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Things are a bit crazy around here and I think this will be the last blog post for this week. Packing and cleaning and trying to work out what is coming with us is keeping us busy. I have actually enjoyed packing up my craft room if for nothing but finding lots of things that I had totally forgotten about.

I also found 8 balls of worsted cotton and have popped a crochet hook in a ziplock bag with them and intend to do some face washers and cloths during the week whenever I need to take a break and put my feet up. I started on one on Saturday night when my legs were just aching from a day on my feet. The pattern is the easiest ever and you work around in a circle and this is great for beginners or anyone wanting a quick and easy project.

Pattern is called the Almost Forgotten Washcloth and you can find the pattern here. I buy my cotton from here. Happy knitting……………………….and see you next week from my new house….who knows when I’ll have an internet connection though.


  1. Best of luck Corrie! We did it over the weekend and I can definitely confirm unpacking and settling in (especially whilst in 29 weeks pregnant nesting mode) is a lot better than packing everything up! Can’t even fathom how you’re doing it with five littlies, superstar. I enjoyed packing up my craft room too and sorting through everything, really makes you sit back and reassess! I sold some wool and fabric on Craftumi…of course I’ve since bought more and my husband is exasperated! Yesterday we unpacked the kitchen, today I’m hoping to get stuck into my new sewing room…if I can get the door open past all the boxes!

  2. Good luck Corrie! Hope you can snatch some rest here and there amid the craziness.

  3. Good luck with your big move., I’m looking forward to reading about the new house. I imagine the little ones are excited.
    Cheers, Trish

  4. Christie says:

    It’s like a covert operation…hope you can up date us soon! Thinking of you and your little ones and the days ahead 😉 so excited for you guys!

  5. All the best Corrie with your move!

  6. All the very best for your big move Retrofamily!! Try to look after yourself as best you can Corrie (not easy i know! I have four little ones myself). Fabulous idea to have a bit of easy relaxing crafting to go to when you need a nice little break. Can’t wait to hear all about your new digs! Lots of love xxx

  7. And another adventure begins! Hope it’s as cool, calm & collected as possible! Can’t wait to see pictures of your new house.

  8. Kristie says:

    Good luck and all the best with the big move, can wait to see pic’s of the new house :)

  9. Hope all goes well with the move. Take things steady .

  10. Goodluck all the best for a smooth transition. I have that exact colour cotton. sounds easy.

  11. Good luck with the move Corrie! Hope you can grab some rest now and again x

  12. I absolutely love getting these gorgeous pics of your knitting projects in my inbox. I’m unbelievably non-crafty, but you make me want to be! hehehe… good luck on the move and hope you get some well deserved r&r soon
    x joy

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