24 weeks

Well we’re still chugging along here with the boxes…………….and a baby on board. I’m running out of clothes to wear but surprised myself by getting into this non maternity dress today for church. We also tested out how safe our new neighbourhood is by leaving our front door wide open while we were out. I can’t believe we did that but it’s safe to say that things are pretty quiet here on sunday mornings and that we won’t be doing that again!

Although I am not enjoying the unpacking (seriously how many pieces of tupperware does one family need) it has been cute to find the baby clothes and put them all in the one spot.  And I’m so glad I’ve saved so many of them including little knitted cardigans. I have great plans to knit a few things for this dear little baby but am super exhausted and am running out of time. I’m also knitting something for a little baby who will be having heart surgery soon.

I can’t imagine what the family have been through or what is ahead but love to knit and pray as I make it and know it’s going to a good home. And knitting forces me to sit down and take a breather which I really need lately. I just need to get a move on with this little cardigan! The pattern is Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss and I’m knitting in Bendigo’s Luxury 10 ply.


  1. Hi Corrie – an amazing blog about a US family with a baby going through heart surgery is She Stood in the Storm.

  2. Leaving the door open is something I have done as well, I must say I was shocked to find everything still in the house. I have left the front unlocked since though, I usually leave through the door into the garage so I have to make an effort to check the front door every time I leave the house. Love the knitting, I’ve done none this year so far, I have been doing more patchwork, although not much more. You must be getting very tired this far into your pregnancy, you do take on a lot. Best Wishes Wendy

    • I can’t believe I did it! I’ve never left it wide open like that before but I think we’ve learnt our lesson. I sure am tired. You know I find myself going through stages of more sewing than knitting or more quilting and so on but the great thing is that craft is always there when we’re ready to come back:) it’s not going anywhere

  3. What a beautiful gift, I’m sure it will be super-appreciated!

  4. Wow, 24 weeks. Love the belly shot. Hope you are getting some rest amongst the chaos of unpacking. There is something so lovely about a newborn wearing knitted clothing xo

    • I know! I just love them! I especially love the look of a bonds wondersuit and a little cardigan on the top! a bit daggy for some people but I love itxxxx

  5. You made me giggle about the front door! I too have tested the safety of our neighbourhood too doing the same thing. Suffice to say, we live in a very safe area :)
    Loving your baby belly! Jacinta

    • Oh I can’t believe it! at first I thought we’ve been broken into then I realised nope we were late for church and just dashed out and no one forget to shut it!!!!!!!!
      thank you! I’m loving my baby belly too:)

  6. What a cute bump Corrie! Hope you get plenty of feet up time. Knitting is definitely good for that x

  7. 24 weeks already! Time sure does go super fast when you’re not actually the one pregnant!! I love your belly shot – you look like you carry all out in front. So lovely! Oh, and you’ve inspired me to go and paint my toe nails!

  8. Make sure you look after yourself Corrie & get lots of rest!!

  9. Judith Hogan says:

    Oh, Corrie, what a cute sweater, and so thoughtful of you. Hope the little baby’s heart surgery goes well. You need to make one of these sweaters for your own little baby, too.

  10. Virginia says:

    Lovely update, Corrie. We’ve left the front door open…..in 14 years at this house…..at least twice. Once with little babies in the rush to church…..for at least 3 hours that time. And just last year on a school/work day. I got a phone call at school on my mobile (in my classroom) from our relatively new neighbours who were out for a walk with their baby and pram! Very embarrassing. ‘Yes please, would you mind shutting it? True…..there are no cars in the driveway…thanks for noticing’ – oh dear, very grateful and yet embarrassed at the same time! Rest up when we you can.

  11. Enjoy your knitting time!
    I was surprised to find lots of lovely tops in Esprit – they have stretch band on bottom and look nice.

  12. Oh wow! How exciting! xxx

  13. Jenny @ ohjoh says:

    When our babies were small the open front door was a regular thing.
    My lovely neighbour would come and shut it for us after we left (more than a few times). She’s a good woman!
    Aah baby brain and sleep deprivation …..

  14. Corrie your bump looks great in that frock. You must be exhausted but so happy to hear you are settling into things.
    My niece had heart surgery at two weeks old after going completely blue and limp. She had been a very quiet tired newborn and apparently her heart was not pumping the blood to the lower part of her body. Her little body was absolutely exhausted with simply breathing. She spent seven hours during which they cut arteries and pout them back together properly. Two holes in her heart were repaired as much as possible at that stage and then she was in hospital for just over a fortnight. She is now a rambunctious nearly three year old happily. Its a scary time and I don’t know how old this little baby is but they are stronger than we could imagine. My heart goes out to the parents who have to watch their precious little one go through this.

  15. This post made me laugh
    I just had my first 6 weeks ago
    We were moving back into our place after renovating at the same time bub was due.
    No one would let me do anything. I unpacked my kitchen at 39 weeks gave birth 3 days later , 2 days before my due date. I am sure a the bending (and lifting) bought it on as my ob had told me the week before baby was 2 weeks away! She probably should have been as she wasn’t coming down and I ended up having a ceasar .
    I don’t know how you so it with 5 other kids!!!! Amazing!!
    I’m ready for my second though! I love being a mum

    • oh wow congratulations well done! having your first is a rollercoaster but so much fun and yep when my 1st was 6 months old I was ready to go back for more:) :) enjoy all that newborn cuteness and being a mumxxxx And watch your scar – I’ll be having my 5th c/section this year and you need to take care of yourself:)

      • Wow! 5 C-sections! You should write a post on ceasar recovery/what to expect. I hadn’t even researched c sections before I had one, and had no idea what to expect! During or after. I always thought being 27 and fit and healthy I wouldn’t need one, do I didn’t bother researching. Good luck!! X

  16. 24 weeks! Wonderful to hear that it is all going well. I think leaving the door open must be a big family thing – no-one things they’re the last one out the door. It has happened to us several times, mostly I notice as we are driving off and someone has to jump out of the car to shut it but once or twice I’ve come home from the school run to find it wide open.

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