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Since I’ve announced my 5th pregnancy I’ve been receiving messages and emails with some of your questions. And I thought it was a great opportunity to answer them in the one spot. And here it is………………and of course I am not your Dr or midwife this is just my experience and what I’ve been through and you should always get your own advice based on your own history and circumstances.

I get really bad pregnancy symptoms and I’ve heard that they can get worse with each pregnancy, I really want another baby but that scares me. Have yours gotten worse?

My pregnancies themselves have been pretty straight forward and it’s the same for this one now- morning sickness is always a sure sign that I’m pregnant, then that leaves and heartburn walks right in as well as exhaustion and then the veins in my legs look really bad. I haven’t had any serious pregnancy symptoms or complications. I know that isn’t the case for everyone. I do have to get my veins operated on as each pregnancy they are looking worse on my legs but it isn’t serious. And I do suffer from low iron during some of my pregnancies so this pregnancy am also required to take an iron supplement but that hasn’t always been the case with my previous pregnancies.

I would always talk to my midwife or OB after the pregnancy and ask their advice if you have serious complications or symptoms that really bother you. I find they usually tell you anyway at your 6 week post partum check up when you can discuss having your next baby.

I’ve had two c/sections and my dr said no more. I wondered how you are having another one?

I got this question a couple of times since I’ve announced my pregnancy. Now I am not your Dr but I listen to my own Dr and he told me throughout my 4th pregnancy that it would be my last c/section. And I accepted it. But he cut out all of my scar tissue and gave me a new line of stitches and said that I could actually have another baby if I wanted. That was music to my ears wasn’t it? I think we’ve all heard of that lady who had 7 or more c/sections or people who’ve been told they can’t have another one. Sometimes I wish I’d never had c/sections but I can’t change the past or the order of my family or any of that. The unexpected happens and even through our best intentions and wishes we end up having a c/section and we can’t change that.

I would always talk over the risks with your OB, I always ask him before he does the c/section and he knows I’ve always wanted a big family. I put a lot of trust in him and he’s one of the best so I’m happy with his advice BUT we are all different and we all have different bodies, different pregnancy histories and different experiences so always ask your own Dr or midwife.

How old are you? I’m in my early 40’s and I’d like to have another baby but family and friends are warning me against it because of my age but I’d really like to have another?

I am 38 and I remember when my mum had my little brother at 40 back in the late 80’s and that was considered ancient! I would say go for it. Look after yourself, take your pregnancy multivitamins or a preconception multivitamin like Blackmores Conceive Well Gold and see how you go. Your fertility does decline as you age and you might find charting helpful to be a little more accurate when you are trying.

I’m over 40 and am trying for another baby and wondering did you try any natural therapies to get pregnant?

I had 2 miscarriages before this pregnancy and I had kind of decided that if it was going to happen then it was going to happen. One of them was just before I fell pregnant so  I was still feeling a little down in the dumps about that but stayed on my pregnancy multi-vitamins, wasn’t drinking alcohol, cut back on my coffee and tried to be as healthy as I could. I know that there are natural and alternative therapies that do work for some people but I haven’t tried any of them myself.

I hope that answers a couple of questions that you might have……… there something else you’d like to ask? fire away and I’ll answer them in the comments section for you……………………

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  1. It took me three years to get pregnant, what worked for me was a clean eating alkaline diet, lots of green leafy vegetables and water, cut out sugars, caffeine and junk food… Who would think after three years if trying that something as simple as a change in dirt would work! Now I have a sweet 1 month old boy.

  2. enjoy every moment of your pregnancy journey, whether it is trying to conceive for a few months or constant vomiting and illness. enjoy every pain your body gives you and every ache you get. enjoy the kicks to the bladder and the hiccups the baby has. enjoy it because you never know if that will be the only time you feel like this again.

  3. My top tip for expectant mums is to do all that you can to enjoy having a little person grow inside you. The happier you are during your pregnancy, the more joy you will have once little one arrives. When baby is finally here, he or she will meet and exceed all those expectations and anticipation that you felt during pregnancy!

  4. What operation did they do for your veins?
    My doc won’t even look at mine until I’ve finished having kids, but they are huge & painful

    • I feel for you! just this morning I was looking at my legs and they are looking much worse this pregnancy. My neighbour had hers operated on by laser I’m pretty sure because they can get dangerous later on (mind you she was in her 70’s!) but my legs are looking like old lady legs!

  5. This one is for those older mums. I had my son (6th) child at 46 yrs old. He is my last one. The doctors told me that he may have problems or birth defects (my 5th son died at 12 days due to some complications) that this may happen or that… They told me for my own health to think about abortion… As i have problems with my blood clots after and event… Later on they wanted me to have the Amniocentesis test to which I declined as it may put the baby at risk. What did I do.. I found a OB that was sympathetic to my age. (I wasn’t the oldest mum he had as a patient. She was 49) I put my faith in God and told them that this is God’s plan and it will all be ok no matter what happened I was willing to accept God’s plan for me. Booked myself into a private hospital. Today I have a healthy 13 month old boy. I am healthy and nothing happened to either of us. I can tell you it is very different having a baby at this age compared to when I was younger, I am more relaxed with him, he goes along with the flow, I get tired sometimes but in the end when I see my youngest ones smiles and he gives me his little hugs… I know it is all worth it! So my advice is Trust in the Lord no matter what, find an OB that is sympathetic to your age, ignore all negative attention and just enjoy your baby.

  6. When I had my daughter, I had planned C section (my son had been an emergency C section). The doctors were discussing how many C sections a mother could have (while they were sewing me up) and one of them said that Bobby Kennedy’s wife, Ethel, had all eleven of her children by C section! My advice is to listen to your heart about how many children you should have.i was told to stop at twoand had my tubes tied at 25 a decision I regret.

  7. karina le says:

    Make the most of your sleep at night and all the sleep ins – once baby comes, you will not have interrupted sleep ever again..well, for a while anyway! And definitely no sleep ins either..

  8. We used to have a nice hot shower before bed and it wasn’t until many years later found out that this damages/kills the sperm so if trying to get pregnant leave the shower until after :)

  9. I have never fallen pregnant easily. The longest time to conceive being just over 2 years. Then one day at the Doctors a Nurse told me keep my legs (hips up etc) in the air after doing “the business” (her words not mine) for atleast 30mins. And guess what, after years of trying it worked! Used this trick again for our last baby………..and it worked a treat. xo

  10. Rest as much as you can while pregnant and especially, sleep in! Because when the baby comes you will probably not get much rest and you’ll be kicking yourself for not sleeping in while you had the chance! Pregnancy though, and motherhood, are wonderful experiences and they’re worth any hardship you have to go through!

  11. I’m pregnant now and constantly remind myself to spend as much time with my first child as I can, as once No.2 comes along my attention will be somewhat divided.

  12. Try not to get too fat! I was very lucky and only gained 7 kg in my pregnancies, and it makes it so much easier to go back to your normal body shape and weight if you don’t go overboard with the eating while pregnant.

  13. Bonnie Dunstan says:

    I have had 4 csections and was told I could have more as I am young and my uterus looked good (they always cut the scar out usually)However I did some research and found that placenta accreta occurs a lot more in subsequent (4+) sections. Ther is a very real chance of it being fatal so if you are ever asked about having lots of csectiond make sure you mention this risk. You can read plenty of scary stories online and there is no way of predicting what woman will get it. Based on this we decided not to take the (albeit small) risk as it would be devastating for my four daughter and husband.

  14. My top tip was to look after myself before conceiving. With my son it took 18 months to conceive and my current pregnancy took 12 months. When I cleaned up my diet (removing as much added sugar and processed food as possible), did a few sessions of acupuncture and completely stayed away from caffeine, my fertility was rewarded. I loved that on my journey this taught me to be kind and nurturing to my body.

  15. Top tip for trying to get pregnant: Relax, enjoy and make the most of being her on demand ‘booty call’ during those right times of the month!! It’s the most sex you’re going to get before bub comes along and life as you’ve been enjoying it changes forever!!! The more relaxed you are, no stress, loving every second of it and each other, boom before you know it she’ll be preggers (worked for us).

  16. Enjoy the way your baby kicks, moves, and responds to your touch and voice. It’s part of their developing personality. From the moment my now 18 months old boy was born, I noticed he had the same mannerisms as in the womb. Especially the way he always hiccups after eating certain foods!

  17. Congratulations once again and thanks for the giveaway chance to win!
    My advice is extremely simple but it comes from a place where I have seen some very tough realities. Enjoy every moment, celebrate the smallest of things, marvel in what you have created and help guide them to be the best they can be xx

  18. Great advice! I think my best advice to pregnant ladies is to be kind to yourself and get as much rest as possible. Once bub arrives, life will be full steam ahead and resting time is hard to come by.

  19. Treat yourself! You’re growing a baby almost from scratch (little help from hubby), you deserve it. Look after your feet while you can, sleep in while you can and enjoy the little things that you’ll miss when your little one is born. Have a doctor that trust and who respects you and most of all, enjoy every second of your pregnancy! My daughter is 16 months old and sometimes I still really miss putting my hand on my tummy and feeling a kick back or laying in bed at night and feeling her doing somersaults. Oh, and enjoy your birth! :)

  20. I am also currently in the beginnings of my 5th pregnancy (hopefully 4th child as we lost one to a late miscarriage) with shocking morning sickness. The things that currently make me feel better are steak, very very cold water and sleep. Bit hard with three at home but even snatching 30mins at quiet time in the middle of the day helps!

  21. The best advice I can give is to be honest about how you’re feeling. Motherhood is an amazing, terrifying, confusing, frustrating, rewarding and fulfilling journey but sometimes all those emotions can be overwhelming. Find another mum who you can be totally honest with and share your experiences with them. Have a good laugh and cry with them regularly over coffee. It makes all those tough days that teensy bit easier to know you’re not on your own! I suffered with PND after my daughters birth and felt like I was the worst mother in the world for ‘not coping’. But the truth is motherhood is as tough as it is wonderful, so be honest and you’ll be surprised at how many other mums feel the same as you! I’m expecting my second daughter in August, and know that with the support of my good mummy friends, my journey with this baby will be a lot less isolating and a lot more enjoyable!

  22. I’m pregnant with our third baby and I guess my top tip would be to look after yourself. Try and get some rest and sleep when possible (although it’s not always easy when there are other little ones to look after) and if you’re having an off-day where you’re feeling particular tired and/or emotional, take a break, don’t worry about the dishes or the mess, roll with the flow :) That’s one I still have to learn sometimes but I’m working on it, haha.

  23. I had a girlfriend who had 6 C section, each time the Dr. said don’t get pregnant you can’t have another C but she did.

  24. Shan Tawhi Rickus says:

    My recipe for an amazing pregnancy.

    My ultimate tip,
    For an amazing nine months.
    Starts with the connection,
    Between Mother and Bub.

    Positive thoughts,
    And sweet affirmations.
    Will keep Mum at ease,
    In a state of relaxation.

    Daily upkeep,
    And a nutritious diet.
    Smoothies all the bumps,
    Of pregnancies riot.

    And a warm loving home,
    Filled with family and friends.
    There to support,
    And guide you to the end.

    Happiness and love,
    Won’t keep you guessing.
    Instead it’ll provide,
    All a pregnant Mums blessings!

  25. Don’t expect to achieve anything that takes more than 5 minutes in the first few months. I enrolled in a study-at-home course when I was 8 months pregnant, wondering how the heck I would fill in my days as a new mum while bub was asleep. Ba ha! Hilarious. I think I completed 4 blocks of 4 minutes?!

  26. Rosslyn T. says:

    I have 3 children all naturally conceived and birthed. The last came when I was 45! Nutrition is the key to successful fertility, pregnancy and birth. Healthy natural food and food based supplements.Magnesium is the king of supplements. The more you focus on this the healthier your children will start life!

  27. It’s a blessing to be able to carry a tiny being in your belly,so rest heaps and eat well,as you proudly feel your tummy swell,your moods are about to swing so loving yourself is an important thing,and last but not least relax,rewind enjoy this feeling,because before you know it your going to have a precious bundle that ‘s wriggling and squealing.

  28. Bec McEvoy says:

    My top tip: you may feel like you need tips but in the end nature takes over – you’ll know what to do if you just go with the flow and listen to your intuition.

  29. So many amazing stories and experiences.

    After long struggles to get pregnant, both my children were conceived after acupuncture. Amazingly it worked both times.

    My advice to every expectant mother is ‘ expect the unexpected’ as every women is different, everyone has a different labour and every women copes differently.

    Good luck to all you pregnant ladies!!

  30. andreea nicolescu says:

    Enjoy evry moment, it does go quickly, give in to your cravings, it might be something you need, people love talking to pregnant women, let them you dont need to take advice, sometimes they just want to chat.

  31. Take the time while pregnant to talk, sing, play music to your growing baby…alone time connection for you Both! It relaxes mum…and bub!

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