them instead of a safe envelope back haha.
    (I’m still gathering the courage to start a quilt!)

  18. Melanie Earl says:

    Great prize… I would make a lap quilt with those gorgeous prints. Its the happiest fabric to look at whilst working with over dreary, depressing winter. Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. Ohh those fabrics are gorgeous! I would sew them into bunting decorations for my upcoming engagement party.

  20. Catherine atkinzon says:

    I have a few more neices and granddaughters arriving soon and I’d love to make them their own little quilt from grandma and grandpa and aunty. Those prints are just singing out, pick me, pick me

  21. Frances says:

    These are lovely fabrics, my daughter has a new room and a new quilt would be fantastic.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  22. lara brown says:

    Those fabrics are beautiful and I would love to make my first quilt for baby no 4. I have been wanting to make a quilt just haven’t gotten around to buying some fabric and doing it. If the baby is a boy well then the little one could have it in her roo

  23. Angela Moore says:

    What beautiful fabrics. I have a new niece and would love to make a quilt for her – realistically this isn’t going to happen before her first birthday! But I have made quilts for her brother and sister so it would be nice for her to have one too!

  24. Oh wowee! Those fabrics are so pretty! It’s definitely worthy of a summer quilt. I have wanted to make a super lightweight quilt (no batting) for a while now and this would be perfect for it. Thanks for such a great giveaway.

  25. OH what to make so many choices, so many people who I could make someting girly for with those scrumptious fabrics… maybe my Aunt who lost her hubby and is still trying to come to terms with it… maybe a lap quilt for her to cuddle under while she still waits for him to come home… so many choices, so many ideas… thank you Corrie for the giveaway xxx

  26. Ruthena Clement says:

    I would make a beautiful little quilt for my beautiful one year old grand daughter. She is the only grand child I have and I doubt very much if there will be any more grand children for me to love. I wanted arm fulls of grandchildren but it is not to be, so Phoebe is truly loved and treasured. I have been reading your blog for several years and really enjoy all the work you put into it and, of course, your family.

  27. Oh, these are super cute! I need to take the plunge and try my hand at making a quilt for my daughter. I’ve never made a quilt before, they kind of scare me but I think starting with charm squares might be the way to go :)

  28. I am an Aussie missionary in Fiji -and have just started homeschooling 2 of my kids. My 9 year old girl wants to start sewing/patchwork, so I would use it to get the ball rolling with that. They’re really sweet x

  29. Avalene Bailey says:

    I would love to make my son’s amazing teacher at school a special quilt for Christmas. She is such a wonderful person and would truly be deserving of a quilt made from these beautiful fabrics. Thanks for the great giveaway. x

  30. Jenny Kilpatrick says:

    Think it is so pretty. As I have just become a grandmother to beautiful little girl, I think I could make her,her first quilt with this Fleurologie and white as she is so tiny and I think she will be a real girly girl. Thank you Corrie for the chance to win. Hope the little ones recover quickly.

  31. michelle says:

    They would be perfect for the top of the weighted blanket I am going to have to make for my child to help her sleep better. Girly and pretty sums her up well. Thankyou so much for being so generous :)

  32. Sharine says:

    I would a’ big girl’ bed quilt to celebrate my youngest finally going into her big bed:)

  33. Amanda Kay says:

    I would make a gorgeous little girl quilt to give away. Then with the other charm packs I would probably make a cheery quilt just for myself:) I haven’t made something to keep in a long time.

  34. Perfect timing!!!! I’ve been umming and aahhhing over a quilt I wish to make for an upcoming baby :-) , also waiting for the official annoucement :-). So I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of colours and patterns. Especially knowing that the sex will remain unknown.
    So I will make a quilt for a very special and long-awaited (and tried for) third grandchild!

  35. I would make a new quilt for my niece. She’s only just been born and I haven’t been able to see the perfect fabric yet, but this is it!

  36. Kylie Ross says:

    Hi Corrie,
    I would make my beautiful sister and niece a quilt each with these gorgeous charm squares. They truly deserve to be spoiled rotten, and I love and miss them very much.It would be nice for them to have a snuggly reminder of our family love every day. Thank you :)

  37. I have a thing for fabric bunting at the moment. Looks good, quick to make and makes great gifts for all ages.

  38. Melissa says:

    I’d use this as an excuse to sew my/our first quilt with my little sister who’s birthday is May 22nd! We can both learn new skills and she gets an extra special birthday present.

  39. So pretty!! I’d love to have a go at making a quilt with those pretties.

  40. Jo Glanville says:

    I would make a quilt for my mum, I’m heading to the UK with my little one to surprise my mum and dad, for dads 80th birthday, mums birthday is in June, so would love to make a pretty quilt for her and take with me. I haven’t been back to Cirencester for 18 years, I cannot wait.

  41. Jocelyn says:

    For my middle daughter who for some reason has missed out on a quilt made by me

  42. Jodie Stewart says:

    Very generous of you Corrie, thank you. I like the look of quilt as you go, so I would use it to make the panels for the Amy Butler Weekender Bag or two…

  43. caitlin jordan says:

    Well I have a gorgeous bag pattern designed for charm squares that I really want to try but I may also have to try a pillow or two because the pillows on the couch are broken.

  44. My daughter is 19 and has been bugging me for ages to teach her how to sew a patchwork quilt. I couldn’t think of a better way to start. Such beautiful and inspiring fabrics to work with. Thanks for the opportunity to enter and your generosity in making this giveaway available.

  45. This may sound selfish but I’m always sewing for everyone else but me so I would love to make myself a gorgeous, feminine, sweet, lap quilt for me and me only! Every now and again we need to also nurture ourselves and not just our children but I often find that so difficult.

  46. These are beautiful. I’d make my 11 year old a quilt to snuggle under for movie nights. Shes been bugging me for one for a while now :)

  47. I have really lost my sewing mojo this year. It has been so busy and sewing always just seems to be the last thing on my to-do list. However it is something that I love doing so I am determined to make time to sew. I’ve never done a quilt before but this could be the motivation I need to get started.

  48. Catriona says:

    I would love to make a table runner to take to my sister when I visit her.

  49. Bettina says:

    Wow they are such pretty charm squares I would try to make my first quilt for my daughter she loves those colours.

  50. Oh, lovely fabrics! I especially love V and Co fabric lines. We have just bought a house (our first!) so I think I’ll be on a no-fabric diet for a while, for the sake of the bank and the packing boxes! But this would be such fun :) Thanks for sharing.

    I will have a guest bed in our new house and I’ll love to make a simple quilt for it. These would be perfect!

  51. Trudi McDonnell says:

    Lovely fabric! My beautiful little princess is starting a new school next term because we have just bought a new house. She is in year 1 and I would love to make her something special to come home to on her first day!!!

  52. I really want to expand my very basic sewing skills. Using Charm squares certainly makes my first quilting item much easier. I think I’ll make a tablecloth to brighten the house up over winter

  53. Sarah O says:

    Ohh… pretty… but the florals might be wasted on me… the solids however will be RIGHT at home I am sure! I have a massive Hexi tablecloth hand sewing project on the go at the moment and some solids will help balance out the busy-ness of the Christmas prints…

  54. Beautiful fabric!!! I would use the charm squares to make my very first quilt that I have been thinking about making for a long time now. Being my first quilt I would want to start off with something simple and the charm squares would make it really easy for me to achieve. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this competition 😀

  55. Jennifer Chai says:

    Those charms will surely make a nice quilt for my mom, as Mother’s Day gift.

  56. With that lovely fabric I would stitch a few softie toys, a baby quilt or two and maybe even some matching mini scalloped bunting for welcome baby packs to be donated to a fundraising silent auction event for our children’s school. Thank you!

  57. Good Afternoon Corrie,

    I’d love to win these fabrics so my beautiful mumma bear can teach me quilting! We could both make matching quilts for the couch! The best part time spent with my beautiful mum! Nothing like mother daughter time and the end result f new skills and a beautiful quilt! Xx

  58. Kristine Henderson says:

    I would use these delightful little fabric squares to create my first quilt. I have an urge to start handcrafting things for our home.

  59. Thanks Corrie. My kids are asking for heat packs seeing it’s so chilly in Melbourne! These would look great with that lovely fabric. Cheers Bron

  60. My 4yo needs a new quilt for her king single bed, this fabric is so beautiful it would be perfect in her girly room!! It would also be something just for her as her new baby brother has been getting a lot the past 2 months.

  61. Isabella says:

    Beautiful fabrics! I would make a quilt as a gift for my newborn cousin!

  62. A quilt for my niece that is due to arrive any day now.

  63. A quilt for my 2 year old who is just about to make the transition from a cot to a big girl bed, and a quilt to match for her dolls.

  64. These are beautiful. I’m just planning my 2-year-old’s “big girl room” and am choosing colours …. these colours would be perfect!! If I can get up enough guts, I might even try a quilt for her big-girl-bed! Thanks for a giveaway chance!!

  65. How gorgeous! I would make a quilt and secretly it would be for the baby we are much hoping for.

  66. What lovely fabrics Corrie, and how generous of you to share! Like you, we have made a tree change, heading from sunny Brisbane to a farm in southern Victoria. I would use the fabrics to make a couple of “country quilts” for my 2 young daughters in anticipation of the chilly weather we are about to enjoy.

  67. I would make an ottoman cover and matching cushion cover for the top of the toy box (to sit on).

  68. As I have 4 gorgeous little grandaughters I have alot of girly quilts to make! Thank you for the opportunity. X

  69. Gorgeous fabrics. Thanks for the giveaway.

  70. So pretty! I would make patchwork ruffle bed ‘skirts’ for my 2 girls bunk beds to pretty up their room a bit. I also have 7 boys so I love getting the opportunity to make pretty things for my girls!!

  71. Oh those are lovely. I follow Stephanie Ryan’s blog and instagram. She creates such lovely designs. I would love to make a quilt for my one year old granddaughter, Ashley Ella.

  72. Marg Humphrey says:

    I love making quilts for charity. At the moment I am making quilts for new mums in New Guinea, to encourage them to keep their babies warm in the colder highlands areas. I know they would love a quilt made out of the charm squares. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  73. They look gorgeous! Especially the color me happy range. I would make a quilt for my 5 year old daughter. I’ve almost finished 2 quilts (so close!) for my 3 year old twin boys who I’ve finally moved into big beds. I think my daughter is getting a big sick of everything being for the boys lately! Thanks Corrie!

  74. Melissa Louise says:

    I’ve got a quilt to make for my cousins wedding gift (oh em gee, only a few short months away and I am a SLOW sewer!) and I can’t decide on fabric. Honestly, it’s a joke… Too many pretty choices! Winning this would make the decision for me so I can get cracking! 😉

    Thanks Corrie, love your work!

  75. shreeya says:

    I would make a lovely dress for my 9 month old. with a lot of ruffles and maybe a solid green seam.

  76. I would donate this to a beautiful friend that started a little mission to help those children that have had a bit of a tough time in life. It’s called the Quilt Love Project and she makes a gorgeous patchwork quilt for the kids so they know that wherever they go, they will be wrapped in love.

  77. Judith Hogan says:

    I would make a summer quilt for my bed with these gorgeous fabrics. Thanks Corrie for being so generous.

  78. Pipsqueak says:

    Honestly, I’d probably just look at them for a while before deciding! Looks like a great mix for a quilt…

  79. Such lovely fabrics! Thanks for the opportunity to win! I love following you on the blog and reading about the family adventures! Id love to make a beautiful quilt for my mum who is in love with anything pretty and floral!

  80. Samantha says:

    i would make my mum and my sister matching quilts, my sister is battling breast cancer like a true warrior at the moment and I would love them both to have matching quilts so they feel close to each other during difficult days xx

  81. I would make a quilt for my mom!

  82. A cozy quilt for the couch for winter

  83. I have seen a pattern for a cool patchwork skirt I want to make. I am a beginner so I think this would be a good project to start with.

  84. Wendy Martin says:

    Hello Corrie, I would make a cot quilt for my new grandchild due in December. Mummy and Daddy were married last month and this is our ‘honeymoon’ baby and we are all SO excited! One day, if we’re blessed, we will be like you and talking of the sixth baby and it will be with as much excitement as we speak of this babe

  85. Emma Driver says:

    Oh, what fabulous fabrics!! I’d love to make a proper quilt – I’ve only ever made baby play mat sized quilts… And I’d also love to make my niece a gorgeous girly fabric ball with a bell inside… She has a bit if a phobia of balls (!), but who could be scared of these fabrics!?!

  86. Rebecca Ravenhill says:

    Its my mums birthday next month and I’ve always wanted to make her a lap quilt. These colours would be perfect.

  87. Leigh White says:

    These fabrics are gorgeous! I’ve been wanting to start my first ever quilt but have no idea where or what to start with. These fabrics have given me inspiration!

  88. I would make my granddaughter a quilt. The smallest one is 3 in October and so far only has one quilt made by grandma. I must remedy that and make her something girly for her bed.
    You have such a wonderful knack of putting nice fabric together, , thanks for another lovely giveaway

  89. I want to make a combination quilt for a friend of mine. I have two charm packs of flirt but it won’t be enough. What I want to do is see the squares to each other, turn them right side out & top stitch, then blanket stitch around the edges & crochet them together with maybe a cotton/bamboo blend.

  90. Clair nicoletsopoulos says:

    Beautiful colours…..I’ll make a quilt to enter in my 1st upcoming CWA exhibition.
    With lovely fabric to work with perhaps I’ll get a place.

  91. I’ve just picked my little one up from school and she told me her teacher said she needs a new bag, hers is too little. So may be the push I need to make a bag.

  92. This looks like fabric perfect for a patch work upset swirling skirt for my niece to me! She’s just turned 5 and oh do loves pretty things :)

  93. Lovely!!! I’d make a couple of little baby quilts for special little ones I know, and I am wanting to make a new lap quilt for our lounge for as the days and nights get cooler… for snuggly cosy kids.

  94. Hi! I have three daughters, two of them are preschoolers, but the youngest one is only 2 month old. I would make a cute patchwork organizer for hairpins, scrunchies, hair brushes and hair bands for them. We have a whole box of this stuff and it really needs some organization.

  95. Leanne V says:

    With such pretty colours I would love to make a quilt for my 7 year old daughter with a matching doll quilt.

  96. Lovely fabric. I’d make some pillows for my daughter’s room, and probably a totebag for myself.
    Thanks for the chance!

  97. I have been ill and in and out of hospital, so to cheer myself up, I bought myself a garden swing seat. So I would make a nice warm quilt to throw on it in the summer evenings.

  98. Sandy Norman says:

    Wow… thanks for another giveaway and the opportunity to win. I would make a new handbag. I am flying away in two weeks to London and Paris… so every girl needs a new bag.

  99. What a great giveaway. I’d make a lovely quilt for my daughters bed, she keeps asking for one for a while now!

  100. I would make a few quilts to give to a friend who fosters babies. Every child needs something to cuddle

  101. Georgia says:

    Wow I would love to win this prize I would make a beautiful picnic blanket with this fabric! It would be so bright and cheerful and perfect for picnics! Thanks for the chance corrie

  102. Karen Muller says:

    Beautiful colours, I have not had much time to sew lately but this would inspire me to make a quilt for I think myself, as usually it is for other.

  103. Elizabeth Munro says:

    I think I’d make a skirt for myself then sew some mini quilts to gift.

  104. I would like to make a quilt to raffle for Cure Rett’s, a charity that raises funds to help find a cure for Rett’s Syndrome, which my great-niece has. These colours are so fresh and bright and will make a wonderful quilt and I’m sure would raise lots of money for such a worthy cause.

  105. I would love to make a cot quilt with these for my baby girl.
    I haven’t made a quilt before and am a beginner sewer, so having these pre-cut would be a great help!!

  106. I would love to try a rag quilt something to snuggle into on a night as cold as we have tonight. Colours are lovely and girly too. Never too old for that!

  107. Danielle says:

    I would make a quilt for my oldest daughter who has just bought her first home, age 22. Everyone said she wouldn’t be successful in life because I was 14 and hubby (BF at the time) was 17. She and her siblings are our main inspiration in life. Love them

  108. I would love to make a plus quilt to my mom. Thanks

  109. Such a great giveaway Corrie! I’ve only ever made one quilt. I made it for my daughter when she was younger so we could get involved in a project together. I’d love to get started again & develop more patchwork & quilting skills :)

  110. I would give it to my lovely sister. I knit & she sews. She made me a gorgeous little quilt when I was in hospital a couple of years ago. I’m sure she could make something beautiful with this great fabric.

  111. So gorgeous. I’d make a large quilt for my mum. I don’t see her often as sh is overseas and it would be nice for her to have a hand-made quilt.

  112. Kim Lietze says:

    These are gorgeous, I would make quilts for my nieces, it’s on my to do list!

  113. Jenny Swain says:

    I would make a special quilt for my dear Mum. She has been a tower of support and strength for my Dad surviving an aggressive brain tumour these past 12 months…..she needs some TLC too.

  114. Hi, Corrie! Thanks for the giveaway, wonderful fabrics! I would like to make some cushion cover from them.

  115. Bronwyn says:

    After two angels my sister in law is 26 weeks pregnant with a little I girl, so I would love to make a charm pack quilt for her baby :)

  116. I would love to make a lap quilt to use when I’m watching a movie or tv, I could cuddle up underneath it on my lounge.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  117. OMG! I adore Color Me Happy! I would love to make a quilt from all of those gorgeous little packs! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  118. These are beautiful Corrie. I love charm packs. I feel like I am being much more efficient with my time when there is less fabric cutting (which always seems to take ages!). I would make a HST quilt with these. And keep it. I’ve decided that it’s okay to make things for my own family!

  119. What a lovely giveaway. I think I would make a quilt to put on the sofa for those cold nights ahead of us.

  120. Very generous giveaway. I am surrounded by boys, twos sons plus hubby. I would love some pretty feminine colours throughout the house. I’m thinking quilted cushion covers and some lovely little zipper purses for personals (would make nice gifts) or make a lovely quilt just. for. me!

  121. Suzanne says:

    Hi Corrie!

    I would use these precut square to reach my 2 girls age 7 and 9 to make a quilt by machine. I am a quiltaholic but make everything by hand. My girls find this takes too much Time before they see the result. This would be something new and great to be doing together
    Thank you for this opportunity
    Suzanne – Netherlands

  122. Kaylene says:

    I would make a quilt for a very close friend who is having a baby girl in October :)

  123. Jacinta says:

    Beautiful colours, I would love to make my baby girl a beautiful quilt ready for winter and snuggly nights on the couch.

  124. I’ve never quilted before but I’d love to make my first one for my little baby girl.

  125. I would love to ‘colour me happy’ and actually
    Make a quilt for myself.. I have spent lots of time knitting, crocheting and seeing for my children and my friends children (I love to make quilts for my expecting friends as a gift) and keep meaning to stop and take time to do something for me.. This fabric would’ve perfect! Thanking you in anticipation!!

  126. I would love to make something for my brand new baby niece – a quilt and some bunting for her nursery.

  127. I would love to ‘colour me happy’ and actually
    Make a quilt for myself.. I have spent lots of time knitting, crocheting and sewing for my children and my friends children (I love to make quilts for my expecting friends as a gift) and keep meaning to stop and take time to do something for me.. This fabric would be perfect! Thanking you in anticipation!!

  128. I know I should say
    I’d make something gorgeous for someone else but truth is….I want ths gorgeous fabric all for myself. Please!

  129. Trish P says:

    They’re so lovely! I’d make my very first quilt for my little missy, and no doubt a twirly skirt too. I shall keep my fingers and toes crossed! :)

  130. Narelle Green says:

    Was looking for some material for a baby quilt for a beautiful little girl born on the 12th of May, these would be perfect.

  131. A quilt for my baby girl. She is almost 7 months old, I have made three quilts since she was born, but not one for her yet. You’d think after two boys I would be diving into the girly stuff.

  132. Elizabeth Pienaar says:

    I will make a quilt for the local “Little quilts of Love” project here in Cape Town. I’m sure it will provide comfort to a mother who had a stillborn baby.

  133. Dianne Whittle says:

    This one would be all for me. I would love to make a Charm Pack Cherry quilt that I saw a few designers make on the Fat Quarter Shops blog. There were so many different versions it was amazing how individual you can make it. It uses 2 charm packs and some Bella Solids so if I won this I would be able to make one for myself and one for a dear friend. Fingers crossed!

  134. They would make the prettiest quilts but I think I would use it to make my darling daughters an overnight bag for those nights spent with the grandparents. :)

  135. Oh! So beautiful… reminds me of vintage bedding!!! What wouldn’t I make with these pretties??? Totes, purses, a car blankie…. the list is endless!! Thank your for the chance to win!!

  136. I would love to make a reversible patchwork purse for my daughter and if enough a matching kindle cover! thank you!

  137. I would like to make a blanket for my little son)))

  138. Jillian says:

    My daughter is going to learn how to sew during the next school holidays when she goes to stay with her grandmother. She would like to make a pencil case … one can never have too many pencil cases or stationery!

  139. I’d love to make a nice lap quilt for the lounge. They are so pretty.

  140. I would love to make a quilt for our spare room – we are buried under renovations at the moment and the only room finished is the spare room – these colours would be perfect!

  141. natalia brigden says:

    these would be perfect to create my second ever quilt this sewing thing and fabric is addictive!!

  142. Cinnamon says:

    A quilt for my baby sisters first baby girl–This is grandchild #6 and only the second girl–My 13 yr old daughter is sooooo excited to finally have another girl in the family. It would be a great project to work on with my daughter.

  143. I’m making some embroidery hoop art for a pay it forward surprise package to 5 people. This fabric would be perfect.

  144. Monique Nugent says:

    Wow really beautiful fabric. Thanks so much got chance to win!! My mum has just moved into a retirement village and think this fabric would make a lovely throw quilt for her lounge – lovely happy colours and patterns!

  145. OzKnitter says:

    Hope your little ones are soon feeling better!

    I’d make up some knitting project bags and a couple of pillowcases for a little friend of mine.

  146. These fabrics are gorgeous! I would love to make my daughter a quilt so that she can snuggle up under it when we have movie nights or when she’s feeling under the weather. I have been watching Missouri Star Quilt tutorials on YouTube in the middle of the night when my toddler is awake teething and needing cuddles so I am feeling inspired to try something new! Fingers crossed…

  147. Oh how nice is that “colour me happy!”? I think I would have to make one of Camille Roskelley’s quilts as I am crushing big time over the way she uses lots of white with crisp bright colours. I got her 2nd book for my birthday and haven’t had a chance to make anything out of it yet!

  148. Cute! I’d make a little quilt for my baby due in just a few weeks!

  149. Oh, lovely, i would make a quilt for my oldest daugther who will leave the house this summer to a location by her own (first children leave :-(, it had to happen , but i am not in hurry for my son and little girl) . I would do a HST quilt for her bed to think about her mother love.
    Thanks for your blog and happy post. Best to all your family

  150. Amazingly beautiful and I can envision a really pretty throw created with all of that!

  151. Hi corrie!
    I would like to make a quilt for my sister in law who is having her 6th baby… They are same age as yours… Girl, boy, boy, boy girl.. And a new girl…!!! How about you?? Are going to have a tie as well??;)
    Thank you for sharing and congratulations for your new baby and your beautiful new place to live.

  152. Four dogs and one quilter says:

    I love charm pack. So handy for making baby quilts and for table runners.

  153. I need a baby quilt for a girl and these colors would be beautiful!

  154. I think I would try to make a patchwork pillow case style dress for my little girl xxx

  155. Lisa jones says:

    Oh these are lovely! I’d make a quilt for miss 16. Perfect for a teen and we’ve been promising her a room do up so this would push me to push hubby to get it done :-)

  156. Thanks for the chance to win this fabric.
    We just bought a house so I will make some a nice flowe pillows for the couch or a bag to take to the beach.

  157. I would make a patchwork quilt for my Brother and Sister-in-law. Their daughter is due in September. Pretty fabrics! Thanks for the opportunity to win

  158. Marnie PearsScown says:

    Oh Corrie, these just look beautiful. After 4 boys I have 2 very girly girls, and I’m loving all the extra crafting we do now. India who’s 7 is a sewer and knitter, and Jemima is 3 and quite the ‘sticker and glue’ girl, although she likes to perch on my knee while I sew too : ) I would love to make a few quilted pillowcases for the girls, and these fabrics would be perfect to mix and match in their room.
    Hope you are keeping well carrying your precious number 6 ; )


  159. I think I’d do a quilt for ‘nana’ as she’s not been well.

  160. Thanks for the opportunity Corrie, I’d love these to make a baby quilt- I make a baby quilt for each new baby at church and it’s a busy baby season right now so this would help me out……thanks

  161. Love the fabrics Corrie, I would make a lovely quilt with these gorgeous charm squares. A wonderful give away Corrie.

  162. Felicity says:

    These fabrics are divine Corrie!
    I have been planning to make my first quilt – a baby version of your ‘a quilt at the last minute’ http://retromummy.com/2013/09/08/a-quilt-at-the-last-minute for a child we hope to conceive soon. I have been searching for right fabric since reading your post and I think you have just helped me find it! I would love to win this fabric and start to adventure of making my first quilt!

  163. Anna Gundry says:

    Just found out we are having a girl! I’d love to make her some pretty bibs, as well as a cuddle quilt. These are gorgeous unique fabrics: inspiration abounds, can’t wait to hit the sewing machine :)

  164. Celeste Watts says:

    I would make beautiful hair accessories and cloth covered button earrings.

  165. A quilt to pass along to a child in need..

  166. Rachel Robertson says:

    We are moving into a tiny flat while we build our new house and my daughter will be moving into her first big (bunk) bed and sharing a room with her brother – she’ll need a new quilt and this would make a perfect one!

  167. Kel Kenney says:

    I Love love love the Colour Me Happy range of fabric and I it would colour me happy to make a snow ball quilt with this….. WOW, how scrumptious would this be. Going to get this range even if I dont win. Thanks a bunch!

  168. Gab Lawrence says:

    So pretty! Definitely something girly. Maybe a small quilt for one of my girls’ teachers or for my MIL, who is yet to receive a quilt from me – it’s on the list!!

  169. I would use these beautiful fabrics to make a quilt for my granddaughter Isabella Mia who is just 2 weeks old and is the light of my life.

  170. Daniela Catanzaro says:

    These fabrics are gorgeous! I have been looking into making my first quilt and these colours would be beautiful to work with! I have recently started my crafts and am looking for new projects all the time. This would be a beautiful piece to start with xxxx

  171. barbara woods says:

    I would make a quilt, thanks

  172. Lis O'Brien says:

    I am SO IN LOVE with Moda! I have a little Moda obsession. If I won I would use the fabric to make a baby quilt and donate it to one of the many charities listed at the Craft Ministry seeking blankets for the less fortunate. http://craftministry.blogspot.com.au/

  173. What beautiful fabrics and I love the idea of white solids to break up the patterns & colour. I never knew you could get the white in a charm pack! I need to make a new quilt for my kids to snuggle up under with the coming cooler weather, so that’s what my plan would be for these lovely charm packs. Thank you for your very generous heart!

  174. I’d actually give it to my girlfriend, who apart from being a sewing nut, has had the week from hell at home with her three kids while her husband has been attending a wedding on an island resort in Thailand! I think she’d make a beautiful quilt with the fabric.

  175. Kathryn says:

    I’d make as many simple baby quilts as I could. My favorite baby gift is a quilt since it is great for ‘tummy time’ and currently my stash is lacking in ‘pretty floral girl fabric’. I’ve been experimenting with using 2 1/2 inch squares and charm packs are perfect to get the fabric range & adding the white to the mix gives a great result!

  176. A huge fan of Moda fabrics -This is just what I need to start on a new quilt for my girlfriend back home having her first baby girl!

  177. Melissa says:

    My 7 year old daughter is ready to revamp her room (we still have the baby decor happening), and I’d love to make her a happy “big girl” quilt with these beautiful charm squares … thanks for the opportunity to win a giveaway Corrie!

  178. Suzanne says:

    It must sound terrible to a mum of such a large family, but I have a daughter with second child syndrome, who doesn’t have her own handmade quilt like her big sister does. I just somehow got too busy and less motivated over the years. But those fabrics are just her style (she’s a girly girl!), and would get me sewing again.

  179. Hi Corrie,
    First, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog, you are an inspiration to so many. The flowers on the fabric are absolutely beautiful and they definitely make you happy when you look at them. My sweet brother suddenly died last Friday and we laid him to rest yesterday afternoon. Our family was in shock, especially his wife who took it the hardest. In remembrance of my brother, i would make my sister in law a quilt to comfort her through this time of grieving.

  180. well the first thing that comes to mind is make a little quilted blanket for when i watch tv at night at the weather is so cold at night now i and i need something to keep me warm. And also ive just started getting into quilt making and enjoying it alot.

  181. I would make a couple of the tiny quilts for the organisation called “sands”. Thank you for the opportunity

  182. How beautiful! I would make as many hst as possible & arrange them in various ways to create the impression of a sampler quilt. It would be baby sized for my sister in law.

  183. I have never made a quilt before so I think this would have to be a couple of small ones for new baby girls I know, so pretty.

  184. Kathy Woods says:

    I would love to make a couple of smaller quilts out of these – maybe for some babies or toddlers

    Thanks for the giveaway Corrie

  185. Would love to make a big girl doona cover with this fabric – looks divine! Thanks for the give away.

  186. What gorgeous fabric. If I won I would use them to make a set of alphabet beanbags I’m planning for my little one who starts school next year and is having a bit of trouble learning her letters and sounds.

  187. Oh that’s so beautiful Corrie. I’d love to make a little patch bag for my mum, she used to sew me many of them when I was young and I know she loves them. It will make a perfect birthday gift for her.

  188. So pretty! I’d like to make a lap quilt for my granny.

  189. Thank you for the give away!
    If I am a winner I would like to make a quilt as big as possible from the fabric.
    I love it !

  190. Hello Corrie :)
    Oh… so sweet candy! I’d love to sew pretty pillows and some dolls for my living room. And as well thees small sweet things, that make any room particular (using fabric and embroidery)

  191. Lotte van der Linden says:

    Thank myou for the opportunity to get my hands on such lovely fabrics. I would probably turn them into a quilt for my 92-year old lady next door, who just had a car accident and could use a cheery little quilt to keep her warm in the cool evenings.
    Your blog is lovely reading material, I love the stories about your children. Mine are all grown up and living their own livfes now.

  192. Ana Reyes says:

    I have a brand new baby girl… and I would sew her some cute little summer sundresses. Such pretty fabrics!

  193. I would love to make my littlest girl a quilt to have during her hospital admissions (she has had 10 over the last 11 months). This fabric would look beautiful and cheery forger. Thanks

  194. I would make a porch and swing quilt for chilly summer evenings.

  195. Laurelle C says:

    Pretty fabrics :) I have just made my first half square triangle quilt and want to make another so would love these already cut squares. I have just found out my sister in-law is expecting twins! I would love to make a couple of baby blankets with some soft minky backing :) She is 47! and this her second pregnancy after a number of miscarriages so we have our fingers crossed all goes well :) thanks for the chance.

  196. I would make a HST quilt, scatter the position of the triangles, and back with snuggles to make an epic couch throw for our family :) Thank you for the chance to win!

  197. Hi Corrie, I would make one of those quilts where you sew the charm squares directly on to the quilt fabric using long parallel rows of stitching vertically and horizontally, which looks really great when it’s done and is a quick way to use charm squares. You just place the squares in a grid pattern and sew them on. Binding is done in the usual way. After washing the sides of the squares fray and look ‘rustic’ , it has a lovely effect.
    😀 Cheers from Fran.

  198. Michele Timms says:

    Ooooh very nice!!! I am thinking that these charms would be pergfevt for a bed runner and matching cushion covers! Thanks!!

  199. I would love to use these for a new Crazy Quilt Project !

  200. Thanks for your lovely blog. I would learn to make a quilt – something I have always wanted to do! – these fabrics look so pretty!

  201. Barbara says:

    A very pretty range of fabrics – I think I’d make some large cushions and a bed topper. Thanks for the chance to win!

  202. Maaike Prins says:

    Hi Corrie,
    Thanks for sharing your life so warmly on this BLOG. I love to come here and read your posts.
    I’m a missionary working in Cambodia and part of what I do is train unskilled young women from rural areas in basic sewing. We source fabric from local markets and the girls sell what we make to tourists and other Westerners to generate income for their families. If I won these gorgeous pieces of fabric we would use them for the project to add details to the bags they make.since we have a limited amount of fabrics and rarely get anything like these! They are soooo pretty!

  203. Beautiful fabrics and very interresting blog

  204. I’d make a picnic quilt!

  205. Serena Powell says:

    I’ve been wanting to make a quilt for a long time and these fabric squares would be perfect!

  206. So gorgeous, A bed topper for my niece would be amazing in these fabrics. All done as half square triangles. I can see it now….

  207. I would have to make a lap quilt. Beautiful fabric, thanks for the chance,

  208. I would make a lap quilt for our living room. They’re beautiful! Thanks.

  209. I’ve been eying that colour me happy fabric off so pretty! I’d make a new picnic rug as our old one that I made with heather bailey freshcut many years ago is falling apart.

  210. I am going to be a “Great-Auntie” for the very first time! We are anxiously waiting for our new little girl to arrive in the summer! Very exciting! I can see these fabrics as a cute little baby quilt…thinking that it would be so easy not having to cut out all the fabrics! I’m just getting into the habit of using pre-cuts! I have a project going for a picnic quilt with charms as well on top of old jean circles. It’s gorgeous! Who knew!

  211. A lovely quilt for a new niece/nephew arriving in a couple of months! Charm squares are the perfect thing to whip up a quilt nice and quick and have it look amazing.

  212. I would make a quilt to be used for fundraising for a local charity that is fundraising to get a unit locally for young people with depression. My 15 year daughter is in hospital with depression and she is over 400 miles away. This was the only place available for her

  213. Nicole Hazledine says:

    It would be a great birthday present to win on the 22nd! I’d be making my first ever quilt if I won (a quilt has been on my to-do list). I’d make it for my niece who is going through an emotional time at present. A floral/girly quilt would be perfect to snuggle under and take away the worries. Thank you

  214. I would make a quilt for my niece who is expecting her first baby in September. This will be the first baby in the family for a long time and the first great grandchild for my parents in law!

  215. Quilting Tangent says:

    A pretty spring/summer quilt with all those beautiful flowers.

  216. Dawn Jones says:

    I would make some patchwork valances for my kitchen.

  217. These are so pretty and feminine! I would use them to make patchwork cosmetic bags for all my sisters and friends, as Christmas gifts. Thanks so much for sharing, and thanks for your inspiring blog!

  218. Andrea Braine says:

    Beautiful Flowers for a wonderful girl. A quilt is on my bucket list of things to do so I would make a quilt for my granddautgher and a matching one for her dolls cradle.

  219. I would give them to a friend who is just starting sewing. Thanks

  220. Carolyn says:

    Hi Corrie,
    Thank you for this opportunity to win some beautiful fabric.
    I would attempt my first quilt for my eldest daughter’s bed. She is 5 years old and has settled in so well in her first year of school

  221. auschick says:

    I might make a quilted purse!

  222. I owe my daughter a quilt, you know how that goes….

    Really hope your little one is feeling better, I have been watching her progress on instagram. My heart goes out to you juggling your pregnancy, little ones, new house and business. Take care Corrie.

  223. LindaBatz says:

    mmmm…yummy fabric….thanks for sharing some of your stash…I have 4 friends expecting grandbabies this year…I am planning on making quilts for them.

  224. Gorgeous fabric and it would be perfect to make a quilt for my friend’s baby girl.

  225. Nice givaway, love the fabric, what I will do, i think quild for me and my family.
    Regard from Poland

  226. Jane Oates says:

    My 26year daughter in an attempt to improve her health took up playing soccer. Unfortunately, she was injured in a match on Mother’s Day and broke her leg. I would make a quilt with the fabric that she can wrap around herself to know how much I love her.

  227. allison pogany says:

    this looks like it would make a beautiful patchwork quilt for my new niece to be wrapped in for her naming ceremony!

  228. I would like to make a table runner with some of the color me happy and the white. Thanks for the chance to win.

  229. I’d love to make a blanket for my newborn daughter and have it as a family heirloom.

  230. I’d make a quilt for me, as I’ve given away all the others I’ve made.

  231. So lovely! My friend is having her first girl (second child) in a few months. I would use this fabric to make a quilt for the baby. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  232. Oooh. I think I’d make either a quilt for my newest daughter and/or some patchwork twirl skirts for my 2 big girls =)

  233. I’m learning to quilt and have made a small sampler so I would love to make a quilt for the bed and these colours would be perfect! Elaina xo

  234. Esther Funk says:

    Beautiful fabric! I would make my granddaughter a quilt – perfect, happy colors!

  235. Clarissa says:

    I have never made a quilt yet, so I would venture in making a baby quilt for my friend June who is expecting a baby boy due in July. Those colors seem perfect for a Summer baby quilt. Thanks! Clarissa

  236. Oh my gosh, so gorgeous. I would make my mom a quilt, since i didn’t give her any gift on mother’s day

  237. Such pretty fabrics! Perfect for making a quilt! Thanks for a great giveaway, fingers crossed!

  238. I would love to use these to make a gorgeous quilt for a friend who is having a baby in a few months :) I know she would adore something handmade to put in the cot, so this would make a treasured gift.

  239. Saraskye says:

    I’m making Plushies to donate to Waiting rooms so a Win would be coo! :-)

  240. Valentina says:

    I’d make a quilt and probably a Cathedral Window pillow.

  241. i’d love to make quilts for my kids beds for this winter as we don’t have a heater

  242. Melinda says:

    I would make a quilt for a friend who’s daughter is going off to college.

  243. Nissy Ephraim says:

    I’d love love love to win this!! Such droolworthy yummy fabrics…. definitely a birthday quilt for my mommy :)

  244. This would be a perfect distraction from my own issues and help me focus on others. I’d make a lovely quilt for my youngest sister who is soon to have her first baby. Thank you!

  245. Janet Spaid says:

    What a lovely batch of fabrics! It looks a lot like a patchwork quilt for my ten year old granddaughter. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  246. Bernadette says:

    I have 2 daughters, 10 and 8 who are just so eager in the sewing department. Recently before we had our new baby they got their own bedroom with the requested pink walls. I know they will dive into a quilting project for their beds to match the walls and decorate. It really will keep them busy create something wonderful that is their own that they don’t have to share with their brothers.

  247. Helena Leung says:

    I’d make a beautiful square bunting for my mother’s 70th birthday tea party. The room will look amazing with the fabric hanging decoratively over a long white table! I know buntings are suppose to have triangular flags, but it’s about time to think outside the square :)

  248. auschick says:

    I’d make a quilt for a friend who’s having her first baby (girl) in a few months time.

  249. I would have to make a HST quilt with these and some blenders. so cute. Thanks

  250. I would like to make beautiful summer dresses for my little girls!

  251. Penelope Jackson says:

    I am loving that ‘colour me happy’ would love to make some cushions and a small quilt for my daughter and grand daughter 3 & 6mths!

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