a little cardigan finished

No greater feeling than a little knit done and dusted and out the door. I love that feeling because it means a new project can be started. This really is one of my favourite baby knits when I want something quick and in one piece. You start at the back and knit, cast on each side for the sleeves, knit some more, cast off to finish the sleeves, knit each front, grab a circular and knit the ribbing (back and forth) and then sew up the side seams and you are done.

The buttons are optional but after making a couple of these for elodie without the button I kind of like being able to do them up especially in cold weather. No need to do buttonholes just push the buttons through (so long as they aren’t too big) and you are done.

The pattern is available for free here via ravelry, it’s a pdf so if you can’t access it you might need to join ravelry but it’s a great pattern and really fun to knit and see it all come together. I have the book Debbie Bliss Special Knits which the pattern can also be found in.

I made this for a little baby brother of finn’s classmate and just as I brought it in from outside where it had been blocking I checked my phone to discover the dear little baby was in intensive care. So I put the buttons on this super fast this morning, bundled it up with a few little gifts and dropped it off this afternoon on their doorstep. I’m keeping baby Albert in my prayers and would love my readers who pray to keep him in their prayers too. I’m hoping he’ll be out of hospital soon so he can wear this little number.

Ravelry details are here and I used Bendigo Luxury 10 ply in Forest from the stash. I am only working from the stash this year and it feels good……..


  1. Beautiful gift, will say a little prayer for him.

  2. I wish I could commit to knitting from stash. I did tell myself this year that I was going to start knitting some of my special yarns…ie Wollmeise, instead of hoarding them!! Unfortunately I haven’t even started yet!

    It sounds like this little baby needs something made with love & prayers! I hope little Albert is doing better soon :) I’ll be praying for & thinking of him & his family.

    • it’s taken me a few years of wool hoarding and the latest move to realise I really need to knit from the stash!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It’s a gorgeous little knit and I have already downloaded and saved the pattern, looking forward to giving it a go. Will definitely say some prayers for little Albert, hopefully he recovers soon.

  4. I think one of the best things about being a beginner knitter is building the stash! Oh so joy. I haven’t listened to any of the advise and stuck to acrylic, i have gone straight to the wool and how I love wool!

    This cardigan is beyond cute! I cannot wait until I have the skills and confidence to attempt such a piece. Its such a lovely knit.

    • stick to wool! so lovely and natural and I really like that! cotton is a great one too especially if you like to knit all year round! Give this one a go, the trickiest bit would be picking up the stitches to do the ribbing but after that you’d be fine and even I had picking up that many stitches:)

  5. Love this little knit ! I am suppose to be knitting little beanies for my sister to sell on her facebook/market stall childrens clothing shop but for some reason the pattern I used last time is not knitting up nicely so I had shoved it in a corner……..you have inspired me to pull it back out & try again. I will also keep the prayers happening.

  6. Such a beautiful little cardi, and the colour is gorgeous. Something made with love and by hand is such a lovely thing to receive xo

  7. Is it weird that I recognise that pattern instantly? DB has such a distinct style with her patterns. Haha. It’s a cute one. Yours turned out lovely, that chocolate colour is divine.

  8. Beautiful cardigan Corrie ,perfect for a little boy. Hope he is getting better.
    It is a good feeling choosing from the wool stash for a project.

  9. Firdosh says:

    A really nice gift :) I’m a beginner knitter do u think u have to use circular needles for the ribbing ?? Do I think normal needles could suffice? I don’t have circular needles yet …

  10. Hi,

    Was 1 x 200g ball from Bendigo Wool enough? I’m looking to make it for a 6-9 month old and it says 5 x 50g balls on the pattern but want to avoid buying 2 x 200g balls if I can avoid it!

    Thanks :-)

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