I love weddings

It’s been 9 1/2 years since my own wedding but I still love and appreciate all of the little details that make a wedding day. And I just love sharing in someone’s special day especially when it’s family and you remember the groom when he was a little kid. Yesterday my cousin Anthony married his sweet fiancee Georgia and it was the most perfect day.

And let me tell you that lady had every little bit of the day perfectly planned out and I have so many photos to share with you. So sit back and enjoy………………….

the wedding was held in his school chapel and was just beautiful. And it was a special place as his own parents had been married there and I was a little flowergirl at that wedding. Oh look I managed to find this pic from more than 30 years ago. This is the groom’s mum as the bride, my grandfather Teddy, his aunty to the left and me and my little sis down the front. Isn’t that the wonderful thing about family that you have memories and you make new memories together.

I had a perfect spot to take some photos but was always conscious that the wedding photographer was there too and did not get in the way. Promise. The service was conducted by a Jesuit priest and I love the Jesuits as they are just so down to earth and have a way for including everyone. And church weddings are just so special.

the reception was held up at Palm Beach and just gorgeous and where I discovered that Georgia is a budding Martha Stewart and planned out every little detail. See that letterbox hiding hiding there………let’s get a closer look.

here is the letterbox…I hear that Georgia got the letterbox from the US and had a decal made here and then put the decal on the box herself. I was so in love with this and want one for my new house. Don’t you? At the wedding we just popped our cards in there for the new couple.

and all the little details around the cake………………….

and the table settings….we each got to take our little succulent home and apparently there were a lot of people eating little cans of corn and baked beans. Aren’t they gorgeous

And that was that. I wish the lovely couple the most wonderful life ahead full of laughter and love and lots of beautiful children. Thank you for letting us share your special day with you.

p.s except for a couple of Instagram pics I took all of the photos with the new Olympus OMD E-M10 which is a great little camera I’m testing out with thanks to Olympus. I put my 12-40mm PRO lens on and was loving it. Review and giveaway to come…………….it’s an entry level version of my usual camera and so far so good. 


  1. What beautiful photos ! Love the chapel so gorgeous. Sounds like you all had a great day : )

  2. Stunning. What a beautiful wedding. Adore her dress and that cake looks divine. They look so happy together. How lovely!!!!

  3. What a gorgeous wedding! Oh that letterbox…. I would love one of those!! xxx

  4. I love a beautiful wedding too, recently went to one very similar to this in that the bride had thought of everything & took such care with the details, making, designing and making it there special day. Thanks for sharing the beautiful details of the day (makes me wish I could do it again).
    I look forward to hearing more about your camera give away. Mine is almost 7 years old and was a compact inexpensive purchase so that we could record our honeymoon as neither of us owned a camera back then. I would love to upgrade so I can record our child’s (hopefully Children’s) life/lives and adventures.

  5. simply beautiful,we could nt go to the last familt wedding a coupe weeks ago,pretty sad considering there were people there that have been very sick and we may not see them again,wont be any weddings for a while now until our own I think, your camera did a great job!!

  6. I love it all. The styling is just beautiful and that letterbox is gorgeous! What a beautiful memento for the couple to keep from the day. Awesome pictures. x

  7. I love all the details x I especially love the flower girl and pageboy attire! So cool and beautiful xx

  8. Gorgeous, I love weddings too and haven’t been to one for far too long. It’s the sad fact of having no relatives in Australia, have missed so many weddings in Scotland. Boo hoo.

  9. Such gorgeous pics Corrie. What a great letterbox. I love weddings, esp. the religious ones. Can’t go wrong with a Jesuit priest. She did a great job with the table settings. Wishing them a blessed marriage.

  10. Christie says:

    I lov weddings….was an event coordinator previously and have seen some gorgeous ones AND was at one on the weekend too…lots of Mr & Mrs themeing going on..a bit vintage glam mixed with Dr Who…food was amazing and then did the Melb flower show the next day….came back late last night on a delayed flight…..and guess who was on the flight……Brad from the Block!

  11. Gorgeous! I was also married at Riverview. Although the chapel’s had a bit of a facelift since 1993:) Brought back many happy memories. I adore her attention to detail! The letterbox is particularly gorgeous:) Hope you’re keeping well. Meredith

  12. I love the table decorations.
    I got the same little plant suculent looking like octopus – in Poland:)

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