Easter shopping – It’s not too late to start!

This post is brought to you by Woolworths

If you’re like me then you are a little last minute with your shopping this easter. We’ve just moved house, I’m busy trying to unpack whilst also supervising 5 little ones now that the kids are on school holidays. And take my word for it when I say that going to a few different stores or taking them out to do easter shopping is not my idea of fun. But a quick visit to Woolworths the first day of the holidays and the Select range had all of our easter gifts sorted. First of all we started with a wooden easter sign for our table – $10

Next up a super cute bunny topped glass jar for $7

fill it up with some Select mini eggs that taste good (you can’t tell me you’ve never had a mini egg that didn’t taste like chocolate? These were delicious and definitely taste like chocolate).

A little tip is try not to fill the jar too early or your little helpers might get in there and help themselves. Or maybe you can’t trust yourself near a jar of chocolates. If so keep the eggs in the bag until the last moment. I think this would make a great little gift for someone this easter and they get to keep the jar and use it later on. I’m hoping this will live in my sewing room until next easter.

if it’s an easter egg hunt that you are planning then we stocked up on some hollow eggs in trays – the trays come in 2 sizes (we got the small size) and they are great to hide around the backyard or the house.

 and if baking is your thing then how about cupcake kits for $3 which come with the cupcake wrappers and toppers, super cute cupcake carriers which will hold 4 cakes and come in a 2 pack, top your cupcakes with mini eggs and serve with the cute little easter serviettes. I think these would be great to take to an easter lunch or picnic or as a gift to someone coming to your house or why not pop in a vanilla cake or cupcake mix and make up an easter baking basket for a family.

And when you’re looking for something small to give at easter there are a range of these cute chocolate bunnies too which I thought were very cute and being a white chocolate fan I hope the little white chocolate bunny can last until Easter Sunday in the pantry.

So don’t worry if you haven’t bought a thing for Easter. Just do what I did. Pop down to your local Woolies, look for the easter egg section and you’ll find all these goodies and more from Woolworths Select and people will think you are so organised, thoughtful and been on pinterest looking for all of these easter ideas.


  1. Corrie,
    I used this kit for Easter and gave cupcakes to all the kids in my class. They looked fantastic and the kids were very excited to get them. Also I went to a fantastic Thermomix Easter cooking class last night in Devonport. The Hot cross bun scroll was delicious with honey cinnamon butter. Enjoy your time at home with the little ones these holidays.
    Cheers, Trish

  2. Last day of school term here today – I can’t wait for the holidays and Easter break. Planning on a bit of Easter baking and crafting over the next few days. Enjoy! xo

  3. My favourite mug that I drink from every morning when I have my cuppa is from a previous Woolworths Easter collection I just love it. This year I bought my Easter eggs from there and they had the cutest cupcake cases I couldn’t resist. Happy Easter to you and your family:-)

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