fruit picking

Isn’t it funny when you buy a house – you see it maybe a couple of times and you try to take it all in, you make an offer, give away all of your money, settlement takes place and you move in and then realise how much there was that you didn’t notice. Like the fruit trees that we thought were all lemon but actually turned out to be a mix of lemon, lime, orange and mandarin.

So after church today while I was hanging out the first load of laundry for the day – my hills hoist is huuuger than huge and I’m loving it  – the kids went to check out the fruit and came back in with a couple of oranges and limes and we’ll keep a close eye on the mandarins which are almost there. Everyone wants the mandarins so I think there will be a lot of checking!

Whenever I dreamed of us living on acreage I imagined the little ones picking apples off our own trees…………well we’re close!

We’re hoping to pick up a couple of chickens soon as we have the chicken coop and after that I might try my hand at some raised veggie beds but will be keeping it all very low key since I know that a new baby is coming and these things will also require my attention. Mind you we love spending so much time outdoors since we’ve moved that we’ll probably just incorporate it all into our daily routine.


  1. Louise says:

    Oh Corrie you seem so happy with your move. The kids look so very happy, Finn looks so grown up in the photo. I lots of fruit trees in our chicken run and its exciting even for me watching it grow from flower to fruit. I put an apple tree in a couple of years ago (with not much hope of it growing because we live so far north), but last week I found a couple of blossoms on it. Asked the family (made them) the family come and look at it. Hopefully we might even get a couple. You much have had nice weather down there today with the kids in summer clothes, we had snow on the tablelands behind us and it has been so so cold all day? We were in t-shirts Friday and jeans, jumpers and coats by the weekend.

    • ohhh I’m jealous of your apple blossoms, it sounds so pretty! We had a freezing cold saturday especially when I was out on the netball courts and then sunday was warm so long as you sat in the sun:) :)

  2. It is wonderful to be able to pick your own fruit and eat it fresh from the tree. Just a tip Corrie, you will need to dig all that grass from the base of those trees, they hate competing with grass, citrus need feeding four times a year, once each season to get the best fruit and healthy trees. So many things you can do with citrus, enjoy. Best Wishes, Wendy

  3. What a lovely surprise to find you have all those varieties of fruit!

  4. It’s awesome having food in your backyard isn’t it? I see veggie beds in your future for sure :)

    • I hope so! I’m going to start small and master a few things and see how I go:) the kids are so excited that if it was up to them we’d have already planted!

  5. Samantha Marshall says:

    I have always wanted fruit trees! I love these pictures <3

  6. Lol, my overwhelming emotion on reading this post? I miss my hills hoist! Ha ha, the things we come to value as Mums:)

    • I know!!!!!!! the last 2 houses I ‘ve lived at have had the lines that come out of the wall and it was never enough space! now I just love getting a few loads out there each day. It’s heaven:) :)

  7. Chrissi says:

    Home grown citrus is the best especially mandarins…just make sure you fertilise the trees each season to get a good crop…might need a good old prune too if the trees are old? Chickens, strawberries and blueberries might be an easy start….I can just imagine a big cubby for the kids too…just lovely :)

  8. Hi Corrie – here’s a bit of useless trivia which you may already know (but perhaps not your readers). The Granny Smith apple, which these days is so popular for baking, was actually developed in the late 1800s in Eastwood which then was a rural area outside of Sydney but now, of course, is a Sydney suburb. Seeing as your’e in a rural area outside of Sydney now, I’d say your dream of picking apples is very achievable!

    • oh wow I didn’t know that! I do know the soil is good here because our acreage is on land that was formally used as orchards. Can’t wait to get some apple trees in now:)

  9. Kathryn says:

    Gday from southern rural NSW. I love my Hills Hoist too Corrie (and have even swung on it once!). I enjoy hanging out the washing while listening to the birds singing and tractors humming. I have a miniature Jack Russell called Coco and she keeps me company too. And another tip for your vegetable gardens – home grown tomatoes are the best, so full of flavour. How many acres is your property?
    Can’t wait to see photos of your new country house.

    • we have a couple of acres – not too big not too small, just right! Oh and I would love a little dog some day, jack russells are so cute!!!!!!! I’m hoping to start small with green beans, some herbs, strawberries and perhaps some cherry tomatoes! wish me luck, one of my neighbours used to grow these black tomatoes that were just amazing!


  10. Wow, love the photo of the kids with the tree!

    Corrie, you made me want to migrate to Australia!!!! Lol! I love the vast space too, and the thought of having your own chickens is just as tempting! My son has been wishing for his own chickens after our trip to Melbourne last year, but alas, it’s just simply impossible given the limited space in Singapore.

    So glad to see you enjoying life in your new place:). Now let me go google to find out what’s a hill hoist 😀

  11. Soooo, you have room for me too right?? 😀 Acreage with an orchard and chickens is my dream too. My kids would love to climb the trees and pinch all the fruit, lol. For the vegie patch, I’ve had a little one in the city for a few seasons and it’s always inspiring to start with things that usually do well. It all depends on the area and season but things like cherry tomatos, snow peas, radishes and bok choy have always been a hit for us. Plus the kids can pick the tomatoes and peas straight from the vine and munch! I’ve never really had much luck (or room) for melons or pumpkins but I would adore having a watermelon patch one day :)

  12. We love picking fresh fruit too! Just a short one about your new chickens – let them roam and share their fertilizer underneath your citrus – works amazing at keeping down the weeds and giving some beautiful new season fruit! Sounds great!

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